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Chapter 6: Same old town, Same young idols!

-In the car-

"Ah, what a nice day!the young female producer smiled as she drove a large van filled with idols, some excited to perform, some dreading as their destination comes closer, while one... well Miki was just sleeping... as always.

"I can't believe they invited us again! I wonder if its changed?the happy go lucky Haruka smiled at her friends.

"I hope so... all those men... why so many men?"

"Yukiho-chan, you really need to overcome your fears of men... especially since we have SIX in our group!hearing this made said girl's face to become pale and fall deeper into her seat.

"Iori, why do you always make people feel down? It's not her fault that she had a fear of men!"

"I'm just stating the facts!"

"Yay! Battle between Makoto-chin and Iori-chin starts again!the twins sitting in front of them smiled as the other two glared at each other.

"Ah, everyone is so lively to go to Furusato again. How nice it would be to see it again!"

"Yeah... though I hope they don't make us do all that work again!the tanned girl sighed at her silver haired friend.

"Let's see, we should be there in another few mature blue haired girl looked at the map with a slight smile.

"Wow, there's so many new events! Lets see... what's plum beating contest?"

"Oh, its probably a contest to see how many plums you can smash before time runs out!the young producer smiled at her friend through the mirror, 添ou guys excited?"

"Yes!the girls cheered... well most of them. Smiling and continued to talk to each other... well most.

-Van not too far behind-

"Why... the hell... did we... wake up... so... damn... EARLY?!the young pink haired boy complained as he tried to find a nice place to rest his head.

"Sorry, Ichigo-chan. We had to go early because... well... we forgot to buy tickets for the train and everyone was too busy to go last night... so yeah...the young male producer apologized as he drove looking back at the boys with his mirror... only to see a pink and green haired boy sleeping on opposite sides of the car.

"The events on this... I wonder if it will attract a lot of ladies?the blond smiled as he read through the pamphlet with a sly grin on his face.

"... Don't get your hopes up young producer smiled as he drove, turning to his left to see the eldest of them all holding a map and wearing the same bored expression... but held a very dark aura, 填m... Akira-san... how much father away?"

"...the male turned to the producer... his eyes matching the same color of blood, the producer gulped really hard and waited for an answer then giving his full attention to the road.

"... Akira-san... isn't really a morning person huh?the brunette looked slightly scared as he felt his sweat drop... he was right behind the angry male. .. I wonder what this place is like... though I don't know why we're going to this festival and not allowed to perform?"

"Well... we kinda need all the help we can get... sorry about producer apologized again, trying to fine something good about the situation they where in... he unfortunately found none.

The brunette sighed and leaned his head on the side and looked at the rocky wall that continued to stay the same since they came to the mountains, then he realized that Akarui had not said a word since we started our drive. He turned his head a complete 180 to see the silver haired boy looking out the window, hands plastered to it and completely lost in his own world. 鄭karui?the brunette leaned toward the boy and he was answered by his same happy expression- and surprisingly bright aura.

"Look Touma-kun! There's so many tree's and plants! Look there's birds, and mountains, and-OH I just saw a fox!the lively male smiled as he continued to stare out the window with a large smile on his face.

"... you never seen a forest before?"

"Nope! This is my first time actually!he continued to smile as he turned toward the brunette, 的t's so amazing to see things that I never got to see. Just looking at it makes me happy!"

"R-Really?the brunette looked at his friend... 'Either his heart is innocent and pure more pure than Yayoi or he was REALLY sheltered sense ... well Birth' he thought as he stared at his friend... he couldn't help but smile at his innocence and joy.

The producer smiled when he stole a quick glance at the two boys from his back mirror, they have been getting close even after meeting a month and a half ago... though he still wondered about what their opinions of the girls... and of the other boys. But he was sure they got along fine... for the most part... 鄭lright boys! We're almost there! If you guys work hard, I promise to buy anything you want at the festival!"

The boys seemed not care a word about what he said... usually telling the girls that would make them happy... but just knowing that they are boys, he probably should of known that they weren't too happy about shopping or gifts... 鉄igh, lets hope this trip will help them get closer!he mumbled under his breath and continued to drive.

-Furusato Town-

"... Yep, same as producer gave a relieved sigh when he saw the down as small as it was two years ago, a large open field for events, two large buildings next to it, and a small road that lead into a town beyond a forest. 鏑ooks like it hasn't changed a bit."

"Sure hasn't...Iori slumped as she sighed in frustration... obviously coming here the first time was hard enough.

"... Well, lets make the best of it!Haruka broke the ice with a happy smile, 典his is the first time in a long time we've been here and besides, I think we deserve something like this once in a while!"

"Right you are, Haruka-chan!Ritsuko smiled at the girl and walked in front of the girls, 徹K, everyone get your things and head into the rooms! We need to start practicing soon and get costumes checked!"

The girls nodded and began to help one another carry the bags inside the large wooden building... well except one blond and two boys, who where still sleeping in separate vans. 徹h no... Miki-chan won't wake up!"

"Don't worry Yukiho, she'll wake up... eventually...the groups tomboy smiled and helped her friend unpack their bags... though when they turned around they were hit with a large sense of deja-vu.

"Welcome back to Furusato Town, 765 Pro!a large group of men smiled at the two ladies. One of them was happy to see them... Yukiho was the complete opposite, as she slowly light stepped her way around the van and toward the other direction, where she felt like she ran into a wall. 徹ww!"

Covering her face she looked to see a pair of shoes that were too big to be Makoto's... slowly the frightened girl looked up as she examined the tower that stood before her in human form. Finally looking at its face it showed the scariest male she had ever scene in all her life... her nightmares were not compared to what she had saw. His blood red eyes, his really scary and murderous aura, his hair styled as normal... but it hung over his eyes as he looked down at the girl. Terrified Yukiho shook violently staring at this man, it started to get worse when he pulled out his hand and asked in the most scariest voice none to man, .. Are you alright...?"

He didn't even finish the question in time for her to hear, her fragile mind with the addition of her Androphobia had pushed her way over limits... resulting in her passing out point blank right in front of said man. Ultimately resulting in everyone gathering around the passed out girl looking at her in fear and panic!

-Dressing Room-

"W-Where... am I?"

"Yukiho!the tomboy hugged the girl lying down on the small bed smiled with joy, 的'm so glad your ok!"

"W-what happened?"

"You passed out after looking at Akira-san's scary face!everyone turned to the blond girl eating food that was prepared for them, they couldn't tell if she meant to be harsh or she was just stating the facts.

"Huh? T-That was Akira-san?"

"Yes... looks like he's not a morning producers sighed as they looked back down at the girl lying on the bed, 鄭re you feeling alright now?"

"Oh, yes I'm fine!Yukiho with the help of Makoto gently climbed out of the bed and stood in front of the producer, 填m... where is Akira-san anyway?"

"Don't worry, him and the boys went off to smiled at her friend, 哲ow you need to rest and restore your gently pushed her friend who put up little to no resistance. Finally covering the girl with a thin white blanket, Makoto smiled as she stared down at her friend, 敵et some rest alright! We have plenty of time before the show starts!"

Her friend nods and slowly drifts to sleep, 擢ewh, I didn't think that Akira-san would be that scary. No wonder she fainted!"

"Trust me... it was really weird riding in the car with him- though I guess it was an accident, so I can't really be mad at him, and I can't blame him for not being a morning producer thought about what to do with this situation.

"Well, no use wasting time over it! Let's just get them ready for tonight!Ritsuko smiled at the elder producer.

"Ya your right! Let's do our best to-MIKI!everyone turned to the large sound in the back of the room, 添ou eat all our food again?!"

"But it was so yummy that Miki couldn't stop!the blond smiled as she slightly patted her filled belly.

"Did you not stop to think that everyone was a little hungry?"

"Sorry Iori-chan, Miki promises to share next time!"


"Oh Iori-chan, your getting red!"

"Why you?!the fight started to get ugly as the two girls volume started to rise and it didn't help when the twin cheered them on to enlarge the flame.

"*Sigh* and I was worried about the boys."


"Eh?the male turned to see the eldest female of them all standing right next to him with her usual care free smile, 展hat is it Azusa-san?"

"If you want, I can go get more food for everyone! I worked in the kitchen before so I should know where it is!"

"Hmm... I'd hate to have them make more food for us... but it looks like that's the only solution to our conflict...the producer looked at the two girls fighting and sighed heavily, 鄭lright, but be sure not to get lost!"

"Oh I won't! Please have more faith in me!she then started to walk toward the door and just as she turned around her foot almost connected with a brand new water bottle, thankfully she became more aware of the things around her and cautiously picked on the plastic bottle filled with clear cooled water. 泥id someone drop this? Well if I find your owner I'll be sure to- BEEP BEEP"

Halfway down the hall and her phone starts to go off, slowly picking it up she see's it was a text from her mother, Hello Azusa!

Smiling she continued to walk and text at the same time, Hi mom! How's it going?

Oh its coming along, are you having fun?

Yep! We just got to Furusato this morning!

Great to hear, I'm so happy that your enjoying yourself!

Thank you! Is that all you wanted to say? Azusa knew her parents all to well.

Well... the truth is... have you considered it?

Azusa froze in her steps, she had completely forgot about the conversation she had with her parents and now... I'm sorry... I haven't decided yet.

It's alright. I just want what's best for you sweetheart! Though I've been told he is a really handsome guy!

Mother, looks can be deceiving! Besides I don't think I can marry him because I don't love him. I don't even know what he looks like!

Well... we have tried to pick a date when you two are free... I guess its not a good time.

No I guess its not! Well I need to go, I'll text you later!

The lavender haired girl turned her phone off the next second and leaned into the wall behind her whiling sighing heavily, 'I don't know what to do... I want to make my parents happy... but I really don't wanna marry someone when I already-' she stopped herself in mid thought and shook it out of her head. 展hat am I saying? I don't even know him that much yet! For all I know he could be a thug or even a member of the Yakuza, or maybe-"

"He's not even human, and is just a alien in hiding."

"Yeah that's right! He could be a... a...she slowly turned to her left to see a familiar face staring at her with the same emotionless stare, 展AH?!jumping back she now faced the elder male in front of her with a sense of surprise and a red face. 鄭kira-san... w-what... what are you doing in here?"

"Akauri lost his water bottle when he went to get changed for work, I told him I would get it for him."

"I see... then why are... why are...she lost her train of thought completely, her vision and thoughts where clouded by the image in front of her. A tall man with nothing but workers pants on and ground boots, the sun beating down on his exposed chest and skin with his hair damp with sweat, revealing the muscles that he had hid with his large cloths.

"By the way, what are you doing out here? Weren't you supposed to stay inside to get ready?the male stared at the girl... who's eyes seemed to be focused on something else, 滴ey Azusa?He looked at her eyes and got closer, 的 know you space out a lot but seriously..."

"... huh?her eyes fluttered over a dozen times and when she finally focused her vision... she stared at his piercing blue eyes that where less that inches from her face, and jumped back with a deeper red than she wore.

"Finally out of it?"

"... yeah...her blush still very red and heart beating very fast.

"So anyway, why are you out here again?

"...Eh?she looked at the ground and saw the brown dust road and gotten some on her white shoes, 徹h, I did it again?!"

"... want me to guide you back?she turned around and saw him move his head toward the door and waited for her answer.

"... ok...she smiled lightly as he moved to open it and extend his hand for her, 展atch your step ok."

"... right,slowly she grabbed his hand... his warm, rough yet soft, safe hand and lead her through the door way, but he didn't let go we got inside, 填m... you can let go now."

"Who said I wanted to?words alone made her heart blast, but his face when he looked at her made her flip over the edge, 釘esides, wouldn't want you getting lost again!he smiled at me with bright eyes and calm aura.

Azusa was completely frozen in place she had no idea what to do, but she didn't have to do anything when he gently walked down the hall with her. Her face looked down at their hands... 'Maybe I won't need a arranged marriage?', she smiled with a faint blush when she imagined a bright golden ring on her wedding finger.


"*Yawn* Why do we have to cut veggies?"

"Because Producer-san told us to. Besides why are you complaining? All we've done is chop, we still need to bake, fry, grill and cook."

"Ugh, more work?! How are we supposed to do all of this by ourselves?!"

"We aren't doing it by ourselves. We're just taking care of the easiest and less complex dishes, and I think anyone can cook curry, rice, noodles, spices, chocolate, dough, teriyaki, pork buns and a little ice cream."

"... Touma, did you go to cooking school or something?"

"Nope! Believe it or not, cooking is my favorite hobby! I taught myself everything I know!"

His pink haired companion had his jaw hit the ground with such a force that it psychically hurt. 徹ww... seriously? I never took you for the cooking type."

"Well I do play a lot of soccer and stuff but since my parent's work late I had to learn to cook for myself... I actually like it!"

"Hmm... well I guess when you get married you'll be the chef?"

"Hehe, probably. So hey I wanna know something, why do you and...the elder and more experience in the kitchen male turned to see his companion looking out the window... with great interest, he stomped over to his co-worker 展hat are you looking at that's more important than w-whoa?!finally getting a good look of what his companion was seeing... his eyes couldn't move either.

Outside the window was a single girl unfolding chairs in front of the stage, from the back she looked a little taller than most, but thanks to her white shorts they were able to see her smooth model like legs that ended with white sneakers. She had a thin white blazer over her with what looked like a light blue shirt underneath, her long silver hair was tied into a long pony tail and they could see what looked like a white visor on her head to ward off the suns rays. .. Dibs!"

"What? Oh come on?!before the pink haired idol had finished his sentence, his elder companion had ran out the door while throwing off his chef's gear and made his way to the main stage. When he was a few feet away from said girl... he was more than nervous when he actually saw her so close. 'Ok... I can do this... I mean if I can handle 13 girls without freaking out than this should be no problem... right?!'

Slowly taking a breath he begins to walk up to her with the courage he had built up in the past moments, he was only steps away and was barely in reaching distance when- 典ouma-kun?!"

The male had turned to see his pink haired companion looking at him with flamed eyes, 哲OT COOL!"

"I-Ichigo-chan... didn't know you where that fast...Touma slowly backed away from the approaching male... then started to go full sprint toward the other direction. The two boys where the center of attention... and not in a good way.


"I hope you realize just how much you trouble you put Producer-san in you two?!"

"We're sorry Ritsuko-san."

"Sorry isn't good enough! I know this may be a vacation to you, but we try our best to become more famous!"

"We aren't even in the show! How will we get fame or popularity when we aren't even on stage?For once, Ichigo said something that Touma had completely agreed with.

"That's- I'll take it from here turned to the door to see the older male a little embarrassed about the turn of events, but he wasn't angry at all. He slowly walked up to the boys and put his hand on their shoulders, 的 know it seems like you guys are getting the short end of the stick right now, believe me there was a time when Chihaya and the others had felt the same way. But over time they where able to grow in popularity and they stood right at the positions you are now. It just takes time... I'm really sorry for making the six of you do most of the work with the workers and not being able to go on stage... but I promise, when this is over I'll make it up to all of you! You'll be so busy you won't have time to sit down!the producer smiled wide as he looked at the two... Touma was never in this position because he was already famous through his old companies connections, he never really knew what the girls had to go through to get to where they are now, while Ichigo was only a kid. He didn't have any clue about the life of working and doing things by yourself, his siblings did things for him... this must be the closest thing to a reality check they will ever get.

"Sorry Producer-san... we'll work hard from now on!the two males smiled at their producer and with a brief short moments they producer and Ritsuko left them to continue the cooking, with a new drive at least!

"Alright, soon the girls will be in the disposition!"

"Don't get your hopes up too high! They are still a ways ahead of us you know."

"Oh don't be such a downer, I'm sure we'll catch up to them someday soon!"

"You and I both... well anyway lets get back to work?"

"Sounds good... Hey, you know something?"

"What's that?"

"Neither of us talked to that girl outside... think she's still there?"

The chest nut haired boys shrugged and looked out the window to where the girl ways... she was long gone. 鄭h, man!"

"Well, can't get them all! Let's get back to work."

"Yeah...Ichigo slugged to his station and both of them continued from where they left off.

-Night time/Festival-

Many towns people -mostly men- had gathered around to enjoy the great festival that only came once a year, and each one of them took advantage of everything it had to offer! Activities, booths, showing off their muscles and even trying to intimidate one another by testing their strength-by beating plums into jam. With the festival starting out very outgoing, more people came to join while girls where getting ready back stage, some not as excited as others...

"Yukiho, don't worry it will all be fine!"

"B-But Makoto-chan... there are more people than before... What am I going to do?!"

"Don't worry Yukiho-chan! Its gonna be alright! You did it last year, so what's stopping you this year?"

"The fact that I have to do a solo this time!"

"Hey, its alright! You'll do fine! I know you are!"

"Are you guys still not ready yet?! She's on in 5 minutes!"

"Iori, I'm trying to be a good friend here! She just needs to calm down and stay focused."

"She needs to get used to being around men Makoto-chan! She hangs out with you all the time and your the only girl with the tomboyish personality!The princess continued to ramble about her comrades issue, 滴eck that weird silver haired boy acts more like a girl than most of us here!"

"Well I'm sorry I'm don't act like a girl... you know how hard it was to accept myself."

"Don't fight you two please!Haruka and the producer can walked over from the side of the stage, 展hat's wrong?"

"Look's like those two are fighting again, this time its over Yukiko. Iori want's her to go on stage, but Makoto doesn't want to push her!Haruka looked panicked as she looked at the situation.

"Hmm this is a rough patch,the producer thought of a way to resolve this conflict, but the only way to solve it was to have Yukiko overcome her fear. He thought long and hard, but his mind came to only on conclusion, 滴mm, I think I have something!"

"You do?! I knew I could count on your producer-san!Haruka skipped back to the group and left the male to himself to think about his plan, 哲ow how the heck am I going to do this... I already told them they can't perform and it won't be fair if one of them goes on... maybe if I explain it to them they'll understand!"

-A few minutes later-

"What do you mean only one of us get's to perform?!"

"I'm so sorry! But I just thought of an idea that could help Yukiko,the producer bowed his head in front of the boys, 的 promise I will make it up to you! I know its unfair but it's the best time and we only have a few minutes. Even if it fails I will still make it up to you regardless! Just please consider it, and if you all are strongly against it, then I won't pressure you to go through with it."

"...The boy's looked at each other and shared some whispered words, 展hat do ya think?Touma started.

"Well he does seem to be in a pickle and he has put us before anyone else.

"But it's completely unfair, only one of us get's to perform and the rest have to wait tell god knows when?!

"It does sound unfair, but he does keep his promises, and he is a honest guy."

"... I think we should go through with the boy's looked at Akira in shock, 添ou think it's a good idea?的 think so, and I'm guessing I'm the one who is responsible for this.展hy would you say that Akira-san?"

"When we got here Hagiwara bummed into me... I think seeing me caused her to boys looked closer at him, 鉄he must have Androphobia, and has been struggling with it even more since we

all joined the company... no wonder the girls are fighting and why Producer-san want's one of us to perform."

"So he's doing this to help her, because we caused her to freak out so much?Akira nodded at the pink haired boy's question, 鉄o that's why he wanted us to choose."

"Well... who should we choose?The boy's turned to Touma and they all looked over each other, 展hy doesn't Akauri just go on?"

"Akauri would be the best choice, but his action's will only confuse Hagiwara. Besides-the taller and elder male looked over the group, 滴e kinda has his hands full."

All four boy's looked over to see a large carriage surrounded with people. The sign at the top was labeled, Sun Fortunes.'and was decorated with many different design's and color's to give of the unexplained urge to see what's inside. 鉄urprisingly, he's gotten almost too popular."

"Well Akarui's out, so that leave's Ichigo, Akira, Hokuto, Shouta, and me... who would be the best choice?"

"Hmm... Well its a risk... but I think I know who should do it?The boys turned their attention to the second eldest and thought of a really edgy plan.


It had been nearly an hour since the show started. The girls had been feeling mixed emotions since they hit the half and hour mark and where tired yet excited to go back on stage-that is to say all but one.

"Don't worry Yukiho, I know you'll be fine."

"B-But Makoto-chan- I know this is hard for you, but trust me it'll be alright!The girls desperately tried to calm her down as best they can before she goes on. Unlike last time she won't have Haruka or Makoto or any of the girls to help her on stage. She was going to be all by herself, singing in front of the one thing that makes her skin crawl the most... men.

Yukiho looked at her friend with concern written all over her face, she was so scared of what could happen. 鄭-Are you sure?"

"Promise!The tomboy smiled at her friend as the weight had begun to lift from the shy girls shoulders... but not by much. 添ukiho! Your on in two!and the weight had doubled in less than seconds.

Nervous as can be she climbed the metal stairs and in seconds reached the top. She looked back at her friends who all smiled and wished her the best of luck. However luck was not something she could depend on as walked onto the stage with her head hung low, determined to not face the audience as much as possible. Though through her bangs, she was able to make out the audience as well as the front row... over 50% of the people sitting where guys. Slowly she raised her head and saw the crowds smiles as she tried to focus on a female face in the audience. Thankfully she found a girl that looked around her age and smiled as she waited for the introduction to begin.

"Alright everyone, we have a treat for you! You all have the privilege of watching the first ever cross-gender performance!Before she could register what he just said, the crowd was filled with excitement and anticipation-though most where shocked out of their mind like the girl on stage. 撤lease give a warm welcome to 765 productions very own, Yukiho Hagiwara and Akira Senshi!"

If Yukiho could dig through the stage-and trust me she has-she would do it right now, but not only had she left her shovel at home, her partner had already begun to walk on stage. She froze at the sight of him, his tall figure towering over her with such mass that she though she was ant size while he was a building. His clothes had changes from the standard workers wear to a gray no-sleeve v-neck with a silver blazer covering most of the shirt yet leaving the arms to show his muscles. His pants where baggy silver jeans with black lines running down the middle and matching shows to go with, while his hands where covered to the knuckle with silver gloves leaving the fingers exposed. He took only a few steps and stopped when he was sure the audience could get a good view while Yukiho just watched him in horror. Looking at him was making her freeze under pressure, this was something she didn't think would happen ever in her life-well not really, but she was at least sure she had enough time to get over her fear. Now she was forced to not only perform in front of a crowd-where most of the population is male- and sing with the guy that almost gave her a heart attack by glaring at her. 'What should I do? I can't go through with this! I can't!' her mind shouted as loud as it could, trying to find something that would help her get through this.

"Yukiho! You can do it!Makoto and the others smiled while giving her thumps ups.

The shy girl looked at her friends and her producers, even with them cheering her on she felt pressured into doing this. She looked at the audience and say their excited faces as they stared at the two who where on stage. Problem was that Yukiho stole all the boys while Akira had made most of the girls drop like fly's. She could see them all, every single male in the audience was looking at her-this would be Yukiho's own version of hell right about now. She was about to run of stage and find the nearest shovel to dig the biggest hole, but a single voice stopped her in her tracks before she had the time to move.


"Y-YES?!she jumped when she heard her name coming from behind her. Turning around she saw the man that terrified her so staring at her with a different gaze. He gently nodded his head and looked at her with a mixture of seriousness and something else-probably something she thought most men where had except for the producer. He waited for her to calm herself and patiently gazed at her, finally mustering up all her courage she returned his nod and looked at the audience, praying to god that this would work.

Kosmos, Cosmos

Kosmos, Cosmos
I fly beyond infinity and the cosmos!
Kosmos, Cosmos
I can't
stop anymore, I repaint my image.
like a wavering and fluttering flower, my dreams flourish!
If a single beam of light pierces through we have
Access to the future
Reason and the nature

Our joined hearts overcomes the digital and conveys our heartbeat,
a minus 100 degree world where we canhear anything though-but look,

the beam guided us once again!
This boom searches for something wonderful we can do!

Kosmos, Cosmos
I fly beyond the cold cosmos!
Kosmos, Cosmos
I can't
go back now, I speed up even more!
Fluttering and wavering, stars and surrounding vivid colors
transmit our story and future.
Nexus for the future
Season and the nature

I fly for thousands, hundred millions light years,
until I reach The Grounds of Fate.
If I overcome this rising speed, I can overlook the galaxy!

I'ma bit scared but I believe in you,
I can do it if I always keep it this way!

Kosmos, Cosmos
I fly through the lightness of dimensions and the cosmos!
Kosmos, Cosmos
I can't
stop anymore, I run past the stage!
Drip drip melting, it looks like a drop of dreams!
I finally arrived, I look back and see us!

Access to the future Reason and the nature
Nexus for the future Season and the nature
Access to the future Reason and the nature
Nexus for the future Season and the nature

Kosmos, Cosmos
I fly beyond infinity and the cosmos!
Kosmos, Cosmos
I can't
stop anymore, I repaint my image.
like a wavering and fluttering flower, my dreams flourish!
If a single beam of light pierces through we have
Access to the future Reason and the nature
Nexus for the future Season and the nature

The pair where only a few feet away from each other, but before the song began it felt like they where oceans apart. The crowd cheered as well as the girls back stage and even from the people who where watching from the stands. Yukiho smiled and bowed in every direction while Akira bowed once and looked at the audience with pride. They both walked off stage and Yukiho was met with all her friends ready to hug the girl to death.

"You did it Yukiho!"

"Great job Yukiho!"

"See I told you there wasn't anything to worry about!"

"Oh like you could sing a song with a guy for the first time and not get nervious?"

"Hmm, alright I guess its something I need to work on!"

The girls began to laugh and giggle as they congratulated the shy girl on her incredible step towards overcoming her fear. To be honest, if it weren't for the producer and Makoto helping her out she would of ran off the stage. Through all the cheering she spotted the eldest male talking to the producer as he bowed his head to show how grateful he was. The taller male simply shook his head and said something that she couldn't hear. But when the girls had gone back to preparing for the next song and the producer getting back to helping the girls, Yukiho walked up to the elder male and stopped when he was only a few feet away. He stared at her and she was at a loss of words. Not knowing what to do she simply bowed in front of him, to not only thank him, but to apologize as well.

"I'm so sorry I got scared of you! I'm really sorry! But I also want to thank you for... for...for some reason she was on the verge of tears as she couldn't find the words to say. Sure this was a big help to her ego, but she was still scared of men and this was the first time in her life that she was able to actually talk to a boy who wasn't the producer.

She then felt a hand gently placed on her head, when she opened her eyes she saw Akira's large hand gently moving from side to side with little force. .. you did eyes shot open when his words met her ears, 的 understand your scared, but at least you have a family that wants to help taking his hand off her head, he looked over to the back of the stage and saw the tomboy and princess playfully fighting while the producer and other girls laugh.

Yukiho knew she friends where more than friends, they where a family through and through. They helped her overcome so much, she will forever be grateful for their kindness. Turning around she saw the tall man walking away to the dressing room to change, 展ait!came out of her mouth before her mind could think about the word. He slowly turned around and stared at her, waiting for her to speak. 泥-does that mean... we're a family too?"

He looked at her and slowly walked over with no expression. Not knowing what he was going to do, she closed her eyes and waited for him to do something... nothing happened. When she opened her eyes she saw his hand now stretched out and open, as if to receive her's, 滴ow about we start with friends?Smiling widely she placed her hand with his -not melting- and shook it gently with a big smile on her face!

-Next Morning-

"Finally we can go home!"

"Oh common Iori-chenn you liked coming back here!"

"Will you two shut up and get into the van!the twins retreated and fled to the safety of the fan as the others began putting the final suit cases into both vans.

"Looks like everything turned out alright!"

"Seems like it, and look Yukiho made a friend!Ritsuko turned over to the girls van to see the shy Yukiho carrying a small bag while walking beside Akira who was carrying a large suitcase that the girls had brought with them. 鉄he seems to be the only one to not feel intimidate by him. I just hope the girls can learn from her example."

"Don't worry, if Yukiho can do something that even I can barely do, then the other girls should have no problem-His words where cut off when the girls began screaming when Akira placed the large case into the care, causing his head to slide up the back of the van. He then resulted in walking to the boy's van to finish loading up. 典hough it may take some two producers shared a worried grin while hoping the best for the future.

"So we're leaving already?"

"I thought you hated this place?"

"I didn't say that, but I never really got a chance to speak to that girl."

Touma looked at the pink haired boy and shared a sigh of disappointment. 展e'll let's just pack up and-"

"HEY THERE SHE IS!The brunette turned a complete 180 to see the girl from yesterday walking there way, while holding a small bag and a bag wrapped around one of her shoulders.

"DIBS!Touma shouted again as he ran up to the girl while hearing the protests from the boy a few feet back, he finally reached the girl and was only a few feet away... he could hear his hart beating faster as she got close enough. 滴i! I saw you working the other day and I- Wait what I meant to say was that you looked pretty cute- I MEAN- Oh I'm so sorry!"

Seeing the boy fluster before him the girl simply walking forward and actually running into his chest. Touma was shell shocked and had no idea what his next action would be, 的-um... I was just-the girl seemed to be getting closer and was at the point of having her chest- which was surprisingly flat- being rubbed against his, but not in a sexual way. Touma looked down at the girl and saw her lifting her head so that he could finally see the girl he had been wanting to talk to sense he got here... what he found shook him to his core.

"Touma-kun... I'm so tired...Akarui said sleeplessly and began to move closer to Touma which resulted in them falling over with Akarui on top of the larger male. Because of his tiredness the silver haired boy thought nothing of it as he snuggled into the lower man's chest. 鄭h... so warm!"

"AKARUI?!finally coming out of his shock, Touma tried to get the smaller boy of him. Though his tries where for not as the boy laying on top of him had fallen asleep on the larger man. 展HY THE?! I THOUGHT YOU?! HUH?!"

"What's all the shouting ab-Akira moved around the car to see the pink haired boy in complete shock and not too far away from the van was two figure with one laying on top of the other... one appeared to be male while the other seemed to be harder to figure out. When he moved closer, he knew who they where exactly.

"Thank goodness Akira-san! Please help me get Akarui-his please was cut short when he looked at the taller mans face and felt a uneasy feeling shook from his eyes. The blood red eyes that he saw yesterday where back and they looked directly at Touma. 鄭-Akira-san?The larger male then lowered down while still holding that deathly aura with his eyes and coated his body with a dark presence.

Touma shut his eyes as quickly as he could preparing for the worst. When he opened his eyes he saw that Akarui was off of him and was now in Akira's arms, 滴e must of not gotten a lot of sleep because of the festival. I'll put him in the van before he falls on someone else."

Sighing in relief Touma stood and then dusted himself off before he saw Akira gently place Akarui onto the seat that was against a window. Touma then began to walk forward, but was stopped when the door was shut in front of him. He looked to the side and saw that Akira had shut the door on purpose, 填m... is everything alright?"

"What are your intentions for Akarui?the question could make anyone blush and Touma blushed a new shade of red.

"What?! I have no intentions! Honest! It was just an accident!"

"...Looking deeply into his eyes, the elder male stared at the younger males scared figure as he barely stood his ground, 的 believe you... but just be sure to live with what's to come if you continue down this road."

"Huh?Touma looked in confusion as he saw the taller more elder male get into the passenger seat of the van and shut the door as soon as he got in. 展-What just happened?!"

"Alright guy's let's go home!The producers voice shouted as he called Shouta and Ijuuin over to get into the van. The two boys walked over to greet their friend only to see him very confused. 添ou okay man?"

"Huh? Yeah I'm fine."

"You sure Touma-kun? You look kinda worried."

"Guy's I'm fine! I just wanna get home so we can get to work!"

"That's our Touma-kun! Putting work before anything!"

"Just wait Touma-kun, keep it up and maybe you'll find yourself a girlfriend!"


"Oh nothing!The elder of the three smiled as he and the younger male quickly opened the door and entered the van. Still confused as ever Touma finally hopped into the van and shut the door behind him.

"Alright! Time to head home!The producer smiled as he started the car and began to drive off, waving to the towns people as he drove.

Not even ten minutes after driving Touma felt something fall against his leg. Looking down his eyes almost bolted out of his head as he saw the silver haired boy laying his head on his leg with a smile on his face, 鄭h... so soft!"

"A... A... A-he tried to wake the silver haired boy up when he felt a familiar presence that he experienced not even an hour ago. He looked to the front to see those red eyes staring at him with complete intent to do something bad. 'Why is this happening to me?!' Touma inwardly cried as he knew the trip would be over five hours long.

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