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The Idolmster 3

The producer had finally returned from his trip to America and was excited to see the idols that he had shaped to be #1, though to his disappointment he wasn't greeted by anyone. When he returned to the office of 765 pro all of his idol's had full schedules and would be gone for almost all day… but thankfully he was greeted by a certain green haired office maiden.

"PRODUCER-SAN!" a whining yet very happy voice screamed at his direction. When he turned around Kotori had given him a giant hug and as she berried her head into his chest she began to cry.

"Hehe… Nice to see you too Kotori!" looking down at her and patting her head softly to calm her down.

When she finally calmed down she let go of the producer and then faced him with little tear's falling from her face. "I'm really glad your back!" She gave him a big smile. "So how was your trip?"

"I had a hard time adjusting to the time and jet lag really isn't all that fun, but I did learn a lot and it really was an amazing trip!"

"I'm glad to hear that!" she smiled. "Oh by the way, the president would like to speak to you in his office."

"Huh? He's here?"

"Of course he is! He's been waiting for you, but he couldn't wait here to meet you because he is in meeting with some new requites!"

"Huh? So were getting new idols? I can't wait to meet them!"

"Why don't you go upstairs and meet them? I gotta get back to work now. I'm so glad your back!" After giving him one last smile Kotori went back to work.

The producer had taken Kotori's advice and walked up the stairs to the top floor of the building, were the president had his meetings take place. When he finally reached the door he knocked a few times and heard, "Come in." from the other side.

When he opened the door he saw the president seating behind his desk on his chair and on the couch in front of was… the former members of Project Jupiter!

"Yo, Producer-san!" Touma Amagase called to the producer.

"Nice to see you again producer-san!" the oldest member Hokuto Ijuuin and bowed toward him.

"Yeah! Nii-chan is back!" the youngest member Shouta Mitarai jumped with a smile on his face.

"W-What are you guys doing here?" the producer asked in a shocked tone pointing his finger at the three boys.

"Isn't it obvious? We are going to join 765 pro." Touma smiled.


"They said that the wanted to join our agency, and because they weren't treated as they wanted to the left 961." The president spoke. "So we started to talk and we all came to the same conclusion."

"Which is?" the producer looked at the president with a cold sweat rolling down his face.

"We want you to be our producer." Touma looked at the producer dead in the eye.

"ME?" The producer looked at the boys in shock. "But why me?"

"The reason why we lost to your idol's is because we weren't close, in fact we didn't even call each other friends." Hokuto stood and looked from the president to the other boys. "It's the bounds of friendship your idol's made that beat us hands down, in fact I think you all became a family."

"So that's why we want to join 765 pro and become your idol's!" Shouta jumped from his seat and smiled at the president. "We may have talent but we want to be a family as well."

"You made those girls great and so-" Touma stood-" We want you to make us great as well."

"You guys…" The producer was shocked to see all three of them desperately wanting him to be their producer. "Ok I'll do it!"

"YEAH!" All three boys jumped into the air and high fived each other.

"Hold it!" the president said to the boys. "I know that it seems like a good time to be celebrating but we have a lot of work to do." The boys and the producer looked at the president.

"I can see that all of you want to be the best and be known like you were before, but the fact still remains that you three aren't close to each other and feel a large distance between you three correct?" He asked looking at the boys… with small glances shared they all nodded. "So in order to close the gap between these three we need our idol's to become a family with them."

"But sir, all of our idol's are girls, it will take a lot of time for them to bound especially since they consider them their rivals."

"Which is why I have a plan!" The president smiled and pulled of three folders from his desk drawer. "We won't be getting three new idols, we will be getting six!"

"SIX?" the boys and the producer looked at him in shock.

"Yes, in order for these three to bound and grow as a family they need to work with people who are just like them, not knowing what it's like to be part of a true family. Therefore-" He walked over to the table in front of the three boys and placed the three folders on it with each one opened. "These three boys shale be our newest addictions with you three."

The three boys looked at the folders in front of them, they each had information on a single boy. "Ichigo Jinsei, Akira Senshi, Akarui Taiyoko."

"Yes and also I would like you three to find them. I need to talk to the producer about a few things, and of course catch-up. I hope it's not too much trouble."

"Hmm oh of course not." Touma said looking at the three folders. "Is that ok with you producer… producer?" Touma looked where the producer was standing… and he had gone into the corner, holding onto his legs while crying.

"I just got back and I'm getting not one, not two, but six new idol's?" He continued his depressing rant.

"I'll try to cheer him up, while I'm helping him could you three find them and bring them here?"

"Sure thing! We'll be back in no time!" Shouta happily jumped and quickly excited the room and the other two soon followed.

All three boys where standing in front of the 765 pro building and were looking at the files they were given. "So how should we do this?" Touma looked at the other two.

"How about we all split up! I'll look for Ichigo, Hokuto can look for Akira and you can look for Akarui!" Shouta said smiling at his friends.

"That sounds fair, lets meet back here in an hour." Hokuto said looking at the other two.

With that they all split up and tried to find their new companions and hopefully future friends that they will share many memories with, the good and the bad.

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