A/N: Heh… Time for some Cilan/Iris sexiness. FYI, they're both married, so yeah…


~She was so damn sexy~

Iris was taking a shower. She had left the door unlocked, but whether that was on purpose or not, was not known. He snuck into the bathroom. He stared at her naked body.

He couldn't help… looking at her nice boobs. He wasn't a boy – he was a man! Why was her staring at her boobs? Well, they were nice. Nice and round. Sitting there. Just staring back at him. He felt his face getting hot with envy. He wanted those boobs to touch him!

"Cilan?" Iris's voice shook him out of his staring contest. "You want to join me?" she winked seductively. A blush appeared on the man's face. He nodded, turning around and locking the door behind him. He slowly took his clothes, getting oohs from his mate, especially when he took off his boxers.

He stepped in the shower next to her. The two rubbed up against each other, pleasuring them. This was the best honeymoon, or better yet, the best honeymoon he'll ever have.

The two lied down, since it was awkward enough to have sex standing up. It didn't seem natural. He loved being on top of her, it felt like it gave him power over her. The two locked mouths, French kissing. No, it wasn't lust, he thought. He loved her dearly, more than anything in the world.

"Oh, Iris…!" he exclaimed. "I-I love you…" He orgasmed.

"I-I love you too…" She grinned, kissing him again.

Cilan had a very good reason for locking the door behind him. Their pleasured moans could be heard throughout the hotel room.

"Pan pan pan (They're at it again)," Pansage deadpanned.

"Ax ax ax… (Yep, that's the third time today)," Axew muttered.

"Excadrilll… (They're mates, geniuses…)," Excadrill groaned.

"Crust… (No shit, Sherlock…)," Crustle chuckled at the others.

"Emolllll! (I'm getting turned on listening this!)" Emolga giggled.

Iris screamed every time Cilan went up and down. "Ohh-h-h-h! Cilan!"

"Iris!" He banged her so hard, that her head was now thumping the shower's tiles. He went faster and faster. He didn't want this to end! No more masturbating, this was the real thing now! He could do the big S – sex. And he wouldn't be ashamed to admit it to his brothers, nor was he ashamed of his Pokémon knowing it.

Iris wrapped her arms around him tightly, holding him close.

The orgasmic encounter finally ended, now that his little men were inside her. He smirked, cradling her.

"How did you get so damn sexy?" he asked.

"I don't know, but I could say the same to you," she replied.

The two chuckled at each other, exchanging a lot of 'I love yous'.

They'd be at again, soon.

A/N: So yeah this probably isn't very good, because I haven't written a lemon in a long time.