Vampires in Karakura

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After some breakfast and fresh blood Ichigo decided to wander a bit since he didn't have to go to school. Ichigo found himself completely bored out of his mind 'Man I'm starting to wish I was still in school' Ichigo thought.

Unknown to Ichigo at the moment he was being followed by Akua and Kahlua as they were ordered by Gyokuro to observe him. While Kahlua was focused Akua was thinking rapidly 'How is he a descendant of Alucard' she thought. 'I thought I was his only descendant. It's not fair, why does he have the power of the Shinso yet I don't.' Akua was more than a little jealous with Ichigo's power.

"Akua Nee-chan" Kahlua called breaking Akua from her thoughts "Is something wrong" she asked concerned.

That was one thing Akua loved about Kahlua; she always cared about everyone no matter who they were. "I am fine Kahlua, don't worry" Akua smiled.

"Would you two stop following me and reveal yourselves" Ichigo called startling the two vampires. Ichigo had caught onto them following him about a minute ago. Akua and Kahlua had no choice, but to reveal themselves to Ichigo who gave them an impassive look. "Can I help you two with anything" he asked.

Akua looked like she was about to say something, but Kahlua beat her to the punch line. "We're just excited about meeting you" she said in a chipper voice appearing next to him. "We just didn't know how to approach you so we followed you."

Akua continued "Yes, that is true" She walked up to him as well. She gently placed a hand on his chest "Plus we really wanted to get to know the Vampire that has bewitched our sister." She spoke in a slightly husky tone while staring at him hungrily.

Ichigo flushed slightly "I see" he said stepping back to distance himself. "If you wanted to speak with me then all you had to do was ask."

Kahlua blushed slightly while sticking her tongue out slightly "Hehe, so Ichigo-kun would you be so kind as to give us a tour of the town?"

"Sure" Ichigo replied. For the next few hours Ichigo began showing both Shuzen sisters all around Karakura. Kahlua was excited about everything and looked at it all with very bright enthusiasm while Akua was more subdued and quiet, but she showed slight interest.

After a few hours they past by an ice cream shop "Ichigo-kun" Kahlua said "What's ice cream?"

"Well… uh…" Ichigo said trying to find the best way to explain it. "It's pretty much frozen crème blended with ice and added with a bunch of flavors. Like chocolate, strawberry, etc."

"Can we get some" Kahlua asked Ichigo. She gave him a puppy dog look "Please" she said cutely. Ichigo flushed slightly from her cute look, and like every man, he could not resist the puppy dog look.

"Alright" Ichigo said. "Akua-san, do you want some as well."

"Aiya, I would like some please" she smiled "And you can call me Akua and if you must use honorifics then please call me Akua-chan" she purred at him. Ichigo flushed even more.

"I'll keep that in mind" Ichigo said softly before walking into the shop.

"What was that about" Kahlua asked Akua sharply.

"I have no idea what you are talking about dear sister" Akua said with a soft smile before walking in after Ichigo. Kahlua looked suspiciously at her sister before following as well. Both sisters looked inside the cases to see so many flavors to choose from "Aiya, so many" Akua moaned "I can't choose."

Kahlua moved up and down the rows looking at each one of them "Oh they all look so good" she said longingly. Ichigo laughed and shook his head slightly before going up and ordering a sherbet for himself. In the end Akua chose a rocky road while Kahlua chose a lemon flavored one. "So good" Kahlua said licking her ice cream.

"Even I must admit this is… very good" Akua said before licking her ice cream again.

Ichigo chuckled "Glad you both like it." He was halfway done with his ice cream already having already ordered long before they did. They finished up later and left the ice cream shop, but on their way out three very huge and muscular guys blocked their paths. Ichigo groaned internally 'Not these clowns again.'

"Well, well looky here boys" the leader said with a nasty smirk. "It's none other than Ichigo Kurosaki walking around with his freak show hair color. What's up dandelion head?" The thugs laughed slightly. Kahlua and Akua narrowed their eyes at his disrespect towards Ichigo.

Ichigo sighed "What do you want this time?"

"What do we want" the leader said. "I'm sure all of us would want you to shave that head of yours so your Sunkist top doesn't blind us when the sun refracts off of it." The thugs laughed again and Ichigo was beginning to lose his patience. Then the leader noticed Kahlua and Akua "Oh who are these two hotties? Did you pay them to play with you for the day?" That was like calling them prostitutes and that did not sit well with Kahlua and Akua as they clenched their fists and were about to attack.

Ichigo grabbed their hands stopping them and surprising them "Don't waste your energy" Ichigo said. "Idiots like them aren't worth it. Let's go" he finished before turning and walking off still holding their hands. That fact made them blush a bit.

"Hey don't ignore me" the leader shouted. "Didn't your mother teach you not to ignore people; oh that's right she'd dead isn't she?" Ichigo stopped and stood still letting go of Akua and Kahlua's hands. "Struck a nerve have I" the leader laughed. "I bet your mother only died because she couldn't stand having a pathetic carrot top like you for a son." Ichigo slowly turned around and had the most terrifying look on his face anyone had ever seen. Some other people stopped when they heard the thug harassing Ichigo, but they gasped when they insulted Ichigo's mother resulting in Ichigo finally losing it.

Akua and Kahlua's eyes widened in fright when they saw the look in Ichigo's eyes; before they had been warm all day, but now they were cold, sharp and merciless. Not even their father had a look that scary "You know" Ichigo said softly "There are some lines you really shouldn't cross."

The thug looked confused before Ichigo rushed at him with a cry of rage and slammed his fists into his face knocking him to the ground before he moved onto the other members knocking them out with one punch easily. Now Ichigo focused on the object of his rage and began punching the leader in the face as hard as he could with every punch he gave a shout of rage.

"Don't… 'punch'… Ever… 'punch'… Talk… 'punch'… About… 'punch'… My… 'punch'… Mother… 'punch'… Like… 'punch'… That… 'punch'… Again… 'punch'" Ichigo shouted in pure rage. Ichigo was in such a rage that he didn't notice that the guy had been knocked out after the second punch, but he kept going on even though blood was staining him.

"Ichigo stop" Akua shouted grabbing his arm. "Stop, he's done, just stop."

"Calm down Ichigo" Kahlua cried grabbing his other arm while Ichigo struggled, but soon he stopped and just sat still. "It's ok, just calm down" Kahlua cried softly. Ichigo breathed heavily as adrenaline pumped through his veins.

'Obviously his mother is a very sensitive subject with him' Akua thought seeing the pain in his eyes. "Come on, let's just go" Akua said softly as both her and Kahlua helped an unresponsive Ichigo up and began to lead him away.

"KUROSAKI" the leader shouted having woken up somehow. Ichigo's eyes widened as he pushed Akua and Kahlua out of the way and onto the ground. Then there was the sound of something piercing flesh and blood splattered on the ground. Akua and Kahlua looked up and gasped. Ichigo had been run through with large knife that was sticking out of his back. The leaders, bloody and bruised face smirked.

"Police" nearby people shouted in alarm.

"Bastard" Akua shouted running forward and punching him in the face before kicking him in the jewels sending him to the ground. Akua quickly ran back to Ichigo "Are you okay" she asked worried.

"I'm fine, let's go" Ichigo grunted before grabbing both vampires and taking off in a run with the knife still in his chest. Ichigo pulled them behind an alley just in time to see the police come and arrest the guy and his gang. "Serves that cocksucker right" Ichigo gave nasty smirk. Then he grunted slightly and pulled the knife out of his chest and the wound healed up almost instantly.

'Of course' Akua realized. 'All Vampires have the ability to regenerate, but Shinso Vampires can regenerate from almost any wound.' Akua was thinking of the time she fought Akasha.

"Are you okay Ichigo-kun" Kahlua asked.

"Yeah I'm fine" Ichigo said. "I'm curious though, after killing me, what did he plan on doing next?" he looked down at his shirt and sighed "Well that's one shirt that I can no longer wear. Sorry you two I'd love to continue showing you around town, but I have to go home and change now."

"It's okay Ichigo-kun" Kahlua beamed "We can always wait until tomorrow."

"Thanks, goodbye Kahlua, Akua" Ichigo waved. Kahlua waved back.

"Yeah see you" Akua said softly with a small smile. 'He's a nice guy.' Once Ichigo was out of sight Kahlua lost her happy smile and it was replaced by a sad look on her face "Kahlua, what's wrong" Akua asked.

"It's not right what we're doing" Kahlua said. "Mother only asked us to observe him so we could find a weak point to target him, but… now that I know him it feels wrong to do this. He's so kind and thoughtful and… I don't want to hurt him" Kahlua said with a few tears coming out of her eyes.

Akua put a hand on her sister's shoulders "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now let's just go." What was strange was that even Akua was feeling a tiny bit of regret for what she would have to do eventually.

What both sisters didn't know was that Ichigo was still there and had heard everything they had said. He sighed as he began walking home 'So they're Fairy Tale members. I should have guessed' he thought. 'Oh well I guess I'll have to fight them sooner or later so I might as well prepare myself.' Ichigo changed his direction and went to Kisuke's shop to train.


Ichigo panted harshly as he was on his hands and knees after training and smashing things for 7 days and nights. His long silver hair was greasy and clung to his forehead and the back of his neck. Ichigo stood up as beads of sweat fell from his body. "Ichigo are you finished" Kisuke asked walking up.

Ichigo turned to him panting "Yeah I think I am."

"Well I think it would be best if you get home now" Kisuke said "I'm sure your family is worried about you."

"Right" Ichigo said "Thanks for letting me use the place Urahara."

"It's no problem" Kisuke said "Come back anytime you need to use it. The door's always opened for you." Ichigo thanked Kisuke one more time before climbing out of the training ground and began his walk home. It was late morning-early afternoon out right now. Ichigo made it home quickly and had to duck a kick to the head.

"One week, one freakin week you are gone and then you just come home like nothing" Isshin bellowed. "You better start showing some disciple-" an elbow to the face was Ichigo's response.

"I was training at Urahara's place" Ichigo said. "You can attack me all you want after I go take a shower." Ichigo proceeded upstairs and into the bathroom before shedding his dirty clothes and stepping into some nice hot water. His Rosario and choker were still around his neck so he was back to normal. While in the shower Ichigo had plenty of time to mule over his thoughts about how to deal with Akua and Kahlua. He may even have to deal with their mother as well. 'I could take Kahlua and maybe Akua at once, but there's no way I could take all three of them at once. If I still had my Shinigami powers then maybe I could.'

Ichigo finished his shower and after drying himself he put some pants on and sat in his room just mulling over his thoughts while subconsciously fingering his Rosario. Ichigo's thoughts were interrupted when he heard Yuzu call out to him "Onii-chan there's a really pretty girl here to see you."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow at that before shrugging, getting up and grabbing a spare white T-shirt and putting it on before pulling his hair out of his shirt since it was still slightly damp. He walked downstairs to see a very familiar face "Moka" Ichigo said seeing the silver haired beauty.

She smiled at Ichigo "Hello Ichigo, it's nice to see you."

"Yeah" Ichigo said slightly surprised, happy nonetheless.

"Who's this Ichigo" Karin asked him.

"This is Moka Akashiya" Ichigo introduced. "She's a friend of mine I met back at Youkai Academy. Moka these are my two little sisters; the brown haired one is Yuzu and the black haired one is Karin."

"Hey" Karin said with a wave.

"It's nice to meet you" Yuzu smiled.

"It is nice to meet you as well" Moka said "Ichigo has told me about you two."

"Nothing bad I hope" Karin said looking over at Ichigo.

"See there's the attitude I told you about" Ichigo said pointing at Karin. Moka giggled while Karin smirked at him.

"You want to take this outside Ichi-nii" Karin said holding her wrist up exposing her Rosario.

"Sure why not" Ichigo said back placing his fingers on his Rosario.

"Come on you two we have a guest, please don't fight now" Yuzu said playing peacekeeper.

"Yeah you're right" Ichigo said. "Besides I know I'd win anyway" he said with an arrogant smirk while brushing his hair back. He got a pillow to the face for that one making Moka giggle at him.

"So Moka-san" Karin said "What kind of monster are you?"

"I am a Vampire like all of you" Moka answered.

"Wow cool" Yuzu said. Just then there was a shout of "BANZAI" and then Ichigo was sent flying across the room.

"You let your guard down again boy" Isshin cackled "And in front of a guest too, how shameful." If Isshin had been paying attention he would have noticed that Ichigo's Rosario had snapped off during the crash so when he stood back up he was in his transformed state and he was not happy. His teeth were bared and his claws were sharper than ever "Now Ichigo don't do something you might regret" Isshin sweated.

"I don't regret anything" Ichigo said darkly. In the blink of an eye he grabbed Isshin and held him straight "Moka, if you will."

"With pleasure" Moka said. Right now she couldn't believe that Ichigo's own father attacked him and right now she thought it was time for some payback. So while Ichigo held him up Moka jumped and performed a flawless roundhouse kick sending Isshin out the door.

"Wow that was more satisfying then I thought it was going to be" Ichigo grinned. After that little stunt Karin took a liking to Moka immediately and to Ichigo it was nice to pal around with someone who was not out for his life. After a while Ichigo left the house with Moka "So Moka your father wants to meet with me."

"Yes he does" Moka responded.

"Well now is probably as good a time as ever" Ichigo said. Moka gained a small amount of nervousness as they got closer to where Moka's family was staying. She knew Ichigo was powerful, but so was her father who was on the level of a Dark Lord. Soon they made it and went inside. Ichigo had never been inside this hotel before and now he understood why it had the rumor of being the most expensive place to stay in all of Japan. It was beautiful with everything being five star in appearance.

"We're on the tenth floor" Moka said. Both of them went to the elevator and went up to the tenth floor.

"What's wrong Moka" Ichigo asked. "I've never seen you this nervous before."

"It's just that…" Moka said. "I know my father and, although he doesn't show it, he is very protective of me and my sisters. I'm just a little worried for you."

"I'll be fine, don't worry" Ichigo assured her. The elevator came to the top and Ichigo followed Moka to her room. She opened the door and walked in with Ichigo shutting the door behind them.

"Father I have brought him as you requested" Moka said.

"Thank you" Issa said standing up "Leave us Moka I wish to speak to him alone." Moka bowed slightly and left the room leaving Issa and Ichigo alone.

"Lord Shuzen" Ichigo said bowing slightly.

"Respectful, I like that" Issa mused twirling a piece of his hair. "Take a seat Mr. Kurosaki." Ichigo did and sat down on a couch while Issa took the seat in a chair in front of him. "Do you know why I asked to speak with you?"

"I do not" Ichigo responded.

"I see" Issa said. "What I wish to know is how you are a descendant of the mighty Alucard, yet no one in the Monster World has heard of you until recently?"

"My mother was Alucard's Daughter" Ichigo exclaimed. "She did not approve of Alucard's actions and ran away from the family. My father was the one who found her and saved her from death. Overtime they had fallen in love with each other and then I was born. However, I was born on the verge of death so my mother injected me with her Shinso Blood to save me. It worked, but I now possessed a very massive aura that would attract other monsters so my mother, father, and a family friend sealed away my Vampire side and I lived the life of a human until recently."

"I see" Issa said absorbing the information. "What kind of monster is your father?"

"Technically he's not a monster" Ichigo said making Issa's eyes narrow.

"So he's a human" Issa said rather coldly.

"Not quite" Ichigo responded in an equally cold voice. "He's beyond a human, he's a Shinigami." Issa's eyes widened at that.

"A Shinigami" he said. "A guardian of the other side that guides fallen spirits to the afterlife."

Ichigo nodded "Yes and my father is one of the most powerful of them all."

"Do you have that power as well" Issa asked.

"I use to" Ichigo said quietly as his eyes dimmed. Issa narrowed his eyes as he saw the look in Ichigo's. it was the look only a tired, war veteran could have.

"I see" Issa said "That is all I wished to know of your past. Now I have new questions towards you; what are your intentions with my daughter?"

Ichigo spluttered slightly "I-Intentions sir."

"You heard me" Issa said. "I know you aren't dense enough to not notice that my daughter has feelings for you. I may be a Vampire Lord and I have an image to keep up, but I do care for all of my daughters. So I shall ask you once more, what are your intentions towards my daughter?"

Ichigo was silent; he knew that Moka had feelings for him, well the Inner Moka did, but he didn't know about the Outer Moka yet, but he didn't know what to do about that yet. 'It's not fair for me to play around with her when she has feelings for me' Ichigo thought. Out loud he spoke "I do like her Lord Shuzen and I would not object to perusing a relationship with her."

"So you are asking to be her blood mate" Issa asked.

"Blood Mate" Ichigo asked curiously.

"In human terms, wife" Issa said.

Ichigo blushed bright red at that "Isn't it a little early to be thinking about stuff like that. We're only seventeen years old."

"Boy I became blood mates with my wives when I was sixteen" Issa responded.

"Wives" Ichigo asked noticing the plural use of it.

"The realm of monsters is not limited to having just one wife" Issa responded. "Especially in the Vampire Race as Male Vampires are exceedingly rare. Currently you and I are the only Male Vampires that are still alive. It is the responsibility of the Male Vampire to keep the race of Vampires alive."

Ichigo brought his head into his hands sighing quietly before brushing his hair back. 'As if I didn't have enough problems to deal with' he thought. "Look Lord Shuzen I know I'm beginning to develop feeling for Moka, but she's the only Vampire I know."

"Then get to know my other daughters" Issa said bluntly. If Ichigo's face was red before then it was nothing compared to what it was now. "Kokoa is rather young, but she will make an excellent wife in the future once she learns to control her temper. Kahlua and Akua are both ripe and beautiful and anyone would want one of them."

"Look this is getting to be too much for me right now" Ichigo said rubbing his temples. "Do you have any more questions other than questions towards your daughter for me?"

"No" Issa said.

"Ok then I think I'll leave now" Ichigo said standing up. He walked to the door and left the hotel room. 'Crap my life has just gotten much more complicated' Ichigo groaned internally.

Back in the room Moka came out of the other room "What did you ask him father" Moka asked.

"Just certain questions about his heritage" Issa responded. "I found out he's part Shinigami."

"Shinigami" Moka said confused.

"I shall explain it to you later" Issa said. "By the way Moka I know that you carry feelings for Mr. Kurosaki, but would you be willing to share him?"

Moka's pale cheeks went red "S-Share" she spluttered "Why should I have to share him?"

"As you know Male Vampires are exceedingly rare" Issa said. "Most of the time they are created by injecting blood into a human's system to turn them into a Vampire and even then it's rare for it to work as they might turn into a Ghoul and even then Vampire Males rarely exist. Currently Mr. Kurosaki and I are the only true born Vampires still alive. Once word gets out to the Monster World every vampire will want him. So I want to know; do you love him enough to share him?" Moka was silent as she looked at her father.

Ichigo had gotten home and was currently doing part of his report on the human worlds function. He was already eight pages in typing it on his computer. All he needed was another seven pages and he would be done. As Ichigo finished up another page he suddenly felt a massive Youkai presence near him. Ichigo saved his work, got up and peered out his window to see Gyokuro Shuzen standing out there across the street with a smile on her beautiful face.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes slightly before turning his stiff and going down stairs. Ichigo peered around the corner and saw his father going through documents, Yuzu cooking with Karin watching T.V. Ichigo silently sneaked towards the door and snuck out and shut the door without so much as a sound. Ichigo walked out across the street until he was in front of Gyokuro "Lady Shuzen" Ichigo said bowing.

"Please no need to be so formal" Gyokuro said pleasantly. "Come and walk with me; I wish to see the home that you have grown up in." Ichigo remembered what he heard Akua and Kahlua talking about, but he figured now would be as good a time as ever to gather any information he could on them so he nodded and began walking with her.

Gyokuro was smirking slightly as Ichigo was walking ahead of her and the wind picked up slightly blowing her hair back exposing an ear piece "Be ready" she whispered so quietly not even Ichigo could hear her. Ichigo remained oblivious as he led Gyokuro around the town.

Ichigo led her around town the same way he did with Akua and Kahlua and Gyokuro paid somewhat attention, but her main focus was on Ichigo. About an hour later Ichigo stopped "Well that's pretty much the whole town as most of the buildings are large work centers for companies. Would you like to go anywhere else?"

"I've always loved the mountains" Gyokuro said smiling in false sweetness… something Ichigo could pick up on immediately. "Would you please be so kind as to show me the mountains outside of town?"

"Sure" Ichigo replied "We're almost on the edge of town anyway." Gyokuro smirked once Ichigo turned around and she followed him silently until they got to the mountainous area. Coincidently it was the same spot where Ichigo had finished off Grimmjow as there was a massive crater. "Well here we are" Ichigo said.

"I thank you" Gyokuro said before smirking at him. "For leading me here so we could settle this without interruption." Ichigo narrowed his eyes at her as she turned and snapped her fingers. Immediately Ichigo was surrounded by no less than 100 members of Fairy Tale including Akua and Kahlua. "Ichigo Kurosaki, you're coming with us" Gyokuro said.

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