Not one person on the team ever thought Gideon was ever going to come back, even if it was just a visit. Sometimes one Dr. Reid would hope that he would, but the rest of the team would never let Gideon near the boy. He was strong and the team's rock and if Gideon ever arrived, they would make sure he would never see Reid.

Except when Gideon came into the B.A.U. this is not what happened. He found Morgan, Hotch, Rossi, and Reid all in Hotch's office. He immediately regretted not knocking. The four men were talking about how Reid's new relationship with Morgan was going to effect the team.

All Morgan could do was glare in hatred toward the man who abandoned his pretty boy. Reid wanted to talk to Gideon, but Rossi refused to let that happen and pulled Reid into his arms. Hotch asked Morgan, Rossi, and Reid to leave. He needed to talk to this man. Alone.

Closer to the end of the business day, everyone was huddled by Reid's desk. Derek was massaging his shoulders; he knew his boy was stressed.

"He should know better than to show his face here," Emily tried to comfort the youngest of their team.

Garcia came in with a large cup of coffee for her junior G-man and ruffled his hair.

"Here you go sweetums. The rest of you need to give him and Super man some personal space," Garcia warned the rest of the team. She knew they weren't really helping him much and that Reid just wanted to go cuddle with Morgan.

Morgan took the younger agent into his office so he could hold and comfort his pretty boy as Hotch talked to the man that bothered to come back in their lives.

"What the hell were you thinking, Jason? Coming back to the B.A.U., to Reid after all this time? You know he hates people who abandon him," Hotch was angry. He couldn't believe the man was doing this to the teams' rock.

"Hotch, I didn't think it would be that much of a problem. And there is a difference between his father and I. I came back. Why are you all so protective of him now anyways, more so than before I left? He's gotten older and I am positive the kid got wiser as well. Can't he take care of himself?"

"Damn it, Gideon. It is the least we can do for him when he takes care of the rest of the team."

"What do you mean that he is taking care of the rest of the team?" Gideon was getting more pissed by the second.

"Jason, what he does is his choice and his concern. I am not telling you what he does for the team. You don't deserve it."

Gideon was just putting together two plus two, but his answer wasn't quite four.

"You and the team are using him, aren't you? All of you are alpha's and you know you can get away with it because he just wants to see everyone happy! Damn it Hotch! How could you do this?"

"Jason, it isn't like that," Hotch was pissed that Gideon would think that of him and the rest of the team.

"Oh yeah, then what is it like?" Gideon inquired.

"He offered himself to us two years before you left. It was six months before anyone took him up on his offer. He never told you because he wasn't worried about you and you were more of a father figure to him, at the time. Now you are just like his father."

"I didn't leave him, I left the job. You know that."

"You didn't just leave the job, Jason. You did leave him. You never wrote him, you never called him and you certainly didn't visit. And if you think this counts, then you are dead wrong. Five years between visits or calls is too long," Hotch turned away. He couldn't look at the man any more, "Just go, Jason, and don't bother talking to Reid. You sure as hell don't deserve it."

Gideon just stood there and stared for a minute before turning to walk out and leave. He will leave Reid alone, but not for long. It wasn't fair to him, or so he thought.