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Chapter One

Late Night


Twilight had long since passed as I eased myself just a bit closer to the wrought-iron crib that now contained Renesmee. I sat like a statue in the rocking chair that Edward had bought earlier in the day as a surprise for me to use when I watched Renesmee sleep. My human memories of sleeping had seemed so far away, so distant and fuzzy. My new siblings had been right about my memories being distant. It seemed like so long ago that Edward had told me that watching me sleep fascinated him. At the time, I thought he was being silly and was trying to dazzle me, which he does oh so well. But now, as I sat there, watching my daughter sleep, I understand exactly what he meant. Seeing her dream was amazing to me, and poor Edward had not had that privilege with me.

I leaned forward and slid the metal cup out of Renesmee's hand. The cup was still full of the formula that Grandpa Carlisle was insisting that Renesmee consume along with her diet of animal blood. We had been trying one cup a day now, but it seems we were at a dead end there. I picked Renesmee's hand and placed it to my face. My baby was dreaming. So many thoughts swirling in her head. Her father and I had taken her to the meadow today, our meadow. I could feel the joy and happiness through Renesmee's dreams of getting to visit her parents piece of heaven on earth. Her thoughts wandered to Charlie, to my dad. Renesmee loves her Charlie. She dreamed of being able to show him things the way she showed the rest of us, her supernatural family. Then came the thoughts of the formula in the cup. I could sense her distaste immediately. She was planning to have no more of that. I smiled to myself as I thought about how my daughter was as stubborn as I was. Nessie as everyone was calling her was no longer going to partake in the nutrition of human children. How could I not smile at this. My stubborn ways had came from my father, and I had now gifted my daughter with the same trait. It was my stubbornness that had resulted in our blessed miracle. If I had waited until after I was changed to share physical love with my Edward, we would not have this precious angel. I shivered at the thought.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at Edward. I stood so that he and I could be on the same level as we took in the magical feelings surrounding us with the love we felt for our daughter. He gave me that crooked grin that held my heart strings at its very tips. "Love, what are you thinking of?" Edward put his arms around my waist as I leaned my back into his chest.

I sighed and looked up at my reason for existing. I touched his cheek with my fingertips and ran my hand upward along his jaw line until I reached the tousled bronzed hair that he had given our Nessie. "I was thinking of a human memory," I grinned. Edward still couldn't read my thoughts after I had been changed, but I had learned to control my shield several months ago when the Volturi had come and occasionally I allow him a glimpse inside my head. I raised my shield and let him hear all the things I had been thinking.

Edward pulled me close. "Bella, love, you know you didn't have to do that." He softly kissed my temple and held me close. "I don't know what I have done to deserve such a wonderful existence. I was so incomplete for so long. Mrs. Cullen, you have completed and gave my existence a whole new meaning, husband and father."

I smiled and put my arms around him, throwing myself into him. I remembered the distant times in our past when he couldn't be with me in such a way. I never understand how strong his self-control had been until I became a newborn. Human life is fragile and if he had slightly moved with me just a tiny amount in just the wrong way, that life would have ended for me. Now we were free to love one another, to be together in every way possible. "Mr. Cullen, I am the lucky one to have been given a new existence with a loving husband and the most precious daughter. Its because of you that I shall have an eternity of happiness." I locked my arms around his neck and felt his lips press into mine at the exact moment. "Perhaps, we should visit our room, Mr. Cullen," I suggested.

Edward lifted me in his arms as he had done many times, carrying me through the threshold of Renesmee's room. "I thought you would never ask," was his reply as he closed the door to our room. In this new life, we had all night, every night to dedicate to our love. A decade it would take for this to grow old? I do believe Edward was wrong for once. I believe our existence wouldn't be long enough to enjoy him.