Okay, so I know that there was another story up that said it was the sequal to Broken Arrow, but I wasn't really feeling that story line a couple days later. So, we're going to start off with a new story, using the last episode for Wizards, 'Who Will Be The Family Wizard?'

I'm kind of sad that it's all over. Like, that really was one of the best shows on Disney Channel. Now it's like, sad. When Hannah Montana left, I really didn't care much about it. But with this, it's like, noooo. But anyways, we still have fanfiction, right? Exactly.

Chapter 1: Because of Me
Alex's POV

"Wait they made you what?" Harper asked as she opened the can of spaghetti sauce. Yes, I was making dinner for everyone. What. That's not that shocking, right? Course not.

"They made us go out with different people. I got stuck with a werewolf. Justin got a vampire. Dad had said that he had forgotten about me and that he was dating a girl named Juliet. Mom had told Justin over the phone that I had met a boy named Masen and that I loved him. They split us up. Told us lies about eachother. We didn't speak for two months. Worst time of my life." I told her. Well, it really was. I still haven't forgiven them. Neither has Justin.

But he wanted to change that. He took them out to lunch today and tried to ease them into us being together. I really thought that they were okay with this. When we got back from vacation they seemed fine.

Maybe it just didn't seep in yet. Or maybe they didn't like the fact that Justin and I were finally happy.

Yeah, that's probably it.

"So then what happenend?" She asked, sitting down on the stool. I stirred the sauce while telling her.

"So Justin finally came home with dad and, I don't know. We just looked at eachother and we knew that what mom and dad said about us weren't true. We teamed up on them and told them off. Didn't talk to them for a few weeks until like two days ago. I really don't want them being mad at Justin, so maybe this dinner will help." I told her truthfully.

"Well, they're going to be really surprised that you made supper for everyone." Harper said after a few minutes of silence.

"I know. But I hope it's just not too good or else they'll expect me to open a jar of spaghetti sauce every week." I said. Yeah, like that would ever happen.

"Alex, I opened that jar." She said, smiling a little bit.

Oh, well jeez. "Harper, nobody likes a bragger," I said in a sing song voice. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, turning away from me to put some things back in the fridge.

The door suddenly opened and mom, dad, and Justin walked in, all of them laughing. Hopefully that ment a good thing...

"Uh oh. Alex is cooking." Dad said in a troublesome voice, crossing his arms. Uh, rude much? "She wants something." Uh yeah, if I wanted something I'd just steal some money out of your wallet, daddy... Yeah I should keep that to myself.

"Or she did something," Yeah, well actually I made out with your son. But again, you wouldn't want to hear about that.

"Or she wants us to eat something gross in front of a hidden video camera..." Justin said, then looked around the room slowly. I rolled my eyes. Mom and dad then suddenly started looking around the room with him.

"Uh, no. Actually, I just made a spaghetti dinner for all of us." I said, smiling at Justin. He smiled back and mom and dad saw, and I'm pretty sure they scowled. What is wrong with them!

I tried breaking the tension. "Hey," I said, grabbing a handful of uncooked pasta. "did you know that pasta goes from this, to this in just eight minutes in boiling water?" I held up the bowl of cooked pasta. Did this make me sound stupid? Ah, probably but oh well. I never knew it could do that. "Now, that's magic." I said, chuckling a little bit. I got a little smile out of the parents, and Justin came over and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling my back into him.

Max came down the stairs then, saying something about the room smelling like cheesy garlic bread. "Yeah, well Alex was really aiming to make pizza, but then she forgot the sauce." Harper said, I just nodded, making a sad face. Justin leaned down and kissed my head. I smiled.

Then suddenly the spot near the front door had a tornado effect, and out of thin air professor Crumbs was standing there, his beard covering his face. Justin and I pulled apart. Wait, we never really thought about this. What would professor Crumbs think about our relationship? Was it even legal in the wizard world! I looked at Justin with a panicked look and he just shook his head, putting a hand on my shoulder and pulled me over to where Crumbs was standing.

"Professor Crumbs," we all greeted happily, although I was freaking out. "that was a dramatic entrance," Justin commented, a somewhat nervous smile.

"Thank you. I'm still working on the beard in the face part." He told us, flattening down his thin beard. "Now, I understand that Alex performed a selfless act, withthout using magic."

"A selfless act?" Dad said, somewhat a hint of disgust in his voice. "She just opened up a can of spaghetti sauce and made pizza wrong."

I took a step back, but felt Justin's hand on my back, rubbing it gently, out of view to everyone else. Crumbs looked at dad. "You'll take what you can get. We've been waiting for this for a long time. You've just completed your final requirement, enabling all of you to begin your family wizard competition."


Justin's hand on my back stilled, and he tensed up. How was this going to work! We both faked smiled and got hugs from everyone. Wait, how long of a time did we have? I guess Max was having the same idea.

"Wait, when does it start? Do I have enough time to make up for 16 years of hardly paying attention?"

"Yeah, when does it start?" I choked out quietly. Crumbs patted Max on the shoulders.

"I'm happy to annouce, that the Russo family wizard competition, starts... immediately." Once he said that, the entire room looked like it was falling behind us, and we were all being pulled foward.

I almost fell foward, but both Max and Justin caught onto my arms and stopped me, keeping me upright. The room was very large, and there was a huge disco light platform in the middle as a stage, three buzzars on the sides. Then to the right of those there were seats, four seats in total. Wait, why where there four? And where was Harper? Probably still back at the house.

An announcer's voice suddenly came from the speakers, filling up the silenced room. "Ladies and gentlemen, here is your host for tonights, family wizard competition, Chancellor, Rudie Tootietootie!" The guy came out of a small circle in the floor.

"Thank you, it's good to be here." he said. "As you know, we've been choosing, one sibling, from each family, to be a wizard for life, crushing the dreams of all the others." He said, looking over at all of us. I swallowed, standing a little closer to Justin. "Tonight, we're going to find out, who's going to be, the last, wizard, standing!"

I turned to Justin. "What do we do?" I whispered.

He looked panicked. Then he said something I've never heard him say before. "I don't know."

I looked over at mom and dad, and they somewhat looked excited. Yeah, they obviously knew that this would bring us all apart, and that wizards can't marry non-wizards. Sick people.

"I can't believe we're finally here." Justin said in awe. He shook his head and looked down at me. "Whatever happends. I'll always love you, Alex. Never forget that."

"I love you too." I said, wrapping my arms around him and burrying my face in his chest. He wrapped his arms around me tightly, rocking us side to side.

"Well, this is it. One of you, is going to be the next family wizard. Now just remember, wizards and non-wizards-" Justin cut him off loudly.

"We get it." He said, glaring at him and pulling me away from them. Max followed with us.

"Guys, promise that this isn't going to make us turn on eachother. After this is over, you guys are still my brother and sister. I don't want it to be like dad's family." Max said. We all promised to eachother, and got into a group hug. When we pulled back, it was time for the game to begin.

Mom and dad started to walk to their seats, eating a bag of popcorn, but was stopped by some other person. He turned around, and I tensed up at the buzzer. "Alex!" he yelled, smiling, waving at me. I looked away. Why was he here! How'd he get here!

"Who's that?" Justin asked, looking over at me.

I was silent for a moment. He had never met him before. And I hadn't met... her. Well, here goes nothing. "Masen."

Justin shot daggers at him, his eyes dark with anger. I put my hand on his arm but he didn't relax like I wanted. I took it off and he just shook his head, smiling a sad smile at me and then looked back at the host.

The host talked for a few minutes, and with Max answering random questions that weren't the real questions, the game didn't start for a long time. Until now. "You'll each have one challange, and one time out. Kind of describes my second marriage." he joked. I swallowed and looked at Justin. He was looking back at me.

"Okay, now let's find out, who is going to be, the one, the only-"

"Okay, we get it!" I yelled out at him, pounding on the buzzer. He looked at me then back at the cards in his hand.

"Alright. Round one. Each correct answer is worth 150 points. I'll describe the problem, and you buzz in with the magical solution. You must go to aid, a wizard in distress on the planet Mars."

Justin buzzed in. "Transportium Nextorbitorium." The tiles under his feet turned green, and a dinging noise came up. He got it right.

"Correct. You need to switch bodies with someone."

"Cambia Corporum Meum Corpora Sua Nominavi." Justin got it again.

"It's a triple reverse bonus, worth 150 points. I'll give you, the triple complex spell, and you must answer with the correct usage, in the correct order. Dehidratus Lugatus, Apus Escapus, Cashmereus Appearus."

Wait, I think I know this. I buzzed in. "Drain a room filled with water, transport out of a room, and... make cash appear."


Max buzzed in. "Yes Max!" Rudie said.

Max looked confused. "Oh, no I was just trying to hit a fly on my button." he said, looking around for it. I looked down and shook my head.

"Would you like to give the question a shot anyways?"

"Yeah, why not."

After a few minutes of discussion about his answer with the wizard council people, they approved that Max did get the question right. The ding sound went off and Max started going crazy.

"I got the answer right! Ma, I'm gonna be the Russo family wizard! Bow down to the more powerful sibling!" He shouted, raising his hands to the sky.

I took a step towards Max. "Yeah, now would be a good time for a commercial break, so I can explain to Max how this whole works." I told the host. When I finished my sentence, Max was on the floor, rolling around.

They went to take a break and I walked over to Max, yelling at him that he didn't win and to wait until the end when they actually say someone won. Justin walked over to where we were and laughed at Max, who punched him playfully in the shoulder.

"Woo! Justin, yeah, that's my boyfriend!" Came from behind me. Wait, who was she? There was a blond chick behind me, waving at Justin and saying hello to a very happy mom and dad. Oh. So this must be Juliet.

Justin came up behind me and out his hand on my shoulder. She came over. "Oh, you must be Alex. It's nice to finally meet Justin's sister." she said, and I all about had it. I lunged at her and just missed grabbing onto her hair. Justin was holding me back and I struggled to get out of his grasp but it wasn't working out very well.

"Let me go!" I yelled at Justin, finally giving up. He looked straight into my eyes and said, "Never." I stood upright and close to him as he started talking to the vampire. "Juiet, it's over. It never really even started actually. I'm sorry if you thought that something was going on between us."

"Oh, Justin. Alright, we'll talk about it after you win. Bye Alex," she said happily and skipped over to her seat next to Masen. Ugh.

"Alex. Remember what I told you." Justin said, his grip on my waist somewhat loosening. I just nodded and crossed my arms.

Oh, I totally hope that these idiots are going to drink these potion things. Max, Justin and I were all making a breath potion. And no, not even to breath out fire. Just to make your mouth smell good. Hm... maybe I should just pop a few breath mints in it...

"Max, what are you making over there? It smells like an eye of newt." Rudie joked. I looked over while walking to the table with all the ingredients we could use. Max's pot was filled up with bubbles.

"Ah, no I'm just doing my laundry right now, I'll get to the potion later." He said, sure of himself.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the griffon feathers. I tried opening the jar, but it really wasn't working. Right when I was about to ask Justin to help, Harper and Zeke came running through the door, Zeke covered in... purple paint? No, it wasn't paint. It was the purple murple potion.

"Harper? What are you doing here?" I said, still trying to get the cap off the jar.

"Ah, Zeke sniffed some potion and made him all purple!" She said, dragging him behind her. He started saying something about him sniffing it, but the griffon started shaking in the jar, and I set it down on the table.

"This griffon is going crazy!" I said, just as it cracked open the jar. I tripped backwards, but Justin grabbed me, pulling me in back of him as the griffon looked around. I then flew up into the air, and came flying back towards Harper and Zeke. The next minute, Harper, Zeke, and the griffon were gone.

I called after them, but the griffon just screamed back, and broke through the roof. Oh, this is not good.

"...this is probably a good time to cut to commercial." Rudie said, and they did. I grabbed onto Justin's shirt.

He came over to all of us. "Wow. That griffon part was nuts." he said. Wait, what! Really! "Now that's a good show."

He walked away for a second, then came back. "Now if everyones calmed down, we can get back to the competition. Max and Justin started walking back to the buzzer, but I pulled them both back.

"Wait, what? Am I the only one who saw what happenend? That griffon flew away with our friends."

"Your friends will be fine. The monster hunters are on the case... although they do have a rich history of losing to griffons." Rudie said, saying the last part more loudly.

"You think you can get the monster hunters to bring back some griffon wings when they get back? I want to attach them to my arms and fly." Max said in a serious tone.

Okay, enough of this. "Max, Justin, we have to go help them." I said, turning to face both of them. Justin put his hands on his hips.

"Alex, I'm sure the monster hunters will bring Harper and Zeke back. Don't worry." he said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Yeah, Alex. No deal." Max said and started walking back to the buzzer.

"Alright, look. If you don't get back in the competition, I gotta charge you of delay of the game, unless you use your time out." Perfect.

"Wait, can we use all of our time outs to go get Harper and Zeke?" I begged.

"Mmm, well it's never been done, but I guess you could." Rudie replied.

I grabbed onto Max's arm. "Come on you guys, we can do this." I turned to Justin, lightly hitting him on the shoulder. "Justin, you're a trained monster hunter, this is your chance to prove how good you are. And Max, you want to, attach wings to your arms and fly."

He stared at me for a second and smiled. "So you're saying that will work. Alright, I'm in." he said, turning to Rudie to comfirm.

We both then turned to Justin. It was all up to him. "Justin, we can't do this without you." he looked away and then back at Rudie.

"How much time do we have?"

"Fourty-five minutes."

I turned back to look at him, a sad expression on my face. I was begging now. "Justin, please?"

His facial expressions softened then he sighed. "Alright, let's go." he said, grabbing his wand and making me and him our own seperate flying carpets while Max made himself one. We started to get on them but Rudie stopped us.

"Now wait. I hate to be a debbie-downer, but whoever doesn't get back before time runs out, is out of the competition." Oh, relax. We've done this a few times now.

"Okay, we've saved the wizard world like, ten times, I think we got this." I told him, then started walking onto and sat down.

The ride there was what I would call short. Once out of view of the wizards, I got onto Justin's carpet and flew with him there, wrapping my arms around his waist.

When we finally got to where we were suppost to go, we didn't see anyone there. Wait, was that, a burning sheild? I grabbed onto Justin's arm, pointing to it. Max went to go pick something up. "Hey, check it out. The monster hunters left there equipment here for us to use."

I gagged and let go of Justin's arm, walking near the rocks. "Careful." Justin said as he steadied me from slipping on a rock. Ahead of us was the griffon's nest, and in it was a slimy looking-

"Harper!" I yelled happily. "Are you okay!"

"Does it look like I'm okay!" she replied back, trying to get out of the guck she was covered in.

"Yeah, I can't really hear you through all the goop." I said, honestly, putting my hands on the nest.

"Okay, okay she's stuck in griffon spit. That's what they do to hold food for there hatchlings. Max reached down, scooping some onto his fingers then shoved them in his mouth. Oh jeez, did he really just eat that!

"Yup. That's griffon spit. Bird with a hint of cat."

"Will you just get me out of here!" Harper yelled, still struggling.

"Yeah, yeah." I told her. "Piggly wiggly get out of that jiggly." And then it was off her. She looked relieved as Justin helped her out of the nest.

"Alright, now let's get back before the time's over." Justin said, reaching out for my hand. I didn't take it.

"Wait, where's Zeke?" Harper asked. Exactly.

"Harper, we'll come back for Zeke later," he said, taking a step foward and grabbing onto my hand, pulling me towards him.

"No, no I'm not leaving without Zeke!" She yelled, stomping her foot.

"Guys, there's no time." he said again.

"Well, what if it was Alex that you couldn't find? Would you leave her?" Harper said back at him. He looked at me and pulled me closer to him.

"Look, Harper, I think the griffon ate him." he said to her, pointing at the nest. "I've made my peace with it, you should too, let's go." he said as I stepped over a rock, going to back to the carpets with him.

"Wait!" we all heard, and turned around, to see Zeke coming out of one of the eggs, all slimy. Alright, that's like what, three times in the last couple minutes I've almost thrown up. We all rushed back over to the nest. "Yeah, I'm good. He ate me, but then I clog danced in his stomach, barfed me back out."

He was muttering to himself while he climbed out, and I gagged again, and so did Justin. He smelt repulsive.

"Let's get you back to normal, you smell like griffon barf." Justin said, then used his wand to turn him back to normal. "Alright, come on you guys, we gotta get back to the competition."

The griffon came back, trying to get all of us, probably to eat us. But with all three of us, we used a rope spell and threw it down into the rocks. Kinda feel bad for it... ah, oh well. It tried to kill me.

"Are you okay?" Justin said after we heard a loud thump, meaning the griffon hit the ground.

"Fine." I smiled. He smiled back and pulled me into his arms, his lips pressing against mine. Before it got to heated, Max pulled us out of it, throwing us onto our carpets.

A few minutes later we were back at the competition... but there was no one there.

"Hello?" I called out, letting go of Justin's hand as he tensed up.

"Guys, where is everybody?" Max asked, walking off the stage towards the back. All the lights were off. Did they all leave?

"Oh, no." Justin said, panicking. He starting looking around frantically, just like the rest of us.

"Hello!" I tried again. "We're back, we can start up the lights and the competition."

Suddenly professor Crumbs fashed in in front of us. "The competion, is over." was all he said.

I stopped breathing. I think everyone did. Max walked over to him. "Alright, great. So who won?"

Okay, this didn't make any sense. I took a step foward. "No way, we called a time out." I felt Justin come up behind me, but he wasn't touching me.

"Which, expired." Crumbs said, waving his hand towards the clock. Zero.

We didn't make it back in time.

"As has the competition for you." Crumbs finished off. Justin walked up to him, pleading. "Professor Crumbs, there's got to be something we can do about this."

"Yeah," Max said, standing behind Justin. "we saved two people."

"Yes. What you did was noble, but you were warned of the rules before you left." Justin turned back to look at me and I didn't know what to do. It was my fault. I made them lose. Now no one could be the family wizard.

Because of me.

"I am deeply saddened that it has come to this," Crumbs said, "but the Russo family line of wizards, will end forever."

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