Chapter 3

Weeks passed since the accident in the village and Allen couldn't shake a sense of danger from his being. His eye healed up after he was released from the infirmary. He returned to his normal life, but at night things would be different.

He couldn't sleep without seeing the scene, which he thought was only a dream, but it appeared before him now, filling his head with nightmares. It frightened him to see those images. He talked to Komui about them, but Komui just said that it was stress taking a form in his dreams. He ordered that Allen needed some vacation time.


As Allen walked down the halls one morning a month after the accident he heard little whispered conversations.

Allen got to the lunch hall to find it quieter than usual. He saw Lavi and Lenalee talking so he joined them. "Hey, what's going on?" Allen asked.

"Haven't ya heard?" Lavi asked.

"No. That's why I'm asking." Allen said bluntly.

"It's Krory." Lenalee said, Allen could now see that she had tear stains down her face.

"What happened?"

"He died."

"Wh-What?" Allen asked.

"On his mission he was crushed by a wall an akuma shot down." Lavi said, answering for Lenalee, who was crying.

Allen's mind raced back to what happened in his dream. In his dream Krory had been crushed by the rubble of the building they had been in. Allen shook his head, there was no way that could happen it was impossible, or was it?

Allen stood up. "Sorry guys, I need to be alone." He said and excused himself from the table. As he walked to his room all he could think about was how coincidental the accident had been to Krory's death in Allen's dream.