The real ending to my Vampire Fic What's left of my Human Side is slowly changing.

I wanted to wait for a bit before putting this up, too.


Here's to seeing you again

Dave walked over to where he saw the familiar boy and sat down besides him in silence.

For a few minutes they both just watched a few people walking by without saying a word.

"I missed you," Dave said eventually and turned his head to look at Kurt who smiled at him, still looking exactly as he had three years ago.

"I missed you, too," the smaller boy answered and took Dave's hand.

Dave sighed and squeezed the hand. "What are you doing here?"

Kurt leaned his head against Dave's shoulder and looked back into the darkened park.

"Shannon, Brittany's Mom," he started, "once told me that she left her family, because she wanted to keep them safe. But a few years later she came back, just to see them. She realized that she still loved them and stayed with them."

He looked back up at Dave and smiled once more. "I thought I should give it a chance."

Dave returned the smile. "And what do you think? Now that you're here?"

"I still love you," Kurt said quietly. "I promised you I would but I wasn't sure if I could keep that promise. But I did. I still love you. I've changed a lot, I know that, but some part of me is still the same. And that part misses you."

Dave released Kurt's hand and pulled him closer instead, holding onto his shoulder.

"I never stopped loving you either," he confessed. "But I changed, too."

Kurt nodded into his shoulder. "I know. I can smell it on you. How much longer do you have?"

Dave shrugged slightly. "A few months. You're almost too late."

Kurt blinked. Tears pricked at his eyes as he realized the importance of those words.

"Yeah. I know. I'm glad I'm not."

Dave let him go and cupped his face in his hands to brush away the little drops of blood spilling from Kurt's eyes. "So am I," he muttered and bent down to meet Kurt's lips.

They shared a slow kiss which seemed to last for hours.

When they pulled back Kurt leaned his forehead against Dave's.

"You might change," he pointed out quietly. "You might want to leave me one day."

Dave chuckled. "I'll always come back to you, Fancy, even if we have to take a few breaks. I love you, Kurt. Nothing will change that."

Kurt looked into his eyes and smiled, a brilliant smile which showed his fangs which had already grown.

"I love you, too, David," he whispered and moved his head to Dave's neck. "Don't worry. It'll only hurt for a second..."

He sank his teeth into the soft flesh and drank.