Chapter Three

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"This was all your stupid idea" Cheren hissed at Hilbert.

"I only wanted to help" Hilbert said.

"Now is not the time to be placing blame on one another" Hilda interjected. "We're already in enough of a sticky situation." Hilbert persuaded them to go back and help Ash so they did and they did manage to get in, but were caught rather quickly as they had no idea how to be stealthy that well. Now they were hear and captured and soon the last of the grunts vacated the lab and took off leaving only them and two grunts left.

"Now it's time to deal with you" one grunt said. Both of them pulled out Pokeballs and released two Palpitoad's. Then a thunderbolt shot out of nowhere and blasted both Palpitoad's sending them flying back.

The scraping of tires got their attention as a jeep pulled up and a Zapdos took landing next to the jeep. The door opened up and a Team Plasma grunt stepped out "Who do you think you are" the grunt demanded. "You've got a lot of nerve do what you just did."

"The names" the grunt smirked before ripping off the Team Plasma outfit revealing Ash in his normal clothes with Raichu on his shoulder "Ash of the Pokémon G-Men."

"Pokémon G-what" the two grunts said cluelessly.

"Ash" the four kids cried as they ran up to him. Ash turned and nodded to them.

"I don't care what kind of man you are" one grunt shouted "Your soon about to be a dead man. Palpitoad use hydro pump." Palpitoad took a deep breath and launched a large hydro pump at them.

"Zapdos use ominous wind" Ash called. Zapdos squawked before launching a large blast of wind at Palpitoad. It tore through the water and grabbed both Palpitoads and the Team Plasma grunts before launching them sky high. With the threat out of the way Ash focused on them "I warned you not to come back here" Ash said sternly.

"We're sorry" Bianca said. "We only just wanted to help you and Zekrom."

Surprising them Ash smiled "Yeah I know. You only want to help the Pokémon as much as I do. I just freed six Pokémon from here. All that's left is to free Zekrom and blow this place sky high. Speaking of which, Zapdos destroy this place with hyper beam." Zapdos nodded and began firing out massive hyper beam and hyper beam destroying the lab. The others were in the jeep driving out of the area with Zapdos having been recalled. "We've got to stop Team Plasma before they do anymore harm to Zekrom" Ash said driving faster.

It was a rough ride driving through the rough terrain, but after swerving through more trees they came to a clearing and saw Zekrom, obviously having escaped from Team Plasma, rampaging in absolute fury launching many thunderbolts everywhere. Ash stopped the jeep and they all got out "Zekrom" Hilda said softly.

"We've got to stop Zekrom" Ash said. "Zapdos let's go" he called sending Zapdos out. "Go and stop Zekrom." Before Zapdos could take off Team Plasma jeeps surrounded them and the head of the Facility got out and addressed Ash coldly.

"Well, well, well" he said. "So you're the famous Electric Master Ash Ketchum I've heard so much about. You've put a massive wrench into Team Plasma's hands for the last time. The rest of you go and recapture Zekrom while I deal with him."

"Yes sir" they said and drove on past them.

"Don't worry Ash we'll make sure nothing bad happens to Zekrom" Hilbert said "C'mon guys let's go." They all ran after the Team Plasma grunts.

"No guys wait" Ash called.

"You" the head grunt said "You destroyed our laboratory and now it's time for you to pay."

Ash scowled at the main "Anyone who would forcibly drain a Pokémon's power for some insidious plot must be stopped. Now let's see what you've got."

"You're gonna pay for messing with Team Plasma" he said.

"If you mean by defeating me then I highly doubt that" Ash said.

The grunt… well… grunted before pulling out two Pokeballs "Go Unfezant" he called sending out two bird Pokémon "Use drill peck" he called. Both of them shot at Ash.

"Go Zapdos" Ash said. Zapdos flew at the two bird Pokémon and glared at them as their pathetic attacks did absolutely nothing to it. "Alright Zapdos thunder wave" Ash called. Zapdos launched a thunder wave that struck the two Pokémon and sent them down, but not out.


Meanwhile the others were racing down the road to catch up with Zekrom. Team Plasma was already there and had ensnared Zekrom in nets that drained its electricity. "No" Hilda cried before pulling out a Pokeball "I choose you Serperior." Out came a long green king cobra shaped Pokémon. "Use razor leaf to cut the net" she called. Superior flicked its tail and launched several leaves and cut the net from Zekrom.

"I'm gonna get those punks" a Team Plasma grunt said preparing to fire another net launcher.

"Stop it" Hilbert shouted standing in front of them all protectively. Zekrom woke up and freed itself from the net before sending a powerful hyper beam and blowing the Team Plasma grunts sky high.


Ash was just about finished with the grunt "Unfezant use fury attack" he shouted. They both charge and began pecking at Zapdos as fast as they could, but nothing worked.

"Zapdos Giga Impact" Ash said quite annoyed with this grunt. Zapdos was even more annoyed at having to face such weak Pokémon so it charged at them with purple energy glowing off of its body and nailed them hard knocking them out instantly.

"Oh no Unfezant" the grunt gasped. Sirens met their ears as many cop cars and an Officer Jenny pulled up "Team Plasma, you've violated your last conservation law" Officer Jenny said.

"Good book him Officer Jenny" Ash said while the grunt growled loudly at Ash.


Unfortunately with Team Plasma gone Zekrom was still in a rage and was rampaging over the mountains and was getting closer to Opelucid City. "We've got to stop Zekrom before it reaches the city" Cheren called.

"Please Zekrom stop" Bianca cried "We don't want to battle or hurt you."

"All we want is to be your friends and help you" Hilbert said "Please Zekrom." Zekrom looked like it would calm down for a second before it roared and launched a powerful thunderbolt at them all. They screamed in fright as it neared closer.

"Haxorus use dragon pulse" a female voice called.

"And Druddigon use ice beam" a male voice called. The two attacks sped from nowhere. The dragon pulse stopped the thunderbolt while the ice beam froze a wall preventing Zekrom from going further.

The four kids turned to see a young dark skinned girl and a tall muscular white haired man with a large beard. "Hey we figured you guys could use some help" the girl grinned.

"Indeed" the man said. "Zekrom is very powerful and will be tough to bring down. Allow us to assist you."

"Thanks, but who are you two" Hilda asked.

"I'm Drayden and this is my apprentice Iris" Drayden introduced them. "We heard rumors of Team Plasma capturing Zekrom to use for their own gain and as fellow Dragon trainers we simply cannot allow it."

"No way it's despicable" Iris agreed.

Zekrom roared and turned around going the opposite direction still angrier than ever. "We need to follow it" Cheren said and all of them took chase after Zekrom. They followed it until they turned a corner.

"Hey look its Ash" Hilbert called seeing Ash stand there with his Zapdos and Raichu.

"Let's go you guys" Ash said knowing there was no other alternative. They nodded and Raichu jumped on Zapdos' back and Zapdos took off. Both of them flew up and blocked Zekrom's path. "Both of you use thunderbolt" Ash called. They both did and launched an extremely powerful thunderbolt at Zekrom while Zekrom countered with its own thunderbolt with both of them cancelling each other out. They continued firing thunderbolt after thunderbolt at each other.

"Ash please stop your attacks" Hilbert said.

"Zekrom is in really bad shape" Hilda agreed.

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that" Ash said. "Battling is the only way to save Zekrom right now." A roar got their attention as Zekrom was struck by a thunderbolt and was howling in pain.

"Zekrom" Hilbert said quietly.

"Alright Zapdos use ominous wind" Ash called. Zapdos squawked and launched a swirling vortex of wind at Zekrom making it roar again before falling on the ground wincing.

"Poor Zekrom" Iris said quietly.

"All the anger is not the fault of Zekrom" Drayden said.

"Yeah put the blame on Team Plasma and what they did by draining Zekrom's electricity" Cheren said.

'Soon Zekrom' Ash thought as Zekrom got back up 'I'll help to rid you of all of your pain, your sorrow, your anger, your fear.' "Zapdos give another ominous wind" Ash called. Zapdos shot another ominous wind at Zekrom making it hit dead on. "Now Raichu jump and finish it off with Giga Impact" Ash called. Raichu jumped from Zapdos' back and charged down at Zekrom with purple energy glowing off of its body before slamming into Zekrom making it cry out before finally collapsing to the ground.

"Is it ok" Hilbert asked softly. Ash walked up and pulled out the special Pokeball that Lance gave him and tossed it at Zekrom. It connected and Zekrom was then sucked inside the Pokeball. The Pokeball landed on the ground and the center began flashing between red and clear for a few tense seconds before it stopped. Ash walked up and picked up the Pokeball.

"Zekrom is going to be ok now" Ash said "My work here is done."

"Please take care of it" Hilbert said to Ash.


The last of the Team Plasma grunts were loaded into the prisoner van and carted off. "I must thank you Ash" Officer Jenny said. "Thanks to your efforts we were able to capture all of Team Plasma with minimal damage."

"And thank you for all of your hard work Officer Jenny" Ash thanked.

She nodded "Now if you'll excuse me I must continue my investigation." Officer Jenny hopped back on her motorcycle and drove off.

"Ash" a voice called. Ash looked up to see Lance descending on his Dragonite.

"Hey Lance" Ash greeted as Lance hopped off his Dragonite.

"I just finished up, what about you" Lance said. Ash pulled out Zekrom's Pokeball "I see, then our situations were similar" Lance said pulling out an all white Pokeball with the same line designs as Ash's only the lines were red instead of blue.

"Yeah" Ash said. He turned to the others "I guess this is goodbye" he said.

"Guess so" Hilbert said sadly.

"Don't worry" Ash said tightening his grip on Zekrom's Pokeball "I'll take care of Zekrom just like any of you guys would and like Zapdos and Raichu Zekrom will be my friend."

"Thant's great" Hilda said "Thanks Ash."

"Drayden it's been a long time" Lance said.

"Lance, my you've grown up" Drayden said as they both shook hands. "Iris this is Dragon Master Lance of the Elite Four. Lance this is my apprentice Iris."

"It's very nice to meet you Lance" Iris said.

"Same" Lance said "You must have some real talent to catch Drayden's eye." Iris blushed slightly. Their goodbyes were quick as Ash hopped on Zapdos and Lance hopped on Dragonite.

"Take care everyone" Ash called. As he and Lance zoomed off into the sky.

"Bye Ash" Hilbert, Cheren, Bianca and Hilda called waving until Ash was out of sight. Currently Ash and Lance were almost to the borders of Unova near the port by Nuvema Town.

"Lance you go on I need to deal with something real quick" Ash called.

Lance looked surprised, but nodded "Alright catch up quickly though. We still need to report back."

"Got it" Ash said as Lance sped away "Zapdos can you go and stop at the cliff over there." Zapdos squawked and flew down to the cliff. Once there Ash hopped off and pulled out six Pokeball and threw them into the air. Out came Zebstrika, Emolga, Stunfisk, Galvantula, Eelektross and Thundurus. "Well guys we did it and took down the members of Team Plasma that held you hostage."

The six Pokémon gave out cheers or in Thundurus' case a satisfied grunt. "Raichu" Raichu said smiling slightly.

"Now you six are free to go if you so wish to" Ash said. That made them stop and look at Ash in confusion. A human had never given them the option of leaving before "I know that you six have been through a lot already being captured and used by Team Plasma. I know they went through a lot to get Zekrom and Thundurus because of them being Legendary, but that doesn't excuse the rest of you. I'm giving the rest of you the option of either staying with me or going back into the wild."

There was a tense moment of silence with no one speaking or moving before little Emolga walked up to Ash so Ash crouched down next to it. Emolga sniffed his hand a bit before looking at Ash's kind face before smiling and running up to his shoulder. Slowly, but surely Zebstrika, Stunfisk, Galvantula and Eelektross walked up to Ash. They seemed to trust him; only Thundurus stayed in his spot.

Thundurus turned to Zapdos and began talking with it as indicated by Thundurus' grunts and Zapdos squawks. Finally Thundurus nodded and floated up to Ash and uncurled its arms and held out its hand to Ash. Ash grasped Thundurus' arm and it was a sign of trust between them.

"I promise to take care of all of you" Ash said recalling all six of them "Okay Zapdos let's catch up with Lance." Ash and Raichu climbed back on top of Zapdos and they took off to catch up with Lance. So Ash had now captured six new Pokémon and Lance had captured at least two. Ash couldn't wait to see which ones Lance caught.

Ash caught up to Lance quickly and they stopped in Viridian City and after recalling their Pokémon they proceeded to a shop that said "Pokémon G-Gear." It was a shop where trainers could by training gear, or more Pokeballs, and it was also a secret meeting place for members of the Pokémon G-Men.

"What can I help you two with" the clerk asked friendly. Both Ash and Lance pulled out a badge that had a large red G on it. The clerk turned serious "I see, go on in" he said indicating to the back.

"Thank you" Ash and Lance said before proceeding to the back room and locking the door. Once there they saw a large table with empty chairs since there was no meeting going on with a bunch of computer technology surrounding it. Both of them then proceeded to the front of the computer and it scanned them.

"Identification" the computer said.

"Dragon Master Lance: Code X52495" Lance said.

"Electric Tamer Ash: Code R69837" Ash said.

"Identity confirmed" the computer said before a large computer screen lit up. It showed three men on the other side, looking middle aged.

"Ah Ash and Lance you've returned" the center one said.

"Yes sir" Lance said "Our mission was accomplished. It was indeed Team Plasma trying to use Reshiram and Zekrom."

"Report now" the one to the left said.

"Sir" Ash said. "We travelled to Nuvema Town and then split up since Reshiram and Zekrom were on opposite sides from each other. I went for Zekrom while Lance went for Reshiram. Together we stopped Team Plasma and got a good number of their forces arrested."

"And Reshiram and Zekrom" the one on the right said. Ash and Lance merely pulled out their Pokeballs and showed them. "I see; good work to the both of you. We will give you a call if something more happens and we need your assistance." The screen went dark signifying the end of their meeting.

"Alright Ash I will see you later" Lance said.

"Yeah bye Lance" Ash said. "I gotta appear at Indigo stadium anyway. Koga challenged me to another battle and I heard it's going to be broadcasted worldwide."

Lance chuckled slightly "Well Ash you've hid in the shadows for the past four years and I'm sure your friends want to see you."

"Yeah I know and I wish I could've seen them more, but with my training to take the Elite Four competition, my training as a Pokémon G-Men and becoming Kanto Champion on top of that is a little overwhelming" Ash said.

"Wait until a full month passes" Lance said "After that you usually get used to it by then. Anyway see you later."

"Going on a date with Cynthia" Ash asked. Lance stiffened for a few seconds before quickening his pace and not answering Ash making Ash laugh. It was no secret that Lance and Cynthia had been going out for a while. They just couldn't see each other often because of their duties as champions, but now that Lance had fewer duties as an Elite Four member and Cynthia relinquished her title to Tobias they had much more free time.

Anyway Ash had more important things to think about. He had to battle Koga again 'Well let's see if his Pokémon have improved' Ash thought eager to battle. Hey battling was the only thing that relieved Ash's stress next to sleeping and eating. With that thought in mind Ash started his journey to the Indigo Plateau.


"Mom I'm home" young Max Maple announced as he walked into his old home at Pettleburg city. He had just come back from competing in the Hoenn League.

"Max honey" Caroline called walking into the main room. She hugged her son tightly "It's good to see my little Pokémon trainer."

Max blushed "Mom I'm not little I'm fourteen" he complained.

Carline smiled "I know, but you'll always be my little trainer. Now come on in I bet you're starving."

"Yeah I am" Max said as his stomach gave off a rumble. They walked into the dining room and Max saw another familiar face "Hey sis" Max greeted.

"Hey Max it's great to see you again" May said as the two siblings reunited. "I'm sorry I couldn't make your matches" she apologized.

"Don't worry about it sis" Max said "I know how stressful it is being a top coordinator and model."

"Yeah it is" May said "This has been my first day off in almost two weeks. So how'd you do?"

Max looked down "I got to the Top Four, but that's it."

"He that's still pretty good" May said. Her tone got softer "Ash would have been proud of you."

Max looked down sadly "You think so?" Ash was like a mentor and an older brother to him having taught him a lot about Pokémon and battle strategy before he disappeared.

"Everyone come to the living room hurry" Their father called excitedly. Immediately May, Max and Caroline went into the living room to see their father looking at the T.V. with excitement.

"What is it dad" May asked.

"An old friend has now been found" Norman said confusing them before they focused on the T.V.

"Ladies and Gentlemen a full six on six battle is about to be taking place" the MC called. "And the competitors in this match will be Elite Four Member Koga facing off against the new undisputed champion Ash Ketchum."

May and Max's eyes widened as the laid eyes on an older looking Ash wearing a confident smile on his face. No matter how old Ash got it was his smile that those two never forgot. Immediately the two of them shot themselves into the seats next to their dad. "Can I get you two anything" Caroline asked hiding her amusement.

"Sandwich please" they both said.

Back in the Indigo Plateau the ref raised both flags "During the battle only Koga is allowed to switch Pokémon. This battle ends when one side is out of Pokémon; no time limit. Now let the battle begin" the ref finished lowering both flags.

"Ash I can guarantee you this battle shall be far tougher than our last one" Koga said pulling out a Pokeball. "Muk I choose you" out came a dark purple Pokémon shaped like a large pile of sludge.

"Alright then my choice is Magnezone" Ash called sending out Magnezone.

"Koga starts things out with his Muk while Ash goes with Magnezone" The MC called. "Folks this is just how their last match started, but let's see if it goes by the same way."

"That's a great choice for Ash" Max said. "Muk's a poison type and Magnezone is part steel type so poison moves have no effect on it."

"Muk return" Koga said recalling his Pokémon.

"What's this" the MC called. "Koga has chosen to recall his Pokémon. What will his choice be instead?"

"Go Toxicroak" he called sending out, what looked like a bullfrog shaped Pokémon with large sacks on its cheeks. "Toxicroak use rock smash" Koga called.

"Magnezone use magnet bomb" Ash called. Magnezone's arm glowed silver before both of them met in a head on collision, which ended up with both of them jumping back.

"Now use focus punch" Koga called. Toxicroak charged in with its fist glowing before it nailed a super effective punch on Magnezone.

"Oh that had to hurt" The MC called.

"Magnezone use electro ball" Ash called. Magnezone formed an electric ball in front of itself before launching the attack at Toxicroak and nailing it head on. "Now use thunderbolt" Ash called. Magnezone launched a series of thunderbolts at Toxicroak.

"Toxicroak dodge and use brick break" Koga called. Toxicroak dodged and moved to the side of the thunderbolts before jumping up and smashing its glowing fist into Magnezone's head doing more massive damage to it. "Now end it with cross chop" Koga called.

"Zap canon" Ash called. Magnezone got Toxicroak with the zap canon paralyzing it from the effects "Now use flash canon" Ash called. Magnezone launched a powerful flash canon at Toxicroak and nailed it knocking Toxicroak out.

The ref raised the red flag "Toxicroak is unable to battle; Magnezone is the winner." Koga's first icon went dark and Koga recalled his Toxicroak.

May and Max marveled at Ash's battling style as he battled with such intense heat and passion that it was awe inspiring. Ash's Magnezone was then taken down by Koga's Venomoth with a series of string shots and wing attacks. Then Ash's next choice was his Luxray, which took down Koga's Venomoth, Muk and Crobat with a combination of zap cannons, charge beams and thunder fangs and the poison types just couldn't stand up to the intense electrical attacks of Luxray.

Koga's Skuntank was able to take down Luxray on the next battle by poisoning it with toxic spikes and wore it out for the remainder of toxic spikes to take it out. So now Ash had lost two Pokémon while Koga had lost four. Then Ash sent out his Rotom, which was in the form of its electric/ice type form. It took a powerful beating from Skuntank, but Ash had it use self destruct to take out Skuntank and itself leaving Koga with his last Pokémon while Ash still had three.

"Folks this match is really heating up" the MC called excitedly. "Koga has now become the first person to ever take out more than two of Ash Ketchum's Pokémon so now we see what Koga's last choice will be." Koga sent out Arbok "And Koga sends out his most powerful Pokémon Arbok" The Mc called "Now what is Ash Ketchum's response?"

'Hmm Toxic spikes are still in effect and I don't have a poison type to cancel it out' Ash thought. He pulled out a Pokeball and looked at it 'It's risky, but it's my only choice right now' Ash thought "Go" Ash called.

In a flash appeared the electric type Pokémon Eelektross that he caught in Unova "And a big surprise folks" the MC called excitedly "Ash's fourth Pokémon is known as Eelektross; a Pokémon from the Unova Region. According to the info we've got Eelektross has no elemental weakness at all." Yep thanks to its ability Levitate Eelektross was immune to ground types making it the second Pokémon to have no weakness.

"Which means toxic spikes have no effect" Ash said indicating to Eelektross' ability to levitate.

"Toxic spikes or not I will win" Koga said. "Arbok use acid now" Arbok hissed and shot a large stream of purple acid at Eelektross.

"Eelektross dodge and use charge beam" Ash called. Eelektross flew to the side and dodged the acid attack before launching a beam of electricity at Arbok.

"Arbok use dig" Koga called. Arbok avoided the attack by digging into the ground.

"Eelektross jump" Ash called. Eelektross jumped just in time as Arbok shot from directly underneath it and it would have chomped Eelektross if Ash hadn't ordered it to jump "Now use zap canon" Ash called. Eelektross nailed Arbok with Zap cannon sending it back where it landed and was now paralyzed from the effects.

"Arbok are you ok" Koga called.

"Now Eelektross use thunder fang" Ash called. Eelektross' teeth cackled with electricity before it charged at Arbok and nailed it with a powerful thunder fang making it cry out in pain. "Now use Giga Impact" Ash called. Eelektross surrounded itself in purple energy and charged at Arbok and nailed it hard sending Arbok flying with a cry of pain. Arbok lied on the ground with swirls in its eyes.

The ref raised the red flag "Arbok is unable to battle; Eelektross is the winner. All six of Koga's Pokémon have been eliminated so the winner is Ash Ketchum." Koga's last icon went dark making his picture disappear and 'Winner, Congratulations' replaced it while pointing at Ash's picture.

"And it's over" the Mc called. "Koga put up a valiant fight, but in the end Ash Ketchum won the match and remains the Champion." Ash and Koga walked out the middle of the field and shook hands with each other.

"Max we're making a pit stop in Kanto" May said immediately having devoured three sandwiches during the battle.

Max nodded finishing his second one "Alright I planned on taking on the Indigo League after Hoenn anyway." Both siblings shot up and went to pack leaving two chuckling parents.

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