The team never considered Spencer Reid a slut nor a whore. He only did this for them, they were sure of it. He. Was their outlet, their stress reliever. He liked doing this for them. Believe it or not, it made them more bearable at work.

This offer was open to all of the team, but he never told Gideon about it, but he knew the others would kill Gideon if he ever tried anything on spencer. But now none of them have to worry about him any more. The men on the team, Hotch, Morgan and Rossi never amitted to being bi -sexual or gay, but it didn't matter to any one on the team.

JJ had Will now so she didn't need Spencer's help. However she was the only one he was ever alpha with. He always let Emily take control when she came over. She was always just searching for the release anyways, which was fine with him. Hotch rarely came over to take Reid up on is ever standing offer, but when he did he never went too rough. Reid tried telling his boss that rougher sex always relieved stress better but he understands now that Hotch would carry more stress on his shoulders if he knew he hurt him in any way. Rossi was always one for the rough sex but he always took his time with the foreplay, taking the precautions he could to not hurt the genius. Morgan was different. He never came to Spencer to relieve stress, he came to feel loved. Usually he would bring over a six pack of beer and a bottle of whine and the two would talk most of the night. Spencer would cuddle up in his strong arms and nuzzle his nose into Morgan's neck. Reid always seemed to coax him into sex in the way he kissed his neck and down his chest. Except they never just had sex. They made love. Exactly what Derek needed each time. Derek had no doubt that he was attracted to women, but smiled each time he thought of how Reid made him feel special and wanted.

Spencer did this for his friends. He was glad he could do this for them since he felt he couldn't do much more for them. Spencer never believed any one of them would want a real relationship and the rest of them never did either, but the liked it this way. The weren't necessarily breaking the rules the FBI laid out and it made all of them feel good. And that is all that mattered to a certain genius.