Chapter Name: Silence

Notes: Normally this is where I thank reviewers, but I didn't get any...

Before he'd even realized what had happened Hanna decided she had somewhere to be. With barely a word she was gone.

Now he was left looking across the table towards Aria. Tapping away with a pen on some school work, writing the occasional note while reading a books he recognized as part of their English literature studies. She didn't appear to be concentrating too hard, absentmindedly scribbling would be his technical description.

He figured he should say something, but the words choked out of him before they could reach his lips. Instead he managed to just nod at her. She didn't notice thankfully.

'When the hell did everyone else in this town get so hot?' Lucas asked himself. It was wall to wall hotties. Apart from him. Even that girl who showed up one day to work on the yearbook and left suddenly two weeks later before he could get a third date was hot in a nerdy way. Even the adults were hot. The people who taught here were hot. The students were hot. The random people in the street he didn't know were hot.

'I can't be the ugliest guy in Rosewood right?'

He shook his head to clear his mind. He played with his phone for a while, waiting for the time to his next class to tick down. Simultaneously, both he and Aria stood, their classes happening at the same time. They both nearly walked into each other as they tried to head in the direction the other was coming from.

She laughed, he half-chuckled back nervously. He stopped, turned slightly to allow Aria some room, which she took and quickly stepped past him. It was when he continued that he noticed she had left a piece of paper on the desk. He picked it up, hoping to give it to Hanna to give back.

The only thing on it was a red outlined love heart with AM + EF written inside.

"Just another to add to the list of girls I don't have a hope in hell with." He said out loud to no-one in particular before he crumpled the paper into a wad and dumped it in the trash.

AN: So part 2 done. I'm sure a few people might figure out where the chapter names are coming from, so if you do then congratulations.