Chapter 4

Allen was called out with Lenalee and Mirand to help move some boxes for the science department of the Order. The three looked into the huge storage closet they had to empty and sighed, that was a big job. Allen lifted up a box and started carrying it downstairs. It had been two weeks since Krory's funeral and cremation. Allen missed him, and he couldn't help shake off the feeling of something being wrong. Allen set the box down and went upstairs with the girls to retrieve another box.

While they were picking up a new box, Miranda tripped on a book and fell into Allen. Allen caught her as they hit the shelf.

A vial hit Allen as multiple vials fell around them. Allen sighed. He looked down and noticed a cat tail. He rubbed his head and noticed a matching set of cat ears.

"I am so sorry Allen." Miranda apologized.

"Miranda, I'm fine." Allen assured her.

"Yeah. He is purr-fect." Lenalee giggled.

Allen sighed and picked up his box.

Miranda picked up her box and walked downstairs with them.

It happened so quickly.

Miranda missed a step. That is all it took. She fell down the stairs.

Allen dropped his box and bolted after her.

When Miranda hit the base of the stairs there was a loud 'crack'.

Allen and Lenalee were still a moment.

Blood slowly pooled around Miranda's head.

Lenalee screamed and dropped her box, running to the woman's side.

Allen quickly joined her and watched as Lenalee took Miranda's pulse. "Hurry. Go get my brother."

Allen nodded and ran up the stairs. He ran to Komui's office and barged in as Komui was briefing Kanda on a mission. "Come quick, there was an accident." Allen said, panting. He had ran as fast as he could here.

Komui grabbed a medical supplies bag and followed Allen. Komui ran to Komui's side and took her pulse.

Allen gently hugged Lenalee as she cried.

"Allen," Komui said, "What happened?"

"She tripped coming down the stairs."

Komui nodded and zipped up his bag. He took off his coat and draped it over Miranda. "She is dead." Komui said, looking the two in the eyes.