This particular one is a request given to me on tumblr by Cain after I opened my inbox to prompts in celebration of gaining my 100th follower. There's three more after this one, though they aren't written yet.

This is both a direct continuation of the previous Roy/Pegasus three sentence prompt and not a direct continuation. It can be read either way, really.

Prompt: Roy/Pegasus

"You realize," Roy begins lightly. "That I'm not gay, don't you?" He sips his wine slowly, eyes on Pegasus and the other man waves a hand dismissively.

"I'm not actually interested in men, it simple amuses me to watch you squirm," Pegasus counters. "I was married once, you know. To an absolutely lovely woman. But she died, far too young." His eyes are piercing. "That's why I need a Stone."

Roy's attention turns back to his pasta and he doesn't speak for a few moments before he stops toying with the fork and looks up again. "It's impossible to bring back the dead, even with a Stone."

"I will try anyway."

"Even if it means failure?"

Pegasus shrugs, and lifts his fork to take another bite of his dinner. "I have failed before, Mr. Mustang. I will fail again. But eventually, I will succeed. Even if it means death."