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All she wanted was Ashley. If she couldn't have him, then she would have no other. After all, being married was no fun. Why, she would have to wear dull colours and spend her time with even duller women who would hen peck her all day long. Then her nights would be spent with her husband, smiling as he recanted his day, laughing at his silly jokes and, well that thing. No, fair better than to be an old maid then be trapped in marriage to someone who would never be the man you actually wanted.

Then of course there was also the other thing that would come out of marriage and that was children. She shuddered at the thought that the marital relations would leave her with a creature that would ruin her waistline and be a permanent reminder of her of her foolishness. No, fair better than to be an old maid then be trapped in marriage to someone who would never be the man you actually wanted.

The thought of a snivelling brat that was somehow connected to her was too much to bear. Let the other fools go through all that hassle and agony of childbirth. Whereas she would be young forever. Still the Belle of the ball at twenty. Or maybe even…thirty! No, fair better than to be an old maid then be trapped in marriage to someone who would never be the man you actually wanted.

Katie Scarlett O'Hara, known to all as Scarlett, was not the cleverest, nor was she the prettiest. However her very manner had a way of capturing the eyes and the hearts of others. Once she had them in her possession, she would use them to her own advantage. It was not entirely her fault.

She was a victim of her own era, one where it was a young lady's lot in life to capture a man's attention and hold it until the wedding day. After that, she would be mistress of her own household and raise the children whilst the husband would secure her comfort and that of their family's. She would also have her work cut out maintaining their social standing by presenting unfaultable behaviour to society and outwardly supporting her husband in whatever he chose to do.

Scarlett had fallen in love with Ashley at the tender age of fourteen, during a long and rather boring summer. She had spent the following year trying to attract a proposal from him by attempting to make herself appear well read. Unfortunately, just as she thought she had come to understand the literature, he had moved onto yet another novel. Consequently, she could never keep up with him.

Her efforts seemingly all for nought, she devoted her time to becoming a great horsewoman. Her father, the proud Irishman heartily approved of her hobby. Her gentle mother did not. She had been surprised to say the least when her eldest child had turned scholar. It was commendable that her firstborn was making the effort to become more dignified. However Mammy saw through her charade and marvelled that the white folk did not pick up on their daughter's true motives. Then again, she reasoned with herself, white folk would never look for what they didn't want to see.

Scarlett's efforts met the approval of most of the other county boys and not a day went by when one of them saw fit to challenge her to a race. They soon learnt that this was not the way to earn her favour as she became completely involved with the task at hand. Winning. Instead, they preferred to lounge around Tara's porch and while away the days, talking. Something the county boys weren't known for. They saw talking to a lady as an activity for people like the Wilkes's. However, if it meant they spent time with Scarlett O'Hara, then they would talk all day if they had to.

Scarlett was not so blind as to know the reason behind their actions. So she tolerated it, in the hopes that it would cause Ashley Wilkes to fight for her attention, as the others did. When her hopes were dashed, she grew bored of their company. It was then that the other county belles started hankering after the men's attentions.

Scarlett considered how this would affect her. She would win favour with the other ladies, but lose admirers. Win the approval of the matrons, lose… That was all really. Perhaps it was time to move on to another town or city and gain a new set of admirers?

It was with this in mind that she began to withdraw from male company. She achieved this by including the other belles in her conversations with the beaux. Her efforts did not go unnoticed by the matrons. In fact they found it bizarre that she would forsake her own interests for that of another girl. Why, they had always considered her the very figure of selfishness! Yet here she was pairing Miss India Wilkes with Stuart Tarleton.

Her work for the day done, Scarlett approached her parents on the idea of visiting. Gerald was all for her going to stay with his kin in Savannah but Ellen Robillard O'Hara pursed her lips and suggested that Charleston would be a better option. Scarlett picked up on the ease in which her mother controlled the situation. She suggested her preference politely, with a questioning tone before reminding Gerald that her sisters would love to have their niece visit. They simply adored company but if Gerald preferred that she would visit his brothers and all their children then she would of course agree.

Men really were fools, Scarlett laughed to herself. They were so easy to manipulate. As Mammy said, it was easier to catch a fly with honey than vinegar. Though why anyone would want a fly was beyond her understanding.