This is a collection of ficlets I wrote on tumblr by request on my RP blog. Each story is three sentences. If you have a specific character, pairing setting or anything you'd like to see me write, then feel free to ask. Just drop me a review, PM or an ask at ribbonsofred. tumblr. com with your request and I'll write it up for you~

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This chapter is the first request I was ever sent, Roy/Hughes. Relationship was not specified, so I chose to go with friendship.

It's days like this that Roy misses Hughes the most; long days of nothing but paperwork and more paperwork as they work to rebuild Ishval are a pain, and sometimes he wonders if Riza's giving him paperwork from other people's desks too as some sort of twisted revenge for some slight he might have made. The thought of Hughes brings up thoughts of Gracia and Elicia, and on a whim he picks up the phone and dials, smiling when Elicia answers.

It's Hughes' voice he misses most, but as Elicia tells her Uncle Roy about her latest school project he realizes that the hole isn't as big as it used to be.