My heart was over joyed that Pa would be alright. He was still weak and ill with fever, but the doctor was sure that Pa would make a full recovery. I never meant Pa to get shot and had he died I knew that I'd blame myself forever. It was my fault no matter what Mr. Shelby and Mr. Edwards said. I had begged Pa to let me come on the hunting trip and I knocked the gun over.

I stayed by Pa's side until I had to leave the cabin to find Mr. Edwards to get help for Pa. I feared that we wouldn't be able to get help and Pa would die. Even after the doctor came I feared Pa would be too weak to overcome his injury.

The next after we got the doctor and I knew Pa would be okay I went and sat by his bed. He was sleeping. Mr. Edwards, the doctor and Mr. Shelby were outside for a bit. Which I was glad of. I just watched Pa sleeping. Then he turned his head a little.

"Half pint?"

"I'm right here Pa." I reached up and took his hand.

"Half pint. I need you to understand that this was not your fault. You're not to blame."

"Yes I am Pa." I started to cry.

"Laura, I'm going to be fine."

"I just love you so much Pa."

"I love you too half pint."

Just to hear my Pa tell me that he still loved me after what I had done seemed be like an answer to a prayer. I had also feared that if Pa did live he wouldn't love me like before. I knew things might be a little different for a while. But Pa saying that he still loved me, made me feel even more than things would be alright.