And now we cut to the homelands, to see the rest of the invasion.

The large burning black forests and volcanoes, forever active and about to spewing great plumes of lava, were the only things in the land that the Flamvells called home.

And now, even these things were in danger.

The violet lights each became a creature, four legs total, with six great tails, at first looking like a foxes, but then appeared to be far more like a scorpions, the body was incredibly muscular, as if they creatures could lift a boulder without so much as a sweat.

The violet creatures were also neckless, with no nose and two small green eyes replacing the nose bridge and two larger ones where eyes are normally found. The mouth was lipless, though the creatures appeared to have a green beard and purple moustache, on closer inspection these were the gums of the creatures.

Lastly, the mouth, filled with canines, moved as a single word escaped the lips of the entire mass of creatures in unison.


A purple skinned man with a scarlet mohican, wearing jet black trousers with rubies studded into the knees, a jet black vest, and a necklace made of chains of small ruby balls, with a ruby in the shape of a fire hanging off of it, drew his staff, made of pure, yet solid flames, which never flickered nor raged out of control, and pointed it at the beasts.

"Halt, this is Flamvell Territory! Leave here or face the consequences!" As he threatened the creatures he shot a small burst of flame from his staff, showing the power behind his words.

The creatures simply turned towards him, staring at him with all of their eyes, before closing them temporarily.

Angered by the intruders on their homeland, the magician sent bursts of flame towards the monsters, attempting to kill them in their apparent sleep. The bursts of flame flew at an incredible speed, scorching the ground beneath and throwing clouds of soot into the sky.

A single Dimikles opened it's eyes to the flames, and in a single deft action, the tails on it's back immediately blocked the flames.

As the magician stared in horror, the Dimikles proceeded to flick the tails, sending the remaining flame directly back at the man.

He was still in shock as the flames engulfed him.

In a land that was almost the polar opposite, the icy mountains and flat frigid deserts that the Ice Barriers resided in, a similar situation was occuring.

The creatures here refered to themselves as Barses as they shambled towards the natives, their neckless bodies covered in brown flaky skin as their swollen head, with shrunken eyes and a mouth, lipless and sideways, whispers it's name repeatedly, in a twisted lullaby...

A warrior dressed entirely in light blue armour approached the whispering monsters, and with a swish of his cape and a lunge, he struck with a flurry of blows with his great double-bladed sword, made almost entirely of ice, he followed this up by drawing his other sword and immediately slashing at the Barses again, using quick and expert strikes in an attempt to disorientate the rest of the group.

Unfortunately, none of this could pierce the skin or the small amounts of dark blue armour on the creatures shoulders, lower body and boots.

The warrior stopped his attack when he realised it would not break through, and dropped into a defensive stance, preparing to take the blows of the creatures until his fellow denizens could support him.

The plan failed utterly.

The worms screamed their names as a battle cry as the four arms of one of them grabbed the warrior, the jewels in the palm of it's fingerless gloves glowing as the icy armour began to melt and boil, the remains of the armour bubbling painfully on the man's skin as that as well begins to bubble and fizz, the poor soul unable to even scream due to the sheer shock, unfortunately, the shock did nothing to diminish the agony.

Unlike the Erokin, this one did not share it's prey, it simply consumed it as it melted, the small, yet razor-sharp teeth crunching the remaining gristle and bone.

And unlike the Erokin's attack, those who witnessed the death did not scream battle cries, nor did they rush into a silent assault.

Instead, they turned to each other and nodded, then they ran, as fast as they possibly could, towards the great castle in the center of the Ice Barrier lands.

Flying through the air at a ridiculous pace, a white-winged man, his dark blue mask pressed against his face due to the sheer speed, flew across his homeland, brandishing twin daggers to take out anything in his path as he and his two comrades: a bird, bright yellow with an orange bolt shape upon it's head and a woman, dressed in a black and white jumpsuit and with a black and red eye replacing what should be a forehead. flew desperately towards their destination.

The Mist Valley's homeland is all but described in it's name: A giant gorge filled with thick grey fog, however the gorge is full of a variety of different climates: Marshlands, Urban living areas, and even forests full of life.

Life that is currently being assaulted by monsters, with bug-like bodies and long muscular arms, with large wings, made of blue and yellow scales, they called themselves Cartaros as they attacked any natural life, running at it on their two thin spindly legs.

The second they saw these creatures land, they could see the vile intent. United they turned and ran as fast as possible away from the swarm, which stared at them with sunken green eyes.

They ran in different directions, tricking the monsters into believing that they had created panic, but really they were distracting the monsters, dividing them so that their plan could fall into place.

The plan ultimately relied on a trio: A Soldier, a Shaman, and a Thunderbird. This trio had worked together for several years, as was the custom for the Mist Valley military, and now the fate of the whole tribe rested on their shoulders.

Even as night fell, the three kept on, heading ever closer to the destination, a place where they could finally show the monsters the might of the mist.

Axel remembered when he first saw the barracks.

It seemed like an eternity ago, a great hall, with a massive red carpet and twin swords, sheathed and in the shape of an X, covering every wall, these swords were the swords of all of the generations before them, and it was just one room of an amazing building, which could almost be called a mansion, it was so large, and it's rooms so numerous in quantity and functions.

It was majestic, magnificent, and overall, invincible. After all, what could possibly ruin such glorious splendor?

As he hacked away at the monsters that so suddenly appeared, and as he looked towards both Uruz and Airbellum, both of which were fighting for their lives as well, he knew that this was his answer.

These creatures were a sickly red, with visible bones and a stick figure shape, their heads were elongated, their eyes hollow except for a soulless yellow light, and their mouth toothless and cracked, a circular shape. Their arms had no fingers, nor did they seem to have bones, instead they whipped and batted at things in an attempt to tire them.

The monsters were weak however, they were easily defeated even by three tired men that had just came back to rest, the problem came in their numbers – 1 of these would be simple, but the hundreds, maybe even thousand of them, all assaulting them, batting at them with their tentacle-like arms.

The other problem was that these three men were the only ones that could fight, the rest of the residents locked up inside the bunkers underground, trying to hide from the apocalypse.

And, by a strange and eerie coincidence, Apocalypse was exactly what the creatures named themselves.

Gradually, in the depths of space, unnoticed by anybody due to the turmoil that engulfed them, dim lights began to appear in the sky.

It was almost a good thing they did not see, because otherwise they may have lost hope due to the truth forced so suddenly into their minds.

The invasion it seemed, was only just beginning.