PLEASE NOTE: Sorry the first chapter is really short, it's just an introduction. I do not own anything you recognize.

She drove faster and faster as she looked down at her phone, growing more anxious with every minute. The moment she had found out where he was being held she had got in the car. Darting between cars earned her multiple beeps of horns which she simply ignored. Tony Stark had upgraded the car as a favor or at least that was what he liked to think of it. As their families were old friends she thought of it more as repaying one of the many various debts he owed her. Getting to Times Square was always a nuisance, luckily though the streets had been closed down. Without worrying she simply drove through the barriers. Straight ahead she could she a hoard of people surrounding a cornered off area. She stopped the car slamming down hard on the breaks and skidding to a halt. She pushed aside the people and walked through the barrier. Staring at her was him. The one her mother had told her endless tales of. Captain America.