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Chapter 5: Preparations and Song!

-765 Pro-


"Miki-chan please calm down, he said he would be back as soon as he-I WANNA TALK TO HIM NOW!" Totomi was struggling to keep the blond middle school student under control before she did something to hurt herself, "He's been back for over a week and we have yet to go on a single date!" and started to pout.

"Huh? Miki-chan... your not saying that … you and... producer-san are... are...?"

"That's right! We are happy and in love!" the blond had smiled widely and twirled in excitement... the elder green haired woman looked at said girl with a shocked/worried expression, "Soon well get married, live in a house in the country side, have ten or so kids and- MIKI-CHAN!"

The blond froze at the spot when she heard the angry voice behind her... she slowly turned to see a very angry girl holding a stuffed rabbit and wearing a light pink dress... only difference was that her haired was up in rage and her eyes where burning with hatred, "YOU-EAT-MY-PUDDING!"

"Ah-" the blond quickly noticed the danger she was in and sprinted out the door, with the little princess following her in a bloody rage, "... *sigh* even with the producer back, things haven't changed at the slightest… though I guess it's good that their spirits are in good shape, maybe they grew with his arrival!"

The green receptionist smiled lightly as she quietly went back to work and peacefully- "Well hello there Kotori-san!" the slightly younger man asked as he leaned on the elbow of her desk, "Why is it that I've been here for over a month and yet," he leaned toward her and cupped her cheek with his hand, "to talk to such a lovely young lady like you?"

"I-I… I-" she barely made out as the attractive male leaned more into her and her face changing from one shade of red to another- she breath a sigh of relief and the male cried in pain as a strong and firm hand pulled onto his ear, "You pervert, how many times have I told you to about flirting the girls?"

"Ow Ow Ow! Ritsuko-san please stop pulling my ear!" The young producer had dragged the elder male out of the room leaving and finally leaving Kotori to work, "*Sigh* I wish Producer-san comes back soon."

"Speaking of Producer-san," the receptionist turned to see the most mature out of all the girls standing next to her, "Where did he go?" the blunette looked in confusion.

"He said that he wanted to get some practice in on our newest addictions, so he took Ichigo-chan, Akira-san, and Akarui-san to an audition."

"I see! It's nice to hear them trying to rise in the rank."

"Yes… well this is there first audition and I'm sure everything will be fine!"


"Wow! So this is where we audition!" the silver haired male looked around the white room with comfortable couches and a TV on the side of the room, "It's so amazing! It's like a doctor's office!"

"… in what way is that a good thing? And another thing, how is an empty room good? We've been here for over an hour!" the Pink haired pessimist looked around the room with a nervous feeling.

"There where a lot of people, so it usually takes a long time for us to get in. Though it does give you plenty of time to prepare!" the young producer smiled at the three newest idols. He had been training them for over a month and they seemed to grow stronger as time went on... but there unity seemed to not go anywhere. They seemed to get along, but its more of the fact that they tolerate each other than being friends... though this being the first time he worked with boys it was going to be a challenge for sure.

"Don't we just need to talk to them and tell them what they want to hear?"

"Well... that's one way to look at it, but mainly its a chance for you to get a feel of auditioning! Sometimes you may not get the part, but this is good practice for when you do the real thing!"

"So this isn't even real?" Pinky looked at the producer with a bored expression.

"well... yes... and no... Your auditioning for a part, but mainly its for back ground dancers... " the producer scratched the back of his head, "though if you really blow them away, you get to perform the sons that you've been practicing on!"

"Ah! So basically we're auditioning for a Talented Showcase right?"

"That's right Akarui! You three should be fine, if you need anything I will be glad to help!"

"... so when are we supposed to go on again?" the eldest and by far the most quiet idol in the company looked at the the clock with his same lifeless expression.

"Um... well- 765 pro, their waiting for you." the male worker walked into the room and quickly left to go back to his original spot where the judges where.

"Alright let's head down there!"

"OK!" the always optimistic 18 year old lead the group down the hall and was now facing the door to where the audition would take place, "So this is it?"

"What getting cold feet already?"

"Nope, I just hope we land this audition! It can help us get more famous if we can actually sing on stage!"

"... you have a point there... anything to help us with the audition? Producer-san?"

The young producer jumped in shock as the eldest finished his sentence, he then noticed that all three boys where staring at him, waiting for him to say something...

"Um... well...-


Happy Plan Yourself

"I think its best to show off your true selves. Let them see who you are individually as well as a group in general!" the young producer looked at them hoping they would get the message.

"Ah I see! We need to show them that we are individuals as well as show them how great performers we are!" the silver haired male smiled widely at the young producer.

"Not much of a pep talk... but I guess its better than nothing." the pink haired boy smiled at the producer, then went back to his usual sour expression.

"... though just by looking at us... we already standout as being different..." Akira scanned the three of them and then waited for a few second to think, "but I guess us being different is a good thing right..." his sentence meant as a complement, his voice and expression was that of no interest.

"Yes! Alright, you ready?"



"... yes..."

"Ok all hands in!" the producer placed his hand in between the four of them... he waited for a few seconds and saw the three idols looking at him in confusion, "... sorry, its a force of habit! The girls always gave a cheer before they went on for good luck."

The boys then raised their heads with a more understanding expression, the three then placed their hands in the middle on top of the producers, "Alright, Ichigo you lead! Count back to three, on one, we cheer!"

The three boys nodded, each holding a different expression, Excitement, Confusion and... nothing...


"... 2..."

"1!" (Insert pac-man audio)


Move out! Go for it!

"Namco Devils move out!" the three males cheered, one being overly supported... the other two... not so much.

"Break a leg you guys!"

"Yes sir!"Akarui smiled at the elder man in front of him, with the luck cheer finished with, they walk in and see a wide room with three older looking people a few years older than Akira looking at them and sitting behind tables with papers in front of them. The three boys walked to facing a straight vertical line and bowed at the judges, "Thank you for having us."

With that the producer then walks toward the door and turns to watch their audition... he looked normal and fine, but on the inside he felt like peeing himself... he should be used to it by now... though it clearly doesn't get any better. "Namco Devil's... agency 765 pro. Intrusting," the man in the middle looked at the three with narrow eyes.

"Well this is new, boys in the agency?" he turned toward the producer, who nodded with approval of the comment, "This should be intrusting... you may begin when ready."

"Yes sir!" Akarui turned to his partners and gave a quick look at each other for approval... with all three ready to sing he turns and the three take their positions...

-765 Pro.-

"Honey!" Miki launched onto the young producer the second he walked through the door of the agency, he barely was able to keep himself from falling down, but somehow managed to stand straight, "I was so lonely! You still owe me a date!" she looked up at the producer with puffed out cheeks.

"... Miki... how many times have I told you not to call me that..." the producer sighed asa small sweat drop rolled down his cheek.

"Hmph, meany honey!" the blond let go of the elder male and puffed out her cheeks more as she crossed her arms while facing away from him.

"... Sorry... I guess it's alright when we aren't in public and-" his words where cut short when said blond attacked the male with a force of happiness on her part, but pain on his.

"Ah, producer-san!" the 17 year old blue haired idol walked up to the young man with a smile on her face, she stopped when she noticed that something was missing, "Where are the boys?"

The producer smiled at the for some reason and finally replied, "They went to celebrate their first audition being a huge success!" his smile widened as her, Miki and Totomi looked at the producer with half disbelief smiles.

"They nailed their audition?" Miki looked at him with wide eyes.

"Yep, the best part is that they wanted to film them asap to get ready for the show, so they made a last minute change just to get them on the air!" if his smile could get any bigger it probably would.

"That's wonderful news to hear!" Kotori smiled and then started to call the girls about the wonderful news, "We should tape it as well! What times is it coming on?"

"They said it won't on tell at least three maybe four... I felt bad about making them work hard, but they insisted on wanting them on their show," the producer then looked down in deep thought, "though to tell you the truth... I think I would of forced them to do it even if they didn't nailed the audition... it still amazes me about what I saw."

"Well we should start getting ready to see it!" Miki ever so happily skips over to find a unused tape to record the show with... Chihaya and Totomi of course had to help here because she had no idea where they kept something like that.

"Well, I better tell the girls... I wonder where the other three went?" he turned to try and find the other boys that had recently been taken into his care and scratched at his mind... though decided to look for them as he messaged the girls.

-Cafe Lolita-

"Sigh, finally on break!" the green haired boy breathed out with a tired sigh as he started to open his lunch box, his two comrades in front of him where eating the normal tea and black coffee with small sandwich's in the middle of the table.

"You look beat, did the manager give you any trouble?" Touma looked worryingly at the small boy, who in return looked at the older male with a confused look, "Like a raise? He did say it would be ok since I've been working here for so long... who knew I could get so much!"

"... nothing... forget it..." the brown haired male turned away and slowly drank his coffee... while looking out for a certain someone.

"Oh come now Touma, your judging a book by its cover again!"

"... your probably right Hokuto... sigh, I guess I've been paranoid lately..."

"Why's that?" the two friends looked at him with confusion.

"Well... we've only been here for a month and still we have yet to do anything to show off our ability's, its like being in 961 only with a lot more members... and girls."

"Are you saying that girls are a bad thing Touma-kun?" Hokuto grinned as he looked over at the younger male.

"WHAT? N-No of course not!" His blushing face had gone completely red.

Hokuto smiled and threw his arm around the younger males shoulders, "Just kidding," the elder male smiled, "and don't worry, we just got into this agency and we can't expect to get a job right off the bat. We may be a little famous, but not hot shot's like the girls."

"... you got a point..." Touma thought hard as he analyzed his friends words carefully, "Guess that explains why producer-san has been working with Akarui and the others more than us."

"That's one way to look at it... though I still wonder something," Hokuto looked at Touma really hard and long, "Why is it Akarui and the other's instead of the guys?"

"W-What? He's my friend... and besides... have either of you tried to bond with the other two?"

Both males think long and hard... then finally reach a decision, "Point taken." the looked down at the table with a long sigh. The cafe seemed to be really quite around this time of day... though that was about to change because as soon as school was over... "Here they come!" Shouta ran behind the counter with the older two following him shortly after.

The doors to the cafe burst open wide to show many girls coming into the cafe, some walking... most running, "Does this happen everyday?" the two boys look at the younger boy crouching down in the middle.

"Sometimes it gets worse... but this is normal these days. They all started coming here ever since that show came out."

"What show?"

"You haven't heard? It's a show where you show off your talents, it can be anything really and the girls seem to like it... mainly for the male singers that appear on the show." the boy sighed and looked at his watch, "Speaking of which it should be on any-HELLO JAPAN!"

The three boys as well as most of the girls turn to the large screen in the far off corner, the leading male had a very large microphone only a few inches away from his face, "How are you everyone? Welcome to 'Talented Japan' where ordinary people like yourselves come to perform and get a chance at fame! I'm your host, Jin Nagazaki, here to bring you the real deal in performing!"

The many fan's in the audience had cheered as well as most of the girls in the cafe, they seemed really into it, but it looked kind of recorded, "Is this live?" Touma looked at his friends only to be given a shake from side to side from Shouta's head, "They do this early in the morning so they can get the episode out sooner than later... normally it would be easier to do it live, but their plan has worked out so far."

The three boys nodded and watched the show, "Well without further ado, LET'S GET STARTED!" the very eager host shouted as the audience cheered for the show to start. It was a good show, the performers where very talented in amazing ways while others... where talented in... VERY strange ways... an hour had past by as the three males had begun to get sucked into the show, though after that last performance they felt like leaving... but decided to stomach it up till the end.

"Well... that was very... intrusting! Well that's it everybody! Join us next time for-" the host then cut himself off as he placed his hand on his right ear, "What's that? … another group? Really?" the host spoke into the mic for a good 3 minutes and then gave his full attention to the camera, "Well guys and gals, it appears that we have a last minute group performing on the show, can you believe it?"

The crowd as well as the boys felt confused and excited at the same time, "Does this usually happen a lot?" the eldest out of the two looked at the younger member.

"Not really, they must have had a last minute entry to fill up time space... though that alone is rare, they must be really good!" the green haired boy smiled as he and the other two turned their heads toward the screen.

"Well, lets get this show on the road everybody!" he cheered as the audience replied with much louder screams, "Lets see... our final group for the evening is a rookie idol group from 765 pro-" not a second went by in either of the three boys heads, thanking god they had not been drinking anything for they would for sure spit it out the next second.

"Oh please don't let it be- Please welcome, Namco Devils!" the audience and crowd of girls in the cafe clapped as the three boys glued their eyes to the screen, not thinking of what could happen. "Why are they performing? Is this the show that producer-san was talking about?"

"It appears so... now my intrust is really peaked! If they can make it as last minute performers on a popular show then they could possibly be better than us!" the eldest smiled as he looked at the screen in delight!

"How is that a good thing?" the green haired boy looked at the elder male, "Them being better than us means that we don't get any screen time!"

"Well if you do think about it," the two males looked at the eldest with wide opened eyes, "This is a good thing! If they where good enough to land a last minute gig on their first audition then they could help getting our group name out there!"

The two younger males open their mouths to protest... but shut them after taking a moment to think about it, "... well you do have a point there... I wonder how good they are?" Shouta looked at the elder male in confusion.

"Well... we're about to find out..." thus the three turned to the screen, it was shining with light blue lights as the three boys silently walked on the stage. When they came to their spots the lights went up and revealed the trio wearing matching outfits! Ichigo was wearing blue shorts with white shoes and a long sleeved blue and white tide-dyed shirt with a blue band on his right wrist, Akira wore same colored pants and shoes and a no sleeve shirt with a band oh his left wrist and Akarui wore the same pants and shoes as Akira but his shirt was short sleeved and had bands on both his wrists while his pants had holes at the knees. The lights had flickered as the trio stayed in position, then no sooner the music began to play Akarui had been the first to take a breath for the upcoming song...

Never Say Never

At full speed, I'll run to that place at full speed!

Taking back the time that has passed,
I run through with my shining boots.
I can't reach it right now, even if I try to overreach…
but I won't give up until the day I finally make it!

If I close my eyes, I won't be able to hold back
because a limitless future is right there!

I'll face forward without looking back, also I'll give plenty of smiles!
So always always keep your eyes straight at me.
I may become a bit cowardly… at that time, hold me strongly.
At full speed, I'll run to that place at full speed!

My dreams melt in to a light haze and the morning
searches for the light while fumbling about.
Right now, my memories are a bit old
but they gently light my road to tomorrow.

If I open my eyes, it will be right there
because I believe in the hope I found.

I step hard on the asphalt and lightly jump over the ground fences
and run into a far distant tomorrow I can't see yet!
I won't lose to this steep hill
because the courage you gave me is here with me!
At full speed, I'll run to that place at full speed!

Embraced by love, I realized, thanks for all your smiles.
Always always keep your eyes straight at me.
I'll face forward without looking back, so always watch over me, okay?
At full speed, I'll run to that place at full speed!

I'll run as far as I need until the day I finally make it!

The audience and the crowd of girls in the cafe clapped and cheered with joy and excitement after watching the rookie boys first performance in their career! They didn't waste anytime on leaving the stage with smiles written on their faces... well one smiling as always, the youngest grinning while the oldest... just held his same expression.

The three boys where shocked to see how well the three rookies performed, though how they did was not the only thing that was on their minds, "Well... it looks they got a few more fans!" Hokuto smiled as the three males looked at the screen.

"They did seem to love it... though why did they just leave the stage? We usually stay for a few seconds to say thank you to the audience." the younger boy looked at the eldest with confusion.

"I think maybe they wanted to give off the mysterious look, I mean its a good trick to pull by performing once in your life and then just run away."

"Oh, so like a superhero right!" the youngest smiled.

"Well that's one way to look at it! What do you think about this Touma-kun?" the elder male turned to his friend... he didn't budge from his seat, all his attention was focused on the screen... he started to have flashbacks of a time watching someone who looked almost exactly like the leader of the song. A silver haired maiden with her two friends singing and dancing, having fun with thousands of people cheering for them... that was the last concert he had ever performed while working under 961 productions and under that bastard of a producer Takao Kuroi... just the though of him made him angry!

Though watching Akarui sing with that giant smile on his face, completely into the song and dance, enjoying ever second on stage with the lights dancing off his hair... its hard to believe that he's a rookie, or even compare the two others on stage. He didn't want to admit it but... Akarui completely stole the show, "Looks like we need to start working on our stuff, or they may steal they show from us again!"

"Of course! We can't have them stealing all the fans in the world. I don't even want to think about losing a single fan to them!" the elder male smiled in amusement... though slightly serious.

"Well... let's get started!" Shouta jumped and smiled at his friends... all three nodded and after paying for their drinks and snacks walk out of the cafe with determination written all over their faces!

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