Very first Maiden Rose Fanfiction :D. Just a drabble that takes place after Klaus rapes Taki into a coma D: Please enjoy, and please review :)


…I love him.

I love him…

So…how could I have done such a horrible thing to him?

I'm a monster, aren't I, Taki? You've just never managed to say it.

He feels so lifeless, cradled in my arms. His body is a furnace, giving off so much heat, it almost burns.

I'm sorry, Taki…I'm so sorry…

I only wanted to feel his touch again…to force him to acknowledge the bond we share…

But it's not enough…it was never enough…

What have I done?

What have I done?

"Taki!" I cry, not even trying to disguise the panic in my voice. I shake him, in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to get a response. "Taki! Taki!"

Taki… please…answer me. Tell me you're alright. Tell me…that I haven't hurt you too badly. Please…

Those last few moments, when I had myself buried deep inside him, when he was crying from the fear and the pain, he had whispered 'forgive me,' in such a heartbreakingly innocent voice. It hurt something inside me to hear him say it, to hear him speak in such a broken voice. It hurt me so deeply, so thoroughly, that for a few minutes I could do nothing more than stare.

But it hurt me nowhere nearly as badly as I hurt you…Taki.

I'll make it right, I swear that now. I swear that things will be different. Please don't die, Taki…I could never live without you.

I cradle him tighter against me, and carry him toward help.

I…I love him so much.

So how could I have done this?

I should have stopped when you told me to stop. I should have never started in the first place.

If he dies…I will never be able to summon the will to keep on going. The moment Taki dies, I will strike myself dead where I stand. There is no other way.

I love you…so much, Taki.

Please…I'm not asking you to forgive me.

I'm just asking you to live.