AN: Hi there, this is my first Spy Kids story, so I hope you like it!

Summary: The Spy Kids Division has been closed for three years – Juni left without a word and Carmen's been working solo missions ever since, throwing herself into danger, after all, being a level one agent means the more dangerous the missions. What happens when she is given the ultimate mission that really does mean life or death? When will she realise the danger levels or will it already be too late? Will there be help along the way? Can someone talk some sense into her before she does something stupid? If something goes wrong, who will save her? And not just from the mission but also from herself. Carmen/Gary

Other Important So basically, this is set inbetween the 3rd and 4th movie and in this particular storyline. This will have romance in it and the main pairing will be Carmen/Gary, there will possibly be references to Juni in this fic but majority of the characters from the films should be in this also and the other pairings will be canon with a small possibility of OC's to join in on all the fun. If you have any other questions in regards to the storyline, please feel free to ask me anything at all. I will try to explain as I go sort of thing in each chapter if anything changes. Otherwise, tell me what you think or if you have any idea's, leave it in a review. Thanks heaps! :)


She could feel the beads of sweat running down her forehead and onto her face.

There was nothing that she could do, nothing at the moment to help it otherwise it would give her away.

She could feel the pounding of her heart as she pushed herself that much harder in the darkness of the night.

Running as fast as her legs could carry her, which right now was not fast at all.

She could feel her eyes starting to droop, despite her constant attempts in trying to stay awake.

Her body was beginning to shut down.

She was mentally fighting against it but her body was not complying.

This was not news; she knew that it would be coming.

She never should have accepted this mission without back-up.

She scolded herself.

Her legs were beginning to give way.

Her lungs were on fire as she tried to inhale more oxygen.

She crouched behind a dumpster, regardless of the putrid smell radiating from it.

She needed a safe place.

She needed help.

From anyone.

She wasn't going to make it much longer if she had to keep running.

She looked up, a light shone near her and for a moment she was relieved, OSS had sent someone to help her.

"I've found her!" exclaimed a voice quite loudly

A voice she knew all too well.

She lifted her hands to cover her ears, why was his voice so loud?

She should have known it would have come to this.

Before finally giving in to her body's demands she shut her eyes and almost laughed at the irony.

All she could think before succumbing to her own darkness was...

Oh, shit.

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