My side of the world you'd never know.

First off let me just say that my life is not as normal as you'd think at least that's what's what I think but I rely don't now. I don't know much to begin with win you live in a cage your whole life well the first 15 years of it. I was set free by my own free will. Let me tell you how I got out.

"Is she secured?" Ask a white cote "Yes sir" replied an eraser."hmmmm I think it's time we test the extent of her power" sad the white cote "oh and make shur that you check the running grounds for anything the she can disable the collar with, we don't want her getting out". "yes sir!" sad the eraser.

I fight head as they tried to put that #$% collar on me. In the end it was on and I was out to the running grounds. I look around for anything, anything at all that wood get this #$% collar off so I cud soar up in the open sky. I was a small glint of metal….. metal! Omg I'm going to get out! Rite then an eraser hit the side of the cage sucking me back to realty, focusing my eyes back on to ware I sow the metal it was there, I cart a smile on my face.

"Lesun up mutant if you can reach the eg of the forest then you keep your life for today but if you don't hehehe let's just say your dog food" the eraser sad this haply. I on the other hand was on the inside jumping with joy, one swift hit to the collar wood set me free, the moment the cage door opened I flung myself at the direction of the metal scrambling tord it an eraser hit me on the side but I kept going ganging speed with every step I took. I finely retch the metal pic, but running by it and picking it up at the same time intent the smarts thing to do. It was a good side pecs of medal and vary sharp it cut my hand pretty badly but I managed to pick it up.

Cutting the tiy binding my wing's together and then I went for the collar hering the sparking of it sahorsuking as those few short moments past eraser's war on my tail and coming up fast, running as fast as I can I jump in the air spreading my black wing in the sky pumping upward. At last I thought feeling the rush of air throw my wings, ecnoring the sound of the withe cote yelling and the eraser's yelling back at them I was finely free.

After flying for a few hours I desisted i need a place to sleep and food. a sharp pane shot throw my body #$% I forgot about my hand! There was a small tone up head, I landed near the eg of the town. All the shops war clost "#$%! I giss I need to brake in now" I sad with a sey but omost overlooking the gas station. I mooed fast and quietly to the gas station, watching for a menit, the cashier went to the back to the rest room. I moved as fast as i cud grabbing a book bag and shubing food, medical stuff in to the bag. I heard the door the restroom open and I ran tord the door garaging cloths off the rack on the way out, the cashier was running after me "I'm sorry!" I yelled back at hem as his eyes grow wide at my wings.

I flow as fast I cud go for a long time until my hand became unbabul and landed in a big tree. I tened to my hand "wow" I thought its almost healed. Popping in sum pane piles I began to look throw the cloths I just got striping myself of the schools cloths , putting on a pair of pants that hade the word "hoty" on the but. I found a shurt that was way to beg for me like 2 sizes to big and same with the hoody at least that all black I thought. After devoting the food, I stretch out on a big tree branch falling soundly asleep.