And Off to the Bahamas We Go!

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Chapter 1: The Announcement

Nina's POV

It was 8:00 in the morning on Saturday and I just got out of bed. I pulled on my dressing robe and decided to go get some breakfast in the dining room. Everyone one except Amber was already awake. Trudy was pouring everyone some orange juice. She saw me and said, "Oh, Nina! You're awake! Finally. Sweetie, will you please wake Amber? Victor has some exciting news to tell us!" I looked around curiously, and Fabian shrugged at me. I could tell none of them knew what the surprise was.

I ran up the stairs, two at a time, and reached our room. When I was inside, I saw Amber standing next to her closet. I shouted, "Amber! Hurry up, Victor has a surprise!" Amber looked at me. "Victor? Surprise? I bet he's gonna make us all clean the toilets." But after that, she did hurry up and she got dressed into a nice morning outfit*.

By the time we were downstairs, everyone was already sitting on the couches, waiting to hear the news. "Amber! You're here." Amber's boyfriend, Alfie patted the spot next to him and Amber happily sat down. I sat down next to Fabian. Joy glared at me jealously on Fabian's other side. Everyone knew Joy had a crush on Fabian, but Fabian was still my boyfriend. He liked me more.

Victor walked in and we all became silent. "Because you are always interfering with my plans and my research, I've decided to ship you away to the Bahamas for the rest of this term. This will not be considered a vacation, instead an educational trip. Trudy will be accompanying you lot. You will all be leaving in precisely 24 hours, and tomorrow at 8:30, I will expect you all to be at the airport. Now pack up." With that, Victor turned on his heel and walked out the den.

Amber squealed excitingly. "Nina! You should have woken me up earlier, this is the best news I have heard in days! I am going to pack right now! Should I bring my blue little skirt or my pink one? Maybe I should bring both. You never know what might happen in the Bahamas!" She squealed again and skipped back into our room excitedly.

I turned to Fabian. We both smiled shyly at each other. "Oh my gosh, Fabian, I can't believe we're going to the Bahamas! I've dreamed of going there all my life, and finally we get a chance to go! But I should pack up. I'll see you at lunch later." I kissed his cheek and followed Amber back up into our room. I could see Joy shooting daggers at my back. I thought to myself, she' just jealous she's not the chosen one. It was extremely obvious Joy still liked Fabian, so I decided to just ignore her and have the time of my life at the Bahamas.

I knew we still had a month left of our school term, so we had to pack a lot of clothes. I decided to fold everything neatly into my lavender suitcase. Because I didn't bring a lot to Anubis house from America, I could fit everything into my only suitcase. Amber, on the other hand, couldn't fit everything into even 4 bright pink suitcases! "Amber," I sighed, "Do you have to bring all this stuff? We can surely wash our clothes there. You don't have to bring all those clothes. Why did you even bring eight pink dresses?"

"Nina, Nina, Nina" Amber tutted, "Don't you know anything? You see, this dress is fuchsia, and this one over here is peach. That one's my favourite, it's a light baby pink, and that one's magenta. Can't you see, Nina, they may all be pink, but they're different shades of pink. Now, don't come crying to me if you don't have enough clothes." I rolled my eyes and walked over to Patricia, Mara, and Joy's room to see how they were getting along in their packing.

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