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I'm on autopilot. Time drags, every minute seems to take an hour.

Kenzi wraps an arm around me, trying to comfort me.

After it was over I stood there staring, unable to take my eyes off her.

Dyson and Hale move forward and undo the straps holding her down. Ever so gently Dyson lifts Lauren off the table and carries her to a nearby stretcher. When I see the body bag sitting on top of it I come undone, I don't even attempt to wipe away my tears.

As I watch the guys place her in the bag I'm unable to resist and I reach out to cup her face. Her skin is soft and warm.

When I lean down and press a kiss to her forehead, my tears fall onto her face. I kiss her on the lips before I let Hale do the bag up. As she disappears from sight, I know I will never love anyone as much as I love her.

The drive back to the Dal is silent. I can feel Kenzi's eyes on my constantly, but I don't acknowledge her, or anyone.

I head straight for the back rooms, I want to be alone with my thoughts, with my memories.

Dyson moves next to me and takes my hand, "come with me."

Reluctantly I let him lead me into one of Tricks guest rooms where we join Hale, Trick and Kenzi.

I flinch as I see Lauren's body on the bed, what the fuck is going on? This must be some kind of sick joke.

Trick sits on the bed and places a box on the bedside table. He grabs the neck of Lauren's tshirt and rips it open, exposing her chest.

Kenzi is obviously finding this as weird as I am, "Trick dude, what the fuck are you doing?"

He ignores her and opens the box, taking out two syringes. He injects the smaller needle into Laurens arm and then holding the bigger one like a dagger, he slams it down, injecting the contents into her chest.

The seconds tick by as I try and figure out what is going on. Trick reaches for Laurens wrist and it suddenly dawns on me what he is doing – checking for a pulse.

Oh my fucking God!

My mind is full of questions as I fall to my knees next to the bed and hold my breath.

What the hell did Trick and Lauren do and how did they do it?

How are we going to explain Lauren being alive?

And why the fuck didn't they tell me what they were doing?

The seconds tick by and nothing happens. Just as my hope begins to fade, the slightest frown appears on her face.

Her body twitches and then all at once she's gasping for breath and her eyes fly open.

Laurens eyes are wild and unfocused as she struggles to breath and at that very moment I've never seen anything more beautiful.

The End.