Title – First Snow
Author - Moonbeam
Rating – NC-17 eventually. I promised ShadowKnight more bottom!Derek.
Word Count -1565
Summary –
In the future Stiles and Derek finally get together. One night Stiles wakes Derek up because it is snowing, Stiles is finally letting Derek in.
Disclaimer – If I owned this show there would be more of it, lots lots more of it.
Author's Notes – ShadowKnight asked for something with winter fun. Then this came out so I decided to make it a bit longer, have a couple of chapters so there was a bit of happy at some point too.
This is about ten years after the first season, Derek and Stiles are together but have only been together for a few months. This is not related to anything anywhere that I have done before.

First Snow
by Moobeam

Chapter 01 – The Night

Derek woke up because someone was bouncing on his bed. This could only mean one thing. Something had Stiles very excited. None of the rest of his pack would dare come into his room and jump on his bed. Stiles had already been there and even if he had not spent last night here he still would have felt completely comfortable coming over in the middle of the night and jumping on his bed. He really needed to find a way to discourage this behaviour.

Derek growled at Stiles, reached out, snagged whichever limb was closest and pulled him back down into the bed. He tucked Stiles into his side and threw a leg over his before burying his nose in Stiles' neck.

"What are you doing?" Derek asked in a gruff voice.

"Derek let go, we need to get dressed and go outside." Stiles said wriggling.


"Can't you smell it? Can't you feel it?"

"All I can feel is you bouncing on my bed and being very excitable at entirely too early in the morning or too late at night."

"Derek," Stiles said turning to whisper in his ear his entire body vibrating with joy. "It's the first snow. It's snowing. For the first time all year. It's magical. We have to go out. Get up. Get dressed."

Derek opened his eyes finally and looked at Stiles. The sheer barely contained excitement was enough for him to groan and release Stiles before swinging out of bed and finding some warm clothes. By the time Derek was wearing pants and a jumper Stiles is bouncing back in holding his hiking boots. Stiles was dressed, jeans and a woolly jumper that dwarfs him and looks incredibly warm. Derek pulled on his shoes and Stiles reaches for his hand immediately to tug him down the stairs and to the front door where their coats are hanging. Stiles wasn't wearing a scarf when he came over earlier but it'll be even colder now so Derek grabs his own and wraps it snuggly around Stiles' neck. Stiles kisses him when he is finished, an open happy kiss that ends with both of them a little breathless but smiling.

"Come on." Stiles said grabbing Derek's coat and pulling him outside.

The ground is still mostly bare, there are sections of white so it had not been snowing for very long. Stiles was bouncing next to Derek but not moving, waiting for something. Before he knows what is happening a car is in front of them in the driveway. Scott climbed out of the car with a grin, Allison looks less happy from her side but she is moving over to hug Stiles regardless. Derek has missed something.

"First snow." Scott said with a grin.

"I know, very exciting." Stiles responded with the same tone.

"What is going on?" Derek asked.

Scott turned to Derek with a confused look. "You don't know?"

"Know what?" Derek asked wondering what the hell is going on in his pack that he does not know about.

"Stiles?" Scott turned to Stiles. "You didn't tell him."

"Never had a reason to, it hadn't snowed yet."

"But it's been years. I thought you would have told him before…before you got together."

"Nope, just you and me." Stiles wrapped his arm around Scott's neck and began pulling him over to the side of the house where the snow is going to collect faster since there are not as many trees.

"What am I missing?" Derek asked when he turned to Allison who is standing by his side.

"Ask Stiles." She said before shrugging and moving to follow the boys who are wrestling as they walked and will probably end up hurting each other.

Derek sighed and followed behind assuming that at some point someone would explain to him what the hell was going on and why he was outside in the middle of the night while it was snowing when he could be back upstairs asleep and blissfully warm wrapped around Stiles.

Scott and Stiles are laying on the ground tongues out to catch errant snowflakes when Derek gets there. Allison plops down next to Scott who throws an arm out for her to rest on as she curls into his side. Allison knows what is happening so Derek followed her example and moved next to Stiles. He sat down on the ground looking up at the sky and the white flakes falling. He sniffed the air quickly. The storm will set in soon and they will get a lot more snow.

Stiles grabbed the back of his coat and pulled him down to lie next to him. Derek dropped down next to him and Stiles yanked until they are pressed against each other from shoulder to foot. Stiles' other side is still pressed against Scott, Stiles threaded his fingers through Derek's until they are holding hands and quite illogically Derek wished they weren't wearing gloves.

The four of them lay there for a long time, the ground around the being coated with snow. They are coated in snow and still just staring up at the sky.

"My mum always said snow was magical." Stiles whispered suddenly. "When dad proposed to her it was snowing. When she realised she was pregnant with me it was snowing. When I walked for the first time it was snowing. Every year when it started snowing for the first time she would bundle us both up. My dad didn't come she would always hug me and whisper that it was just us, because I was magic just like the snow. We would go out just after it started snowing. When I started school if it started in the middle of the day she would appear at school and pull me out and we'd go and find a quiet spot in the backyard and lay down to watch the snow. The first week of snow in a year is very important. Something different every day. Sledding, snow angels, snowball fights, building a snow village, catching snow that fell from the sky to make a snow cone, she always came up with new and different things. Snow is magical she used to say as she wrapped a scarf around my neck and kissed me on the nose."

"When Stiles' mum died." Scott continued when Stiles stopped talking. Derek squeezed Stiles' fingers and received an answering squeeze. "It was the hottest summer we had had in all the time I can remember. That winter when the first snow occured we were in the middle of class and Stiles was sitting next to me looking like he was about to cry. As soon as class ended I yanked Stiles out of the class and we ran the whole way to his house. We laid in the snow out the back and it was the first time he had talked about his mum dying. We were still out there when his dad came home and stomped into the back yard. He took one look at us and called my mum and sorted it all out. He made us hot chocolate and left us out there for hours. Every year after that during the first snow Stiles and I get together and lay in the snow and just talk about stuff."

Derek understood. This was Stiles' way of saying it, admitting it. This was it. This was serious. He was being allowed in. After all these years of knowing each other after finally getting to each other when they had spent years dancing around each other and not saying anything because things were never simple and people from his past kept coming back and ripping apart old wounds and Stiles had to go off to university and become an adult and then one of them was always with someone, they were always missing each other. Then finally after ten years they were both stopped in the same place at the same time and it had finally worked. They were finally together. But they'd both been hesitant, he wanted to jump in and just forget that he needed to be sensible that he could get hurt, they both could. He didn't want to go slow but Stiles was cautious, worried that things would disappear under their feet.

This changed everything.

Stiles was letting him in, something so old, so close, so dear and private. He'd been invited in.

"I have never come before," Allison shared from the other side of their group. "It was always just them."

"I know." Derek said.

"Good." Scott and Stiles said in sync before they all stopped talking again and went back to enjoying the snow falling around them.

Sometime later Derek squeezed Stiles' hand and stood. He reached for Allison's and pulled her up as well.

"Time to leave them to it?" He asked her his eyes not leaving Stiles who had a slight smile on his face before he nodded.

Derek and Allison left them to it and went inside where Derek made her a cup of tea before she went up to the room that she and Scott slept in where they were here. Derek went upstairs and laid down wishing Stiles was in the bed next to him even though he knew it was not where he should be tonight.