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Draco hated to wake up this early in the morning, but today was a special day and he forced himself to open his eyes after several moments of stretching his limbs and sighing. He sat up. His long-time lover was sound asleep beside him. Draco kissed his neck and tried to shake him awake softly. The little sleepy moan was all he'd managed to achieve. He smiled; he knew the perfect way to wake Harry up and was very eager to perform it, especially with the morning erection he possessed right now.

Still not entirely awoken, Harry, nevertheless, was moaning at the kisses of the lips: pink, sweet and wet, that made their way down to his groin...

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...Sighing in contentment, he rested himself on Draco, making sure he wasn't making him uncomfortable.

"Time to get up, love. You know that, even if you were saving the world all night long, it wouldn't be a sufficient excuse for him," Draco said several minutes later.

"I need a holiday..." Harry sighed.

"Then it's time to take one."

"I will. All right, let's go take a shower first..."

Harry returned to the bedroom, leaving Draco to preen himself in the bathroom as he did every morning. Harry dried and dressed himself quickly. Before leaving the room he cast a glance at his bedside table where the framed photograph of his family was, - his favourite picture; the one he had both at home and at work. The picture showed Draco approaching their son, who was almost two years old at the moment this picture had been taken, to feed him. But, instead of eating, the toddler took the spoon out of Draco's hand and started to spoon-feed his daddy with his own cereal. The boy was squeaking and cooing happily (of course, the picture didn't allow hearing it, but Harry remembered the sounds), because Draco was playing along, letting their little one feed him and smear the cereal on his nose in the process.

Memories of the past years made Harry's mind wander.

Not everything was perfect between Harry and Draco.

For some time Harry was obsessed with keeping his family safe, even though he was going to extremes sometimes. After what Medea Levington had done to them he was taking care of the family's protection anxiously. He never let Draco go to Wizarding London, or anywhere else, alone. Every time he was squeezing Draco's hand with his left one and his own wand with his right, in case anyone would try to hurt his love or their child. Or, at least, he made sure that Snape was there with Draco and the little one. He'd also become the terror of all the remained Death Eaters, and everyone knew him as ruthless Auror, because they all, as he believed, were a potential threat to his family. He even learned the art of both Legilimency and Occlumency after pestering Snape for enough time and promising to endure anything this time and never voice a single complain if the man agreed to teach him. The older wizard had agreed in the end.

Sometimes it was scaring Draco, and they even argued about it. Harry knew he was hurting him and this wasn't what he wanted at all, so after some time he calmed down and relaxed a little, as he'd stopped seeing a threat to his loved ones in every shadow. Ron, who was his partner, helped a lot, too, and was looking after him, especially after the conversation with Draco, who made him really look at what Harry was doing, being on the verge of becoming a monster. Hermione, too, made him see it.

There were also a lot of stupid rumours about their personal life. Harry had once given an interview to the trusted reporter, without any details letting people know that he and Draco had a son. He'd known it was better to do it while Narcissus was still little. He hadn't given much information, of course. The world had gone crazy at first. There were a lot of articles in the papers where reporters had let their imagination break loose. The most popular version was that Harry had been bewitched again, and Draco had set the pregnancy up to get their hero for himself.

Harry never allowed anything like that to hurt Draco. He fought the war with press media, he got several especially bold reporters condemned by a court. He and Snape never allowed any unfamiliar owls to get to Draco. Many birds were cursed by Snape in order to make them come back to their owners sick with temporary madness and peck and scratch the terrified fools insanely. Harry never allowed any scowling glances at Draco and their baby, though Draco had a very infrequent desire to go to the places full of people. Harry's deep and threatening stares made people turn their eyes down. He was making a good job, protecting his loved ones. No one in their right mind would try to tell Draco anything disdainful or even approach him at all. The uproar gradually calmed down, the news became old, and they were almost left alone.

About a year after Ginny's discharge, she, depressed and worn out by the prison, tried to speak to Harry, sending him a letter in which she asked him if he could meet her 'just for a short talk'. Harry wasn't enthusiastic about it at all. He left a letter on his table and forgot about it. It was Draco who found it accidentally. Harry knew that Draco had a very vivid imagination sometimes, but when the letter was thrown at his face and Draco suggested his own version of events, Harry was speechless at first. He was accused of lies, because he hadn't told Draco about the letter. The brunet's assurances that he simply hadn't found it important and later had just forgotten about it, didn't work. He was accused of meeting her behind Draco's back, though Harry quickly managed to convince Draco that he was wrong. The blond used the silencing charm to make sure their little boy, who was only two and a half years old, couldn't hear him shouting. He made it perfectly clear that he would never forgive Harry if Harry decided to meet the bitch, no matter why she wanted to see him. He was absolutely positive that she would do something to take Harry away from his family. He was absolutely sure that she was plotting something behind their backs again, and with his own suspicions he reduced himself to tears. Harry couldn't even get angry at him for having doubts in him as he saw those tears. No, he wasn't about to let the ghosts of his past upset Draco.

Ironically, the very same day Ginny firecalled. Worked up as hell, Draco answered before Harry had a chance, and he made sure that all Weasleys who were at home could hear him, not only the bitch. He was hissing and growling that he wouldn't allow her to ruin his family. He swore that he would tear the bitch apart with his bare hands if she approached Harry or their child, or tried to contact them again in any possible way. Harry didn't know what to do. Draco was so mad that Harry was almost sure there were fireworks of sparks coming out of Weasley's fireplace, risking setting their house on fire. Draco swore that only through his dead body Harry would take the child to the Burrow while the bitch lived there.

Sometimes Harry, indeed, took the child with him when he visited Weasleys, but not very often. Draco visited their house even more rarely and just for Harry. He didn't like them and he didn't like the way some of them looked at him covertly sometimes. They just tolerated each other. It was better with Ron and Hermione, though. Notwithstanding the fact that they weren't friends, Draco was very civil to them, could play chess with Ron, talk to him and Hermione, who soon became Weasley, too. They were considered as friends of a family. But with other Weasleys Draco felt uncomfortable. He didn't really like when any of them took his son in their arms, though they liked the child very much and meant well, because he was Harry's. Draco was glad that Narcissus wasn't very fond of being held by anyone except for the people with whom he lived in the same house, and often showed his discomfort. Draco was also glad that his boy looked a lot like him even though he had enough of Harry's features. It wasn't going to let Weasleys forget that the boy was Draco's, too, no matter if they liked it or not. And now that their bitch of a daughter and sister was living with them, Draco wasn't going to keep quiet anymore.

Thankfully, Ginny soon found the flat away from everyone who knew her, and Harry didn't get any letters or firecalls from her anymore. Sometimes they saw each other in the Burrow, but never spoke to each other directly.

All of it was quite short moments of distress in their life. Mostly Draco and Harry could be called a happy couple.

There was a thing that Harry was afraid of at first; it was the thought that he wasn't a good father. He'd had no parents to show him how to raise a child properly, after all. And then he found out that Draco had the same fear; although he'd had a loving mother, he was afraid to do something that would hurt their child, just like Lucius had hurt him with his coldness when Draco had been little. But very soon they realised that their fears were groundless: their baby was growing, smiling at them happily, since he was able to do it consciously, reaching his tiny hands to them, loving both of them dearly, even if they made usual, small human mistakes. Later when Narcissus was learning to walk, he was running to Harry, stumbling on the way and nearly falling, just to embrace him happily when Harry was coming home from work. He looked like a happy boy, who loved his parents, respected them, but wasn't afraid of them. Both Harry and Draco were relieved that everything was turning out better than they had imagined. In some way Narcissus was a compensation to both of his parents for the things that had been stolen from each of them due to the war, or even for the things they both had never had. They loved him very much and he was growing up aware of it.

Draco wasn't too over-sweet with him. Piggyback rides or snowball playing weren't his cup of tea; but teaching his boy and playing calm games even when they took a lot of time, was the pastime both he and his son enjoyed.

Narcissus was in good terms with Severus. The little child definitely melted at the sound of Severus' voice that always made him listen carefully, no matter what the man was talking about. Thanks to Florie and, in some way, to Draco, he was calling the man grandfather. At first Severus scowled and grumbled, and tried his best to make the little boy stop calling him that, but then he finally gave up, because all attempts to break the quickly formed habit were useless.

Severus and Draco often worked with potions together and had inventions that had become very popular in the wizarding world. When the boy was almost six, he developed an interest for potion-making, too. Making sure the fumes of the potion that Severus was brewing weren't harmful in any way, the man allowed the persistent child to watch. It was actually the first time Narcissus really became incredibly interested. Not only Severus allowed him to put the eyes of some exotic fishes into the cauldron (fishes, which name the boy would have hardly able to pronounce correctly, yet), but the man also allowed him to stir the potion, instructing him in the process how to do it properly. It was enough to make Narcissus so interested that every two minutes he asked if the potion was ready, as if it was completely his brewing and he had to monitor it carefully. He was swelling with pride for days after that, informing both of his fathers about his success and announcing during the dinner that he was surely going to become a potion-maker, not just an Auror like one of his dads, and he would just have to combine those two jobs, which he believed wasn't hard.

When he was almost ten, he became very interested in the history of his family: both Harry's and Draco's ancestors. It was then when Draco decided to show him the abandoned Manor, but not before it was purified from all the traces of the foul magic, left after Voldemort and his followers. Harry's colleagues helped with purification and several days later Draco, Harry and their son visited it together. Once inside of the magnificent building, the boy was just awed. He liked it from the start. The elves bawled for hours with loud heartbreaking wails and even Draco didn't know what to do, because they didn't stop crying even when he ordered them to. Instead, they promised him to punish themselves for disobedience later. Draco rolled his eyes at this. But they weren't crying because of grief or anything like that; on the contrary, little creatures were beyond themselves with happiness, because until that day they'd thought that they'd lost their family forever, since master Draco didn't want to live there anymore. They knew the reason, of course. They remembered how scared, subdued and sick the young heir had been in his own home when the frightening guest had crossed the threshold.

All elves looked terrible and tired, because they'd spent too much time grieving for the lost masters and meaning of life. If they hadn't had the Manor to take care of, though it didn't require much care now, they would have probably already died in misery. With the new heir they had a hope. Harry watched the scene with amusement. The elves surrounded the youngest master and showed him their humble respect, as well as cooing over him not unlike Florie, who was crazy about him, often did. One of them gladly kneeled and tied the boy's shoe laces; the other one brought him some hot chocolate, though the same was delivered to Draco and Harry. In the end, the fussing bunch of creatures literally dragged the perplexed boy away to show him the Manor and all its wonders, beauty and magnificence, just to make him interested enough to once and for all convince him to live there, at least, when he would be old enough to live apart from his fathers. Draco and Harry didn't really mind, though they weren't ready to think about living apart from their child. He was still too young, anyway. Draco couldn't help but feel proud. What his father had done didn't mean he, Draco, wasn't a descendant of great, powerful wizards and a member of the ancient family. He respected it, despite Lucius' deeds, and Narcissus' willingness to be a part of it was something that made Draco feel a bit more content.

But it was hardly the time for nostalgia, and Harry remembered that today was the very important day. Smiling, he silently entered Narcissus' bedroom, approached the bed and opened its light curtains. His boy was sleeping soundly. There was a new schoolbook on the History of Magic in his bed. On one of the pillows near the boy's head was the small curled up and sleeping Hungarian Horntail - the miniature replica of the dragon that Harry had faced during his first task on the Triwizard Tournament. It was the replica he'd retrieved when he and his opponents had been drawing lots. As Narcissus had first seen it, when he was younger, he had been looking at his daddy with such plea on his face that Harry had quickly given up and let him have the dragon. It shifted on its soft pillow a little and yawned without opening its eyes, but then curled up into even a tighter ball to continue sleeping.

One boy's foot was stuck out from under the blanket. For Harry it still seemed very small. He tickled it gently with his fingertips. The displeased boy mumbled something in his sleep and hid his foot under the quilt. He also covered his blond head.

"Come on, kitten. It's time to wake up."

"Dad... Are you sure it's today?" was the sleepy moan.

"Absolutely. What is it? You were so excited about the trip to Hogwarts yesterday. Have you lost all the enthusiasm already?" Harry teased.

"Maybe I was too excited and fell asleep too late," the boy sighed.

"I'm sorry, love."

"I'm getting up..."

"You better be or our daddy will be very displeased with both of us."

"How is he today? Is he feeling alright?"

"Yes, he looks quite... um... cheerful, in spite of the early hour," Harry smiled. He chuckled to himself, remembering how cheerful Draco had looked, straddling him when Harry had opened his eyes.

"Good. I still can't forget how he fainted several days ago," the boy confessed quietly.

"Oh, Narcissus... Don't worry. We told you he'd be okay," Harry replied softly, patting his shoulder through the quilt. "Come on, get up. We're waiting for you downstairs."

After taking a shower and dressing himself, the boy came down to the dining room. He was greeted and given some presents, since it was an important day for all of them, so everyone tried to make it even happier for him, a day to remember. There were even several parcels from the friends of the family. During the breakfast his father (Draco) felt a bit sick again. He hardly ate. But a cup of peppermint tea made him feel a little better. They all were hiding something from Narcissus, he just knew it. One of his fathers was ill and they kept telling him that he was fine. He suddenly felt very insecure about Hogwarts. He'd be far away from home when father was so unwell. Even grandfather wouldn't be here.

They all had been pressing Severus hard for nearly a year, trying to convince him to teach again during Narcissus' forthcoming school years. The man had been fighting them furiously and desperately, but there were too many of them against him, so he'd agreed, at last. To his disgust Minerva McGonagall had squealed (!) when he'd asked her if he could take a job of a teacher of either Potions or DADA. She'd said that the woman, who'd been teaching potions for the last several years, wasn't very qualified as a potion-maker (being a kind teacher, friendly with children, wasn't enough at all), so McGonagall was utterly happy to replace her with him. Narcissus had been beyond himself with joy when he'd found out. Not only his grandfather was going to teach him, there was a strong probability that the man was going to be a head of his house. Narcissus was absolutely positive that he was going to be a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, like his fathers and grandfather. He didn't really care which one he'd be sorted into; both seemed exciting.

But right now he was concerned about one of his parents' health. Father had often been looking sick lately, especially in the morning, and he had no appetite. And nearly a week ago he'd suddenly fainted in the living room. Narcissus knew very well that father had some heart problems, but for the last few years he'd been mostly all right, almost healthy. Seeing his father deathly pale on the floor and thinking that he was dead had horrified Narcissus and he'd started wailing and screaming, which had probably been heard throughout the entire big house. It had made everyone run like hell to see what was going on, since no one had ever heard him crying like this. Even though Severus had revived Draco rather quickly, carefully putting him on the canapé and simply casting 'Rennervate', it had taken about an hour to calm Narcissus down. Thankfully, Harry had been there for him and Draco had joined, too, promising that he was all right, that there was nothing terrible. Both fathers had hugged him and soothed him until he'd stopped weeping. The next day when father (Harry) had gone to work early in the morning, Narcissus had sneaked into the bedroom of his parents and lain behind his other father close to him, just to look after him, to make sure that they'd told him the truth and father wasn't in any pain, looked and breathed normally. He knew it was wrong to sleep beside his parents, he was a big boy, but he liked to think that he controlled something and he would be there in case his father felt sick again.

He'd remembered how Draco sometimes had been unwell, when Narcissus had been very little; five years old or just a bit older. It hadn't been often, though. He'd managed to remember only two times. He'd remembered how worried he'd been that daddy had been ill and had to keep to bed, though he hadn't looked really ill, just tired. When he'd asked his other daddy, wishing to find out what was wrong, Harry had explained that Draco's heart hurt, but he'd recover soon and there'd been nothing terrible. Draco had smiled at his little boy to confirm Harry's words. A small hand had pressed to Draco's aching heart and Narcissus had felt its beating against his palm. He'd liked the feeling very much. When father had been asleep during his rest cure, Narcissus had done it several times to have this feeling against his palm again. Doing it, he'd mentally wished father to get well soon, so the pain would go away. He'd even pressed his ear against father's chest and listened.

Now, several years later he'd done it again, though somehow doubted that this time the problem concerned father's heart. In the end, he'd warmed up to the sleeping form and had fallen asleep, too. He'd blushed slightly, waking up several hours later and seeing his father's smiling face, which had looked pretty healthy and rested. Narcissus hadn't been reproached for sleeping in the bed of his parents at all. Draco had embraced him warmly and asked Florie to bring them breakfast in bed, as he'd decided that they could laze about until the afternoon. As Narcissus had gladly noticed, father had even eaten his breakfast without looking dizzy or running to the bathroom, though he'd been eating slowly. After the breakfast they'd been reading an adventure book together, still warm and content in the bed. All of it had made Narcissus think that he'd really had nothing to worry about, but the next morning father hadn't been feeling well again.

And now both Severus and Narcissus were leaving. Thankfully, his father (Harry) was taking a holiday, so he would take care of Narcissus' other father. And yet, the boy couldn't stop worrying.

The platform was full of children and their parents. Most faces were cheerful, but several children were crying, as they were soon going to be apart from their parents and siblings. Narcissus frowned; he had more reasons to cry, but he wasn't going to let himself do it, especially in front of the strangers.

"I want to ask you to promise me something," he said seriously, looking up at his attentive parents, right into their eyes.

"Yes?" Harry asked.

"If something happens, anything, I want to know as soon as possible. And you know what I'm talking about," he frowned slightly again.

"Darling, I promise you," Draco said softly, but seriously. "And I promise that there's nothing for you to worry about. Don't let anything ruin this day for you."

"You, too, write us about everything interesting or not very interesting. We want to know all about your craziest adventures," the other father smiled.

"Yes, and I hope that those adventures will only consist of good marks and outstanding discipline," Draco said sternly, looking rather at Harry than their son. Both Harry and Narcissus chuckled and Harry winked at the boy.

"Don't worry about anything; grandfather's going to look after you, especially if you'll end up in Slytherin, and even if you won't. In Gryffindor there's always Teddy. He'll keep an eye on you, too," he said.

"I'm not a baby," the boy mumbled. Ted Lupin and Narcissus were in good terms with each other. Narcissus even considered the older boy as a second best friend. His best friend Olympus Goyle was, unfortunately, going to Durmstrang along with his annoying twin brother. Everyone was quite surprised that Narcissus was getting along with one twin so well and was nearly at war with the other one, even though both chubby boys looked identical and other people could swear they had similar traces of character. Narcissus disagreed and could easily distinguish his best friend from his rival.

"By the way, I wonder where he is," Harry said thoughtfully, looking around in search for his godson.

"I saw him and Mrs Tonks somewhere around. She was lecturing him," the boy replied.

"Maybe you could have some lecturing, too?" Harry smiled.

"No way," Narcissus chuckled.

They hugged him warmly and let him go even though it wasn't easy for them to do. But once their boy entered Hogwarts Express, they smiled to each other and exchanged a conspiratorial glance. Quickly they hid behind the column, looking around to make sure no one was watching. In the twinkling of an eye, Harry covered them both with his invisibility cloak, and invisible to everyone's eyes, they followed their child.

Narcissus entered one of the compartments, still not entirely occupied. His long goodbyes with his dads hadn't left him many free seats in the train and he still hadn't found Ted. In this compartment were three children of the same age as he was.

"Hello. May I join?" he asked. One of the boys scowled at him. "I'm Narcissus Malfoy-Potter," Narcissus introduced himself, hoping to release some tension.

"I know who you are. Malfoy's abomination," the same scowling boy answered scornfully. Meanwhile, under the invisibility cloak Draco stiffened against Harry and hanged his head in dismay. His boy was going to be a pariah just as he was. He felt Harry's hand squeezing his own, and the other one rubbed his back soothingly.

"Abomination?" Narcissus raised his blond eyebrow.

"Yes, abomination. A freak," the bully continued. This time it was Harry who tensed inside. It was the 'nickname' he'd had throughout his entire childhood, but his son wasn't going to have it, too! "You were born from two men. It's disgusting."

"Oh, I don't know. One of my fathers is a hero of this world, because he saved it; he's one of the most powerful and respected wizards, and the world worships him. His birthday is the national holiday, at least, in Britain, as well as the day of his victory. My other father is the descendant of one of the most powerful families since the time of Merlin. He even saved my other father once during the war. And you're... Who?" Narcissus drawled with slight disdain. "But don't bother to introduce yourself. I remember you. I've seen your picture in the paper. Some scandalous article, though I don't normally read anything like that. Your surname is Greenspire, right? Trust me, having two great fathers is much better than being fatherless. If I heard right, you haven't even seen yours. And even worse, your mother isn't sure who exactly your father was; for that reason she was disowned by your grandparents. You have my sympathy." He inclined his head in mock respect and then his nose was up in the air, his back always straight. Harry gasped quietly. The furious boy gave Narcissus a murderous look and stormed out of the compartment, nearly running into Harry and Draco. But both men moved away right in time. The other boys laughed behind the bully's back. Narcissus was glad about it, because he didn't know them at all, so he wouldn't be able to respond so well if they tried to taunt him, too.

"We've spoiled him. Terribly," Harry whispered into his lover's ear and kissed it.

"No, he's a good boy with dignity. And courageous enough to stand up for himself and for us."

"Your approval scares me a bit, love. But I'm happy that he doesn't let anyone hurt him. By the way, he just reminded me some very sarcastic and arrogant boy. I even think I saw a little too familiar sneer," the brunet purred.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Draco shook his head, hardly able to hold back a smirk.

The boys' smiles were actually good-natured when they looked at Narcissus, as he took a seat. When all the boys introduced themselves to each other and shook their hands, Harry and Draco sighed in relief. The train started off. They decided to leave their boy with his new acquaintances, with whom he seemed to be quite relaxed.

Very soon Draco felt nauseous and they both had to lock themselves up in one of the train toilets.

"Oh, Merlin... How could I forget my potion at home?" Draco moaned between the gags as he vomited. "Don't look at me..."

"Baby, for how many years we've been together? I'm sure I can survive seeing your morning sickness," Harry replied softly, holding his lover's hair and rubbing his back. When there was nothing left in Draco's stomach to get rid of, he washed his face, cleaned his mouth and drank some water, but not too much. And then he was sitting on the floor with his back pressed to Harry's chest. Harry was rubbing his stomach softly.

"Better?" he asked.

"Still a bit sick."

"I have some mint sweets. Would it help?" Harry asked, retrieving the small, round, blue metal box out of his pocket.

"It might..."

As Draco was enjoying the taste of mint, which made him feel better, Harry kept caressing his still flat belly.

"Love, we have to tell Narcissus. He's so worried about you," he said.

"I know..." the blond sighed. "I'm going to start showing soon. Very soon. I believe it would be wise to inform him when he'll be home for his birthday. Though, I'm quite worried about his reaction. I think it's best to talk to him after his party. I don't want him to be upset on his birthday," Draco said. Narcissus' birthday was in a little more than a month and a half and Draco's condition was going to be noticeable then.

"Why do you think he's going to be upset?" Harry was a bit surprised. When Draco had said before that he wasn't ready to talk about it with their son yet, Harry hadn't thought that the reason was an anticipation of some negative reaction.

"Harry, you must be joking, right? This boy is jealous as hell. He hates seeing us with any other children. Remember that little girl on the children's playground, who was very eager to talk and play with us, because she said you resembled her father? Later, the very same day, our sullen sweetheart took a handful of his porridge and threw it in my face, and then he refused to talk to both of us for days!"

"I remember, but he was four years old, Draco. Surely he's grown up since then."

"I don't know, Harry..."

"Well, maybe he won't be oh-so-happy at first, but he'll come around. It's his brother or sister, after all. And we won't let him feel abandoned anyway."

"Of course. And we'll also have to give him more um... details about the way he came into this world."

"Yes, right... I believe 'daddy and... daddy loved each other so much that you just appeared out of nowhere as their fruit of love', or something like that, won't do any longer," Harry chuckled. Of course, it was an exaggeration, but Narcissus wasn't quite informed about the whole story of his birth, and when he'd been told that Draco had actually carried him in his belly and had been shown pictures where one of his fathers possessed quite a round tummy, he was confused, because he couldn't comprehend how he'd even got into it, in the first place, since Draco was undoubtedly a man. He'd only been explained that it was a very rare case. But he'd been only seven years old then, and now it wasn't enough.

"At least, he knows that we're both his biological fathers. I'd be upset if he thought that he was related to only one of us," Draco sighed.

"Of course, he never doubts that both of us are his real parents. Why do you even think about it? He's very smart. It's enough for him to look in the mirror. Even if he has the colour of your hair and eyes, well, very close to yours, he has my features, too. And he's very curious, so I'm sure he knows more than we think he knows. And you know that he saw pictures of you, very obviously, pregnant with him. He knows that we weren't lying to him; he just doesn't know the entire story. He's old enough to hear it."

"You're right..." Draco agreed.

No one had expected him to get pregnant again, all of a sudden, especially after almost twelve years. No one had expected him to develop a new set of required organs to carry a child after removal of those that he'd had, carrying Narcissus. No one could explain it. They only thought it was some side effect of the potions that Lucius had stuffed him with.

This new pregnancy had confused Draco immensely, though, of course, it hadn't been as shocking as finding out about his first one. He loved Narcissus selflessly; would die or kill for him. But except for his son, he wasn't very fond of children in general, whereas Harry was nearly crazy about them. Draco just couldn't portray himself as a part of a big family, couldn't imagine the constant hubbub several children would create in the house where he lived. His boy was never too noisy. Draco had only tolerated Narcissus' children's parties (which he'd called the wild covens), because it was for his son, even when his head had been nearly exploding from all the noise, but... another child in the house... He hadn't known what to think at first, and while Harry was beaming with happiness, Draco had been thoughtful. On the other hand, Narcissus was almost twelve and, to Draco's slight dismay, didn't need really much care anymore.

Harry was very supportive. He'd convinced his confused lover that it was not like it had been with Narcissus. Draco had only been eighteen when he'd got pregnant with him, his health had been quite weak, he'd been uncertain about his own and his baby's future, and Harry hadn't been there for him most of the pregnancy. Now it was different, and Draco was healthier, older and had more care and support. In the end, Draco had found himself loving this other baby. Now he only worried about Narcissus' reaction. He didn't want his precious and loved son to feel abandoned.

Hermione, who'd become a mediwitch several years ago and worked in St. Mungo's, had asked them to let her observe Draco's pregnancy with the participation of Madam Pomfrey, of course, who was more experienced. No, she hadn't just asked, she'd begged. In addition to his pregnancy she was very attentive to his health, especially his heart; she was a professional and he knew he could trust her. Draco only hoped that she would soon finally be able to hold back that annoying cooing she emitted every time she examined him and saw his baby. Goodness, she had her own two children and, with all her seriousness, still behaved like some healer's apprentice when she saw a tiny part of her best friend in Draco! The fact that he was a pregnant male was also making her very interested, though personally he thought that her fussing was excessive. At first he'd been feeling a little uncomfortable about the fact that she was his mediwitch and would assist in delivery, but then he'd put up with it. She was crazy about Narcissus, and both Harry and Draco already knew she'd be just as crazy about their new baby (she already was).

Most of the way they stayed in the toilet. It was locked, so no one could enter, though a couple of times some children tried to open it and asked if anyone was there. There was no reply, so they'd just decided that it was closed, being out of order, so they left to find the other one. Draco's nausea had abated and he relaxed against his lover; he even napped for some time.

It wasn't easy to do it unnoticed, but they managed to occupy one of the enchanted boats when all the first year students had taken their places in all the other boats. No one paid attention to the seemingly empty boat where Harry and Draco were hiding under the cloak. They enjoyed the way to the castle across the Black Lake, feeling nostalgic, though Draco would have preferred the boat to be a bit steadier, as it was rocking slightly, making him feel dizzy again. He gladly took some more mint sweets in his mouth.

It seemed, the castle itself recognised Harry and let him in without any problems, along with Draco. Harry had expected it, but in his thoughts he'd had other scenarios of getting in Hogwarts in case the easiest way wouldn't have worked. They were walking carefully behind the crowd of the students, often unconsciously looking for the blond head of their boy.

They didn't pay much attention to the headmistress' speech. When the Sorting Ceremony had begun, they were thrilled, just as most people in the Great Hall. There were a lot of new students, so it took some time before Narcissus was summoned.

"Interesting... Very interesting. A son of two such different people. I remember them so well," the Hat murmured.

"Draco, it's just me or he looks a bit worried?" Harry whispered, looking at their son carefully.

"I think he's indeed worried," Draco confirmed.

"I see you in RAVENCLAW!" the Hat exclaimed. The Ravenclaw table applauded cheerfully to their new student, but they quietened down a bit when everyone noticed the look on Narcissus' face. He was disappointed, to say the least of it. He turned his face to the head table and looked at his grandfather desperately. Severus just made a helpless gesture with his hands. Very upset and with the obvious vexation on his face, Narcissus reluctantly headed to the table of his house.

"Oh, no..." Harry gasped, seeing that his boy was on the verge of tears. He knew, Narcissus wouldn't cry in front of the other people, and he still was a picture of dignity, but he was very upset. Since he'd been very young and had been told about Hogwarts and its houses he'd had no doubt that he would be a Slytherin or a Gryffindor. He hadn't been ready for any other possibilities. Even worse, Harry had told him that the Hat could take the students' opinion into account, so the boy hadn't been anxious, having only two possibilities in his thoughts: Gryffindor or Slytherin; both were good. And now his very first day was completely ruined.

While his both fathers were worried about his reaction, they weren't noticing a tabby cat, sneaking up to them, as her instincts had allowed her to notice that there was someone else, someone who couldn't be easily seen. When her paw touched the invisible fabric, she hooked it on with her claws and pulled it quickly enough not to give two distracted people any chances to hold it in place. Harry and Draco hadn't expected it. Perplexedly they looked at the cat that had revealed them. She transformed back into the human from.

"...Headmistress," Harry greeted her. What else could he do? Draco greeted her as well. The entire Great Hall fell silent and was looking at them.

"Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter. I should have guessed that the rules would be broken again this year, since it's about you two," McGonagall said sternly. Severus wasn't a bit surprised. He'd suspected that two of them had been up to something.

"What are you doing here?" their confused son asked when he approached them, so the other students wouldn't be able to hear them.

"We just wanted to watch the Ceremony," Harry replied.

"Well, as you can see, it didn't go well," the boy pouted.

"Ah... Headmistress, excuse us," Draco asked. "Could you give us fifteen minutes, please? And then we'll remove ourselves from the school grounds."

"Ten minutes," she frowned. She distracted the others by renewing the Ceremony.

"Hey. Don't be upset, angel. Ravenclaw is a good house," Harry said, coming closer to Narcissus, who didn't look convinced.

"Even Sapphiren, one of the boys I met in the train, is in Slytherin now, though he doesn't look like Slytherin at all. Now I'll have to gain the points for the house I don't even like. Only being a Hufflepuff is worse than this. Take me home. I'd rather be in Durmstrang with Olympus," Narcissus said grimly. His fathers were quite upset by his words.

"Darling, don't be sad," Draco said softly, touching the blond head, just slightly darker than his own. "I promise it'll get better. I'm sure you'll make a lot of good friends in Ravenclaw. Severus is here with you and you can always come to him. Ted is your friend, no matter what. Things are not always going according to our plans, but it's not the end of the world. It's not that bad in Ravenclaw, I'm sure of it. Do something for me, will you; find as much information as you can about Ravenclaw, something you've never read before. I'm sure you'll be intrigued. Use the library and ask your older housemates to share some interesting facts about the house and its founder."

"What's so interesting about her? Some skirt..." the boy grumbled.

"Narcissus," Draco said strictly, but without raising his voice.

"Sorry, father. I promise. But I don't promise it'll change my mind."

"I do not demand you to change your opinion. I'm just asking you to give it a try. I'll be waiting for your letter, full of interesting things you'll find out," Draco said. Harry thought that it was a good move. If their boy was indeed a Ravenclaw, and the Hat had obviously had no doubt about it, he would be head over heels absorbed in a very Ravenclawish thing - research, and would soon realise that it wasn't that bad, indeed, and he was where he really belonged. It hadn't also gone unnoticed to Harry that Draco had advised their son to ask his classmates about some things, which would, definitely, be conductive to making friends. It would really make them aware that they'd got quite a clever new student, and Ravenclaws respected intelligence and individuality (which Narcissus undoubtedly had) very much, even more than loyalty or team spirit. 'Canny and clever, Draco! My sweetheart is a Slytherin throughout,' Harry smiled to himself.

"I promise, father," Narcissus sighed and nodded. Harry decided that it was time for him to make his contribution, too.

"May I have a word with you?" he said to his son.

"Secrets? From me?" Draco arched his brow, but smiled.

"I'll explain later, love," Harry smiled back sweetly. Draco was distracted, anyway, because Severus approached him to tell him something.

Meanwhile, Harry and Narcissus moved away from them a little to have a private talk.

"I wasn't intending to do it this soon; I was just thinking that, since Ravenclaws are known for being outstanding explorers and quite a curious folk, I have to give you some things that would help," Harry said.

"What things?" Narcissus looked curious. He'd had a lot of presents today. Was there something else for him in store?

"Remember I showed you the magical map? It's yours now. And the invisibility cloak, too," Harry smiled. The boy's face beamed with the surprised smile, as father gave him said treasures.

"Thank you, father." They hugged.

"I'd say 'use them wisely', but I know they are in good hands," Harry said with a smile, kissing the top of his son's head. He heard Snape telling Draco not to brew any potions and promised him to send everything Draco needed, but Narcissus hadn't heard it, obviously. When Severus turned to leave to the head table, fathers and their boy were together again. Narcissus looked more encouraged now.

"All right, son, we have to leave now. Remember what I told you to do, please. And don't be upset. It's your first day here. Enjoy it; and I want you to know that we're very proud of you," Draco said, hugging his son.

"It's true," Harry smiled.

"Thank you. I'll do my best," the boy nodded. Draco pressed their son's head to his own upper stomach lovingly. Harry joined the hug.

"Are you trying to discredit me in front of the entire school?" the boy murmured jokingly, hugging both fathers back, however. It was quite a sweet scene to watch. "And, breaking the rules, you also set a bad example to all the children here," he purred, enjoying the closeness. "Even you," he added, looking up at Draco innocently.

"Hey, what does it mean?" Harry gasped with the mock frown. "Sounds like Draco is just so decent and proper, and I'm a bad influence all the time."

"That was a joke," Narcissus smiled.

"Oh, that Ravenclawish humour..." Harry teased.

"Dad..." Narcissus frowned.

"Oh, sorry, son; I didn't mean to touch a sore spot," Harry kept bantering. "As for our effort to discredit you, as you so nicely called your parents' display of affection, no one's really looking at us right now. They're too busy with Sorting."

"We really have to leave, darling. Go celebrate your first day," Draco smiled and kissed his son's temple. Narcissus pressed his ear to his chest, slightly coming up on his tiptoes, but it was too noisy in the Great Hall to hear the heartbeat, though he faintly felt it.

"All right. I'll write you tomorrow," he promised when fathers had let him go reluctantly.

"Please, do. We definitely want to know everything," Draco nodded. "Behave, darling."

After saying their goodbyes Narcissus returned to the table of his house. At least, he was in much higher spirits now. His fathers left the Great Hall.

"I already miss him," Draco whined, as they were walking down the corridor unhurriedly.

"Oh, love, we'll see him very soon," Harry cooed and kissed his cheek.

"I know. He's just growing up too fast, and I still want to baby over him."

"You're doing well without it. That was brilliant. Very Slytherin of you."

"Thanks, but it was nothing special; merely an easy way to stir the nature of any typical Ravenclaw. Narcissus has quite an inquisitive mind, so it might work. And yes, I am a Slytherin; glad you remembered."

"I never forget it. Speaking of Slytherins... I suddenly have the urge to go to the dungeons," the dark-haired man winked.

"I thought you missed the Gryffindor's tower. Why dungeons?" Draco asked.

"Well, I don't know. I wouldn't mind to visit a certain room where I dealt with your virginity," Harry purred into his ear. Draco laughed.

"Why? Do you seriously believe you'll be able to perform my defloration for the second time?"

"Who knows?" Harry teased.

"Well, sorry, we don't have a password."

"Right... How sad. Then I'll have to perform it at home. Or..."


"I know a beautiful, secluded place near the lake."

"And... exactly how many unsuspecting boys have you brought there?"

"You'll be the first one."

"Good answer for the one who doesn't want to be drowned in that lake."

"A murder out of jealousy? I always knew you were that romantic."

"Lead the way."

"So easy? I don't even need to persuade you! Tsk."

"Yes, you're this irresistible."

Teasing each other, flirting and laughing, they left the castle. They'd missed Hogwarts; it was especially obvious now that every single soul was in the Great Hall, and they seemed to be alone in the entire place, like it belonged only to them. It was nice to be there alone, so they decided to make a small excursion to see if anything had changed. Nothing had.

They both were thinking the same, sighing at the fact that they would never be students here again, would never be children again. But then internally they both came to a conclusion that they wouldn't have traded their current life for anything, because they both had accepted their past, each his own, and had turned several pages since then. There was a new one ahead of them, and many more.

The End

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