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A new threat emerges, far greater than the one posed by Voldemort. The Trio is broken. Harry is kidnapped by an unknown but powerful being. The muggles want to be more involved with and more capable against magic. Change is coming, along with another war. New friends, new powers, new enemies, and new challenges await. Will Harry and the gang be able to save The Kingdom (UK) from destruction?

The Kingdom


Prime Minister Edward Worthington was quite young for his position. At 35 years old he was quite young indeed. Most people who ascended to his current position were usually in their forties, well into their political careers. What had made him special in this regard was his sheer determination, willpower, and personality. He was also, of course, extremely ambitious and in the political game quite ruthless. Of course, it helped that his family was one of the wealthiest in all of England and that many of his relatives were already in government or had connections in government.

Add to that his extensive education at Oxford, and he was by far one of the most capable men to ever enter public service. Capable in terms of qualifications at least. Though he was still somewhat inexperienced, he did not let that hold him back. He learned quickly in politics that it's not just what you know but who you know, and more than enough people had approached him offering counsel and advice. As was the norm with that, he had to be careful who he confided in - not only because there would definitely be future obligations to that person but also because in the political world everyone was looking for weaknesses.

All of this paled in comparison to what he was hearing, however. Everything he had learned and experienced up to this point was trumped by the information being revealed to him in his new office. He was sure that his look of bewilderment was unbecoming of him, but he could not help it. How else were you supposed to react when you were told that magic was real and that there was an entirely different world out there, separate and yet integrated.

It was an older woman that sat in front of him, a few lines creasing her face and dark circles under her eyes. She looked like she had been through hell, and according to what she had been telling him she had. Along with the rest of the so-called Wizarding world of Britain. Her information also explained so much of the recent turmoil throughout the country, issues that he thought were isolated and were signs of unrest amongst the people. A clamor for change, one that he could bring about.

"Minister Worthington," said the Woman before him, snapping him out of his thoughts. Her name was Amelia, he remembered. She was his counterpart in the Wizarding world, the Prime Minister of the magical government of England. "Our offices have always been tied together. While we are hidden away from the eyes of your world, whatever happens in one affects the other, more so of our side than yours. That said, it is important that when the need arises we work together."

Worthington nodded slowly. His mind was still processing everything he had been told. He managed to speak after a moment, "Minister... Bones," he said tentatively, his mind churning to action, "I understand and agree completely. We both govern England but we are as united as we are separate: two sides of the same coin. And what happens to one affects the other, yes, yes... that is most evident." He gave her a thoughtful and slightly pained look, "However, I must ask... what happened? To put it quite bluntly, your government failed when England needed it most - and many of my people have died. Don't even get me started on the property damage no doubt inflicted by your inability to control the situation."

She sighed heavily. The words stung her and made her somewhat angry, but this man was young and rash and with everything he had learned in the last hour he was understandably slightly overwhelmed with it all. He was also right. The Ministry had failed, but not because of any other reason than that the leadership and the old way of how things were done had failed. Simply put, the Ministry had been corrupted. Greed and fear held the Ministry in check until it was too late.

But all that was changing now.

"I apologize on behalf of the Ministry for the damages and the loss of life..." she began, her voice heavy and serious, "We both lost a lot during this war, us more so than you. That is fact. Our entire society has been tossed about in a whirlwind of war and change, and we are only beginning to piece things back together and rebuild. We are hoping to start anew, and while I won't go into the details I can assure you that many of our laws and customs are changing." She paused and looked directly into his eyes, "It is extremely difficult to govern and regulate over a populace who can use magic, and corruption had made that task nigh impossible. But we will not make the same mistakes that nearly destroyed us, that I can assure you."

Worthington nodded, but he was not convinced. Not by a long shot. Already he was formulating plans. Plans that would ensure that not only would such a situation not escalate to the scale it had, but that if it ever did they would not be so helpless and uninvolved.

They spent a few more minutes going over the arrangements between the governments and promised each other that they would speak more sometime in the future to possibly change and update the agreements. Times had changed after all.

"Minister Worthington," said Amelia as she stood up and extended a hand, which he took. "It was a pleasure to meet you, though I wish it were under better circumstances."

"Likewise, Minister Bones. I shall see you soon," he replied smoothly, "And Minister? Good luck."

The woman smiled sadly at that, letting go of his hand. He reached into her small purse for something and then threw it into the fireplace. Where there was once a low fire burning, a large burst of green flames erupted upwards with a whooshing sound. Without pause the woman stepped right into the fire.

Every instinct in Worthington's body screamed for him to stop her, but he did not. He had seen how she had arrived in much the same way, and it still fascinated and frightened him. Soon enough the flames returned to their normal orangey-yellow hue and dramatically reduced in size.

Leaning back in his chair, Worthington took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Magic, he thought.

A brief moment later and he activated the intercom on his desk, "Shelly, I want a meeting with the heads of MI5 and the SIS. Today."

Author's notes: I am quite excited to write this story, and I hope you are excited to read on.

EDIT: To clarify - In my story, Amelia Bones did not die as she did in the books. I like her too much... haha plus I don't very much like Kingsley as a Minister, however temporary.