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Haku twirled her spear and it gave off a light hum at the speed she was spinning it. She narrowed her eyes in thought of this annoying opponent that was covered in black markings from some kind of Curse Seal.

If she couldn't beat him in the normal case due to his steel armor-like bones, perhaps it would best to encase him and suffocate him. Yes, that should do it. Now it was just a way to catch the surprisingly fast bone user.

-Play: Metal Gear: Rise of Revengeance: The Only Thing I Know For Real-

With one last twirl, Haku sprinted towards Kimimaro and went for a thrust of her spear, but the bone man spun around it and bone shot from his chest to stab the girl, which they did.

Suddenly Haku started to crack and collapsed into a pile of ice.

"What?" the albino said as he was slashed on the back and then kicked away.

He got up and turned to see Haku, "Koori Bunshin no Jutsu (Ice Clone Technique)." Was all she head as she held out her hand, "I've only a little practice with this on live targets, so please, bear with me." she asked with her usual pleasant smile as a light blue circle covered her palm, "Aisu Meiku:" she said, muttering her spell's One Line aria, "Ransu-(Ice Make: Lance)!" (1)

And then 100 lances of ice shot out from her palm and struck the Oto-nin, hurling him back.

Haku let out a calming breathe to ease herself, "Hm, that does sting a bit, but it is understandable since my Circuits aren't natural. Good thing I used something small so it wasn't so taxing on my limited supply of Od…but I think I'm going to need it." She stated as she got ready since the Oto-nin got up once more, but lost a lot of flesh and looked like a freaky skeleton moving on his own, but with some chucks of flesh still on him.

"Quite the attack you have, but," he said as he as the black patterns on his body covered him and grew his flesh out as it turned darker and grew a tail along with 6 large horns of bone on his back, "I am far from finished!" he shouted as he reached for the top of his spine and started to pull it out, "Tessenka no Mai: Tsuru-(Dance of the Clematis: Vine)!" he announced and whipped it around as it extended towards Haku.

She dashed out of the way and slammed her hand on the ground, "Aisu Meiku: Furoa-(Ice Make: Floor)!" she said as the ground turned into a large sheet of ice all around them in the clearing. Using the ice, Haku sled and glided around the bone whip and smacked it away occasionally.

Kimimaro growled as he almost lost his footing and made bone spikes from the bottom of his feet to keep him steady, but it would slow him down a bit.

He lashed once more and caught Haku's foot and tugged hard, "You're mine! Tessenka no Mai: Hana-(Dance of the Clematis: Flower)!" his free arm turned into a long twisted lance of bone and he launched at Haku.

Haku made a dome of ice, but Kimimaro broke through it with ease as it crumbled and then Haku, who crumbled too!

"Sorry, we could have been friends, perhaps in the next life." Her voice said behind him as Haku slammed her hands into the ground as she appeared out of an ice mirror.

"Aisu Meiku: Gunguniru-(Ice Make: Gungnir)."

Ice wrapped around Kimimaro and turned into a boulder size spear tip as it launched into the air making a 40 meter tall spear of subzero temperatures.

"NO!" he shouted as he grew bones out of his body to save him, but the ice kept covering him. But he kept fighting.

"Stay down!" Haku uncharacteristically shouted and she pumped more Od into the spell.

Kimimaro kept slashing at what he could and was nearly freed, but the boost into the attack covered him at a faster pace. Holding him in there, hopefully for good.

He tried to move, but even his bones could only get him so far before his body gave out from the sheer cold.

He slowly began to stop struggling.

'Orochimaru-sama…forgive me.' Kimimaro thought in his finally moments as his already sick body gave out to the cold.

With small snow flurries falling from the sky, Haku waited a few moments to see if he actually moved from the spear tip, but he didn't and she fell on her bottom completely spent of Od.

-End: Metal Gear: Rise of Revengeance: The Only Thing I Know For Real-

"It seems my assistance was not needed." Spoke a monotone voice.

Haku shot up and grabbed her spear, ready for battle and tensed at who it was for moment, before relaxing.

It was Gaara, who was wearing a red long sleeve shirt with a fishnet shirt under it along with matching red pants. He also had a white shale wrapped around his body with a leather satchel that held his gourd of sand with black Shinobi sandals.

"I see Tsunade-sensei sent Suna for assistance." Haku stated and the redhead nodded.

"Most impressive." Gaara stated as he looked at the massive spear, "So this is the power of the famed Yuki Clan." He commented

Haku said nothing as it would take a long time before she could actually do this with chakra, a lot of chakra, but let it go since it would be best not to say magic or Magecraft existed.

Haku felt a bit weak at the knees from spending so much Od at once and fell, but was caught by some sand clumps. She tensed for a moment, but relaxed, "Thank you." She said as she stood up on her own and walked to the giant spear.

Gaara shook his head, "This is the least I can do for not arriving faster to help and for your Mistress' help as well." He spoke softly.

Haku blinked in surprise, but nodded with her usual smile. It seems her Mistress once again helped change a person for the better. She touched the spear and shattered it, letting the body of the enemy to plummet to the ground. She sealed it up since it could be useful in some way via autopsy. Good thing she was once a hunter-nin.

"We should head back to the others, no doubt there are injures and as the medic of this mission it is my job to take care of them. Shall we go?" she asked with her head tilted.

Gaara blinked, "What of Uzumaki Naruko? Does she not need help as well?" he asked with a small amount of concern in his voice.

Haku waved him off, "No. Knowing Naruko-sama she'll wish to deal with the Uchiha on her own, it's just that stubbornness of hers it seems." She sighed, "Let's get back." She said and started to running back.

Gaara looked into the direction where Naruko had gone and nodded before following Haku.

0 With Naruko and Sasuke 0

It was a silent stare down as the two waited for each other to make the first move.

'That sword of her is going to be the most difficult thing about fighting her…so close range is nearly completely out. Though distance is just as bad since she's highly verse in Ninjutsu. Damned if I do and damned if I don't.' Sasuke thought with a low growl and reached into his shuriken pouch.

"Haa!" Sasuke shouted as he threw a rain of shuriken and kunai at Naruko who looked utterly calm and in flash, she cut them into pieces like they were paper!

"Tsk." Sasuke grunted and gritted his teeth and jumped backwards and did a backflip to get some distance and in mid-flip preformed some handsigns while taking a deep breath, "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu-(Great Fireball Technique)!" he breathed out as he landed and launched a large fireball at Naruko who dismissed her sword and did handsigns of her own.

"Suiton: Suijinheki-(Water Release: Water Encampment Wall)."

And she spewed a water wall from her mouth and extinguished the fireball with ease at the sheer size of it.

And just as the jutsu died down, Naruko took one step forward and cracked the ground where she stood as she was now over Sasuke and preformed a drop kick. But with his Sharingan, he could see it and dove out of the way and headed for the water below.

As Naruko's kicked connected with the earth, she made a decent size crater as her limps sparked with Prana.

She breathed in and out as her eyes shimmered with raw power as her and felt her entire body become more powerful as it crackled with power and spat around her like wind from the sheer force of it.

'Sempai was so right, Reinforcement out, full body Prana Burst Reinforcement in.' she thought as she looked at her hands and then at Sasuke rising out of the water while getting a footing on the surface of it, 'Well, can't keep him waiting for long or he might run away…again.' And with that, she jumped down and used Futon: Kasui-(Wind Release: Stream) to land safely.

"Uchiha, did you know…" Naruko said as she looked at his eyes since Kyuubi would prevent any genjutsu that someone on Sasuke's level could produce, "…That Uchiha Itachi was ordered to kill his own clan." She stated

Sasuke's eyes grew large, "What?" he said in surprise, just as Naruko punched him in the ribs, breaking one.

"Gah!" Sasuke shouted in pain as he roll across the water and righted himself and glared at Naruko, "Liar!" he roared

Naruko just smirked, "No, Uchiha Itachi is Konoha's greatest heroes for preventing the Uchiha Coup d'état…by killing them all but you!" she announced and smiled at Sasuke trying to make heads or tails of this.

Truly Danzo was an interesting character.


As Naruko made her way to the front gate, but felt a presence and stopped.

As soon as she did, a man wearing a white cloak and a blank ANBU mask stepped forward.

"Yes?" Naruko asked with a raised eyebrow, but was ready to defend herself if necessary.

He said nothing but handed a scroll to Naruko, who stared at it in suspicion, but took it. She opened it slowly with her eyes never leaving the ANBU and she glanced at it until her eyes widened, bringing her full attention to the scroll.

"No way." She said breathless at the content and swallowed hard. She looked at the last part of the scroll and weighted her opinions.

Yes, this could and would be done.

It always was important to have allies in high positions of power and the Futon Jutsu's seemed enticing enough.

"Yes, I would love to have tea upon my return. Give my thanks." Naruko said as she handed the scroll back to the ANBU, who proceed to fade into the shadows.

Uchiha Itachi.

Truly you are more worthy of the title of Shinobi like no other.

To sacrifice so much.

She wondered if she could ever make such a decision.

-Flashback End-

Sasuke was shaking in rage, it, it, no, he, he couldn't decide whose fault it was, he was just so angry. He glared at Naruko as black flame-like markings covered his body.

-Play: Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars-

Naruko gave him that smirk of hers that made you just want to kill her.

The blonde ran at him and went for a punch; he ducked under it and went for a low kick. Naruko jumped and went for a kick at Sasuke's face, but he blocked it and felt a shot of pain in his arm while being forced back a few meters from the strength of the kick.

"NARUKO!" Sasuke shouted as he charged at her and ran through handsigns, "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu-(Great Fireball Technique)!" And fired the powered up Katon jutsu.

Naruko did handsigns too, but what came next was a shocker, "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu-(Great Fireball Technique)!" she spewed a bigger fireball then his and it came at him, causing him to dive into the water for safety, "Didn't think I would pick up a few of those, did you Uchiha?" she shouted

He then threw some shuriken from underwater to get her in surprise, but Naruko merely dodged and did a few handsigns, "Raiton: Jibashi-(Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder)." And then pointed the jutsu at the water.

"Graah!" Sasuke gasped from the water and felt numb as he swam to the surface and stood on it, only to get a kick to the face, sending him reeling into the rocky wall in the area.

Sasuke's eyes filled with madness as he went through more handsigns, feeling overwhelmed at the chakra he was getting from the curse seal, "Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu-(Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique)!" he announced as he fired a large dragon of fire at his opponent.

Naruko, with her large chakra reserves could do this almost all day since Sasuke would be far too exhausted to keep this up, but she countered this jutsu as well, "Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu-(Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)."

And with that, the large surge of water rose before her and spun around as it fired at the weak, in her opinion, fire dragon jutsu and extinguished it with ease.

Sasuke was panting, why? This seal was supposed to give him POWER! Where was it?!


Why was she always stronger!

"RAWWW!" Sasuke screamed in anger as his skin turned grey and his hair grew while turning white along with growing two grossest pair of hand shaped wings from his back. He grew a cross-like mark on his nose and his lips turned black.

He started to silently chuckle until it turned into full blown laughter, "Yes, this, this is it! All this power, all of it! With it," he said as he looked at Naruko with an even more crazed look, "I will kill YOU!" he shouted as his wings started to flap and he took flight.

Naruko took a deep breath and summoned her sword, unleashing its air barrier, letting the Sword of Promised Victory be shown in full glory.

As Sasuke stayed in the air, almost trying to mock Naruko he could fly while she couldn't to sooth his already broken ego.

Naruko charged her light particles and grew her light wings while smiling up to Sasuke in mockery, and flew.

She was already over him and slammed him with her shoulder and slashed his stomach, getting a good gash in him, and followed with a flip kick, sending Sasuke towards the water.

He was able to quickly right himself as he just looked at Naruko, like he was almost broken; his mind couldn't comprehend why he just kept losing.

No, his training, yes, his training with that worthless Kakashi, it should help him he thought in desperation to get a hit in as he did the necessary handsigns, "Katon: Karyuu Endan-(Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)!" releasing an angry roaring dragon of fire, soaring like a missile to kill its target.

And once more.


"Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu-(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)."

The water in the air gathered and formed copy of the fire dragon, but made of water.

They collided and ended each other from extinguishing and evaporating one another.

It was funny almost.

Here they were.

An Angel with beautiful gold wings.

A Devil with sickening bat-like wings.

A being of Water.

A being of Fire.

One filled with Happiness.

One filled with Hatred.

One Blessed.

One Cursed.

A Hero.

A Villain.

A Senju.

A Uchiha.



The Light.

The Darkness.

Who would win?

Sasuke snarled, "UZUMAKI!" he shouted as he charged up at her, wings flapping.

Naruko narrowed her eyes and charged as well, "UCHIHA!" she shouted as she charged downward towards him.

Sasuke stuck his hand out, ready to pierce her heart.

Naruko flipped in her descent, delivering a powerful kick right into Sasuke's face, breaking his nose. Naruko flipped off his face and landed on the side of the rocky wall near them.

As Sasuke's body slammed back first into the unforgiving ground below, the blonde leaped into the air from her higher position, angling her sword straight down and came down as the guillotine for the Uchiha.

As she descended, she sometimes cursed her Origin.

It was strong, like her resolve.

It was tempered like her body through her many struggles.

It was almost impossible to fight against it, as it only increased her desire for her true goal.

Her sword struck true, hitting Sasuke in the heart. With a silent scream, Sasuke looked at the sword through him and could not utter words.

For her Origin was Aegis, a shield, a symbol of protection.

A symbol of protection that she would use to protect her home, her kingdom, her ideal.

Even from the smallest of things.

As the rain drops in the sky began to fall, Naruko gave a sharp twist of the Sword of Promised Victory and the crimson fluid in Sasuke began to pool beneath him. The only thing the Uchiha could do was glare at his killer with his Sharingan since no words came out of his mouth other then the copper liquid as he returned to his normal form. As the light faded from his eyes, Naruko walked over to him and closed his eyes as a small sign of respect for the dead and folded his hands.

She stood back up and looked at the body, "May you find peace for your hatred in the afterlife Uchiha Sasuke, none need it more than you." Naruko said in a sincere tone as she felt nothing but pity for the boy.

-End: Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars-

She quickly sliced off his head and sealed it away and placed an explosive tag in between his folded hands. She walked away as the raindrops fell heavier and did not wince as the explosion came and continued her strong steps.

The only company with her was the sky, the rain, Kyuubi…ah, now Kakashi and his pooch.


"Hello Kakashi." Naruko said in a neutral tone.

-Play: See What I've Become by The Way-

Kakashi just stared at the spot where Sasuke was, "I see…I was too late it seems." He murmured before turning to Naruko, "I guess this was a mission accomplish." He stated, but in a sadden tone.

Naruko slowly walked past Kakashi, "In some way, it seems that Orochimaru's drug that Uchiha used seemed to kill him as I tried to apprehend him." she said with a shrug.

"May I ask why?" he asked softly.

Naruko looked forward, "Uchiha Sasuke was trash for abandoning Konoha, simple as that. This will be the official report." She said as she looked back at Kakashi with cold eyes, "Is that a problem?" she asked in a commanding voice.

"No, Hokage-sama." He muttered, but looked shocked a second later.

He didn't know why, no, he actually did know why. He had seen those eyes before; they were the eyes of her father, the eyes of a Hokage.

'Heh, you really are full of surprises Naruko…just like your father.' The Jonin thought in a somber mood as they left for the journey home under the hard rain drops.

-End: See What I've Become by The Way-

0 Konoha 0

They silently entered the village and Kakashi said he would talk to those at the gate as she headed straight to the Hokage tower. She heard silent jeers from people, assuming that she couldn't 'retrieve' the 'confused' last, well once last, Uchiha, but readily ignored the fools who knew nothing.

She walked into the office, but was told Tsunade was in the hospital.

She walked in to see Shikamaru and Temari in the waiting room.

"Who?" Naruko asked, getting Shikamaru to turn to her.

He looked a bit tense, but he shook it off, "Choji. He was in a bit of danger, but Haku-san and Karin-san got to him and applied some field medical on him, so the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been if they didn't." he said as his looked hardened, "What about Uchiha?"

Naruko just gave him a look, one he understood.

"Tsk, damn idiot. Nothing but a crazy moron." Shikamaru muttered with a shake of his head.

"So Uchiha is out of the picture?" Temari asked with a hand on her hip as she looked at her fellow blonde, who nodded back, "Good riddance." She said in distain.

Tsunade then walked out of the room as she dried her hands with Karin and Haku flanking her sides, "Well, come on you two, back to my office." The busty woman said to the mission leaders.

The two nodded and followed her office.

Tsunade sat in her chair and laced her fingers together as she looked at them, "Report." She ordered and the two straightened up.

"We encountered the sound four in our retrieval of Uchiha Sasuke. Choji stayed behind to fight the large member of the group. Followed by Team Gai who fought the spider member. Kiba took that weird two faced one off a cliff. Then both Karin-san and I fought the only female member, who in turn was in fact an Uzumaki, so we captured her. Naruko?" Shikamaru asked as he looked at his co-leader.

Naruko nodded, "Both Haku-chan and I confronted a member of Kaguya clan and she killed him after I chased Uchiha Sasuke who escaped during the fight. I chased him down, told him to come back and if he didn't, I would kill him. He transformed into this disgusting thing, no doubt Orochimaru's handy work and during our fight he fell over and started to hack up blood like a fountain, thus he passed on." She said as she bowed her head a little, "Kakashi entered with his summon and I told him the situation and returned home. Uchiha Sasuke's body was destroyed for Konoha's safety. End of report." She finished sternly.

Tsunade nodded, "Good work you two, though the loss of the Uchiha clan is heavy, it was well worth it to stop Orochimaru from getting the Sharingan." She stated and let out a sigh, "Well head home for some R&R you two, I'll handle the backlash that's going to happen." She said as she stood up to call forth a meeting with the council to discuss what happened.


It was later that day that Uchiha Sasuke was marked as a traitor of Konoha and died from an experimental drug from Orochimaru that was taken before even a retrieval team could be made. He died just as Uzumaki Naruko was about to bring him back by force, but the drug had damaged his already broken psyche due to the 'massacre' of his clan further, making him attack anyone near him.

The only ones injured from the mission were Inuzuka Kiba and Akimichi Choji, who were in critical condition for a bit, but were saved from the applied field medical aid before they were brought back to the village.

Some wished to put blame on the Uzumaki heiress, but Tsunade had snipped that in the bud saying that even if Uchiha Sasuke lived she would have killed him for betraying the village and nothing would have stopped her from doing so.

Due to the fact that they had no more Uchiha in the village, the Uchiha distract was torn down and all valuables salvaged for the villages economy, along with any and all jutsu brought to the library for others to uses. What the area would be used for was unknown for now.

In the T&I department, where the latest Uzumaki is being held.

"Bored, bored, bored, bored~" Tayuya sung while sitting in a cell.

Suddenly the cell door opened with Tsunade entering along with Jiraiya.

"Hey jiggle tits, 'sup." Tayuya said all casual-like.

Tsunade's eye twitched at that while Jiraiya gave a pervy giggled.

Earning a slap to the back of his head.

"Yes, hello to you as well, Tayuya." Tsunade said with a forced smile, "Now, follow us to the interrogation room or I can drag you there by your 'tits' if you like." She said in a sickeningly sweet tone.

Tayuya gulped and did a quick 'yes ma'am' as she proceeded to follow the blonde woman and snow haired man.

They walked into the interrogation room. Tayuya planted herself on a chair as both the loyal Sannin sat across from her.

"Well, from the blood sample we took from you, you are indeed an Uzumaki." Tsunade stated, getting a raised eyebrow from the redhead, "It means, you have family here and they want you with them." She added

Tayuya's mouth turned into an O shape, "Well goodie for me." she said in sarcasm, "But I think my whole, you know, giving the assist in your sensei's death might be a bit of a problem here." She pointed out with a deadpan.

"True." Jiraiya nodded, "But technically you were following orders, like we all do. So, if you say, willingly join Konoha along with giving us all the info you have on Orochimaru, we can do a prohibition period on you. We get a seal on that thing on your neck along with some tests and we may just have a solution to that. So how about it red, deal?" he asked as he leaned on the table with a cocky grin.

Tayuya weighted the opinions in her mind.

It was really self explanatory.

Sit in a dinky cell the rest of her life.

Live with actually family and work with people who may not just stab you in the back for the hell of it along with sticking it to snake face.

Ding ding to option number two!

"...So do I get dental or what?"


Sakura sniffled as she sat on the grass of training ground 7.

Heh, where it all started, but also where it started to fall apart.

It was almost laughable really, here she was, chasing a dream, a stupid one.

Was this clarity? Heh, she was finally reflecting back on everything.

In her pursuits of a boy she thought she loved.

She didn't even manage to get close.

She just buried her face in her knees, Kami, what an idiot she was.

She really hadn't changed at all.

"Oh, so here you are Sakura." The voice of Kakashi sounded out.

Sakura looked up and wiped her tears and saw the Jonin walking onto the training ground.

"…Hey, Kakashi-sensei." She said weakly.

Kakashi just looked at her, "You know, you really shouldn't call me sensei, I wasn't really much of one after all." He said in a sad tone as he turned to the memorial stone.

Sakura blinked, "No, no you are a-"

But Kakashi cut her off, "No. I wasn't." he admitted and ran a hand through his hair, "If I had tried harder to help Sasuke or maybe help solve the inner conflicts you three had, or trained you enough so Naruko wouldn't have left…it could have turned out better."

Sakura looked down, "…I guess we're the only members of Team 7 left then." She said in a saddened tone.

"Looks that way." Kakashi said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"…You still have me." the genin said.

"Hm?" Kakashi said as he turned his head towards her as she stood up.

"I said you still have me, so, how about, we start over?" Sakura suggested, "Hi, I'm Haruno Sakura. You are?" she asked with her hand extended.

Kakashi looked at her in befuddlement before letting out a small chuckle and grasped her hand, "Hatake Kakashi, it looks like we'll be a team from today on it seems…far warning, I can be a bit tardy at times." He pointed out playfully.

Sakura smiled, "Well, I can be a bit of a pain at the start, but I'll do my best!"


Naruko was waiting in a tea house, enjoying herself in a separate booth with a scroll next to her.

A few minutes later someone sat in her booth and placed a scroll of the same color next to hers on the outside of it.

He ordered his tea and took a sip.

"A fine job." He said, whether if it was about the tea or her, who knew.

"Indeed it is Danzo-san." Naruko commented as she took on last sip, "Apologies, but I have business to attend to. Enjoy yourself Danzo-san." The blonde said as she stood up and took the most outer scroll and left in a beat.

Danzo took the scroll from the table and placed it in his sleeve while allowing a smile to come to his face.

Yes, that girl was one to look out for. He was happy that she did this for him. It was showing where her moral standing was and it was far from not doing what was necessary it seems.


It was just something that Konoha needed.


Naruko walked to the lake and looked at it, this was where it started.

All of it.

Her journey was just starting it seemed, something that brought a smile to her face.

"Oh, leaving for a bit?" Nimue asked as she rose from the lake with a big cheeky smile on her face.

Naruko nodded, "Yes, Jiraiya-sensei wants to take me around the nations and train me as we go."

Nimue hummed, but pouted at her, "But I'll miss my little Naruko." She said as she hugged the girl, who in turn flushed lightly at the gesture.

"W-Well, I have to if I want to learn." Naruko argued in a tiny voice as a small part of her didn't want to go.

"Well, I think Naru-chan should go. She'll need it if she wants to beat me." said Tenten as she walked to the lake, "I just knew you'd be here." She said with a grin as she had her arms crossed behind her head.

"Yes, please go, I could use the quiet without you snapping at the drop of a pin." Karin said as she too walked towards her.

"Whatever Naruko-sama chooses is what I will support." Haku said with her usual kind smile as she walked towards the now gathering group of girls.

"Aww, isn't that cute Naruko, all your little friends are here for you." Nimue said as she pinched the blonde's cheek playfully.

Naruko playfully smacked the hand away and crossed her arms as she turned her head to the side, "Well they didn't have to." She said, "Humph." Though she was feeling grateful to see them supporting her.

"Tsundere." They all said with a deadpan.

Naruko flushed and turned towards them as she stomped her foot.

"I am not a tsundere!"

0 2 Days Later 0

-Play: Ain't No Rest For the Wicked by Cage the Elephant-

She finished her packing of all the equipment and personal effects that she needed.

Naruko walked down the main street to the front gate with a traveling cloak in a royal blue with white trimmings and a bag slung over her shoulder.

She walked at a sated pace as she looked at all the stores and people on the street one last time as she wouldn't be seeing them for the next 3 years.

She had already said her goodbyes to her family, friends, and associates.

She looked ahead to see her family and friends waiting at the gate and she gave a wistful smile at towards the group; she was going to miss them honestly.

Jiraiya was leaning against the right gate with his arms folded as he shot her a grin and a tilt from his head told her it was time to go.

As she walked through her family and friends and gave sweet parting words once more she was standing next to Jiraiya.

"Come on you sensei, we better get this over with."

Jiraiya snorted at her covered eagerness, always saying one thing when she meant another.

Tsunderes. Difficult people.

Especially the women.

"Yeah yeah gaki." He said as he pushed off the gate and the two started walking, "So what's the big rush~" he teased with a cheesy grin.

"No rest for the wicked." She shot back cheekily.

Jiraiya chortled, "Sure, gaki. Sure." He said as they kept walking.

They were about five minutes away from the gate when Jiraiya asked a question.

"By the way…why didn't you seal your bag gaki?"

Silence followed between the pair, such silence a cricket could be heard in the distance.



(1)-Haku's Magecraft is basic on Ice Make from Fairy Tail, just without the hand motions needed to perform it.


Done and done!

As you can see, Sasuke died (No Excaliblast here people, sorry, maybe later). I just don't really care for him, hate him really. I mean, 'I'll become Hokage' non-sense is just retarded. If Kishi did that, Naruto would be dead to me.

So we see Naruko learning some Katon and how to use Prana Burst to boost her body's capabilities. We also see Naruko's Origin, Aegis. This gives her a boost if she's protecting something like a place, person and ideals. Hope you like since I wanted her to be a protector of sorts.

As to why Naruko reported it that Orochimaru's drug 'killed' Sasuke, simply, she didn't want the credit of putting an animal down, which Sasuke kinda was. It would be better for her since it would shift any blame to Orochimaru for the loss of the Uchiha clan in the eyes of the people of Konoha. So they don't bother her about it if it was told that she did it. Does that make sense? It was what I was going for.

R&R, no flames, peace off!

0 Omake: The Unholy Spin-Off 0

"What?" Naruko asked the director with her foot tapping on the ground and arms crossed.

"I said a spin-off, but, you know, funny." The man said, "Look, we're planning already." He said pointing to a man on stilts with a bucket on his head that had antlers attached to it, as his body was covered in a large black cloak.

"What is he even doing?" Naruko asked with a raised eyebrow.

The man turned in Naruko's direction and uttered one word.

One that would haunt her to the very end of her life.


And thus…the world was set ablaze.

All from one word.

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