Gargoyles: Paths of Peace

Disclaimer: I do not own Gargoyles or any recognizable characters thereof. The any Original Characters are mine.

A/N: An in depth rewrite of a previous abandoned and deleted story. I fleshed out the story, made some addition and subtractions, cleaned up some horrid plot holes, also removed all references to the non-canon Goliath Chronicles.

World: Alternate Universe from canon, many characters will appear, but their arrivals will differ slightly. Seasons 1 and 2 compliant, but Season 3 aka the Goliath Chronicles occurred in some unknown universe far from this story. In regards to the Space-spawn, they exist in this universe, but the impending invasion will be drastically different as will be revealed in later chapters.

Full Summary: This story starts off during the Hunter Moon arc. The main characters are Alexander and the son of Goliath and Eliza whose birth was made possible due in part to Oberon's magic. This is the story of their adventures while growing up in a world where magic is returning to the world. It will be broken down into story arcs this chapter beginning the first arc.

The World We Grew Up In Part 1

994 AD…

Oberon watched as the caravan of humans made their way slowly past him. Waiting for the traitorous gargoyle female to leave he approached the group of stone warriors. He smiled as he placed a protection spell around the castle and its sleeping protectors.

After finishing the spell he turned to look at the one named Goliath, "See you in a thousand years."

Walking back to the bluff where three figures stood he nodded to them, "Everything is in place."

One of the figures turned so the moonlight illuminated his face, revealing to also being Oberon as well, "I'll place a guard on the hiding place until such time as your…associates come to break the spell."

Oberon turned to the other two, "Time to return, you both have much work to do."

A bluish portal opened behind them and they vanished along with Oberon.

The Oberon from that time smiled, "This is going to be a most entertaining millennium."

October 24, 1996 AD…

Oberon walked into the precinct disguised as a normal human. Using magic to keep from being noticed he searched until he found who he was looking for.

Elisa Maza, the detective who many of his kind either praised or cursed, depending on their encounter. He followed her as she climbed to the gargoyles nest, and then shadowed her to her loft apartment. He had to give the mortal credit, as soon as he entered by passing through the door a gun was squarely aimed at his face.

He smirked, "I don't believe you carry iron bullets, do you detective?"

Elisa looked surprised, "Oberon? Why are you here?"

He continued to smirk, "Nothing to worry about, though I'm sure you'll figure it out soon." He raised his hand and held it above her forehead, "Now sleep, and forget."

He easily caught the mortal before she hit the floor. He turned to see Titania and Puck enter. Puck giggled, "Well, well Lord Oberon isn't this surprise."

Oberon scowled, "Do not make me regret granting you the boon to aid in this endeavor."

Puck made a sweeping bow, "Of course not my lord, but since your intending to add to my babysitting duties, you'll excuse me if I don't jump for joy."

Titania levitated Elisa from Oberon's arms and placed her on the couch, "Well my lord, what are you planning?"

Oberon was about to respond when Coyote appeared dropping Goliath on the floor, "Humph, you give me the easy task. So mind explaining why you dragged me away from the Gathering? I was just about to pull the prank of the millennium on Raven."

Oberon sighed, "We're short one guest, and then I'll explain everything." Flicking his fingers the skylight opened.

A female gargoyle landed gently and deposited the human she carried on the floor, "Lord Oberon…after you're done, please let me dropped this one off the balcony."

Oberon walked over and patted the gargoyle's head fatherly, and smiled, "Do not worry young one, I'm sure fate will punish this human for any insult he made against you."

Coyote looked down at the human, "Umm…so who's this guy? If he's did something to any of the Avalon Clan, well he won't want to wake up." Coyote's face took on a less than pleasant expression.

Titania walked over and placed a hand on the human's head, "Jason Canmore…he knows Elisa Maza, but she knows him by another name. I like this human less by the second…especially that he desires to harm gargoyles for reasons he doesn't even know."

Oberon yawned, "An old vendetta, the one known as Demona marred the face of a Scottish boy a thousand years ago. This began the vendetta, which eventually intensified when human politics became involved."

The female gargoyle looked at Goliath, "Umm…my lord?"

Oberon smiled, "Do not worry young one, what I plan is for the betterment of all." He pointed to a window and the great hall on Avalon appeared, "Return home young one, enjoy the festivities, and tell the others we'll be along shortly."

Once the young female was gone Titania turned to Oberon, "No need to treat her like some child, perhaps she would have wished to join her clan here."

Oberon turned to Titania, "Maybe in the future, but not quite yet."

An hour later…

Oberon had magically returned Goliath and Jason to where they'd been taken from. Their memories modified, and plausible stories to fill in the blanks. He watched as Puck magically moved Elisa to her bed, her cat the only mortal witness to what had been done.

Titania sighed, "Gestation?"

Oberon smiled, "The same as a human, but he'll grow fast for a time…wouldn't want too much of an age difference between him and your grandchild."

Titania sneered, "You truly think Elisa Maza will willing allow her child to befriend the son of Xanatos?"

Oberon allowed the smile to fade, "A child who is partially of our race and another who is half gargoyle. They will both be outsiders to the world around them, with only their family to turn to. They will have better understanding of what the other is going through than any other."

Puck stood before them, "Hmm…do you want me to let Xanatos and Fox in on our little surprise?"

Oberon sneered, "I will tell them the truth in due time, let them handle this in the mortal way."

June 1997 AD…

David Xanatos was surprised when he'd gotten the call, well not really. He knew Elisa was in her ninth month, it still surprised him she decided to call him. He sat in the limo as Owen drove through traffic. Fox sat next to him working on some project on her laptop.

Xanatos was one of the first to notice when the detective became pregnant. Though her swift mood changes, and Bronx cowering under his desk whenever she came to the castle should have clued the entire castle and staff in. Fox had convinced her during one of the nice moods to go with her to the doctor. Once it was confirmed, the mystery of her dangerous moods then turned into the mystery of the father's identity.

Doing the calculation in his head, and knowing that it was impossible for humans and gargoyles to procreate, he had to assume Jason Canmore was the father. To him though this seemed unlikely, he knew it was frowned upon for partners to have those types of relationships in the NYPD, and at the time she and Canmore were technically partners, even if he wasn't really a detective. Things like that only happened in those daytime television shows with bad plot devices and even worse acting.

Fox had yet to say anything, but Xanatose knew she was deep in thought. Moments before the call from the hospital, Grandmother, one of the Children of Oberon arrived. She told them she was sent to test how Alexander was doing, but the way she acted left both of them wondering. She'd given them both a knowing smile, and offered to watch Alexander until the gargoyles awoke if need be.

Finally Xanatos opened the divider between the driver's seat and the back, "Owen? Tell me what you know."

Owen hid his expression, "I don't know what you're talking about Mr. Xanatos."

Xanatos spoke smoothly, "Come now Puck, Elisa becomes pregnant suddenly, after not remembering having done the deed necessary to cause that condition. Then the very day she goes into labor one of your kinsmen shows up, readily available to babysit Alexander."

Owen hid any amusement from his voice, "I'm not sure if I understand what you're implying sir."

Xanatos moved so he was sitting directly behind Owen, "She accepted assistance from me of all people, plus I get called to the hospital right after she's gone into labor."

Owen kept his eyes on the road, "I'm sure she's just making sure someone is present to assist her. It isn't like her brother can be at her side now, her sister is unaware of her…condition, and last I heard her parents were away taking care of other matters."

Xanatos smiled, "I was unaware you kept such close tabs on the detectives family, but you are forgetting her partner and current superior Matt Bluestone, her former chief, and the other officers. The Police force is a family unto itself, much like a gargoyle clan if you ask me."

Owen finally broke, "She may need…further assistance…the kind that requires copious amounts of money."

Xanatos slid back in his seat, "I understand." He picked up the car phone and dialed the hospital, "Hello, this is David Xanatos may I speak with the doctor tending to Detective Elisa Maza. I'm a concerned friend of the family."

There was a pause as the operator located the doctor and got a phone to them.

After the normal greetings Xanatos spoke evenly, "I have suspicions that there is a possible danger to Miss Maza's life. I'll be having my personal medical personnel handle this." There was a pause then Xanatos smiled, "How intuitive of you, make sure everyone is paid properly for their silence. Also, my lawyers will be along shortly to get nondisclosure agreements signed."

After hanging up the phone he turned to Fox who'd just gotten off the phone with the lawyers. She turned an inquisitive look on him, "So what great insight have you gained that such measures needed to be taken?"

David smiled to himself, "Oh nothing to elaborate, just that it seems Goliath and my roles of nearly a year ago have been reversed."

1 week later…

Elisa was still getting used to being a mother, let alone the mother of a human-gargoyle hybrid. She had decided on naming the boy Justin Maza, giving him her family surname. In a bit of trickery that Coyote would be proud of, they'd divulged his birth father as Jason Canmore.

A false police report was dug up by a reporter. The report was drafted up by Matt, who used his Illuminati connections to get it put into the NYPD system postdated in October 1996. In the report Jason admitted to drugging and assaulting Elisa during his time impersonating a detective. The report also stated that no charges were filed as Elisa wanted to put the incident behind her and move on with her life.

Jason had sent her a message through Robyn after the report hit the news. He said if he was playing the part as the child's father, he wanted some form of visitation, and he was paying child support. Macbeth personally delivered a support check the following day.

She learned Macbeth had visited both Jason and Robyn after they'd been incarcerated. When asked why he surprised her by revealing he was distantly related to the Canmore siblings. He personally felt he'd betrayed his family by not putting an end to the Hunter centuries ago. Now he hoped to at least get Jason and Robyn back on the straight and narrow, he personally held no hope for Jon but would never say that in front of his many times great nephew and niece.

Turning when the baby monitor went off she got up and walked into her bedroom where the new crib held the week old baby. After only a week he'd already shown signs of rapid growth. The head doctor assumed it was a side effect of being part gargoyle, but couldn't say for sure.

Elisa picked up the squirming and crying infant, "Oh what's the matter now. You're not hungry already are you, you just ate."

He seemed to quickly quiet at the sound of her voice, taking the time to stare at her with eyes that held a very intelligent expression. As though he was ascertaining what he wanted, but truly didn't know.

The ring of the doorbell drew Elisa's attention. Sighing she carried Justin and headed for the door. Opening it she was surprised to find her sister staring blankly at her, "Elisa, why didn't you tell me? Mom was panicking, she said she couldn't get back in time, and dad said he couldn't calm her down. They thought you told me months ago."

Elisa smiled, "Sorry Beth, I didn't want to distract you from your studies."

Beth glared, "What's more important? My stupid classes or the fact my sister just had a kid, and what's this I hear about some jerk drugging you?"

Elisa smirked, "It's a long story, why don't you come in."

Beth squeezed past her sister and dropped her suitcase and carryon next to the door, "So does Derek know?"

Elisa nodded, "Yes Derek knows, it took Goliath, Broadway, and Claw to restrain him. He wanted a name, probably wanted to hurt someone. I guess after that report got out he almost broke into Rikers, but Goliath headed him off. Told him it wasn't what I wanted."

Beth smiled, "Of course that thought was the only think keeping Goliath from joining Derek in his attack."

Elisa rolled her eyes, "So how much did mom and dad tell you?"

Beth sighed, "Not much, they said it wasn't safe to talk over the phone. They said Mr. Xanatos contacted them and said everything was fine, and he had it all under control." Beth glared, "You're not really trusting Xanatos, please tell me you're smarter than that."

Elisa sighed, "Xanatos has helped a lot over the last few months, and he's even paid my rent, seeing as I'm on leave for another six months."

Beth frowned, "That long?"

Elisa shrugged, "Well three months of not even going in, then if I feel up to it I can spend the next three stuck behind a desk. Who knew having a baby was worse than getting shot?"

Beth smiled, "Well, I've got some good news for you. I got it all squared away. I'm taking the rest of this semester off, and next semester I'm transferring to NYU. So I'll be back in the city to help with whatever you need, I even got an apartment already. The only downside is it's in the same building as mom and dad, you know what they're going to say."

Elisa nodded, "Why waste the money when you could have just moved back in with them. Surprised you went there, aren't those apartments a little pricey, and if you're living on your own?"

Beth looked thoughtful, "Well…actually I'm not paying for it. You know this old guy…his names Macduff I think. He's a medieval scholar; he was on Nightwatch just after the gargoyles were made public knowledge. Well, when I got into town today I ran over to the university to get everything squared up for next semester. He was holding an open lecture on gargoyles, it was some interesting stuff. He was talking about their reproduction processes and how to identify parentage through physical characteristics. After the lecture I introduced myself, when he heard my last name he asked if I was related to you."

Elisa frowned, "So how'd that turn into him buying you an apartment?"

Beth looked sheepish, "Well…we went and got some lunch, and after awhile he explained how he knew you. He also explained how he's distantly related to that Jason Canmore guy. Well, seeing as you didn't press charges against Jason, he's getting out soon, basically due to his injuries and evidence given by his sister that he wasn't the one who fired the missile attack on your precinct."

Elisa rubbed her forehead, "He's going to be living in the same apartment as you?"

Beth shook her head, "No, the agreement is that I just help with some menial things like pickup groceries, stuff like that. So I take it this Canmore guy really isn't the father."

Elisa looked at the window and noted the sun setting, "No he's not, but you can't tell Derek about this understood. I'm not even sure how it happened, you'll understand in a minute. Can you put that blanket on the floor?" Elisa indicated a large blue blanket.

Beth nodded and laid out the blanket. Elisa sat down on the floor and laid Justin on his back. Beth wondered what was going to happen. Elisa stood up and started turning on some lights and pulling shades. Then returned to the blanket as Justin became fussy, he stopped fussing as soon as she was back in his line of sight.

Elisa was humming a tune when Beth noticed something. Justin's skin had started to change color, she was concerned at first, but Elisa seemed calm about this. The next surprised Beth even more, Justin actually rolled over as his pajamas seemed to melt away, leaving him in a diaper like loincloth. He grasped the leg of Elisa's jeans and seemed to pull himself up and blinked at his mother, then turned to blink at his aunt.

It took only a minute at most and her little nephew had gained at least three inches in height, had grown wings and tail, and his fingers and toes had grown talons. Beth would have screamed if she hadn't seen a gargoyle up close before. Justin now looked like a miniature copy of Goliath. His hide was slightly darker than the other gargoyle, but he shared his father's brow ridge with the two small horns just above his eyes.

Beth noticed how quiet Justin was as he clung to his mother. Elisa rubbed her hand in the space between his wings, "Don't worry that's just your Aunt Beth."

Justin seemed to accept this as he caped his wings and curled up on his mother's lap.

Beth smiled at him as he peeked up at her, "He's quite inquisitive for only a week old."

Elisa sighed, "From what Goliath and the others said he's about on par with a hatchling. A little small though, but since he didn't spend ten years in an egg he's got an excuse."

A tapping on the skylight signaled the arrival of someone. Beth stood and opened the skylight admitting Angela. The female gargoyle greeted Beth then moved to where Elisa sat, "No problems with the transformation?"

Elisa shook her head, "Same as every night before…though the night he was born I wish he'd waited till after the delivery to transform."

Angela didn't understand the reason, but assumed her little brother was smaller when in human form. Sitting down she patted the floor, Justin watched her hand for a moment then uncurling crawled toward Angela. Grinning Angela picked up Justin and held him in the air above her head. Instinctively his wings stretched out.

After a few gentle bounces above her head, which elicited a babyish giggle from the baby gargoyle, she lowered him to her lap. At first he seemed calm, but soon twitched. After a minute they realized he sat on his tail.

Angela chuckled as she adjusted his tail so it was no longer under him, "Sorry Justin…my rookery brother Gabriel used to do that too. He'd whine until Princess Katharine picked him up. Just between us, you're much better behaved."

Beth smirked, "Well aren't you the doting sister."

Angela smiled, "Father is still getting used to the idea…it wasn't something he expected to happen."

Elisa nodded, "Not that I'm not happy, but I'm in the same situation."

Beth sighed, "So how'd it happen?"

Angela spoke first, "Well Sevarius was the first guess."

Elisa nodded, "But I checked and he's still in Rikers for his part in Demona's scheme to kill all humans. The next logical choice, and by the way Owen been acting the obvious one is the Children of Oberon."

Beth looked surprised, "You mean like Coyote? Why? I mean if it was a trick…I'm sure he could do better."

Angela looked thoughtful, "Hmm…maybe he thought it was a good way to say thanks after helping him with Xanatos."

Elisa frowned, "Not like we'd ever get an answer. Owen said the Gathering is still going on, and could continue for another century or two."

Six months later…

Elisa watched as the doctor hired by Xanatos finished his exam. It was the second one today; he'd examined Justin in his gargoyle form early in the morning, and had just finished his exam of Justin in his human form.

The Doctor smiled to Elisa, "Well Miss Maza, I must say you have a very healthy one year old."

Elisa looked surprised, "He's only six months."

The Doctor nodded, "It surprised me as well. I was surprised how his gargoyle form was growing as such a rate. Just to abate my own curiosity I've compared some blood samples with my other special patient. He and Alexander share an uncommon blood abnormality. In young Alexander this abnormality is shared by his mother, and is my belief the source of his magic. Unlike Alexander where this abnormality has been a constant since birth, the abnormality seems to be slowly dissipating in Justin. If my calculations are correct, it will be completely gone by his first birthday."

Elisa looked at her son who was lying calmly on the exam table seemingly intrigued with a toy the doctor had given him, "Will it be a problem?"

The Doctor shook his head, "Since the gargoyles have returned to the Eyrie Building, I've been assigned to supervise all medical needs for them. After extensive blood analysis, I have concluded that gargoyles are a completely natural species, no identifying markers of the Third Race present. I'd say Justin would thrive without the remaining magic in his blood, but we'll have to wait for it to go on its own, I have no means of removing it."

Elisa nodded, "Thanks, same time next month."

The Doctor nodded, "That would be fine though there is one small favor I hoped I could ask of you."

Elisa looked confused, "What would that be?"

The Doctor looked nervous as he pulled out a capped syringe, "Your brother and the other mutates need tetanus boosters…I was hoping you could give me a hand. Maggie and Talon are fine, but Claw has a terrible phobia to needles."

Elisa chuckled, "Sure, when are they coming."

The Doctor sighed with relief, "They'll be here in about half an hour."

Elisa picked up Justin and turned to the door, "I'll drop him off at the nursery and be right back."

That night…

Fox watched as Alexander and Justin in his gargoyle form played with their blocks. Elisa had helped the doctor with Talon, Maggie, and Claws shots. The first two had been fine, their appropriate needle phobia under control. Claw's phobia was much worse, and afterwards Elisa was tired enough to permit Justin to stay at the Eyrie.

Fox personally thought Justin had every right to stay in the castle, being as it was his home due to his gargoyle heritage. Turning to the door as it opened she spotted Angela and Lex enter. She smirked at the two, "Who got babysitting duties?"

Lex smiled, "I'm technically on duty, Angela more or less on big sister duty."

Angela crossed her arms, "Have you ever watched a hatchling before?"

Lex huffed, "What's so hard? Justin just sits there and stares at things."

Fox pointed at Lex's feet, "Oh really?"

Lex was surprised to find the younger gargoyle had crawled over to him and was now examining his wings.

Angela figured it out, "It's the first time he's seen you Lex, he's only ever seen father, Hudson, Bronx, and me."

Fox nodded, "Even if he'd seen Brooklyn and Broadway their wings are still on their backs."

Lex smiled, "So what do you think Justin?" Lex lifted his arms stretching the membranes that served as his wings.

The baby merely made happy sounds and expanded his own wings.

Alex, tired of being ignored crawled over and stretched his arms mimicking Lex. This got Alex's desired effect when the two older gargoyles and his mother all started laughing.

After they all calmed down Fox scooped Alex up, "Well Alex, it's close to bed time for you, time for your little friend to go play with his sister."

Angela scooped up Justin, "Let's go surprise father before he leaves on patrol."

Justin made another happy sound, while Alex wasn't too pleased his new friend was being taken away. He wanted to stay up and play too, but all that was forgotten when he spotted Lex grabbing his favorite story from the book shelf.


Goliath watched as Brooklyn and Broadway glided off on their patrols, he was soon to follow. He stopped as he heard Angela walking up behind him. Turning he saw she was carrying Justin, "What? Does Elisa know you brought him here?"

Angela giggled, "Father she left a note, she was tired and left him here to play with Alex. I just got him from the nursery."

Justin stared at the larger gargoyle; it was only about the third time in his life he'd seen Goliath.

Goliath, in an attempt to maintain the gargoyle way, had purposefully distanced himself from Justin. Letting Angela care for him, he'd intended it so she'd get experience for when it was time for her to have children. The rest of the clan, and their human allies had jeopardized that though with constantly making comments about Angela and Justin being siblings.

As far as being a father, Goliath was still coming to grips with Angela, trying to find the balance between being her father, as well as her biological father. Now he had a second child, who Xanatos so kindly had DNA checked to identify his gargoyle parent. Goliath had to admit to himself only a blind idiot wouldn't see Justin was his.

Justin squirmed in Angela's arms, obviously not liking the silence. Goliath stepped closer, "He seems restless."

Angela smiled, "He's past the crawling stage…Elisa thinks he'll be walking any day now. Then it's not long till he's running, climbing, then before you know it he's gliding."

Goliath placed his hand on Justin's head, the small gargoyle pressed into the contact, "He will be a fine warrior one day." He then turned to Angela, "You should take him inside I'll be back before sunrise."

After Goliath left Angela stormed into the rec room and slumped in the couch facing the television. Hudson was watching some old war movie that was placed in Scotland.

The old gargoyle looked at the young female as she held Justin, who was watching his sister with a confused expression. Muting the sound he turned his chair to face her, "What's the matter lass, I haven't seen you this upset since your last run in with Demona."

Angela sighed, "Its father…he's just being…father."

Hudson smiled, "Ah, so what has my young apprentice done now?"

Angela growled lightly, "He's won't even accept his own son. He has fallen back on the whole clan thing of children belonging to the whole clan. I thought he was past that."

Hudson's smile faded, "Don't be too hard on him lassie, he's not a bit different than any the rest of us. It's just being a matter of understanding. Goliath only found you a couple years ago; he accepted being both your clan father and birth father, it's not common for us to acknowledge such relations. Goliath will just take time to figure out how to not to show favoritism to you and Justin, among the clan, and also between the two of you."

Angela frowned, "Favoritism between us?"

Hudson nodded, "He wasn't there when you hatched, or when you started learning to walk or glide. You'd be lying to yourself if you didn't admit the thought of Goliath teaching him all the lessons a hatchling needs wouldn't cause some jealousy on your part."

Angela didn't speak, but she did admit the thought hurt a little. She also knew what was best for Justin, and knowing their father was for the best. Besides the humans would realize it the moment they spotted him.

Goliath was gliding over time square when he spotted another gargoyle. He snarled and his eyes glowed as he recognized the silhouette, "Thailog."

He followed the other gargoyle, which seemed to be unaware of being followed. Finally he saw Thailog land on the top of the Empire State Building.

He landed a safe distance away and spoke, "Thailog, what are you doing here?"

"Now, I'm just plain offended at that." Goliath turned to find not Thailog, but another gargoyle that resembled Goliath.

The light that illuminated the buildings top revealed this newcomer's hide was only a few shades darker than Goliath's coloring, and also he had a similar build to Gabriel of the Avalon Clan. He also appeared to be quite young. The newcomer smiled as he jumped down to stand before Goliath. Goliath assumed the young gargoyle was only a few inches taller than Angela.

Goliath frowned, "Who are you?"

The newcomer chuckled, "Yeah forgot you wouldn't immediately recognize me. Right now I'm much smaller, considering that it's night, Angela is probably watching me."

Goliath looked surprised, "You are Justin?"

Justin smiled, "Knew you'd catch on quick…though you did recount this meeting to me just last night. You can kind of see this as me fulfilling my own wishes from about now."

Goliath looked confused, "But how are you here. The Phoenix Gate is lost in the time stream."

Justin held up his hands showing a pair of gauntlets, "My fourteenth birthday presents from Oberon. These allow me to open a time portal, Alex can then go through and stabilize it so I can follow. You can say this was our test run, we're preparing for a long summer adventure, didn't want to walk into it blindly like you and mom did."

Goliath frowned, "Alex…Xanatos and Fox's son?"

Justin nodded, "Yep, in a couple years we'll be giving you and his dad headaches on a nightly basis. I know you won't go for it, but can you restrain yourself from telling mom everything we do. I mean your lectures are punishment enough, but mom doesn't turn to stone mid lecture."

Goliath was surprised, "You're not exactly what I thought you'd be like."

Justin crossed his arms, "You got to remember father I'm partially human. Right now the little me you left back at the castle can't control his transformations, but soon enough he will. The longest I've gone without turning into a gargoyle is two months…that's not counting when I've been grounded."

Goliath frowned, "Why did you refuse to transform?"

Justin sighed, "We had a fight, not uncommon for children to fight with their parents. I spent two months sulking at moms, refused to speak to Angela and Gnash. Finally realized I was being pretty immature, went and apologized to everyone. Life went back to normal."

Goliath caped his wings, "I guess being a father is still hard for me in the future."

Justin shrugged, "Not really, you're a great father, and always there when we need you. I'll admit I'm probably not the best son, you see…none of you realize it yet, but I remember everything. Those inquisitive stares I'm giving now…I'd be talking already if I was able to. The rapid growth from the magic in my blood also affected my mind; mentally I'm already about a four year old. I can't talk because the transformation confuses me; the confusion clears up in a few months."

Goliath bowed his head, "So you remember my…indecisiveness."

Justin nodded, "Yeah, but to my younger self, it reads as nervousness and dislike. You see, the magic Oberon used to create me…it bonded me to my birth parents. While he had no control over my physical appearances, he made sure I'd be able to identify my parents. I'll warn you, I held resentment towards you for a long time…wow now I know why you said that paradoxes are strange."

Goliath nodded, "I've dealt with a few of those."

Justin smirked, "I know, you tell me about them when I'm a little older."

Goliath chuckled, "So I sent you to talk to me now?"

Justin nodded, "Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Though try not to do too quick of an about face, remember you still have Angela as well."

Goliath nodded, "You returning to your time now?"

Justin frowned, "Yeah, as soon as I figure out where Alex went…sometimes I swear the biggest mistake ever made was having left Puck to watch us."

There was a small bang and Alex appeared next to them, "Great there you are, ready to leave?"

Justin nodded, "Yeah, you in a hurry?"

Alex smiled, "I may or may not have just earned grandma's eternal ire."

Justin shook his head, "Can't leave you alone for a minute." He turned to Goliath, "Queen Titania will probably be here in a second, don't tell her where we went." With that he smashed his knuckles together and a blue portal opened behind him. Alex jumped through while Justin calmly walked through after him.

Six month later…

Oberon waited alongside Titania. Soon Puck carrying Alexander and Coyote carrying Justin arrived. The two tricksters set the toddlers down on the tower. Coyote looked up at Oberon, "Alright, did as you said. Got the kid, left the note, made sure Goliath saw me, him and Elisa will be here soon."

Puck nodded, "I set Xanatos' alarm clock to go off really soon, a note has also been left."

Titania smiled and landed next to the two children as they began to wake up. Oberon sighed, "Very good, you both may remain and listen, as my plans concern us all."

Coyote threw his hands up, "Finally, some answers, am I the only one seriously confused by all these Machiavellian plots."

Titania turned to the trickster, "Please Coyote calm down."

Coyote crossed his arms and sat in the air, "Humph…"

Hour later…

Elisa was just climbing the last steps when Goliath landed on the tower. Xanatos and Fox had already arrived, Xanatos turned as she came up, "So Detective, it seems we weren't alone in finding our child out of bed."

"Alex was taken too?" Elisa looked at them confused.

Xanatos turned to Goliath, the gargoyle nodded his head "I spotted Coyote take Justin; I followed as soon as possible. He was heading toward the castle."

Fox's face changed to an expression of irritation, "Puck!"

Owen appeared before them then changed into his true form, "You screeched my lady?"

Fox turned on the trickster, "What did you do with the boys?"

Puck bowed, "I was doing as commanded by my master."

Goliath let out a low growl as his eyes illuminated, "What does Oberon want now?"

Puck smiled as he answered, "Why don't you ask him yourself, he's here." Puck pointed behind the group.

The three humans and one gargoyle turned to see both Oberon, his queen Titania, and the trickster Coyote standing in the air just beyond the tower's parapet. Coyote held Justin while Titania held Alex.

Fox glared at the female fey, "What are you doing here mother?"

Titania smoothly landed in front of her daughter and placing a hand on Fox's cheek spoke, "Does a mother need a reason to visit her daughter."

"Normally no, but with you yes," Fox spat the words out as she knocked Titan's hand away and took her son back.

At the same time Coyote landed next to Elisa and let her take Justin.

"Amusing," Oberon droned. He then landed to stand beside his wife, "But we do have more important things to discuss. Like your son's progress and the progress of Justin."

Goliath stepped forward, "What do you have to do with him?"

Oberon chuckled, "Everything. It was I who allowed for his conception and birth."

Elisa felt a clip be pressed into her hand and turned to see it was Fox who had handed it to her and was know drawing her own handgun. A quick examination showed the bullets to be iron.

Fox step out and pointed her weapon at the fey, "Tell us what you really want then we'll decide if we want to fill you full of iron or not."

Oberon and Titania both flinched slightly but it was Titania who spoke first, "We are not here to harm the children, but to tell you that one day we may ask for their aid."

Oberon then moved forward, "Also, I wanted to inform that the age you mortals have lived in will soon come to an end. In thirteen years I will be returning Avalon to this plane and our magic will once again fill this world."

Goliath spoke, "What will this do to us mortals?"

Oberon nodded, "If it is planed properly, then most will be able to continue to go about their lives ignorant of the changes around them. Though it will be you four I rely on to move everything into place."

Xanatos spoke mockingly, "And what can four powerless mortals such as us do to aid you in your grand scheme."

Oberon waved his hand making an image appear in the sky above them. Elisa gasped as she recognized the place shown, "That's New Olympus."

With a nod Titania spoke, "We will require you Elisa to convince the New Olympians to emerge from their centuries of isolation. From watching them we know they trust you, and given time they may learn to trust others of your kind."

The image changed again, this time showing a construction site at sea. Oberon turned to Xanatos, "You will begin to build an artificial island not far from here. That will be the location I bring Avalon to when we bring it to this plane."

Another change in the image showed many gargoyles gliding around the castle on Avalon. Titania approached Goliath, "We need you to come in the near future and convince the Avalon clan, the Princess, and the Guardian to relocate here for when the island leaves they would not be brought with it."

Goliath turned to Titania, "Why not?"

"They are not of Avalon, but merely refugees that sought shelter there. If they did not leave then they would suffer a fate worse than death." Titania elaborated.

Oberon joined into the conversation, "It would only be temporary, though some may remain here after the island move as for my next request."

The image shifted to show Wyvern castle as it looked over a thousand years ago with many gargoyles gliding around and walking the ramparts. The images shifted through several scenes of were known and unknown clans had once lived. Oberon turned to Fox, "When the time is right. I will ask you to lead a certain group to revive the gargoyle race from their near extinction."

Goliath turned to the leader of the Fey, "How?"

Oberon smirked, "How did you save the gargoyle named Griff?"

"But I had already saved Griff when I went back to do it. I saw my whole clan destroyed." Goliath countered.

"I didn't say you'd be saving them. Though are you sure of what you've seen?" Oberon chuckled as mist surrounded him Titania, and Coyote and they vanished.

Xanatos turned to the others, "So what now?"

Goliath lowered his head in thought, "We should all begin our own preparations."

Elisa pulled out a small devise that Taurus had given her. She turned to the others, "Fox could you watch Justin today, I've not had a chance to tell Taurus about him yet."

Fox nodded, "Alex and him can play, doubt they'll get back to sleep now." She turned to Puck, "Turn back into Owen, then tell Angela to come give me a hand." Puck transformed and headed off to summon the requested gargoyle.

Elisa turned to Goliath, "I've got to get ready for work, and then I'll set a meeting with Taurus for tomorrow night at the docks."

Goliath nodded, "I'll be there."

End Part 1

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