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Bella only half-listened as Jennifer chattered on. She politely nodded and said 'really?' every couple of minutes as she made the pumpkin pie. Bella was not at all thrilled with this dinner arrangement. It was difficult enough to look at him at work. Now she had to see him on Thanksgiving too, along with his very bubbly, chatty wife.

Edward had informed Bella only three days ago that he'd invited their mutual co-worker to Thanksgiving dinner. Bella knew from conversations over the past year that Jacob had no family. His mother had passed away when he was young, and he'd lost his father just two years ago.

Bella enjoyed her job at the publishing company and Jacob, who sat right next to her, had become a decent friend. A very attractive, charming friend. He had been really nice when things with Edward had begun to upset her.

Edward worked upstairs and Bella would have lunch with him at least once a week...until three months ago, that is. That's when things began to change. She would go see if he wanted to do lunch, only to find out from his assistant that he was out of the office. She would then call him, only to be greeted by his voicemail. Bella knew something was wrong because he suddenly had meetings in the city, which had never happened before, but then he wouldn't even touch her at home.

To say Bella was frustrated was as understatement. She hadn't had sex in months. What infuriated her even more was the fact that he acted as if nothing were wrong. Edward seemed very happy to have guests today; Bella was tense. She had wanted to talk with him today, but now it would have to wait. He'd been avoiding having any serious discussions with her for weeks.

Bella placed the pie in the oven just as Jennifer was finishing some celebrity gossip story about Kristen somebody and Rob what's his name. Bella could care less. Jennifer seemed to thrive on this type of conversation. I guess it comes with being a hair dresser, thought Bella. They made their way into the dining room to eat. Bella had put out place cards, but Edward had apparently changed them. She now had to sit across from him. Great.

She tried not to stare at his beautiful, russet skin or those dark eyes that seemed to reach into her very soul. Instead, she stared at her plate and ate in silence as Edward chatted with Jennifer, who seemed pleased to be the center of attention. Jacob just stared at Bella.

When the oven beeped, Bella was relieved. She excused herself to get the pie. "I'll help you" he said as he rose from his seat. "That's okay, you're a guest and I can handle it" she smiled politely. "Well, I need more to drink so I'll get it...save you the trouble" "Fine, follow me" she nodded. Edward and Jennifer didn't seem to notice as they laughed about some movie they both liked.

Bella pulled the pie out of the oven and sat it down to cool. Jacob grabbed a beer from the fridge and watched her as she put on a pot of coffee. "So, Bella..." "Yes, Jacob?" "Call me Jake" he said, slowly stepping towards her. "Okay. Did you need something else?" she tried to step back, but was pinned against the counter. "No. Is there anything you need?" he smirked. "Why would you ask me that?" she asked nervously as he got even closer.

"You just seem like you're in need of something. You're tense" he sounded concerned. What the hell? She thought. "How about I kiss you? Maybe it will help" he winked. "Jake...we're both married" she panted as he leaned in, right by her ear. "Not happily" he whispered. Bella's breath caught as he grazed her ear with his teeth. He softly kissed her neck, causing shivers to run down her spine.

She didn't know what to do. Her head was jumbled with a million different thoughts. His woodsy scent was intoxicating. "Just once" she whispered. Jake placed his hands on her face and captured her lips with his own. Tiny jolts of electricity shot across her body, beginning at her mouth and traveling down. The only sounds in the room were lips smacking and panting breaths. Jake grabbed her waist and roughly pushed her into the counter behind them. Bella tugged on his hair, bringing him impossibly closer.

Bella couldn't get enough of this man. His hands were hot on her skin, melting her like fire on ice. A tiny moan escaped her lips as he grazed her breast with his thumb. She could feel his erection pressed against her stomach.

Jake was lost in all that was Bella. He could smell her arousal, mixing in with her lavender shampoo. This woman was going to be the death of him, but he didn't care. He just knew he wanted more of her.

Bella was consumed with thoughts of Jake. His hands exploring her body, his lips, his tongue; his cock inside her. She was getting lost and had no desire to be found as he nibbled at her neck. "Oh, God" she panted. She grabbed his face and captured his mouth again; kissing him with all the passion she could manage.

They were so caught up in the moment that they'd completely forgotten where they were. "Oh my God!" Jennifer shrieked. Bella gasped and put her hand to her mouth. Jake froze; his hands still on Bella's waist, unable to turn around to see his wife's face. "What's going on, love?" Edward asked as he entered the room. His face fell as he took in the sight before him...and then came the anger.