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No one moved for what seemed like forever. The Unholy Trinity was shocked. They had heard Rachel threaten to quit before and Rachel had in fact quit a few times but there was something different this time. "Why do you want to quit Rae?" Brittany asked. She was the first one to recover.

"I always thought being a part of something special made you special but everyone treats me like crap and other than you two," Rachel eyed Santana and Quinn and they looked down in shame, "Finn is the worst and I don't want to be in a club that can't respect me."

"What about Regionals and Nationals in New York?" Quinn asked. The blonde knew it was Rachel's dream to go to New York.

"I don't care about Regionals or Nationals," Rachel said. Santana could detect a bit of longing in Rachel's voice and she knew Rachel wasn't being completely honest. Quinn's heart broke. Rachel was so unhappy that she wanted to give up the thing she loved the most.

Brittany was lost in thought during Rachel's speech. "I'll quit with you Rae," Brittany announced. Santana and Quinn gasped. "What? They need my dancing and Rae's singing and if we're not there then they have no choice but to be nice to her."

"We will quit too then," Santana said and Quinn nodded in agreement.

"No," Brittany said. "You two should stay and convince the others to be nice. Rae and I can hang out during glee practice and pick you guys up."

Rachel wondered what Brittany was planning. Brittany loved glee and Rachel couldn't see her quitting for any reason. "Brittany you don't have to do that, I will be fine alone."

"What so you can try and off yourself again?" Santana said. Rachel and Quinn winced at the words. "Sorry." Santana hadn't meant for it to come out that way.

Brittany knew Santana didn't mean what she said but the look on Rachel's face made Brittany upset with her girlfriend. Brittany got off of her stool and went to the diva. She pulled the small girl against her body and she felt her shirt getting wet. Quinn noticed the tears. "You made her cry," Quinn yelled at Santana.

"I'm sorry," Santana mumbled. That was not her intention.

"Enough," Brittany said quietly but firmly. "You two clean up the kitchen, I'm going to get Rae upstairs and we can watch a movie when you finish."

Brittany carried Rachel upstairs to her room. "What movie do you want to watch?" Brittany asked.

"I don't care," Rachel said.

Brittany set Rachel on her bed and went to pick a movie. "How about Bridesmaids?" Brittany wanted to watch that movie but was having a hard time convincing Santana. Now she was certain Santana would watch it without complaining. The Latina knew Brittany was upset with her and Santana would do anything to make it up to her and Rachel.

"Ok," Rachel agreed. Brittany put the movie in and climbed on the bed next to Rachel. Rachel put her head on Brittany's chest and Brittany wrapped her arms protectively around the diva and Rachel felt oddly comforted.

A few minutes later Santana and Quinn climbed up the stairs to find Brittany and Rachel lying together. Santana climbed on the bed next to Brittany and Quinn climbed on the bed next to Rachel. Rachel scooted closer to Brittany and Brittany assured her everything was going to be ok. The four girls watched the movie and Rachel was asleep before the movie ended.

"San, do you think Rachel will try to hurt herself again?" Brittany asked. She was careful not to wake the sleeping girl.

"I don't know B," Santana said honestly. "I hope she doesn't. Quinn and I are doing everything we can to make sure she can't hurt herself again."

"You and Quinn should hurt Finn," Brittany commented. Quinn and Santana stared at Brittany shocked. Brittany wasn't big on violence, a lot like Rachel. "He made her cry."

"We will take care of Finnocence, Lady Lips and Wheezy," Santana promised. McKinley High was about to get a big wake up call. The first step was to stop the slushies and then knock some sense into the glee club.

"I'm going to go downstairs and empty the kitchen of all the sharp objects," Quinn said. She figured Rachel didn't want her near so it would be best if she left.

"She is so sad San," Brittany said. "We have to make her feel better."

"We will Brit-Brit," Santana assured her. Santana kissed her girlfriend and closed her eyes.

The weekend was long and hard for Quinn, Brittany, Rachel and Santana. Rachel was still upset Quinn had saved her. Rachel managed to avoid the Unholy Trinity once they got to school. Rachel figured the Cheerios would go back to ignoring her. "Hey loser," David Karofsky said holding a blue slushy.

Rachel ignored him and continued looking for her books. "Hey I'm talking to you."

"What do you want Karofsky?" Rachel asked annoyed. She didn't care if he was going to throw the slushie but she would rather not speak to him.

Karofsky didn't say anything; instead he raised the slushy ready to throw it in her face. "Karofsky," Santana yelled walking towards him and Rachel.

"Hello Lopez," he said. "Want to watch me slushy the freak?"

"What did you call her?" Quinn said coming up beside Rachel. Brittany was right behind her and she was mad.

"Rachel is off limits," Santana growled. She grabbed the slushy and threw it at Karofsky. "You gots that," she yelled to the crowded hallway. "She is off limits, if you mess with her you mess with me and I will ends you."

"You shouldn't have done that," Rachel mumbled when Karofsky walked away. "Now he is going to hate me even more."

Brittany hugged Rachel. "Don't worry Rae, Quinn and San will protect you." Both cheerleaders nodded in agreement.

"Are you ready to go to glee?" Quinn asked. Quinn would support the diva no matter what but she didn't want Rachel to quit glee because she would miss her voice. Quinn made a mental note to try and get the diva to sing at her house.

"As ready as I'll ever be," Rachel said forcing a smile.

"Rae, are we still allowed to stay at your house again? I found a recipe for vegan cookies that I wanted to bake with you," Brittany said. Ever since Brittany found out Rachel was a vegan, and figured out what it meant, she had been looking for recipes and her and Rachel would make that food. Last night they made vegan spaghetti and meatballs and Santana had to admit it tasted good.

Quinn and Santana led their girls to the choir room. "Sure Brittany, I can't wait to make them. We need to stop at the store first though and get the ingredients."

"What ingredients do we need?" Santana asked. Santana would never say it out loud but she was eager to taste the cookies.

Rachel thought about it and said, "We need vegan chocolate chips and butter and sugar and pretty much everything associated with the cookies. My dads don't keep much in the house."

Santana held open the door and the four girls walked in. Everyone else was already there. They sat in the front and waited for Mr. Schue. Rachel looked around the room and saw Finn glaring at her. Rachel cringed into Brittany's side and Brittany nudged Santana and tilted her head towards Finn. "Eyes to yourself Finnept," Santana said glaring at the ogre.

Mr. Schue arrived at a few minutes. "Mr. Schue I have an announcement," Rachel said when he got inside. Quinn smiled slightly; it was almost as if the old Rachel was back. Santana heard Kurt and Mercedes groan and if it wasn't for Brittany holding her hand she would have jumped up and beat their asses.

Mr. Schue sighed. "Alright let's hear it," he said stepping aside to let the diva talk.

Brittany gave her a hug and Rachel stood up and made her way to the front of the class. No one paid attention to her figuring she would just start singing. "I am quitting glee club," Rachel whispered. No one heard her although the cheerleaders knew what she said. Rachel glanced at Brittany and she smiled in encouragement.

"Sorry Rachel, can you speak up?" Schuester asked.

"I am quitting glee club," she said louder.

Kurt and Mercedes rolled their eyes. "Again?" they asked at the same time and then they started giggling.

"No not again, I'm quitting for good and I'm not coming back," Rachel announced.

"Come on Rachel you haven't even been denied a solo yet," Mercedes said. She couldn't believe she was threatening to quit again.

Finn glared at Rachel again. "You are quitting just because I dumped you?"

"No Finn that is not why I'm quitting. I am quitting because everyone with the exception of Brittany treats me like crap," Quinn and Santana's faces fell, "however recently Santana and Quinn have been much nicer but the truth is I don't want to be a part of a club that doesn't respect me."

It was Brittany's turn to jump up. "I am quitting too." Everyone's jaw dropped, except Quinn and Santana, they never expected the blonde dancer to quit and even more unexpected was Brittany quitting with Rachel.

"Why Brittany?" Kurt asked.

"Because you guys are mean to Rae, if you can be nice then we will come back, until then you are down two members and I'm a better singer and dancer than all of you." Santana and Quinn burst into laughter and Brittany turned to Rachel. "Can we go shopping now?"

"Sure Brittany," Rachel said. She walked over to Santana and Quinn and grabbed her things.

Puck got up and grabbed Rachel's wrist before she could leave the choir room. "Why are you doing this Rachel?" he asked. His grip wasn't tight but he was holding onto the wrist she had cut.

"Let me go Noah," she said quietly. Her wrist was hurting.

Quinn and Santana jumped up. They both saw the pain on Rachel's face. "Let her go Puckerman," Quinn yelled.

"I'm not hurting her baby momma I just want to know why she is leaving," he said although he did loosen his grip.

"Puckerman I swear to god if you don't release her I will ends you," Santana said ready to jump him. Puck let her go mumbling something about women and hormones.

"Santana, why do you care about Rachel?" Kurt asked. "You hate her more than the rest of us do."

"San doesn't hate Rachel," Brittany said going to Rachel's side. Santana refused to say anything else and went to the diva's side.

Santana rolled up Rachel's sleeve and saw some of the stitches were ripped out and it was bleeding. "I need to get her home and redo her stitches," Santana said quietly after inspection.

"Ok, I'll get our stuff," Quinn said. She went back to their chairs and grabbed all of their things.

"Can we still make cookies?" Brittany asked hopeful.

"Of course B," Santana said. "We just need to fix Rach up first."

"Are you two quitting too?" Mr. Schue asked Quinn and Santana.

"No," Quinn said. "But we have things to do today so we can't stay."

Santana drove the girls back to Rachel's house. Once inside Santana ran upstairs to get the first aid kit she brought. "Come on Rae let's get you cleaned up," Brittany said taking Rachel to the kitchen.

"Rach this is going to hurt," Santana said when she got back. Rachel winced as Santana took out the stitches and redid them. She placed another bandage over the wound and kissed the top of the bandage much to Rachel and Quinn's confusion. Brittany knew why she did it, Santana did the same thing to her whenever she got hurt.

"Let's go, let's go," Brittany yelled. Santana and Quinn chuckled while Rachel smiled.

Ten minutes later the girls were at the vegan store buying stuff to make cookies. "Brit why don't you and Rach get the chocolate chips while S and I get the sugar," Quinn suggested.

"Ok," Brittany said smiling. She grabbed Rachel's good arm and dragged her to the chocolate chip area. "Can we get white chocolate chips?"

"Anything you want Brittany," Rachel said picking up a bag. Brittany took the bag from her hand.

"You shouldn't carry stuff, you are still hurt," Brittany said. "Rae you should talk to Quinn sometime. I know you said you would give her and San and chance but you have been avoiding her."

The girls were currently in the kitchen baking cookies. Brittany was confused by recipes so Rachel was telling what to do while Santana was helping her measure the ingredients. The cheerleaders were pleased Rachel seemed to be having fun. Quinn was thinking about what she wanted to say to the diva. Rachel stuck the first batch of cookies in the oven and Quinn saw that as her opportunity to speak to her. "Rach, can I talk to you for a minute?

Rachel followed Quinn to the living room. "I know you are avoiding me Rae and I just want to say I'm sorry for yelling at you. I will do whatever it takes to make you believe me and for me to earn your trust."

"Thank you Quinn, I appreciate the apology. For now can you be my friend?" Rachel asked.

"Of course, can I hug you now?" Quinn asked. Rachel nodded and Quinn wrapped her arms around the diva.

The doorbell rang and they broke apart. "I should go answer it," Rachel said. She walked to the door and pulled it open. "What are you doing here?" she asked.