Title – First Snow
Author -
Rating – NC-17 eventually. I promised ShadowKnight more bottom!Derek.
Word Count -4181
Summary – In the future Stiles and Derek finally get together. One night Stiles wakes Derek up because it is snowing, they spend the following week enjoying the snow like Stiles did with his mum as Derek and Stiles try to move further in their relationship as the past keeps coming back to make it harder.
Disclaimer – If I owned this show there would be more of it, lots lots more of it.
Author's Notes – Unless you want to be beat over the head with fairy floss fluff don't read.
So, I want to go to Vegas if I ever get married, which might never happen so I figured hey, write it for Derek and Stiles. So much fun!
The name is Greek, I googled hard to pronounce names :)

First Snow
by Moobeam


Derek woke up with a mouth around his cock, his face was cold but every other part of his body was too hot. His hand moved from where it was laying limp at his side to curl around Stiles' head. Stiles mumbled something around his cock and Derek had his last coherent thought until Stiles was pressed into his side again.

"That was fun." Stiles whispered in his ear as Derek's hand snaked down his body, curled around his cock and started moving.


"Mmmm, been a while since you held on like your life depended on it."

Derek grinned and leaned down to kiss him while his hand took him to the edge, then he ducked his torso down and wrapped his mouth around Stiles' cock, gave one hard suck and Stiles came down his throat.

An hour later they were dressed and Stiles was using Derek as a chair while they trolled the internet for flights to Vegas.

"I was serious about marrying you if you were." Stiles had said when Derek was brushing his teeth earlier.

"I was serious." Derek said turning and watching Stiles.

"Then hurry up, I'm going down to make breakfast."

They found flights which would give them enough time to pack a small bag and drive to the airport. Derek kept prodding Stiles to pack more clothes. Stiles kept arguing he didn't intend to wear them while they were there, which distracted Derek for a moment before he grabbed clothes from Stiles' drawer and dragged them from his house, thinking about the fact that when they got back Stiles wouldn't need this house anymore.

They got to Vegas and Stiles went straight for the tables.

"When you are my husband," he whispered against Derek's neck. "I intend to take you up to the hotel room and fuck you until neither of us can walk so we best do some betting now."

Derek followed him over to the tables and sat down. "I am holding you to that," he said as the dealer changed some money for them and they settled down to bet.

"Excellent," Stiles dropped his voice. "Do your special abilities help here?"

Derek shook his head. "I kick arse at poker though." Derek said with an evil grin.

They played black jack for a while before Stiles shuffled his chair a little closer to Derek. "Wanna go play poker?"

"I am not cheating at poker just before I marry you." Derek said kissing Stiles' pout.

Stiles huffed and kept playing.

"Later, I am going to peel your suit off you slowly, use the tie to tie you to the bed, I am going to ride you so slowly you beg me," Stiles whispered. One of Derek's hands slapped his thigh while he glared. "I am going to finger myself in front of you. I am going to turn around and let you watch." Derek's hand slipped up his thigh a bit but Stiles kept his eyes on the dealer, his lips barely moving as he whispered out the words. "I am going to blow you, do that thing with my tongue you like. I love the taste of your come. I am going to suck you down until you come. I won't untie you. I'll wait. When you are hard again I am going to sink down onto you. Ride you slow," Derek's pinkie finger slid across the inseam of Stiles' pants, sliding against Stiles' cock. "Every time you are close I will stop and wait, then get you there again."

"Everything okay Sir?" The dealer asked.

"Yeah," Stiles said raising his voice. "I sing to myself when I play black jack." Stiles grinned and the dealer returned it dealing the cards.

Stiles kept whispering under his breath and Derek kept his hand on the Stiles' thigh his pinkie running back and forth along the line of Stiles' pants, brushing his cock.

Derek and Stiles played for about an hour. Stiles' phone went off and he looked down at the chips in front of him. He'd made about a hundred dollars. He looked over at the pile in front of Derek, smaller than his.

"We need wedding rings." Stiles said leaning over to kiss Derek.

"We really do, don't we. Anything else?" Derek asked thinking about the fact they got as far as, we each need a suit.

"Don't think so. We have an appointment at the chapel, we have each other. Just the rings to go."

"We'll go now; there will be some jewellery shops along the strip."

"There's a great one in the lobby," the dealer said. "Good selection of wedding rings."

"Thanks." Stiles said handing over a chip and sliding from the table Derek smiling at the dealer and following behind him.

Stiles walked into the lobby and found the store. He walked in and looked around wondering where their wedding rings were.

Derek smiled at the woman behind the counter. "We need wedding rings. We are getting married in about two hours."

"Lovely," the older woman said. "Okay, we have male matching wedding rings over here, or you can have different rings."

"Same." They both said together.

The woman smiled and led them to the right case. "Just have a look. Tell me what you like."

Stiles scanned the case and then he saw them, they were perfect. But he wanted Derek to say what he liked first.

"Which ones?" Derek asked.

"How did you know?" Stiles asked turning on him.

"You started bouncing."


"Which ones."

"No, you pick ones you like first."

"Stiles." Derek said demandingly.

"No! Have a look and decide."

"He's right dear," the sales assistant said. "It's best if you both pick your favourites and go from there, more fair."

Derek glared at Stiles who chuckled at him and then turned down to look at the case.

Stiles watched Derek closely. Derek looked at the rings trying to work out which ones Stiles liked. Stiles flicked his ear. "Look for yourself dude."

"Fine." Derek looked and finally saw a set he liked tucked down at the front almost hidden from his first search. "That one." Derek said pointing.

Stiles bounced. "I picked those too."


"It looks good, and it reminds me of silver."


"These are white gold, there are three levels of ring, the two outside bands are plain, the inside one is slightly raised and engraved with a miniature interlocking infinity pattern. It is a solid ring, all made from one piece of metal not joined after it was made."

"We both picked them, we'll take them." Derek said

"I have a couple of them, the woman who made them lives local and designs our more unique rings. Hopefully we have your size."

She pulled a few rings out, one slid onto Stiles' finger easily, none of them quite fit Derek. Stiles took the one that was closest, slid it up to the knuckle and then with a twist and grin slid it over Derek's knuckle and settled it on Derek's finger.

"You have big knuckles."

"Well see if we can get it off." Derek grinned before turning to the sales lady. "We'll take them."

"Are you sure, it doesn't quite fit."

"I'm not planning on taking it off again after this afternoon." Derek smiled and the sales assistant's face brightened with a huge smile.

"Oh you two are lovely. I'll get some detergent." The sales assistance got them some detergent and got the ring from Derek, cleaned them both then put them in a box while they paid.

Derek and Stiles left the store and Stiles stopped in the middle of the lobby, he laughed and dragged Derek behind him. He walked into a store and over to the tie rack. He grabbed two blue ties and paid for them.


Stiles just grinned and walked into the next store. Stiles walked around the store looking for something.

"What are you looking for?" Derek asked.

"Something new."


"We are getting married." Stiles said looking at Derek like he was slow.

"Okay." Derek said watching Stiles move around the shop. "Isn't that that normally a bride thing?"

"It's a getting married thing."

"Alright. So, new blue ties, something new and blue."

"Cheating Derek!" Stiles glared at him with a grin.

"Fine, so we need something new, old and borrowed.

"I am stealing your socks."

"Seriously, socks?"

"Prefer me to borrow your jocks?"

"That would be a better story."

"You'd have to borrow mine and I have much smaller hips than you."

"Are you calling me fat?" Derek asked putting his hands on his hips.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie." Stiles said with a straight face.

Derek laughed and pulled Stiles close, kissing him thoroughly. "I love you freak."

"I love you too wolf."

"So something new?" Derek said looking around.

"Oh, I have it!" Stiles said turning and leaving the shop, Derek trailed behind him happily. Stiles stopped in front of a shop and turned to look at Derek.



"No." Derek said.

"Please?" Stiles asked again.

Derek stared at him for a long minute. "Okay."

Stiles bounced forward and kissed Derek before pulling him into the shop behind him.

When Stiles was almost finished picking out what he wanted his phone went off and he disappeared behind a stand to check it.

"Anything interesting?" Derek asked nodding at the phone.

"No." Stiles lied. Derek looked at him for a moment and then decided not to push that one.

Stiles walked over and paid for his things before grabbing Derek's hand and dragging him into the elevator. Derek pulled him over and pressed Stiles into the wall of the elevator. He pushed his hips against Stiles letting him feel the result of his teasing at the betting table.

"Did you enjoy teasing me at the table?" He whispered into Stiles' skin between kisses along his neck.

"God yes." Stiles grinned before kissing him.

"You better follow through on the threat after you are my husband." Derek said biting down on one of the marks he'd made the night before.

"Oh God." Stiles said pressing against Derek, changing their positions, Stiles pushed into Derek and kissed him hungrily.

Someone coughed behind them and Stiles pulled away from Derek. They turned and looked at a couple standing in the open doors of the elevator. "We are getting married. I am going to be his husband." Stiles said with a smile standing next to Derek, pressed all along his side.

"That's nice dear," the older lady said stepping in her partner following behind her.

The doors closed and they continued on to their floor. When Stiles was inside the room he pulled Derek close and started pulling his clothes off him.

"We don't have time for that."

"I need you naked for my plans, and we need to have a shower. If we do it together we will save water."

"Really?" Derek asked undoing Stiles' pants.

"Vegas is in the middle of a desert."

Derek pulled the rest of Stiles' clothes off as Stiles returned the favour before they stumbled into the bathroom and the shower. Stiles let his hands wonder down when his nefarious plan was complete teasing Derek's already hard cock.

"Ten minutes." Derek said reaching for Stiles.

Twenty minutes later they were standing holding each other up and breathing too hard.

Ten minutes after that they were standing in the room getting dressed.

"So, the only thing we didn't cover was old." Derek reminded watching Stiles' chest disappear as he did up his shirt.

"I already know what we are doing for that. My dad gave me this," Stiles said wrapping his watch around Derek's wrist. "When I graduated high school. It was my mum's dad's watch."

Derek wrapped his hand around Stiles' cheek.

"I'm not sure if you will want to do the other part though."

"What is it?"

"The picture in your wallet."

"Of course." Derek pulled away and grabbed his wallet from the bed, pulling the small photo from the inside pocket, he ran his thumb over the faces in it before walking back to Stiles and slipping it into his shirt pocket.

Stiles pressed his hand over Derek's on his chest. "Thank you."

"I wish they were here." Derek said looking down. Yet another thing his sister, mum and dad were going to miss because of his bad choice all those years ago.

"So do I." Stiles said leaning forward and kissing him gently. "I wish mum was here too."

Derek pulled Stiles close and buried his head in his neck, Stiles matching his posture pulling him in tight.

Stiles phone dinged again and he pulled back from Derek, kissing him quickly and going back to getting dressed, not bothering to look at his phone.

Derek frowned for a moment and reached for his tie. He went into the bathroom to tie it and heard Stiles reach for the phone.

He came out and Stiles was holding his tie out. "Can you tie this for me? It takes me forever and it is never right."

Derek moved over and tied the tie around his neck. They both pulled their jackets on. Stiles looked at Derek while Derek stared at him.

"You are gorgeous." Stiles said.

"You are pretty damned handsome as well." Derek responded.

"Wanna get married?"

"Well we are already dressed, we might as well."

They walked from the room holding hands and made their way down to the chapel, where Elvis was going to marry them.

When they walked through the doors to make their way to The King eight people were standing on the other side.

"Surprise!" they screamed.

Derek and Stiles both looked at each other with excitement. Neither of them looked surprised. They turned back to the group in front of them.

"Stiles messaged me about ten minutes after you messaged Allison." Scott said with a shrug.

The sheriff walked over and pulled his son into a hug. "Congratulations Stiles."

"Thanks Dad. I am so pleased you could get here."

"If I had to put the lights on and drive the whole way I wouldn't be anywhere else." The sheriff gripped Stiles' shoulder and they stared at each other for a long minute.

The sheriff moved away from his son and shook Derek's hand. "Just to be clear," the sheriff started. "Hurt him I kill you."

"Feel free." Derek said looking at Stiles move around the circle and hug everyone in their little family.

"Are you ready to get married?" Elvis asked from the front of the chapel.

"Yes." Derek said grabbing Stiles' hand and pulling him up to the front of the church. Everyone got into place.

"Do you have witnesses? I need two too sign the registry." Elvis said when they were standing in front of him.

"Wait!" Lydia said, everyone turned to her with open mouth. "No! Damn, I bought you something." She moved over and slipped a rose into each man's button hole.

"Scott." Stiles said with a grin pointing to the spot next to him.

"Lydia." Derek said pulling her close. "Do not try and stop my wedding again."

"Promise," she said going to sit down.

"Allison, would you mind?" Derek asked.

"Yes." Allison said moving up to the front with Scott. Derek had never really thought that the niece of the woman who had killed his family and ruined his childhood would be one of his best friends but nothing changed the fact that she was perhaps his best friend. He wondered what the universe was playing at sometimes.

"Excellent, can everyone please be seated." Elvis said.

"We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriage of this man and this man. Marriage is a privilege that everybody should treat with the respect it deserves. It is a ritual to share with the world that this person standing next to you at this moment is the person in your heart, is the person with which you will share all your hopes, dreams, disappointments and fears. Marriage is a solemn vow that we need to take seriously. I ask that you look at the person next to you and reaffirm your love for them." The words sounding just a little strange with Elvis Presley's accent saying them.

Derek and Stiles turned to each other and grinned before turning back to Elvis.

"Excellent. Today we are here to celebrate the marriage of Derek Peter Hale and … I don't know how to pronounce this. I am sorry."

Stiles slammed his hand over his face. "You pronounce it Eh-cat-a-REE-nee." Stiles said through his fingers.

"Today we are here to celebrate the marriage of Derek Peter Hale and Aikaterini Stilinski. As the people that they have asked to share this day with them they are asking you to help them on their continuing journey of love and their lives together."

Elvis grinned at them. "Would you like the traditional vows or have you prepared something?"

"Both." Stiles said turning to look at Derek.

"Derek, I love you, I have spent a lot of time scared of how much I love you. I never want to hide from you again so I wanted to say in front of everyone that I am sorry if I hurt you in the past but I am committed to you and this."

Derek grinned at Stiles.

"Stiles, stop apologising. I love you too. Everything before this morning is past. From now everything we do is the future and we will be partners in life from now on."

Stiles leaned over and kissed Derek.

"Too early." Elvis said.


"Aikaterini Stilinski, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, your partner in all things, your friend and lover. Do you promise to give him your friendship and love, sharing with them your life and your love?"

"I do." Stiles said.

"Derek Hale, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, your partner in all things, your friend and lover. Do you promise to give him your friendship and love, sharing with them your life and your love?"

"I do." Derek said.

"Do you have the rings?"

Derek pulled them from his pocket and handed them to Elvis.

"Aikaterini, repeat after me. I, Aikaterini, take you Derek." Stiles said the words when Elvis paused. "To be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, or for worse, for richer, or for poorer, in sickness, and in health, to love and to honor and to cherish unconditionally. Forsaking all others, I will be faithful to you." Elvis picked up the right ring and handed it to Stiles. "With This Ring, I Thee Wed, let it ever be a symbol of our Love, and with this ring, I thee wed." Stiles pushed the ring up to the knuckle and with a grin managed to twist it on again.

"Derek, repeat after me. I, Derek, take you Aikaterini." Derek said the words when Elvis paused. "To be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, or for worse, for richer, or for poorer, in sickness, and in health, to love and to honor and to cherish unconditionally. Forsaking all others, I will be faithful to you." Elvis picked up the remaining ring and handed it to Derek. "With This Ring, I Thee Wed, let it ever be a symbol of our Love, and with this ring, I thee wed."

"I now pronounce you married. You may kiss." Elvis said smiling.

Derek yanked Stiles over to him and sealed his lips over his, kissing him deeply not caring about any of the people in the room because Stiles was his husband and he was Stiles' husband and he was so happy he wanted to explode. Stiles met him the whole time, they finally pulled away sucking in air and grinning broadly as each other.

Moments later everyone was standing with them, surrounding them in a giant group hug.

Stiles and Derek couldn't stop grinning, their hands clasped together as they moved out of the room, thanked Elvis, signed their documents, thanked the lady at the counter and posed for photos while Allison and Lydia snapped away and told them what to do.

"We organised a dinner, at the restaurant at your hotel, small back room." The sheriff said leading the group from the chapel so the next couple could get married and back to the hotel.

They all sat down and chatted, Stiles and Derek never letting go of the other.

"I bet he does a different ceremony when the two people are drunk." Lydia said kissing Stiles on the cheek. "Congratulations honey."

"Probably." Stiles said hugging her. "Thanks sweetheart."

Everyone came to congratulate them. They ate dinner; the table a mass of laughter, food, chatting and joy.

Afterwards they all stood up and moved around, enjoying themselves, dancing and drinking and being happy.

"Something blue?" Lydia asked running Derek's tie over her hand.

Stiles nodded enthusiastically.

"What was the something new." The sheriff asked.

"Oh I got a tattoo." Stiles said undoing his sleeve and pulling it up, along the inside of his forearm were two words 'Mr Hale'. "Derek got one too." Derek shook his head and undid his own sleeve showing his tattoo 'Mr Stilinski'.

"Were the two of you drunk?" Stiles' dad asked.


"Are they permanent?" Allison asked with a smirk.

"Thankfully no, temporary." Derek said pulling Stiles in and kissing the top of his head.

"Good." The sheriff said before turning to Derek. "I know this was his idea."


"You are screwed. He knows he can get you to do anything."

"I know, and it's excellent."

The sheriff smiled at Derek and moved over to the rest of the group.

"You could get me to do anything too." Stiles said stretching up to kiss him again.

"Which name are you going with?" Jackson asked.

"No idea." Derek said.

"We'll work it out later." Stiles said.

"So, new and blue. Old?" Danny asked.

"Stiles' watch." Jackson said pointing to Derek's wrist.

Everyone was silent. Derek reached his hand in and pulled out his photo, his only photo of his family. The one his mother had pressed into his wallet after she had demanded it be taken. The only photo of them to survive. Derek pushed it back into Stiles pocket.

"Borrowed?" Michael asked from next to his husband.

"I am wearing Derek's underwear." Stiles said proudly, laughing at the looks on everyone's face.

"I am wearing his socks." Derek said into the gaping quiet.

Lydia laughed. "I love you two, you are both nuts."

"Thanks sweetheart." Stiles grinned.

Later that night Stiles and Derek got back into the elevator keeping from attacking each other just yet, didn't want to horrify the group with them, or have a repeat of earlier. The group got out two floors below their room with hugs and kisses and a couple of whispered crude comments that luckily the sheriff could not hear.

Derek opened the door and pulled Stiles in, slamming the door behind them and shoving Stiles into it. Pressed all along his front he sealed their lips together and attempted to devour him.

"You asked them too."

"They are family. Family should be at a wedding, and you asked as well."

"Yeah, but I remembered to put my phone on silent so I didn't give the give the game away."

Derek and Stiles didn't talk again much for the rest of the night as Stiles followed through on his teasing.

When the sun was coming up they collapsed together, two blue ties wrapped around the headboard above their heads.

/ * / * / * / * /

Two years later when it was snowing heavily Derek and Stiles got a call saying their surrogate had gone into labour. By the end of the day there they had twin sons; Thomas and Logan who they both thought were amazing.

Two and a half years after that when their daughter, Elizabeth Laura, named for Stiles' mother and Derek's sister, was born it was sunny and warm but they didn't care because she was perfect. It was snowing the first time she walked across their living room from one dad's arms to the other's.

Every year when it snowed for the first time Stiles and Scott bundled their children up and found a spot to lay down, the children curled up between them, so they could watch the snow and talk about whatever the children wanted to say. After a while Allison or Derek would come out and pull the children inside to get warm and have hot chocolate with little marshmallows and watch something funny while the two men lay in the snow and talked.

Every year during that first week of snow the pack would get together where they could and spend time together as their children grew older and bought their own partners and children into their family.

The End

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