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Puck will be friends with Rachel but it will take a little time, I don't want all of the glee club suddenly liking her.

"What are you doing here?" Rachel repeated looking at the tall boy in front of her.

Mike was nervous. He wanted a chance to talk to Rachel and try to make it up to her. When he heard Rachel and Brittany talking in glee club he realized they were right. Everyone treated Rachel horribly. Personally he hadn't done anything to her but he also did nothing to help her. "I wanted to see you. You looked so sad in glee club and no one cared. I just wanted to make sure you were alright. Tina wanted to come but she thought it would be best if I came alone for now."

"I am fine Mike thank you. Are you going to try and convince me to come back to glee club?" Brittany walked closer to the door so she could hear the conversation. Brittany would protect Rachel from Mike if necessary but Brittany was sure Mike was a good guy and he wouldn't try to hurt Rachel.

Mike didn't want to have a conversation on Rachel's front porch. He knew he had to earn Rachel's trust; he had to convince her that he wasn't trying to use her to help the glee club. He actually cared about her. "I'm not going to convince you to come back," he assured. "Honestly I think you did the right thing and you are right everyone treats you like crap. I know I haven't done anything to you but I should have defended you. I would like a chance to make it up to you."

Rachel looked behind her and saw Brittany. Brittany nodded in encouragement; she liked Mike and thought he would be a good friend for the diva. Someone she could rely on outside of the Unholy Trinity. "Come on in," Rachel said stepping aside.

"Thank you Rachel," Mike said walking into the house. He had never been inside Rachel's house before.

"Hi Mike," Brittany said coming to hug the boy. "We are making cookies. Would you like some?"

"Sure, if Rachel doesn't mind," Mike answered. He walked into the living room to find Quinn sitting on the couch. Quinn watched the boy trying to figure out what he was up to.

Santana went to the living room after she got the next batch of cookies ready. "What are you doing here Chang?" she asked. Santana was not going to tolerate anyone harassing Rachel for quitting.

"I came to check on Rachel," he answered. "I think she did the right thing. I also wanted to warn you guys Finn, Mercedes and Kurt are pissed off. Puck feels bad for hurting Rachel. He thinks he hurt Rachel based on your overreactions."

The oven went off and Santana excused herself. "Mike would you like to stay and hang out with us for a while?" Rachel asked hopeful. She didn't mind being alone with the cheerleaders but she wanted a chance to have another friend.

"Really?" he asked. His face lit up at the idea. He was thrilled Rachel was giving him a chance.

"Really, as long as you don't mind eating vegan food."

"I've never had vegan food before but I'm willing to try it." Brittany went to the kitchen to get the first batch of cookies. "I wanted to ask you something Rach and its ok if you say no."

"What do you want to ask Mike?" Rachel asked. She took a cookie Brittany offered her and started nibbling it.

Mike also took a cookie and took an experimental bite. He was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted. "These are good." Brittany and Rachel beamed at him. "I want a chance to sing in glee club but I'm not very good. I was hoping making you could teach me."

Quinn glared at Mike. He had said he wasn't going to try and get her to join glee club again but he was acting like that's what he wanted. "I thought you said you weren't here to get Rachel to rejoin glee," Santana said coming back into the living room. She was also glaring at the football player.

"I'm not," Mike said. "Look Rachel is the best singer I have ever heard and I really want to sing in glee club. Just because Rachel isn't in glee club doesn't mean she doesn't like singing anymore. I was hoping she would be willing to help me."

Rachel glanced at Santana and Quinn and saw they didn't believe him. "Santana, Quinn it's ok. He is right I want to help him. I am the best and Mike should have a chance to sing. I may not want to be a part of the club anymore but I would be more than willing to help Mike."

"Thank you Rachel, can I hug you now?" Quinn laughed at his words. It was the same thing she asked Rachel and it was common for Rachel to ask before hugging someone.

Rachel opened her arms and Mike stepped forward to hug the diva. "If you pick out a song I can help you practice it."

"I actually already have a song," Mike said releasing Rachel. "It's from West Side Story." Rachel loved West Side Story.

"Which song?" she asked excited. The Unholy Trinity didn't miss the excitement in Rachel's voice. They were suddenly happy to have Mike here.

"Cool," Mike replied. "I figured I could dance too."

"That is a good choice. I'm not much help with dancing but I'm sure Brittany would assist you if you wanted. We can get started tomorrow if you like and you can bring Tina," Rachel said.

"Rae, are you sure?" Quinn asked. Rachel's happiness and comfort was the most important thing to Quinn.

"I am sure Quinn. Tina has never said anything mean to me even though I haven't always been nice to her."

"We should play a game," Brittany said. She was bouncing in her spot on the couch.

Santana smiled at her girlfriend. "What kind of game Britt?" Rachel shifted nervously. She was afraid the cheerleaders were going to use this game to embarrass her.

Quinn noticed her discomfort and decided to intervene. "What about Truth or Dare without the Dare," she suggested.

"So Truth?" Santana asked raising an eyebrow. The oven timer went off and Quinn dragged Santana to the kitchen. "What the hell Q?"

"Did you notice Rachel's expression?"

"No Q but then again I am not as aware of her as you are," Santana said pulling the last batch of cookies out.

"Santana she is afraid we are going to use this game to embarrass her. We should just ask questions and get to know each other. Let her know we actually like her." Quinn got a plate so Santana could put the cookies on it. She then went to the fridge to get waters for everyone.

"Ok but I am making it interesting," Santana said pulling out a bottle of alcohol and a box with half a dozen shot glasses in it from her bag on the kitchen table. Quinn sighed but agreed. Santana took the alcohol and cookies to the living room while Quinn took the waters.

"Did we pick a game?" Brittany asked. Brittany and Mike had moved the coffee table so they all could sit on the floor together. Rachel put on some music, a collection of songs they would all appreciate.

"So Chang are you staying?" Santana asked setting the plate on the floor.

"If Rachel doesn't mind then I will," Mike said looking to Rachel for permission. She nodded her consent and he took a seat next to her. Quinn handed everyone a bottle of water.

"Santana why is there alcohol in my house?" Rachel asked. She had her hands on her hips even though she was sitting and Quinn started giggling.

"Relax Rach, we are going to play Truth or Drink," Santana said. Mike, Brittany and Rachel looked confused. "Basically it's like Truth or Dare but with only Truth questions and no lying. If you don't want to answer then you take a shot."

"It's ok Rae, I will make sure you are safe," Brittany said taking a seat on Rachel's other side. Quinn frowned, she wanted to sit by Rachel, but she sat next to Mike. Santana sat between Brittany and Quinn and set out a shot glass in front of each person. She filled up the shot glasses half way and put the bottle of Tequila in the middle.

"Rach if you take a shot make sure to drink plenty of water," Quinn warned her.

"Who is going to go first?" Brittany said.

"Why don't you start B," Quinn suggested. Brittany clapped in excitement.

"Quinn how long have you loved Rae?" Brittany asked. Quinn's face turned red while Santana started laughing. Mike was confused he wasn't aware Quinn loved Rachel; although it was obvious they got along now.

Quinn didn't want to answer but Quinn could tell Rachel was curious and Quinn wanted to be completely honest when it came to Rachel. Quinn looked directly at Rachel when she answered, "When you came to the girls about sleeping with Jesse St. Jackass, what I said was true but it wasn't in the way you thought. I didn't like the idea of you being with anyone but me."

Santana put her arm around Quinn who had a few tears falling down her cheek. "Chang what is said in here stays in here unless we decide to announce it. Got it?" Mike nodded in fear of the Latina. "Q it's your turn."

"Rachel, do you still love Finn?" Quinn asked. She wanted to know if she had a chance.

"I don't know," Rachel replied. Quinn and Santana raised an eyebrow. "I think I do but after everything he has said and done, I don't know if I can forgive him for that. Brittany, what is your favorite activity?" Brittany opened her mouth to answer but Rachel quickly cut her off. "Besides you and Santana engaging in intercourse."

"Feeding the ducks with San and Quinn," Brittany answered. Rachel made a mental note to remember this. She wanted to do something special for Brittany as a thank you. "San if you could kiss one other glee club member besides me who would you choose?"

"Um Q don't hit me but I would pick Rachel," Santana said. Rachel blushed while Quinn looked like she was going to kill Santana.

"Why Rachel?" Quinn asked glaring at her friend.

"I'm a lesbian Q which leaves you, Aretha, Tina or Rachel. I can't stand Aretha and no offense Mike but Tina isn't my type and there is only one blonde I would kiss which leaves Rachel." Rachel's face fell at Santana's explanation. "Rach you are beautiful it's not much of a competition." Rachel smiled. "Now Mike how far have you and Tina gone?"

Mike looked around the room and grabbed his shot glass and downed the liquid. "That's no fun," Santana mumbled. He refilled his glass.

"Rachel, what did Finn say to you?" Mike asked.

Rachel took her shot, wincing at the taste, and Mike was confused. Santana made eye contact with Mike and shook her head. "Santana, do you regret sleeping with Finn?" Rachel asked quietly. Santana almost missed the question.

"I regret it, I will always regret it but what I regret the most was not telling you the truth from the beginning and how I told you. I did it to upset you when I should have told you to protect you. I am so sorry Rach."

"Thank you for your honesty," Rachel said and Santana crawled across the circle to hug Rachel.

"Chang, why did you choose a West Side Story song?" Santana asked.

"I really like West Side Story," Mike confessed. "And I wanted to ask for Rachel's help to prepare sooner and I know she likes it too. I thought it would be a good way for us to bond." Rachel beamed at him and gave him a one arm hug.

Mike was about to ask Brittany a question when the doorbell rang. Rachel got up to answer the door; she figured it was Tina coming to check up on Mike. "Mercedes," Rachel greeted hesitantly when she saw the African American girl. "What are you…" she was cut off by a hard slap to the face.