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Chapter 1

Allen walked out of Komui's office along with Miranda, Krory, Lenalee, Kanda, and Lavi. They were just lectured on an important innocence retrieval mission they were to go on, tonight.

"Why do we need 6 exorcists to handle one innocence?" Kanda grumbled.

"It will be easier if there is more of us." Lavi smiled.

"SHUT UP RABBIT!" Kanda stalked off.

"Who spit in his soba?"

"Kanda's not a morning person, that's all." Lenalee observed.

The group split up and went their own separate ways to prepare for the mission that night.

"Bye Allen!" Miranda waved.

"Bye Miranda," Allen replied as he arrived at his room. He paused and looked up at the light above his door as it flickered then died. "I'll tell maintenance to fix that when I wake up from my nap." Allen opened the door and walked in.


They all loaded into the carriage that was to take them to the village which held the innocence in it.

Halfway to the village the carriage stopped.

"What's wrong?" Krory asked the finder who was driving the carriage.

"Wheel's broken," finder replied.

"We need to hurry," Miranda said. "Don't worry about fixing the wheel; I'll just use my innocence."


"If I was innocence where would I be…," Lavi ranted to himself as he walked through the town with the rest of the exorcists.

No one was around. They had found traces of clothing, but no civilians.

Kanda scooped up a handful of ashes that were next to the clothing and let the ashes slip through his fingers. "Akuma."

"There has to be innocence here then," Lavi concluded.

"Of course, Exorcists... why else would we be here?" A voice cooed from behind them.

"Road!" Allen yelled.

"Let's play a game exorcists…"

"A game?" Lenalee asked.

"Yes, a game!"

"Don't screw with us Road!" Kanda prepared to unsheathe Mugen. "We aren't playing any game with you!"

"Did I say it was a choice?"

"The game is called find and kill. It's simple. I will give you exorcists enough time to run and hide and my Akuma will find and kill you. It's like a better version of hide and seek."

"We aren't playing your mind games Road!" Lavi called.

"10… 9… You better hurry…"

"We refuse to play along Road!" Krory shouted.

"Aaaahhhh!" Allen fell to his knees clutching his left eye.

"Allen!" Lenalee cried and ran to his side.

Allen's glove was turning red as it soaked up the blood from his eye.

"You okay?" Lenalee asked as she knelt beside him.

Allen groaned as he got to his feet with the aid of Lenalee.

"You better run… that was just a warning."

"Get out of here!" Lavi yelled at Allen.

"8… 7… 6…"

"Run!" Kanda yelled as a horde of 50 level three Akuma appeared behind Road.

They ran to and in a multi-story building.

"5… 4…"

Lavi, Kanda, and Krory barricaded the doors and windows, while Lenalee made a makeshift bandage out of her sleeve for Allen's eye.


The building shook.

"They are trying to get in!" Miranda cried.


"No, they are trying to bring down the building," Lavi realized.

"Hurry! Get everyone out."

They were running down the stairs when the roof collapsed.


Allen chocked on the dust and dirt that was flung into the air when the roof caved. Allen coughed and spat up blood. What! He thought as he felt an immense pain in his side.

A steel rod that had been used to construct the stairs was speared through his stomach.

He fell down onto his other side and spat up more blood. The others, where are they? He looked around and saw his worst nightmares coming true. Krory had been crushed by the rubble. Lenalee had been speared through chest by a steel rod. Miranda had broken her neck in the fall. The only other two who were alive was Kanda and Lavi, but both had sustained injuries in the fall. Kanda's sword arm was broken and his foot was caught in rubble. Lavi's foot was broken and his head was bleeding.

"Lavi…" Allen chocked on dirt and blood as he barely whispered Lavi's name.

"Kanda, do you see my hammer?" Lavi searched through the rubble.

"Give me some help here." Kanda demanded as he tried desperately to release his foot with his one hand.

Lavi gave up his search effort for his innocence and crawled over to Kanda. Lavi freed Kanda's foot.

"Where is everybody?"

"I don't know… The only one I've seen is Lenalee, but…" Lavi hung his head.

"Here," Kanda offered his good hand and helped Lavi walk on his good leg.

"I think I see Allen!" Lavi pointed. "Is he breathing?"

"Barely… ,"Kanda laid Lavi down as he kneeled beside Allen.

Allen spat up blood.

"Not good," Kanda breathed.

"I found Miranda and Krory." Lavi said.

Kanda drew Mugen and slice the steel rod making the rod less bulky.

"What now? We won't get far with a sadist with a broken arm, a red head with a broken leg and no innocence, and a white haired guy who is almost unconscious and is bleeding to death from his side and his eye."

Kanda sighed and helped Lavi up. "We have to get out of here. We need to find the finders they can help Allen."

"Are we just leaving him here?" Lavi asked as he limped off with Kanda.

"I can't carry you and him with only one arm. I had to make a choice."

"Wait…" Allen croaked as the dust chocked him.

"Wait!" Allen tried to scream but it came out only as a hoarse whisper. Allen saw 10 figures appear out of the dust cloud. "Stop!" Lavi and Kanda couldn't hear him or see them from their position.

A chorus of explosions rang through the air as the Akuma fired at Lavi and Kanda.

One Akuma's bullet hit Allen. He squirmed overcome with more pain as the Akuma disease spread through his body.

The barrage of bullets stopped as Allen's innocence began to clense him of the disease.

"Great job, guys!" Road cheered.

"We did it! Are you proud of us Mistress Road?" A level 3 asked.

"Not yet…"

"What?" All the Akuma asked in surprise.

"Yes." She walked over to Allen and pushed back his white bangs. "There is still one left." She smiled as she played with Allen's hair. "How's the eye? And look at your side! You're in pretty bad shape Allen." She twirled his hair in her fingers. "After this I can't play with you anymore… that makes me incredibly sad. But you're so broken right now Allen… I'll go ahead and put you out of your misery." She smiled and a candle formed in her hand. "Good night Allen, it's been fun." She then brought the candlestick down.