This is the first chapter of my first story in a series of stories called The Second Angel Chronicles. It was meant to be an introduction to the main character of this story but someone who read this early on before I uploaded told me it looked more like a poem. I left it the way it was, though, as I liked it like this. The chapters from here on are normal third-person stories. Yes, this is Tomoya Okazaki from Clannad, by the way. So, please leave reviews so I can make this series better and better. And read the whole thing, please.

Chapter 1

The wind swept over the abandoned street. Completely still, lay a man with short, dark blue hair. The man wore the standard uniform that all those here wore.

The man lay there, with sorrow across his face from a life of sadness.

This man will fight against the truth, looking for his own truth that does not exist.

This man is just like those who have come before him. Tortured, sorrowful, and could not accept the lives they had lived.

This man wanted retribution for the unfair life that had been thrust upon him by God. For everything that God had taken away from him. He felt that he deserved a new life. A new chance. But, this man died a horrible death, dirtied on the street, run over without a single soul that would come to his aid.

What a pitiful life, the man would think to himself.

This man had a name, as did all who walk upon this strange world.

His name, you ask? Tomoya Okazaki.

But. This man should not be in this world. This man was too old for this world. This world was for the youth of Earth who could not accept the hell of their lives.

So why was this man here? Why was a person who should not be there, be there in the first place.

It is inconceivable.

But this whole world is inconceivable and impossible. So this situation is more possible than originally thought.

So this situation that should be completely impossible but when compared to the whole of the impossibilities of every impossibility here, is actually quite possible and it feels like such a possible but still impossible matter. Yet at the same time, due to the man's existence, still possible.

Actually, this situation had happened twice before. The first time will be left along while second time is actually more important that you may originally begin to believe.

But enough of that.

Right now, we must focus on this man.

For this man is finally waking.

I will start the story here.

This man and the people around him are going to go through much hardship and pain in this brief period of time.

This man, will soon come into contact with the Second Angel.

Prepare yourself.