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It was quiet when Quinn woke up. She was at the edge of Rachel's bed and smiled when she thought about the night before. Quinn and Rachel managed to keep Brittany and Santana from having sex in Rachel's bed though the Latina wasn't very happy about it. After some questions, mostly from Santana, on when Rachel and Quinn were going to do it the four girls fell asleep.

Quinn looked at Rachel and frowned, Santana had her arms wrapped firmly around the diva. Though Quinn knew why it still hurt. Earlier in the night Santana woke up covered in sweat, she had a dream Rachel killed herself and Santana blamed herself. Quinn had woken up to the sound of Santana's crying and Santana explained what happened.

Quinn looked away from the sleeping brunettes and over to the dancer. Brittany was also awake. Quinn caught her eye and pointed to the door. Brittany nodded and they got up as quietly as they could.

Neither girl spoke until they were downstairs in fear of waking Santana and Rachel. Quinn led Brittany to the kitchen. "I was thinking of making breakfast for them. Would you like to help?" Quinn asked.

"Yes," Brittany said eagerly.

"Get the bacon out," Quinn instructed. Brittany did as Quinn said while Quinn got out the waffle mix and waffle maker. She got another pan out for the bacon.

"Quinn," Brittany said setting the food on the counter. "Why is Santana holding onto Rachel? She usually holds me when we sleep. Does she love Rachel more than me?"

Brittany sounded so sad it caught Quinn off guard; she stopped what she was doing to face the blonde dancer. "She doesn't love Rachel more than you B. Santana is just scared for Rae, we all are. San had a dream Rachel killed herself and it was her fault. She was holding onto Rachel to show herself that she is there and ok." Quinn didn't add that she thought Santana was holding onto her to keep Rachel from being able to try anything. Quinn was happy Santana cared but she felt that she should be the one to hold Rachel in her sleep.

Brittany didn't say anything so Quinn turned back to the food. Quinn was mixing the batter for the waffles when Brittany finally spoke. "I'm scared too Quinn." Quinn looked up. "She is still sad, I can tell but what if we can't keep her happy?"

"We will keep her happy," Quinn assured Brittany but she was also trying to assure herself. She had to keep Rachel happy. If Rachel died Quinn didn't think she would survive.

After the waffles were done Quinn started frying bacon, the first morning Quinn spent at Rachel's house she learned how good vegan bacon was. "Can I decorate the plates?" Brittany asked.

"Sure Brit," Quinn said. Brittany put some waffles on all four plates and sprayed the tops with whipped cream. She carefully drizzled chocolate syrup on her and Santana's plates and put strawberries on Quinn's and Rachel's.

Brittany arranged the bacon on the plates as Quinn finished cooking it then she went to the fridge and pulled out some fruit and neatly placed it beside the bacon. She poured four glasses of orange juice and set hers and Santana's plates and cups on a tray with forks, knives, maple syrup and napkins.

Quinn put hers and Rachel's food on the tray and followed Brittany upstairs. They set the trays on the nightstand and gently shook their girls. "Santana," Brittany called and at the same time Quinn called, "Rachel."

Santana mumbled some curses in Spanish and tightened her grip on Rachel.

"We made breakfast," Quinn said loudly knowing it would get Santana's attention. As she expected the Latina shot up.

"What did you make?" Santana asked trying to look around Quinn at the food.

Quinn rolled her eyes at her friend. "Waffles, bacon and fruit."

Brittany set the tray on Santana's lap and Quinn set her tray on Rachel's lap. "Ours match," Brittany told Santana. "And so do Quinn and Rachel's."

Santana and Rachel thanked the blondes for cooking and started digging into the food.

"What should we do today?" Quinn asked after they finished eating.

"Well Rach and I are going to do the dishes while you two relax," Santana said. Rachel nodded and Santana held her hand up to stop them from protesting. "You cooked, we clean."

Rachel climbed off the bed and grabbed the plates before following Santana downstairs.

"Santana, why do you keep staring at me?" Rachel asked. They were drying dishes and Rachel had noticed while they were washing them Santana kept looking at her. It was driving Rachel crazy.

"I'm sorry Rach; I just had a nightmare that freaked me out. I didn't mean to stare," Santana said.

Rachel sighed. She had a feeling she knew what Santana's nightmare was about. "Santana I'm not going to kill myself. I am happy now, I have friends and Quinn and I like my life."

"I notice you never said you wouldn't try," Santana said.

"Santana," Rachel said.

"Rach, were you really trying to kill yourself when we found you?" Santana asked. Rachel stared at the Latina. "I know you Rachel, you would have researched this and you would have known to cut your wrist vertically."

Rachel glanced in the direction of the stairs and back at Santana. "I was trying to kill myself and I did research it. I wanted to get in as many cuts as I could before I passed out. I know cutting vertically makes it go faster but I wanted to suffer. I deserved to suffer."

Santana dropped the dish back on the counter and wrapped her arms around the diva. "You do not deserve to suffer. I am so sorry Rach," Santana said crying.

Rachel wiped her hands on a towel and hugged Santana. "It's not your fault," Rachel said firmly. "A lot of things have happened over the years but it isn't your fault. I'm just…"

Santana cut her off. "Don't Rae; there is nothing wrong with you. Me and Quinn and everyone else were just too big of bitches to notice or care. You know it was Brittany that got us to back off in the first place. She hated being mean to you."

As they finished up Brittany and Quinn walked downstairs. "Did you guys decide what we are going to do today?" Santana asked.

"We have an idea," Quinn said. "We were thinking we could call Mike and Tina and go to the park and play touch football."

"Touch football?" Rachel squeaked. "I don't think that is a good idea. I mean Mike is the only one that knows anything about football and I'm tiny you all will crush me. Five girls and a guy playing together is completely unfair."

"Rachel," Quinn and Santana yelled.

"Rach I love you but you need to relax," Quinn said. "It is going to be a fun game and Mike can explain the rules. Please Rae." Quinn gave her sad eyes and Rachel couldn't resist.

"Alright, alright but if I end up in the hospital I'm blaming you," Rachel said.

"Deal," Quinn said kissing Rachel's cheek.

An hour later the four girls were at the park waiting for Mike and Tina. They were bringing a ball and some drinks and snacks. "Hey guys," Tina called. Heads snapped up and Rachel hopped off the picnic table to greet her friends.

She took the tray from Tina and carried it to the table. "Mike's mom sent snacks," Tina explained. Mike tossed the ball to Santana and ran back to his car. "She also sent water, juice and sodas."

A few minutes later Mike came back with an ice chest. "Alright are you ready?" he asked excited he could share his favorite sport with his friends and girlfriend.

Quinn looked at Rachel and laughed. "Rae googled everything she could on football." The others started laughing.

"How should we do the teams?" Tina asked.

"How about Brittany, Rachel and Mike against the rest of us?" Quinn suggested.

Everyone agreed and Mike spent a few minutes explaining the rules. After he finished they lined up, Santana and Mike were right in front of the ball. As soon as Mike said hike Santana and Mike rushed forward and crashed into each other. Brittany grabbed the ball and took off running towards the end zones they had made. Quinn ran after her but she wasn't fast enough and Brittany scored the first touchdown.

After the game was halfway over they decided to take a break and eat the food Mike's mom packed. "It was nice of your mom to make us food," Rachel said frowning at the cheese and ham on the plate.

"It's vegan food," Mike said. "I told my mom and she bought some vegan cheese and meat for you."

Rachel was touched by Mrs. Chang's kindness. "Can you tell your mom thank you?" Mike nodded.

"Are you ready to go down?" Santana asked once they finished eating.

Brittany looked at Santana. "Are we going to have sex?" she asked her girlfriend.

Tina, Rachel and Mike spit their drinks out while Santana blushed. "I meant the game Brit," Santana said embarrassed.

They finished the game with Santana's team winning. Mike took Tina home so they could shower and go back to Rachel's house. Rachel and the others went home and took showers; Santana and Brittany took a shower together, and got dressed.

The doorbell rang after they were all out and Rachel went to open it knowing Mike and Tina were going to come over. Her eyes went wide when she saw who was there. "Hey Rachel," Finn said with a dopey grin on his face.