Hungry... Alone... Forgotten, or worse, ignored; These words run through the mind of the captive who resides in this dark prison cell, the only source of light coming from the hole in the ceiling. He prays for no rain, but seeing as how things have gone so awry so such a little amount of time that he didn't count on counting his blessings for long. For better or for worse he had been left for dead, thrown in this forsakened building dubbed "Undead Asylum," a place where Hollow, a condition for someone who had lost their Humanity, is tossed away from society to rot.

Normally, when one becomes Hollow, they lose their minds, sprouting nonsense from their foaming mouths as their meat withers away, their skin being the only thing covering their bones. Seeing as these people are deemed dangerous, it seemed appropriate to lock them away from everyone else. But, this particular young fellow, despite being a Hollow himself, doesn't seem to show any signs of losing his mind; Though his meat had been gone for a while, which would betray his lack of Humanity, he always hid his body in black leather armor, covering his face with a black hood and face mask; With this appearance hidden and mind full of rational thought, surely no one would suspect him of being deemed "dangerous" to society.

Nevertheless, once word got around that there was a Hollow around town, it wasn't long until the Black Knights found him. He tried to escape, running about town, ducking in alleyways and abandoned buildings, trying to escape capture, but eventually the Black Knights surrounded him with weapons, ranging anywhere from a simple sword to that of a great status, drawn; Looking back, the young (though, really, you wouldn't know it if you saw him) man thought, he was lucky that they didn't just kill him right then and there for resisting arrest and causing such a ruckus. But as time passed on, for what could've been interpreted as an eternity to him, he started to wonder if death would've been so bad; Death by sword was usually quick, as the man knew all too well, but rotting away in a desolate place filled with crazed Hollows? At least his death would've been public had he died in the town square; Who would even care for him here?

He surmised he was a lot way from town however. When he was captured, the Black Knight, after taking away his weapons, kicked him hard in his stomach, bringing him to his knees, before bounding his hands with rope and tossing him like a ragdoll into the back of a carriage, bound to the land of Lordran. The ride there was long and treacherous: Hands bound, the young man was not fed, shielded from the rain, nor was allowed to sleep during the whole trek; Had he complained of anything, especially the last, he would be given a sound smacking. The Black Knight who escorted him cared very little; After all, after realizing that this particular person just HAPPENS to be one of the most wanted man in the city, if not the land, he was about to bank the amazingly huge bounty on the Thief/ Assassin's head.

Which is it? Thief or Assassin? Well, truth be told, this young man was both of them; He stole the grandest of items, from the most colorful, flawless jewels to prized swords and shield of nobles, selling them all for a nice, tidy sum of coins, all to line his pockets. However, stealing can only get you so far; After all, once one stole all there is to steal, what is left to steal? This is when the young man turned to hit contracts and assassination to pump up his riches; Who knew there'd be so many people who would hire one to kill another? And it's not like there's any shortage of people to kill; Someone always wants someone else dead. Even the young man had been on the opposite end of the contract, though clearly they never succeeded, allowing him to rise in infamy, forcing officials to resort to a public bounty on his head, forcing many people to turn their attention to him.

But now that he was caught, they no longer cared about him, though truth be told they probably didn't care about him as much as they did his bounty; Though the young man never saw the bounty himself, he suspected that it must've been quite a lot given what he had done. It dawned on the young man that, despite being rich enough to practically own a small town, no amount of money would get the young man out of this situation. He realized this long ago, of course, but he constantly thinks about it all the time (especially now, as, after all, what is there to do?), wondering, that, if he could relive his life, would he make the same choices? There were times when his hits were questionable, sure, but some of them questioned his morals and how far would he go: Not to go into details, but he could never forget the scream of a mother whose daughter died right in front of her. Was the money truly worth spending most of the night awake, hearing every bloodcurdling scream over and over again as he wakes up in cold sweat every so often?

But not only did the young man questions his actions, he even questions his guilt; Does he truly feel guilty, or does he only feel that way knowing that he's going to die soon? Given the chance, would he really not have made the same choices? After all, while the choice between riches and the death of someone was clear to him, when his thieving jobs were scarce and food even more so, which was worse: The screams at night or the loud grumbling of his stomach? That's when he realized that, while he most likely wouldn't make a different choice in his life, because of what he did, he now felt as if he MUST do something good in order to redeem the lives he took, regardless whether or not he took them out of necessity or sport. Then again, all of this redemption is moot if he couldn't get out...

That's when, seemingly out of nowhere, an Undead body drops from the sky, landing right in front of the young man.

"Huh," he mutters to himself, "You don't see that everyday."

He looked up at where the body came from, the hole in the ceiling, and saw, after adjusting his eyes to the sunlight that poured through, a soldier in grey armor staring back at him. Their eyes connect, the first person he'd seen in a long while, before the soldier walks away, possibly tending to other matters. The young man, deciding to check the body, lifts it up and finds a sword hilt that had broken off when the Undead's spine was stabbed, presumably of course, and secures a key attached to it. He tosses the body back to the ground, deeming it worthless now, and uses the key to unlock the door that imprisioned him. He pushed the rusted piece of metal aside, free from the cramped confines of the cell, and out on to the surprisingly narrow hallway. Not that it matters to him however; He had been given a second chance at life.

And he wasn't going to waste it.

[Chapter 0 - Reborn]