Rachel cried out and dropped to the ground in pain. She was clutching her cheek when Santana and Quinn ran into the entryway with Mike and Brittany right behind them. "What the hell did you just do Aretha?" Santana growled at Mercedes.

Mike went to Rachel's side while the Unholy Trinity faced Mercedes. Mike pulled Rachel against him and rocked her back and forth as she cried. Quinn wanted to be the one to hold her but she needed to deal with Mercedes first. "She is a selfish bitch," Mercedes said glaring at the diva. "She is ruining people's futures and she doesn't even care. We are all thinking about college now and we can't afford to have her have a diva fit every other week especially not with Regionals right around the corner."

"She hasn't quit once this year except wanting to quit for Sectionals but half the team wanted to quit then so don't even go there about her so called diva fits," Santana said. Mercedes and Santana were having a glare off and Brittany grabbed Santana's hand to keep her from attacking Mercedes.

"What about her future Mercedes?" Quinn growled. She couldn't believe she used to call Mercedes her friend. "She isn't having some diva fit. She quit because you, Kurt, Finn and everyone else can't treat her like a human being. She has feelings."

"Why do you even care Quinn?" Mercedes yelled. "You hate her, you all hate her." She pointed out each of the cheerleaders.

"We don't hate her," Brittany said softly. Santana squeezed her hand but Quinn and Mercedes acted like they didn't hear her.

Quinn stepped forward and punched Mercedes but before she could do anymore damage Santana and Brittany were holding her back. Mercedes was holding her nose which Quinn was sure she broke. "Don't you dare tell me how I feel about Rachel. I know I fucked up but I am doing everything I can to make it up to her and if I have to beat the crap out of everyone that tries to hurt her I will. Now get the fuck out of here," Quinn said. Her voice was so low and dangerous that Santana and Brittany were afraid of her. Quinn slammed the door in Mercedes' face and hoped it hit her.

Santana and Brittany released Quinn who ran to Rachel's side and they opened the front door to follow Mercedes. Mercedes didn't get far before she was stopped. "Wheezy," Santana yelled. Mercedes turned around to see the two cheerleaders.

"What do you want Satan?" Mercedes asked. She still had her hand over her nose.

Santana pulled her hand back and punched Mercedes in the eye. "Mess with Rachel again and we won't hold Quinn back next time," Santana said before turning and walking back to the house.

"You made Rae cry, you are not a nice person," Brittany told Mercedes. She followed Santana back inside the house.

"Rach," Quinn said. She dropped to the ground next to Mike and Rachel. Now that Mercedes was taken care of Quinn could focus on Rachel. Rachel was still shaking and holding her cheek. "Mike can you carry her upstairs to her room?" Mike nodded and pulled her up off the ground and into his arms.

Quinn followed them upstairs and went to the guest bathroom to get a wet washcloth, she hated Rachel's bathroom and refused to go in there. She walked into the bedroom and saw Rachel curled up on her bed and Mike standing at the edge of the bed. "Mike you can go. I will take care of her and if you see Santana and Brittany let them know where we are."

He nodded and gave Rachel a hug before leaving. Quinn crawled on the bed and pulled Rachel against her body so Rachel was halfway on top of her. She gently pushed Rachel's hand aside and set the washcloth on her cheek. "I'm so sorry Rae. I should have protected you."

Rachel curled up on Quinn. "It's not your fault Quinn," Rachel said. "You didn't know what Mercedes was going to do but you shouldn't have punched her."

"You're right, I should have done a lot worse," Quinn said stroking Rachel's arm.


"Yes Rae?"

"Thank you for defending me," Rachel mumbled before she fell asleep. Quinn kissed her forehead and held the girl against her body. She never wanted to let her go.

"Q," Santana called from the hallway.

"Come in Santana," Quinn said just loud enough for her to hear. "Be quiet though she is sleeping."

Santana and Brittany walked into the bedroom and climbed on Rachel's bed. "How much damage did you cause?" Quinn whispered to Santana. Santana had her arms around Quinn and Brittany had her arms around Santana.

"She now has a black eye to go with her broken nose," Santana said smiling. Santana was proud of herself.

Brittany laid her head on Santana's shoulder. "Why did Mercedes hurt Rae?" she asked. Brittany didn't understand or like violence of any kind even though Santana got in fights a lot.

"Because Mercedes wants to blame Rachel for her failures," Quinn answered.

"What are you thinking Q?" Santana asked. She saw the evil look in Quinn's eyes and knew nothing good was going to happen.

"I don't want Hudson or Hummel to get any ideas, tomorrow there will be a new order, an exchange if you want to call it that. Rachel will be off limits but Hudson, Hummel and Jones can be slushied as much as they want. Hell I will even encourage it."

"Excellent," Santana said smirking.

"She was making progress," Quinn muttered. "She was doing really well today, even better with Mike around, now I don't know what is going to happen to her."

"She is letting you touch her Q, that's a good sign. As for the rest we will keep an eye on her and make sure she can't hurt herself."

The next morning Quinn was escorting Rachel to her locker. Santana and Brittany had left Rachel's house early so they could get clothes and talk to their parents. They managed to convince their parents to allow them to stay at Rachel's house until her father's got back from their trip. Quinn's mother was never home so she left a note.

"Where are Brittany and Santana?" Rachel asked. She was still asleep when they left.

"They had to go home," Quinn told her. "They talked their parents into letting them stay at your house until your dads returned."

Rachel opened her locker and pulled out her books which Quinn took from the diva. Rachel glanced at the photos of Finn in her locker and pulled the taped photos off the locker wall. "What are you doing?" Quinn asked. Rachel pulled all the photos out and walked to the trashcan and dumped them into it.

"I don't want him back," Rachel said. "Last night got me thinking, Finn was a horrible boyfriend. He never defended me, he never listened, he lied to me and now he hates me. But you, I can't forgive you," Quinn's face fell, "at least not yet but you have done more for me in the last few days than anyone has ever done for me except maybe Brittany. I can't express how grateful I am to you and I do believe you love me but I hope you will give some time to figure out my feelings and to process things."

"I will give you as much time as you need," Quinn promised. "Santana explained to Brittany about the ice cream, next time she will bring you vegan ice cream."

"You read my note," Rachel said shutting her locker and facing Quinn.

"We did, Santana and I, we wanted to know how we could help you," Quinn explained. Rachel was touched by the thoughtfulness.

Rachel looked behind Quinn and saw Mercedes and Kurt were walking down the hallway. Karofsky walked down the hallway with two slushy cups and threw them at Kurt and Mercedes. Rachel gasped and Quinn turned around and smiled at the sight. "Did you have anything to do with that?" Rachel asked. She saw Quinn smiling.

Quinn stopped smiling. "I, uh, I may have helped Karofsky pick a target."

"Quinn Fabray," Rachel said raising her voice. "What on Earth possessed you to do that?"

"She slapped you," Quinn said softly. "You have the bruise to prove it."

"Yes Quinn, she did and I do have a bruise but she has a black eye and a broken nose thanks to you and Santana. She doesn't deserve to get slushied and Kurt hasn't done anything to me," Rachel ranted. Quinn smiled at Rachel acting normal. "Why are you smiling Quinn?"

"I'm smiling because you are acting like the Rachel Berry I fell in love with," Rachel opened and shut her mouth, "sorry I didn't mean to pressure you."

"Hey Rach," Mike said walking up to Rachel. Tina was right beside him.

"Hi Rachel, how are you doing?" Tina asked.

"I'm good thank you Tina," Rachel said. "Mike are you still coming over after school?"

"Yes if the offer is still there," Mike said. Rachel nodded. "Great, I can give you and Brittany a ride to your house. I was going to skip glee to work on the song."

Rachel glanced at Quinn. Quinn was happy with the arrangement. "That will be great Mike thanks, Tina are you going to come over as well?"

Tina was surprised by the invitation. "Um, Mike is my ride so I will have to pass," Tina said. Mike was planning on picking Tina up after glee.

"Santana and I can give you a ride," Quinn offered. Tina was taken aback, Quinn wasn't generally nice to people.

"Sure," Tina agreed. "Thanks Quinn."

After school Brittany waited for Rachel at her locker. Mike and Rachel came by a few minutes later. "Hi Brittany," Rachel said. Brittany hugged Rachel and Mike.

Mike escorted Brittany and Rachel outside to the parking lot. On the way they saw Finn, who was glaring at Rachel, and Quinn and Santana. Santana kissed Brittany and hugged Rachel before heading to the choir room. Quinn hugged Rachel and Brittany and followed Santana.

"So spill Q," Santana said.

"Spill what?" Quinn asked.

"What are you going to do to get your girl?" Santana asked rolling her eyes.

"I want to sing to her. She loved when Puck sang Sweet Caroline to her so I need to find a better song, one to express my feelings," Quinn said. She had spent all day trying to find a song but came up with nothing so far.

Santana grabbed Quinn's arm to stop her so they weren't overheard. "Britts and I have your back. If you need backup singers or whatever let us know."

They walked into the room and everyone was already there. "Take a seat girls," Mr. Schue instructed. "Now we have lost two members and… where is Mike?"

"Mike had plans Mr. Schue," Tina told him. She hoped he didn't ask where he was because she didn't want him to know.

"Alright, well this week I want you all to focus on love, find a song that expresses for feelings for someone and perform it," Mr. Schue said. For the first time in a long time Quinn was excited about her assignment.

"Mr. Schue what about our other assignment?" Finn asked. He wasn't looking forward to this assignment.

"With Rachel and Brittany quitting, I decided not to do that assignment anymore because apparently forcing you to work together doesn't help," Mr. Schue explained. Mr. Schue expected Brittany and Rachel to be back by the time this assignment was over.

Mr. Schue allowed everyone to get started. "Santana we should do a song together, we can sing to Brittany and Rachel," Quinn said.

"Are you sure? I mean everyone in glee club will know," Santana said.

"I'm sure S, I want to show her I'm not ashamed of loving her, please San," Quinn begged.

"Alright, I have an idea for a song, I wanted to sing it to Brittany but I think it would be good for Rachel too. Tina," Santana called. Tina walked over to the cheerleaders. "Would you like to sing with us?"

"Sure," Tina said. She was looking forward to singing with Santana and Quinn. "So Santana is singing to Brittany and Quinn is singing to Rachel?"

Santana and Quinn stared at Tina. "I swear I am going to kill Chang," Santana growled.

"Mike didn't tell me," Tina said quickly. "I see the way Quinn looks at her, how protective she is. Mike acts the same way around me and Santana you act the same way around Brittany."

"Alright let's get this song ready so we can go see our girls, um and guy," Santana amended after a glance at Tina.

"Good job Mike," Rachel said. "But you are trying too hard; don't think about trying to sound good. Just sing."

Mike nodded and Rachel hit play again. Brittany and Rachel were sitting on Rachel's bed as Mike performed. Rachel had told him to wait on the dancing until he got the singing down. She didn't want anything taking focus away from his voice.

Once he finished Rachel and Brittany burst into applause. "What did you think?" he asked grinning. He figured if Rachel was clapping then that was a good sign.

"Great job Mike," Rachel said honestly. "Once you relaxed and stopped trying so hard you did an amazing job. Your voice is naturally low so you should stay in that range."

Mike went over and hugged Rachel and pulled her off the bed. "Thanks so much Rach," Mike said.

"Yo Chang you better not be trying to steal Q's girl," Santana yelled from the hallway. Mike instantly let Rachel go.

"Santana," Quinn yelled smacking her friend. She didn't want Rachel getting the wrong idea. Quinn wanted Rachel to be her girl but she didn't want to pressure her and Santana's statement wasn't helping.

"How was glee club?" Brittany asked trying to change the subject.

"Good," Quinn said. "Listen, Friday can you and Rachel come to glee club? You don't have to perform, just listen to the song."

"I don't know Quinn," Rachel said.

"Please Rae, you only have to be there for five minutes to hear us sing and then you can leave," Quinn begged.

"Alright, just for five minutes though, wait did you say we?" Rachel asked.

"Yes, Santana, Tina and I are singing together," Quinn said.

"Tina, Mike would like to stay and watch a movie?" Rachel asked.

"Sure," Mike said. They climbed on Rachel's bed and Santana put on Funny Girl for Rachel.