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Two weeks later; Dave, Tessa, Adele and Scarlet arrived in Paris. Tessa's driver drove them to their home. As they pulled up to Tessa's home Scarlet was in awe. "This is your house, Mom?" she asked as she looked at the big home in front of her.

"Yes it is," said Tessa with a smile.

"It's so beautiful," said Scarlet. "I love it already!"

"Wait until you see the inside," said Tessa. "It's even more beautiful."

"I can't wait," said Scarlet as the driver parked the car.

"Well, let's go see it," said Tessa with a smile as she opened the car door to get out of the car.

"We're finally home," said Adele as she got out of the car and took her mother's hand.

"It's good to be home," said Tessa with a smile as she led them to the front door. Before she could open the door Angelique opened it for her. "Angelique!" said Tessa as she hugged her.

"Ms. Bennett," said Angelique as she hugged her back. "Welcome home."

"Thank-you," she said.

"And little Adele how was America?" she asked in her French accent.

"It was magnificent! I loved it. Miss Angelique they had little cereal that was shaped like fruits and tasted like fruits. It was really delicious. It was called Trix and there was a rabbit on the box!"

"That sounds wonderful," she said with a smile. "Your English, Miss Adele is better."

"I know," she said with a smile as they walked into the home.

"Angelique," said Tessa, "I want to introduce you to some people."

"Okay, Madame," she said.

"Angelique, this is my other daughter Scarlet. Scarlet, this is our maid and nanny Angelique. She is also one of my best friends."

"Nice to meet you, Scarlet," said Angelique.

"Nice to meet you too," said Scarlet with a smile.

"Daughter? I didn't know you had another daughter, Madame," said Angelique.

"It's a really long story," said Tessa. "And this is my husband; Dave. Dave this is Angelique."

"Nice to meet you, Monseiur," said Angelique with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too," said Dave as he kissed her hand.

"And husband?" asked Angelique. "Did you marry in America?"

Tessa thought about it and figured that would be a good enough story to tell everyone when they asked why her name was no longer Bennett. "Yes," she said as Dave looked at her. She whispered to Dave, "it's better than telling the whole story. You don't understand. I am not Tessa here. I am Kate Bennett here."

"But your name is Tessa," he said back in a whisper. "Just tell the truth."

"And what kind of animal is that going to make me? I walked out on my husband and kids? Yeah.. That's not going to work."

"Fine, Tess, do whatever you want," he said. "If it makes you feel better."

"And Angelique, I just want to let you know that Dave is Adele's father."

"Her papa?" she asked with a puzzled expression.

"Yes, her papa," said Tessa. "Dave is Adele's papa."

"He really is, Miss Angelique. And he is a really good Papa. I love him!" Said Adele as her blue eyes lit up with happiness.

"Madame Kate, she is so happy."

"I know," said Tessa with a smile. "Monseiur will be joining us here as will Scarlet."

"Wonderful," she said with a smile. "Congratulations."

"Thank-you," said Tessa with a smile. "I'm going to show them around. Could you prepare lunch for us while I'm doing that?"

"Yes, Madame," she said before walking away to prepare their lunch.

Tessa took them to the living room first. "This is the living room," she said as they walked around looking at the living room.

"You do have mine and Zachary's pictures," said Scarlet with a smile as she looked at their pictures on the wall.

"Yes I do," said Tessa with a smile. "I always hoped that one day you guys would be here living with me. Having your pictures up made me feel like you were here. I loved looking at them everyday. I would look at them and wonder where you guys were and what you were doing."

"Really?" asked Scarlet.

"Really," said Tessa with a smile. "Just because I was gone didn't mean I stopped loving you. I thought about you everyday. You and your brother were on my mind everyday."

"You were on my mind too," said Scarlet. "Can we see more of the house?"

"Absolutely," said Tessa with a smile as she continued on with the tour of the house. She showed them her office and her computer room. She showed them the family room as well as Adele's playroom that was filled with many toys and dress up clothes; mainly ballet outfits, but there were a lot of dress up clothes for her. Tessa then showed them the bedrooms and showed Scarlet where her room would be. Surprisingly enough it was already put together for her and ready for her to move in. "Scarlet, this is your room."

"This is my room?" asked Scarlet as she walked in and looked around. The walls were lavender and the bedding in the room was white with purple flowers with a lavender canopy over the bed. There were white dressers in the bedroom as well as a walk in closet already filled with clothes that Tessa had designed. "It's beautiful."

"I hoped you would like it," said Tessa. "I had a friend design it for you."

"I love it," she said as she walked over to the closet. "And there are already clothes for me?"

"Clothes from the Scarlet line," she said with a smile.

"The Scarlet Line?" asked Scarlet.

"Yes," said Tessa. "Your clothing line. The clothes are set to debut in one month. It is a clothing line for teenagers."

"So no one has these clothes yet?" she asked.

"Not yet," said Tessa with a smile. "How would you like to do a fashion show to debut the clothing line?"

"I don't know," said Scarlet. "I don't like to be in front of all those people."

"It's really fun," said Adele. "I do fashion shows. It is really fun."

"I don't know. It's just not me," said Scarlet.

"That's okay," said Tessa, "you don't have to if you don't want to. It's your line."

"That is so awesome," she said with a smile. "And the clothes are really cool too. I love it."

"Good," said Tessa with a smile. "Now, Dave, let me show you our room."

"Okay," said Dave as he followed Tessa to their room as Scarlet and Adele stayed in Scarlet's room.

Tessa led Dave down the hall to their room and opened the door. "This is our room," she said with a smile.

Dave walked in and was surprised when he looked at the white walls to see tons of pictures of them hanging on the wall. "Those are pictures of us," he said.

"I know," said Tessa. "Angelique always asked me who you were. I've had them there since I moved in. I liked having them up. They reminded me of happier times."

"Happier times? You seem happier being here," said Dave.

"I am now but when I first came here I wasn't happy at all. I was actually very sad living here. I missed you guys. I told you I thought about you guys everyday and then I found out I was pregnant. I thought about leaving and going back but I couldn't. I wanted to stay here. When I had Adele I wanted to come home but I chose not to. It wasn't until Adele was two years old that I had myself completely distracted from leaving Paris and heading to America. I still thought about you but as I started my career as a fashion designer I became happier. I made a life for Adele and me here. It was what I needed. I felt so bad for everything that happened with you and me in America. I felt bad for everything that happened with Scarlet and Zachary. I don't know why I felt that everything would be better if I left. I guess I just had it in my mind. I do regret leaving. I wish I never did but here is where I'm happiest. I hope that you're just as happy as I am living here."

"Tessa, I will be happy living anywhere as long as I am living with you," said Dave as he wrapped his arms around Tessa's waist.

"Even if it's in Paris away from your family?" she asked.

"My family is here," said Dave. "I don't know what Paris is all about but what I do know is it made you a happier person. Adele seems happy and Scarlet is happy too. So maybe this Paris thing isn't too bad. Maybe it's the new beginning that we need," he said. "Are you ready for a new beginning Kate Bennett-Batista?" he asked with a smile.

"I am ready for a new beginning," she said, "but I want to be Tessa Batista," she said.

"All right. Tessa Batista. I love you and I am ready for this new beginning with you," he said before he softly kissed her lips.


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