-Plugged In-

"Why," Rainbow Dash grinned, "am I not surprised that you farm ponies fail at electricity?"

Applejack scowled from under the brim of her (slightly scorched) hat. All she'd wanted was one of those new-fangled electric fans.

"But seriously, lovin' the hairdo. Who knew that 4,500 volts made such a great stylist?" the pegasus snickered.

The brim of the hat was five inches above Applejack's brow, supported by a new and voluminous afro.

"Remind me: why're we friends?" Applejack glared.

"Because you love me almost as much as I do. Duh."

Almost. But with Rainbow Dash, almost was more than enough.

A/N: Another experimental pony drabble collection, to practice Apple/Dash shipping. The implication is definitely that I don't know what I'm doing, so sorry if it seems a little off. The rub's the same: all drabbles are 100 words or as close as scrubby wordcount functions will allow, and I hope you enjoy 'em.