Three months later

Ivey gave birth to two little boys one called Scarp and the other Bones, Hiccup thought they had the best looks of both parents, Rejet as was really protective and wouldn't let either Hiccup and Toothless in to the house, by now any way they lived in their own cabin. Hiccup walked back inside shaking his head to getting droplets of water on the floor and walls as h walks in "Well that blows for chopping fire wood." He muttered as he moved over to the fire, he shrived. Toothless walked in behind him and turned his head to look at his mate and a smiled grew on his face, closing the door behind him he walked over to Hiccup and warped his arms around the small boy, "ARRRH Toothless?" He screech as the dragon bite down on his neck, licking up the blood the spill

"Need Hiccup now."

"But we just did it in the woods?"

"It's spring, new life to be made and born, me want Hiccup now." Toothless said as his tongue licked the bite making Hiccup moan out as he bite his own lip,

"Toothless?" He whimpered as the dragon hands snaked down his body and rubs the front of his trousers, Hiccup rolled his head back on to the Toothless shoulder "Be…Bedroom." The dragon picked up his mate and carried him up to their bed room.

Laying him down the dragon dropped to his knees leaning over to him, his hands either side of Hiccup's head, bright green eyes looked into dark forest slits of his mate, "You kind of scaring me Toothless?" the boy said, a wide smile cross the dragon face. He lowered his face to Hiccup's and kissed him hard, nipping at the red head's tongue "Ummmmm." Hiccup moaned as his hand grabbed his dragon's hair, a copper taste filled the boy's mouth as he whimpered at the pain, and pulling back blood coated his lips and tongue, Hiccup never seen Toothless look this dangerously sexy, the dragon's eyes darted over his human's body, his tail swish behind him as he pulled at the boy clothes, moans spilled out of the Hiccups mouth, until all of his clothes laid shredded on the floor everywhere "TOOTHLESS! You're damn lucky that Ivey made me more clothes!" the black dragon growled and leaned down and licked him on the bite that made him his mate up to his eyes.

Moving his fork tongue moved over all the boy's body making him moan and whimper at the touch, he moved down and his chest to his privet area taking him into his mouth "ARRRH GODS!" The dragon moved his head up and down, driving Hiccup to the point of that he thought he would go crazy, just as he thought he was going to cum in the dragon's mouth Toothless pull away "W…what why?"

"Hiccup loves me?" blinking at the dragon

"Yes I love you." he said the dragon smiled again and took his own clothes off and pushed Hiccup back down and leaned over him looking into his eyes "What is going ON?" the red head screamed arching back as the Toothless pushed inside of him, he looked back down at his human and waited for him to relax and for him to open his eyes, brushing away his tears after a while Hiccup open his eyes, they shone looking up at his mate "Move." He whispered, Toothless hid his face in the curve of Hiccup's neck as he moved his body into his mate body, it wasn't long before Hiccup was screaming as he was came, Toothless bite down on Hiccups neck again as he filled Hiccup with his seamen.

They were still against each other before the dark hair dragon pulled out; Hiccup whimpered at loses "Damn what was that all about?" Hiccup gasped as Toothless, pulled the covers them and rubbed his face into the boy's neck

"Hiccup mad?"

"No just shocked."

"Sleep now and me make breakfast tomorrow?" Hiccup smiled and kissed him and curled into his chest.

Hiccup woke up a tried achy pain thought out his body; he turned to face the dark hair dragon who was smiling happily at him "Hiccup okay?"

"Yeah just a little worn out."

"Me love Hiccup." The boy smiled at the dragon's bad word still even after three months,

"I love Toothless." The Dragon's face turned into a frown "What's wrong?"

"Me just worried, don't want Hiccup hurt, gone."

"Stupid dragon." Hiccup said pulled him on top of him and kissed him "I'm not going anywhere."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Another three months~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hiccup walked outside and started looking into the farmland food they started to grow, when Ivey walked out with Rejet and Scarp and Bone in their arms, "Morning." Ivey said

"Morning." Hiccup answered

"Morning child." Rejet nodded to him, "Is Toothless still here?" he asked

"Yeah he's inside." He nodded and the older dragon walked up to the house carrying Scarp, Hiccup saw that he had a small pair of black wings on his back and tail, looking back at Bones to see a pair of white wings and tail, "Bones has white wings and tail?"

"He's a rare oddity, yes." She smiles

"Yeah he is."

"Would like to hold him, I don't think Rejet will be too pissed, I had to tell him off for snapping at you." She handed Bones over to him

"I guess it would explain the name." He said holding the cooing baby, his had white hair to match and red eye "Wow you are such a lovable little guy."

"He is, isn't he, like my little brother use to be apart from this little guy can see." Ivey watched him play with the baby Halfling; she smiled and titled her head very much the same as toothless does

"Your good at that I think you would make a good mother." A blush grew on his face at her words.

For a couple of days when ever Hiccup tries to do any form of work Toothless would find him and pick him up and drag him back inside, it started when Hiccup got sick every morning and then started to eat raw meat, he thought that his behaviour was just because Toothless didn't understand he was ill. But he was wrong, a week goes by and the dragon was still being a pain in his arse, "Toothless I am fine it's only in the mornings."

"Hiccup needs to be safe."

"Safe from what walking?" Toothless shook his head as Hiccup looked at him

"Hiccup don't know, me would have thought…"

"Thought what, Toothless what?"

"Hiccup is with child." He said touching his stomach, Hiccup blinked and looked smiling dragon,

"I'm what?"

"Yes." Hiccup frowned and sat on the floor looking way from his dragon, "H…Hiccup it's twins."