The Return of the King

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A four year old blonde girl with sharp violet-blue eyes, tan skin and whisker marks tripled on each cheek was lying down in an ally way being beaten by a mob.

This girl was Uzumaki Naruko of konoha.

She didn't know why they all hated her but; she always tried to smile no matter the abuse she received.

The only people who nice to her was an old man in red and white robes with a funny hat and the people at the ramen stand that let her eat there.

This was one of the worse beatings she was getting it was her fourth birthday day where she should be happy but, no the people never let her be happy.

She secretly hated them for all the things they did to her, she did nothing to them why can't they leave her alone, she screamed in her mind.

She suddenly felt surrounded by water.



Deeper she sank into the lake the mob of her attackers had thrown her in too.

'Why, why, WHY! I've done nothing to them and yet I'm going to die.' She thought as she sank even deeper into the lake

Bubbles escaped her mouth and her eyes glazed over as she was losing consciousness. This was Uzumaki Naruko in what may be her last moments in her short four year old life.

Suddenly her eyes opened and they held pure determination as she tried to swim but she was in such pain she could barely move.

'I won't die, not like this! Hokage. I need to be Hokage like jiji and be a ninja.' She thought as she fought the pain but it was too much for her as she made it up somewhat but her body gave out from her.

The last of the bubbles escaped her mouth as she fell asleep. A wisp in the water surrounded her and made an air bubble around her. A woman floated over to her. This woman looked at her as if examining her.

"Such a strong spirit in one so young, for her to loss her life so early would be nothing more than tragic. Hmm, she reminds me much of Arturia, strong willed, noble in heart, and carrying a beast of power from birth. Oh my, she is a child of the whirling tides. I thought they were all gone. Interesting, maybe it is time for a new hero of legend to rise?" She giggled it sound that of an angel to those who could hear it.

"Yes, it is time for the sword to reappear in this war torn world. And why not the child of prophesy to wield it as I'm sure there could be no better. Yes, Arturia your legacy will continue as this child will be a king. A king like you and yet not like you, the child who will save this world and bring peace. It seems I will be busy, hmm, probably the most fun I will have in centuries. I the Lady of the Lake will give you guidance young Uzumaki as your family was the only ones other than Arturia to hold my blessing and so shall you, my future king of knights among the Shinobi." She whispered as she brought her to the surface where the sun was just rising and a new day came as a legend was in the making.


'Am… am I dead? No… I'm breathing and I feel warm.' Naruko decided to look around. She appeared to be in a small hut with a blanket on her.

She tried to move but felt constrained and she saw bandages on her wounds, this led to a flash back of what the villagers had done to her, how much she hated them, and then she laid back down.

As she closed her eyes she heard a humming sound, she turned to the window and saw a beautiful woman with long chestnut hair, porcelain skin, and a long blue dress (1).

She seemed to be reading a book of some kind, and then suddenly she was struck with the idea that this woman would hurt her…but she helped her…but people have been nice before and then they try to hurt her. So she had to be careful to what this woman's game was.

The woman then walked to the door and Naruko tensed.

The woman spoke and her voice just sound so heavenly; it was like nothing she had heard.

"Well, it seems that you've awaken young Uzumaki, for that I am glad. I have looked at your wounds and they seem to have healed nicely. Would you mind telling me why you were in the lake little one?" she woman asked

Naruko just narrowed her violet-blue eyes "Who are you?" she asked with clear tension and suspicion in her voice.

The woman just seemed to smile at her "I'm am known as Nimue, the lady of the lake young Uzumaki … a spiritual guardian if you would."

"Why do keep referring to my name and how do you even know it. Unless your part of konoha? And a spirit why would I believe that?" Naruko spoke in the same tone as before.

"My you truly are smart for your age and you don't know of your own people, that's a shame as I was the one who gave them my blessing with water itself. I was truly sad when I thought that all of them were killed and then I find probably the last one thrown in my lake what a twist of fate." She said with a whimsical smile.

Naruko's mind was in rapid succession, she had a clan, was the last of it, some spirit of her clan saved her, she could only ask one thing to make sure she wasn't going insane. "Prove you are who you say you are."

The woman then turned in to what seemed to be a humanoid being made of water and she changed shape with her form. Naruko watched in amazement, no ninja could that right? It seemed like it was magic.

"So you can change in to water probably some Kekkei Genkai or something." She said as her voice lost a bit of resolve.

"No ninja tricks here little one, I've live for many centuries and I wish to help you, as the last of your clan I wish to make you strong."

Naruko shifted back to full alert "Why help me, I'm the 'demon brat', the plague of konoha, why me?"

She smiled again and in a flash of light a sword and scabbard appeared.

The handle of the sword covered in gold and had a cross guard with a blue hilt, the scabbard was colored gold with blue Crisscrossing it, Naruko could feel the power radiating off of them in waves and she hypnotically looked at them.

"This is the sword and scabbard that belonged to the only one other than your clan to hold my blessing; she was a king and a knight. Her named was Arturia Pendragon and one of the greatest warriors to exist and I would like to tell you her story."

Naruko nodded as she was wondering how a girl became a king and the story of that sword.


After the story Naruko fell asleep, she tried to stay up to listen to more but; her four year old body wouldn't let her.

Nimue decided to take a peek in the young blondes mind to talk to her beast of burden. As she entered her mind it seemed to be sewer-themed and she felt disgusted that the mind of a child looked like this. She waved her hand and the sewer was gone as a large forest took its place with a large lake in the middle.

She continued to walk until she reached a cave with a cage in front of it with the kanji for seal on a piece of paper in the middle of the cage.

A demonic red eye with a slit pupil looked at the change in scenery and the individual in front of him.

His eyes went wide as he saw the being before him.

Nimue smile at the beasts realization of who she was "Greetings Kurama, I am to assume that this Uzumaki is your vessel, no?" she asked with some amusement in her voice

The beast snarled at the spirit for using his true name. "What do I owe the pleasure of seeing a spirit of your power in MY vessels mind Lady of the Lake?" Kyuubi wasn't stupid he knew the power she held and even that damn sword of hers. It was that very sword she had lent to the Rikudou Sennin which just as in its name led him to victory against the Juubi and if a spirit can make a weapon of that magnitude than you don't want to mess with her.

"Oh, I just wished to meet you again since your separation from your kin. I in fact saved your vessel from drowning, I'm sure you remember don't you. 'She got silence as her answer and continued.' You see your vessel is very special and I have chosen her to wield the sword with its scabbard and teach her the lost art of this land. You will in fact be cooperative and help her." She finished with a pleasant smile.

Kyuubi heard this and growled "I have already given her the gifts of being MY vessel, her healing, her large stamina, her larger chakra reserves, and heighten senses. That is all I'm giving her spirit!" he knew he had no chose if she chose to do something but he could bluff if needed.

"We both know that is the standard gifts a Jinchuuriki gets I'm just asking to upgrade it a bit, her illusions will be horrible, just shake off any of them and when she finds out about you the both of you can work some deal to where see gets your power and you get something besides getting out of her? Maybe a nice collar so you can get out of this cage?"

Kyuubi was shaking with rage at how she was so nonchalant about this child using HIS power! Sadly he could not disagree with her. Anyone else he would just scuff at them off or eat them. 'Damnable spirit and her stupid sword of holy power.' "Fine spirit, she will have those but, if I see my chance I will get out of here! Now LEAVE so I can go back to sleep." He was happily dreaming of Madara soup before he was woken up.

"Very well Kurama good bye." Nimue said as she walked out of Naruko's mind. As she looked at the girl she could see the smile on her face, probable from changing her mind-scape from that dreary sewer to a warmer and kinder setting. 'Be prepared young Uzumaki as you will learn the ways of magic to become as strong as Arturia was if not stronger.'

0 the next morning 0

If someone had asked Uzumaki Naruko if you believe in magic, she would have called you an idiot.

Now after seeing this spirit perform it she was in amazement, forget ninja, if she learned this she would so unique no one could mess with her. After listening to crests, circuits, prana, od, mana, and the rest of the basics, Nimue set a crest to her newly made circuits with the knowledge of reinforcement, prana burst and invisible air in it on her right arm so she would know how to use those skills.

When asked why only those she got a giggle and a 'that's all you will need with your ninja training'.

So now she was learning how to control them. It has been a week since the two meet and no one from konoha came to find her. It just supplied her thoughts that no one cared, not even her jiji.

Unknown to her the spirit casted a spell that would keep the Shinobi away from the area, just to let them sweat a bit, after all it is their own fault Nimue thought.

Currently Naruko was swinging a heavy wooden sword; Nimue said it was to build up strength so she could use the sword she showed her.

She was learning the style of Arturia and from what the elemental said it would take awhile to master.

Naruko also had questions about her clan, she was told that they were known for their red hair, seal mastery, Kenjutsu, and suiton knowledge, thus how they gained her blessing.

Naruko made sure she would learn those things to honor her fallen clan; she just really couldn't believe she was related to one of the founding clans of konoha, she really was royalty.

0 2 months later 0

Nimue said it was finally time for her to return to konoha, much to Naruko protested who wanted to stay, she found Nimue to be the mother-figure she never had, the elemental simple said she could come back anytime and no one could follow her due to the field of magic around the area now.

Excalibur and Avalon were inside Naruko now and would be summoned on her command; also she gained some magical armor to go with it. The armor was a long white skirt with a corset top with a silver chest plate, gauntlets and boots along with armor plating on her thighs and her hair would be held up in a high ponytail with a black ribbon(2).

With what she needed Naruko left the safety of the barrier and walked around until she was spotted by a returning squad of Anbu.

The leader of the squad seemed to have a dog mask with silver gravity defying hair. From the sound of his voice he sounded happy she was alive and brought her back to the Hokage's office, she remained quite while her jiji was hugging her and was asking what happened.

She told them how she was beaten and tied up and tossed into a lake and how she drowned and when she woke up a nice lady was taking care of her until she was fully recovered.

The Hokage asked who she was but Naruko just said she didn't want to tell because all the mean people in the village would hurt her too for helping her although she highly doubted it they could hurt her but it was fun to see her jiji's face that Naruko thought so little of her village.

After that she was given fully Anbu protection around the clock and she would wait and see if konoha really did deserve the protection of Excalibur.

0 6 years later 0

Naruko was running on the roof tops towards the Hokage tower.

She was wearing a blue and black corset top with white laces going up both sides and two gold color ribbons crossing over her chest with the Uzumaki red spiral in the middle of it.

She had long white sleeves that came down from her biceps and black fingerless gloves along with black biker shorts with a blue cloth that hung from the back of her waist that fell to the back of her knees tied with a white cloth and wore the standard blue Shinobi sandals. She wore two black kunai holders on each thigh and a weapons pouch on the back of her waist (3).

She held her hair in a high ponytail with a black ribbon and two long bangs framing her face.

It had been six long year since the day she gained her new sword and worked diligently with it. On her sixth birthday she was held up in the Hokage tower so she wouldn't be hurt again and stumbled upon the forbidden scroll and read it and found the one jutsu that would change her life.

The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, with learning this, reading and studying had become a breeze, learning new jutsu no problem, needed some shopping done use one with Henge no Jutsu and your perfect. Best of all learning seals was never better.

After 3 full years of learning seals she was doing great with them, like a fish to water.

Her learning to use a sword led her to a weapons shop she heard about and become one of the shops best customers and through that she had met the smith Kaito's daughter Higirashi Tenten and the two become friends fast due to their love for steel.

Now, one would question how a child had so much money to spend on weapons, you see after constant visits to Nimue, Naruko wrote down all of Arturia's stories and republished them and portrayed her as her true gender.

Naturally the only ones who knew she wrote them were Tenten, her father and the Hokage since he helped publish them under her penname of Sui-hime (Water princess), the books were a hit to most of the female population for the plot, romance, and the girl power to it.

To the males, they enjoyed it for the blood, long standing battles and the whole knight theme to it. So her money problems were solved for life and Arturia had gotten her name to live once again.

The academy was a bore to her as she knew most of the material beforehand thanks to Tenten's notes from the year before, along with her teaching Naruko the basic academy taijutsu stances. It had seemed that many of the teachers tried to sabotage her but thanks to her friend their trying ended in failure for them.

The only teacher she liked was one Umino Iruka as he was strict but fair, naturally this led to Naruko asking him if he wanted some ramen, and so once a week ramen night had been born. To Iruka, Naruko was his favorite student; she was brilliant, kind, and strong.

She was his number one student with Uchiha Sasuke as the second place holder. She had a bit of a cold appearance to those who were not her friends but, to those who knew her she was kind and playful.

Naruko's magic training had finally born fruit as she mastered reinforcement and invisible air, prana burst was in need of some work but it was getting there.

Her sword style was up to snuff to the elementals standards and said she was at least in ninja standard mid-Chunin in Kenjutsu.

Now that she was ten, the elemental told her of her burden and she was so angry as to why the people hated her for protecting them the biju. She had talked to beast and found out some VERY interesting things about her clan.

She was going to the Hokage to confirm this and would state from her knowledge in seals that she figured out what she held and Naruko was going to rip him a new one. After passing the glaring secretary and not caring what the Hokage was doing she entered his office.

"Hello Naruko-chan, what can I do for you?" said the Hokage as he did his paper work.

"How long have you known I was a jinchuuriki Hokage-sama?" Naruko said in a natural tone

The Sandaime looked at her in surprise "How did you find out? Did someone tell you? Who was it?" he asked in rapid-fire in a voice that promised pain to who broke his law

"I found out due to my seal knowledge with the fact I'm called the 'demon brat' by my fellow kind and lovely villagers." Her tone dripped sarcasm at the end

"I did hope you wouldn't know till you graduated."

"Well that worked out, can you tell me why I wasn't told?" anger was very clear in her voice

"I wanted you to have a normal childhood and-"he was cut off by laughter for the blonde

"Y-you wanted me to be n-normal? The moment I was born and got this power I was never going to be normal or did all those attempts on my life and me drowning sound normal for a child?" she said in a fit of giggles

The old Kage looked down in shame at how he failed the child in front of him and her next question really startled him. "I want what is the Uzumaki clan's jiji as they are mine, I spoke to the fox and he told me I wasn't his first jinchuuriki and I'm sure Mito-oba-sama and my KAA-SAN had a journal or two for working with Kyuubi's chakra."

Sarutobi knew he was in for it now as she knew about her clan and she knew about Mito-sama, the girl was royalty and she wanted her clan rights and he could do nothing about it when the council would have to be told, and thus more paper work.

"Yes, I believe Mito-sama left instructions for your mother within a flat connected to the Senju compound, you will have access to the clans jutsu library and you do know your clans relations to them right. 'He got a nod' This will be brought to the council since the Uzumaki clan was an honorary clan due to their sacrifice. Do you have any questions?"

'Please say no, at this rate I'll die doing all paper work that's to come with this.'

"Why me? Besides being an Uzumaki as the Kyuubi put it, why could it not have been someone else?" she asked in a tone devoid of any emotion.

"I'm not sure it was either because of you being an Uzumaki you were the only one available at the time, the Yondaime wanted you to be seen as a hero, I'm sorry." He lied

"Fine but, I hate him you know. He did this to me, I respected him so much, he left me alone with these cruel people he believed in, what a fool. The greatest Shinobi of his generation and he was so blind to think that the people wouldn't respond negatively. Hope he rots." She said with venom, the Sandaime flinched at those words and wish to cry at how the girl despised her own father now.

"I going now jiji and I hope the retard civilians will learn some respect once they learn what clan I belong too." She said as she walks out the door with the key to her new home.


Naturally the first thing Naruko did when she entered her new home was to make a few dozen clones to clean up and set some new security seal with other ones such as cleaning seals so she didn't have to clean this huge place again.

Afterwards she went to her only friend Tenten, she wasn't going to lie to her as she was there from the start for her, they shared most of their biggest secrets with each other, the only ones she hadn't told her was Nimue and her sword.

She was invited in by Kaito with a smile, he seemed to one of the few that truly cared for her and then she ran up to Tenten's room.

"Yo Ten-chan you in?" as she knocked her door.

"Yea, come in, I'm just filling my scrolls up with weapons so watch your step." She said

After Tenten finished she sat next to Naruko on her bed and asked "So, what's up?"

"I have a real big secret to tell you, ok. I'm mean, this is life changing secret. Promise me you'll listen till the end?" she got a nod

"I am what is known as a jinchuuriki, a host to a biju, that's why everyone hates me. I hold the Kyuubi." She said with sadness

Tenten just blinked and let it registered the only think about was how the villagers couldn't tell the difference.

"So you're a scroll and the kyuubi's a kunai…right? So what your still my best friend Naru-chan!" that was what she got from the gist of it and Naruko crashed into her and cried in her shoulder, saying thank you over and over for knowing the difference and still being her friend. Naruko stayed over that night so she could sleep in comfort with her best friend.


After the news of Naruko's status hit the council the civilians were in a panic the 'demon brat' was related to one of their most prestigious clans and was now living in said clans' compound.

Naruko gained some respect from the civilians but she could tell they still hated her to a degree but, she didn't care. She had a home now and was learning new jutsu's left and right thanks to the Kage Bunshin, especially from the Nidaime's collection since her love for suiton jutsu's.

Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu(Water Clone Technique) for an extra clone technique, Suiton: Teppōdama (Water Style: Gunshot), Mizurappa (Violent Water Wave) both good for long range attacks, Suijinheki (Water Encampment Wall) for defense, and Suiben (Water Whip) for binding an enemy.

She really needed to learn her affinity to see if she had water chakra so she could gain the level of mastery of her idol of suiton. Maybe Nimue had some rune glyphs to enhance her affinity if she had it.

The high level chakra control exercises from Tsunade's area in the library was a great help to her and now she at least had mid-Jonin chakra control thanks to her Kage Bunshin, and she learn some low level medical jutsu as well.

She had a talk with Kyuubi and had given him a bit more freedom in her body to learn how to hone his chakra and learning from Mito's journals. She also found out that if you show him some respect and inflate his ego he was a bit more cooperative.

0 2 years later 0

It was already time for her graduation from the academy and she learned many things from the past 2 years. Finding her affinity or affinities was one of the best. Her primary affinity was wind, while she had a secondary to water and lightening.

This made her very happy since now Nimue had placed glyphs on her right arm to enhance her control for water and along with her chakra training for it she was going to surpass the Nidaime in a few years. She had to find some fuuton jutsu since the Senju library didn't have any so she sought out the only fuuton user that the Hokage knew, his son Sarutobi Asuma.

The bearded smoker was kinda happy there was another fuuton user in konoha since he could teach his jutsu to someone now.

She was going to wait a bit for the chakra training so she had gotten some low level jutsu for trading some foreign tobacco and some new chakra conducting metal from tetsu no kuni (iron country) for Daitoppa (Great Breakthrough), Renkuudan (Drilling Air Projectile), and Reppushou (Gale Wind Palm).

She couldn't find anyone who knew any Raiton jutsu's and the only one she found in the Senju compound was Raiton: Jibashiri (Earth Flash) which the Nidaime used with collaboration with his suiton to shock his opponents.

After the academy during her last year there Naruko would find Tenten and hang out and spar with her and her team.

The two green spandex wearing duo screaming about youth scared her and when they did their sunset of youth genjutsu, she yell for Kyuubi to do something about it but said he didn't know what the hell it was and couldn't do anything about it.

Then she met the fourth member of the team, a stoic Hyuga by the name of Neji.

He's philosophy in fate made conversing with him difficult but they reach a cross road and spoke through logic and philosophical ways even though it was taxing at time for her.

She thought it would be good to learn another combat style so she had asked the teams sensei Maito Gai for a lesson when she was around and he went off about her flames of youth and then his mini-copy, Rock Lee did as well and said that she will need some weights but she told them she wore weight seals on her body and adjust it regularly and was currently at 100 pounds on which surprised them and they continued to shout and she begged Tenten and Neji for help but they just gave her a small prayer and watch as the duo dashed with Naruko away with them.

0 Shinobi academy 0

"Alright Naruko I need you to make three bunshin's and your all set." Said Iruka

She nodded and made 3 perfect bunshin's thanks to all the chakra control excurses she did it was easy.

"Nice job Naruko, you just became rookie of the year and top kunoichi, you earned it. Here's your headband wear it with pride." He said with a smile

Naruko bowed and tied it to her waist then left. She left the building with a big smile at the crowd and rubbed it there faces as she passed them by and also so in the 'I'm holyer then thou' Uchiha Sasuke's face.

Ah that scowl is so wonderful to see.

She continued back to her compound when she felt someone approach her, she turned to see mizuki. One of the teachers she didn't trust especially with that fake smile of his.

"Can I help you Mizuki-sensei?" she asked with frost in her voice

"Yes you can Naruko-ch- "That's Uzumaki-san to you" Y-yes Uzumaki-san" he said as his smile faltered a bit.

"You see you did so well that we are considering making you Chunin and all you have to do is learn one jutsu from forbidden scroll in the Hokage tower and meet me in the forest with it, ok?"

'Is he really that stupid, like I would believe him but, what does he want with the scroll besides the obvious?' "Sure sensei I'll see you later." As she shunshin'd away.

As she went to the Hokage tower she informed the Sandaime and he lent her the scroll and said to look through it as a present to which she smiled and nodded. So she looked through it and read up on the Bunshin Daibakuha (clone explosion) as she thought they would be good for her arsenal with her enormous chakra reserves.

"Naruko what are you doing with the forbidden scroll!" Iruka arrived shouting

"Mizuki asked me too. Isn't that right mizuki?" she asked as she turned around

"Yes, now give me the Scroll Uzumaki and you'll become Chunin."

"Naruko don't it's a trick!"

"Don't worry Iruka-sensei this fools game just sprung on him hasn't it traitor?"


"You honestly take me for a fool, the only reason I have the scroll is because Hokage-sama agreed to it to flush you out rat."

Mizuki turned red but smirked "Uzumaki do you know why everyone hates you?"

"If it's about me being the jailer of the Kyuubi no kitsune then your 2 years too late, do you have any other village secrets to tell?"

"DAMN YOU, DIE YOU DEMON!" mizuki shouted in anger as he threw a Fuma Shuriken

Iruka tried to jump in the way but stopped to see a flash of bright light and the fuma shuriken was gone as the light died down. Iruka looked to see a sword with a golden handle and a sheath in blue and gold.

Naruko pulled the sword out of the sheath and then it turn into a small ball of light and flew into her and the sword turned invisible. "This sword will slay you traitor as it is the sword that promises victory. Now be gone!"

She reinforced her legs and used chakra to step right in front of mizuki in a second which shock both men in the area. She struck upwards and cut off mizuki in half. After her adrenaline died out she became a bit shaky at her first kill but stood tall and dismissed her sword.

The Hokage and his Anbu arrived at the scene and saw what happened. The Sandaime had a female Anbu in a cat mask escort her home and helped her to bed, the Anbu was kind and the two talked about her first kill to help settle her down.

0 Day of team assignments 0

"Congratulations to all graduates and now we will start with the team placements. Team 1-"

And so Naruko waited calmly for her team hoping for some of the more reliable members of her class.

"Team 7 Uzumaki Naruko, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke. Your Jonin will Hatake Kakashi."

"Fuck." Came from Naruko which surprised everyone since she never cursed, they guessed she didn't get the team she wanted.

"Ha take that Ino-pig!"


"Team 8 Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Hyuga Hinata, your jonin will be Yūhi Kurenai."

"Team 9 is still in circulation"

"Team 10 Yamanaka Ino, Acamichi Choji, and Nara Shikamaru. You team leader will be Sarutobi Asuma."

"Great I'm with food boy and lazy ass."

0 3 hours later 0

During the lunch break Naruko sent a clone to get some info on her future sensei. She had gotten his bingo book profile and she had a clone talk to Gai-sensei since according to him the two were 'eternal rivals', and thus got a detailed list of his personality and quirks.

"Where is our sensei!" the pick monkey hybrid screeched

"Hn" guess who

Naruko just hummed a light tone to herself as she read.

"Uzumaki-san what you reading?" asked the monk-Sakura, Naruko made it apparent that unless you're her friend you can only call her by her last name, something only Shikamaru, Choji and surprisingly Shino were able to become.

"A piece of paper." She got a sweat drop

"No I mean, what is it about?" They were a team now so she could at least try to be civil after all it was known that the blonde hate the last Uchiha so she wasn't a threat to her from getting 'her' Sasuke-kun.

Naruko didn't answer but threw a kunai at the door. This shocked both of the occupants in the room. The person at the door caught it lazily and said "That wasn't very nice." The 3 looked to see a man with gravity defining hair in a standard Jonin outfit with his headband over his left eye.

"So is keeping your students waiting for 3 hours copy cat or is reading your porn taking too much of your time?" said man went a bit wide-eye at that but quickly covered it up.

"Well now that I have met you all, I have only one to say…I hate you all." That shocked the emo cheerleader duo while Naruko smirked and said "same here."

Kakashi raised his eye brow, "Meet me on the roof in five." And shunshin'd away with Naruko following in the same fashion.

When Sasuke and Sakura arrived they found Naruko sitting on a stone bench that was on the roof reading her folder of papers as she waited for them, in front of her was also Kakashi who was reading his Icha Icha book.

Once Sasuke and Sakura had sat down next to Naruko, Kakashi snapped his book close and look at them.

"Ok you three, I think we should try and get to know each other better, so how about you each tell me your name, what you like, what you dislike, your dreams for the future and your hobbies".

"How about you go first Sensei so we know what we have to say." said Sakura, which caused Naruko to roll her eyes slightly as it was obvious what they had to do.

"Ok then, I'm Hatake Kakashi, Things I like and things I hate...I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future ...never really thought about it. As for my hobbies...I have lots of hobbies".

This of course caused Sasuke to frown and Sakura to look disappointed as it didn't really tell them anything about him other than his name, Naruko on the other hand smirked as she expected Kakashi be secretive and cryptic as he didn't like people knowing too much about him.

"Ok then how about you pinkie why don't you tell us about yourself next." said Kakashi, which caused Sakura to scowl, when Kakashi called her pinkie.

"My name is Haruno Sakura my likes are 'Looks at Sasuke and giggles', my Hobbies are gossiping and shopping and 'Looks again at Sasuke and giggles', my dislikes are Ino-pig, my dreams of the future 'Looks at Sasuke yet again and starts to blush and giggle madly again'."

After hearing this Kakashi just shook his head while Naruko resisted the urge to slap her, while Sasuke just scoffed and looked away from Sakura.

"Ok then broody over there." spoke Kakashi as he looked at Sasuke.

Sasuke only scowled slightly at Kakashi's nickname and then spoke, "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my Clan, and kill a certain man."

'Mental hospital much.' thought Naruko.

'Sigh!...hopefully by being surround by others, this mentality may stop, or i'll have to change it myself before it gets out of hand.' thought Kakashi as he knew he had a lot of work with Sasuke ahead, that is if they pass the test.

'Sasuke-kun is so ccccccooooooooolllllllll.' though Sakura as she started dreamily and the brooding Uchiha.

"Now then our resident blonde you're up." Said Kakashi

Naruko raised an elegant eyebrow at the name "Well my name is Uzumaki Naruko, my likes are reading, training, and my friends, and ramen night with Iruka-sensei. 'This got some looks but she didn't care' my dislikes would be useless fangirls, 'she looks at Sakura' spoiled brat with no manners, 'she looked at Sasuke' and perverts 'she looked at Kakashi'. My hobbies are my own business and for my dreams, it's to become Hokage and to have a family."

Sasuke and Sakura growled at her while Kakashi thought 'She grew up interesting. Well she definitely has sensei's smarts from her records, hope I can get to know her better.'

"Well now that we know each other a bit better I think it's time I tell you about the test…" spoke Kakashi before Sakura suddenly spoke up in confusion.

"Test…What test? ...we already had our test Sensei."

At this Kakashi just eyed smiled, "…You didn't think that becoming a full Genin was just passing a written exam and some small test did you?" This of course caused Sakura to blush slightly as she actually did.

"Now as I was saying there will be a test tomorrow morning and I expect you all to be there at 7 Training Ground and I want you all there at seven a.m. sharp and don't eat breakfast as you just throw it up during the test", spoke Kakashi, after which he saluted the three Genin and then disappeared again in a whirl of leaves again.

Once Kakashi left, Naruko left in the same manner again, saying she see them in the morning, once Naruko left Sakura turned to Sasuke, "Sasuke-kun would you like to go out for some dinner?" she asked hopefully.

"No." replied simply and the left the roof to go home and train, with Sakura following after him asking him to wait up and trying to convince him to have dinner with her.


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