Well, that's the end of another experimental collection. Overall, I'm not really sure of my overall opinion to this pairing; it was much more difficult than Rainbow Dash/Pinkie Pie. It might just be because I would probably write them as having huuuuge unresolved sexual tension all over the place; this is difficult due to the fact that a) 100 words is not a lot when you're writing huge sexual tension, b) I'm not really used to writing yuri in any way, shape or form and c) they're ponies, and ones that are explicitly meant to act in a ponylike way so far as mechanics go. That means there's some translation issues with sensual scenes, where I would normally focus on sense of smell/taste/hearing (how good are a pony's senses?) and sensations of touch through the fingertips, which ponies patently don't have.

But, yeah; I think insofar as my understanding of the characters goes, they'd have a more mature relationship, and one that's harder to be 'cute' with. Worth knowing for if I try to write them again in a slightly longer piece.

(Completely off topic, the last upload of the series was a day late. Blame university; I had completed everything on time, but I simply was too tired to upload it all.)

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed it. I'mma take a short (one collection) break from mad pony science experiments, but I'll be back with more sooner or later, although I haven't decided which I'll try. Look forward to it!