A/N: This scene fits into the events located in the middle of Chapter 59 ~ Stunned, from In Fields of Purple Amaranth. Amaranth is a type of ornamental flower of which one of its varieties goes by the name, the Prince's Feather. This short segment is dedicated to ALL of my fabulous and beautiful readers and especially to Brown Eyed Girl1, Emdramaqueen, Thatgirlwiththatsmile, Sasha2010, Taralqua, Katastrifi, Haileygore, Sweet Little Mary Sue, MrsSpicy and Yifrodit. Thank you for your encouraging support!

Becoming the Prince's Feather

Glancing up from his desk, Severus saw that Angela Zander was lingering behind, the last one to leave class, yet again. Nervously, she glanced towards him, and taking a deep breath, she approached his desk. His dark eyes nonchalantly roamed from her head, down to her feet and back up again.

Biting her bottom lip, Angela stopped just before his desk. "Sir, I was wondering if you would mind… explaining the process that you mentioned in today's lesson, about extracting the essence of certain plants, for use in oils…." Her quiet voice trailed off as she became trapped in his haunting gaze.

Ignoring her question entirely, Severus silently studied her face, pondering his own question. "Is that… really why you chose to stay behind, Miss Zander?"

Angela swallowed hard. "Sir?"

Without warning, the classroom door slammed shut, causing Angela to startle slightly. Then it appeared as if the candles throughout the dungeon dimmed of their own accord. She watched as her Professor stood and rounded his desk quite purposefully.

Leaning forward, he whispered into her ear, his hot breath tickling her neck. "I have the next hour free, as do you. Perhaps... we can put that hour to good use?"

Her icy blue eyes widened in surprise to learn that he knew her schedule. "You mean… to work through explaining the steps of the potion to separate... um...?"

She didn't remember moving, but Angela suddenly found herself backed up against the wall with her Professor's skillful hands braced just above her shoulders. The calloused fingers of his right hand pulled away from the cool stone wall, and with a feather-like touch, glanced along the bottom of her dark mahogany curls.

This time she could feel his hot lips brushing against the shell of her ear. "Is that how you really want to celebrate your birthday, Miss Zander?"

Lifting her vibrant blue eyes, she inhaled through the slight part of her rosy lips. Without a sound, Angela mouthed the word, no.

In the next moment, his lips pressed hard into hers, kissing with a bruising and dominating force. Although Angela felt entirely breathless, she somehow pushed out a soft moan against his lips. It was the kind of alluring sound that only served to encourage him onward in his endeavors. Lightly tracing a rough finger along her smooth cheek, Severus brought his thumb up to gently caress the far corner of her mouth. He was rewarded with another moan from her, louder this time and more urgent in its unspoken pleadings.

Probing deeper, his mouth kept firm control over hers, bending it, and shaping it to his will. Needing to catch his own breath, Severus at last pulled back, studying her face with heavily lidded eyes. Her sweet alabaster countenance was completely flushed with a strawberry pink hue, and within her vividly clear eyes, he could see an unbridled passion, just waiting to burst forth.

His strong fingers walked their way over her shoulders and down her arms, not stopping until they came to their master's desire. It was then that they curved into her and molded against the shapely flesh of her backside, lifting her up and pressing her to himself. Their bodies stayed flush as he carried her to his desk.

Angela had to focus on her breathing, to stay in control of it, lest her deep desires betray her extreme nervousness. As she felt the top of his desk pressing into her thighs, she tilted her head upward, eagerly waiting for whatever her dear Professor had for her next. Possibly another kiss? Or better yet, a wandering hand to match his dark, lustful gaze?

Severus reached into his robe and withdrew his wand, resting the tip of it at the neck of her blouse. Ever so slowly, as his wand lazily passed over each button, her blouse undid itself. Oh, for the love of magic! Soon, a lush shade of amaranth pink met his black eyes in the form of delicate lace that served to gently encase her glorious budding roses. He greatly desired to touch them with his long fingers, to caress their silky softness and to cause them to open, fully and earnestly. Severus wanted her to bloom under his attentive and tender care, to bloom for him, and for him alone.

Angela couldn't believe the undeniable fact that her wildest and most sacredly guarded dreams were about to come true. Her blouse slipped from her arms as her pleated skirt pooled into a silent puddle around her feet. Her precious Professor's attentions were then turned to rest on all matters of satiny lace. He pressed forward into her as she leaned back further over the obliging desk. The proud satin nipped and pulled at the rough skin that continually passed over it, until he removed it from hindering his exploring touch. Her warm, radiant skin felt smoother than silk and softer than any feather under his calloused fingertips. There was no flower with petals that could boast the same luscious feel as Angela.

Knowing he could not delay his mounting desires any longer, Severus pressed a firm hand between the smooth valley of her chest. "Am I the first to garner this wondrous privilege?"

Biting at her bottom lip once again, Angela answered in a breathless whisper. "Yes, you are…."

Severus' lips perked at the edges and pulled into a smug smile. Then he held up his hand and caught a clear crystal vial as it sailed from across the room. Holding it uncorked and before her pink lips, Angela allowed him to pour the liquid into her mouth. By its taste, she knew it at once and she relaxed, knowing it would dull any pain.

He watched her closely for any sign of hesitation, but all of that nonsense was long gone. Reaching her small hand up to his cheek, she stroked it, and letting her hand drift into his raven hair, Angela urged his lips back down to her own. He had his answer and so fell his black robes, discarded and no longer useful, to the floor.

It was but moments later that Severus laid her back on his desk. Firmly gripping her hands in his, and with a determined purpose, he finally sheathed himself within her young, waiting body. Hearing her cry out as her body tightened underneath his own was the finest melody he'd ever dared to hope he would hear. Angela pulled him closer and Severus thrust forward, giving her what she so craved, and what he so longed for. Nothing could hinder them now, as they danced together in unison, heading down the path that led to sensual enlightenment, and unadulterated bliss.

They were joined together in the oldest, purest form of magic….

Gasping, Severus yanked himself out of the Pensieve. Damn that little witch of his! What had she been thinking, leaving him such a rousing… gift? Never before had he experienced quite a provocative memory. It couldn't have arrived at a better time, being such an irksome day of final exams with the first years, no less. A gradual smile crept onto his lips. It was a gift. She'd known exactly what she was doing in leaving it for him to discover among the potion vials he had to assign marks to.

Pushing back from his desk, Severus stood and whipped his teaching robes around him to hide his obvious arousal. Entering the corridor he lashed out at the last group of lingering students, barking detentions just to clear out the dungeons for the rest of the night. Every last one of them scattered without so much as a backward glance. There was only an irritated-looking Slytherin girl remaining, piling the belongings back into her spilled bag.

"You!" Severus growled. "Go and fetch me Angela Zander, straight away. Check the library first, and tell her to get down here, on the double."

With a quick, obedient nod, the girl ran off. Leaning back against the classroom doorway, Severus smirked. There had been many times that he had expressed his desire to know more of her daydreams, particularly those that involved himself. His day had been dreadful, long and tortuous, just as expected. But it certainly wasn't going to end on a sour note, thanks to his dark-haired and highly tempting angel.

A/N: Many of you wondered and asked what exactly the daydream was that Angela had shared with him. It was her dreamy seventeenth birthday fantasy... lucky for her, it eventually came true! ;) Hope you enjoyed and massive Snapey hugs to you all!