September 12, 1914

The first battle of Marne…the men out on the front lines are trying to hold Paris in our name, France. My name is Dakota Wetmore…yes I know it's not French. It's because I left my home country of America to fight for France, however they still haven't gave use "newbie's" a chance yet. Although I love to fight for what is right, I gave up the one thing that is most important to me, and that is the person I love. Her name is Trista and she is the same age as me, 18. I've been away from her for 18 months and it is killing me! For the past 18 months, I have been training by running practice drills through trenches and shooting at "German men" on the "front lines". I've heard that new technology was introduced. The French and Germans have been using new weapons including machine guns, large mounted guns, poison gas, submarines, airplanes, and tanks were extensively used for the first time in World War I. Allies were supplied with cannon powder, submarines, copper wire, and armored cars by the U.S even though they are neutral, but we all know they're on our side.

Everyday I hear the shots of bullets firing out of the machine guns, going into the men on the battlefield. I see them fall to the bottom of the trenches. I smell the blood from their wounds. I hear the fallen take their last breath before leaving the battlefield. Everywhere, men from both sides fall to the ground by another man. I watched people fall, scream, yell, and pray for their allies that just fell while they pray to survive themselves.

I miss Trista the most. She is my world and I can't die and leave her alone so now I look forward to walk home and see her smiling waiting for me at her front door.

However, for now I must wait in this training camp until I get my chance on the front lines. I know I can do something and I know I can change this war, but for now I must be patient…

-Dakota Wetmore