Yo! Say hi to my first ever Naruto/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover! Just to clarify, this story starts a few years after the FMA manga ending. Also, like most of my stories, this has some Sakura bashing in it.


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And... begin! The Sins of the Shinobi: Chapter 11!

"Listen closely." Ed eyed the three younger Elrics over his desk. "I'm going to give you a top-secret A-rank mission, and the second stage of the Chunin exams is the perfect time to pull it off."

The Hokage tossed a file over to Maes, who opened it and browsed through, with Sara and Rose looking in.

"That's a file on Kabuto Yakushi, an accomplished medic and a Genin of Konoha." Ed explained. "He is also your target."

The three looked at him in surprise.

Ed sighed. "I have evidence that Yakushi is a spy for the traitor Orochimaru." He stated gravely. "One of my ANBU watched Yakushi release classified information to a Shinobi of Otogakure. Orochimaru was mentioned several times in the conversation and was referred to as 'Orochimaru-sama'."

Ed leaned forward. "The reason this is an A-rank is because, while a Genin, Yakushi is most probably hiding his true abilities. I know that he is one of the most skilled medic-nin we currently have, and he's quite proficient in Taijutsu. When you engage him, be wary in case he does something you didn't know he could."

The Hokage threw two more folders on his desk. "Your primary objective is Yakushi. However, should you get the chance, you are also to take out his teammates, Yoroi Akado and Misumi Tsurugi. Since I don't know where their loyalties lie, they are a security risk. Unlike Yakushi, they are on Genin level. Akado can drain chakra with physical contact, and Tsurugi is a contortionist, but other than that they can't do much."

"The reason I'm asking you to do this during the exams is simple." Ed continued. "The second part of the exams permits killing, and no one will say anything if Yakushi's team ends up dead. It's the perfect cover."

Ed stood up. "Maes Elric, Sara Elric, and Rose Elric. Do you three accept the mission?"

Maes signaled the other two and the team froze. Directly below them, apparently clueless, were Kabuto's teammates.

"Alright." Maes whispered. "Rose, you stay back and keep lookout for Kabuto. Warn us if he comes close. We're take care of these two."

Yoroi and Misumi stared in shock when Maes and Sara dropped down in front of them. "Hi there." Maes smiled. "We'll be taking your scroll now."

"Maes and Sara Elric." Yoroi smirked under his mask. "It'll be a pleasure to school the Hokage's brats!"

With that, the four fighters charged forward.

"Stand still." Yoroi growled as Maes dodged another chakra-draining attack and retaliated with a side kick.

Maes laughed. "Nah-uh, man. I know all about that weird chakra stealing thing you do."

Yoroi yelled out in pain when Maes grabbed his outstretched hand and smashed his free palm into his opponent's elbow, shattering the joint. Maes smirked as the other boy lurched away from him.

"Time to end this." He commented, swiftly drawing a circle on the ground and slamming his hands into it.

Yoroi died instantly when several earthen spikes impaled him.

Maes turned to the other fight. "You done yet, Sara?"

"I'm facing a little girl?" Misumi sneered, as he slowly circled Sara. "Please, you're barely out of the Academy. You won't be any challenge at all."

Sara scowled. "Don't think that I'm one of those pathetic kunoichi wannabes. I didn't spend all my Academy time daydreaming about boys and glory, or other crap like that."

Misumi chuckled. "Then prove it. Come on."

Sara grinned and flashed through several hand seals. "Ninpou: Chakra Mesu." She intoned as chakra scalpels formed around each of her hands. Misumi paled.

"That's Kabuto's technique." He stammered out. Dammit, if I get hit with that... doesn't matter if I can stretch, my limbs won't work if that connects. If she's even ¼ as proficient as Kabuto is with those things, I'm screwed.

Sara used his distracted state and jumped forward, scoring an easy hit that rendered his right arm useless, but shocked him out of his stupor.

Misumi growled. "Damn you, Elric. How do you know about chakra scalpels?"

Sara sent him a disbelieving look. "Um, hello? My mother is the head medic in the village, you know."

Misumi cursed when Sara jumped forwards again.

"You done yet, Sara?" The two heard Maes shout. Misumi faltered.

Sara didn't.

The chakra scalpel she sent through the boy's neck severed his spinal cord, paralyzing him immediately. The boy's eyes widened in fear when Sara loomed over him with a green-coated palm.


The three Elrics surveyed the two corpses before them. One was still standing, supported by several earth spikes stuck in him, and the other appeared unmarred, except for the obvious fact that he was dead. They were also pleased to find the scroll they needed on Misumi's body.

"Damn, I hate this." Sara moaned, studying the bodies.

Rose nodded. "At least that C-rank with the bandits helped. If we hadn't killed there, you two would probably feel a lot worse about this than you do now."

Maes got a determined look on his face. "There's still the main target to take care of."

The other two nodded and all three sprang into the trees.

"Ah, Team 6." Kabuto greeted them genially once they caught up to him. "How's it going?"

Maes scowled. "Drop the act, Yakushi. We took care of your teammates for being spies and now it's time we did the same to you."

Kabuto smirked and jumped away, putting some distance between himself and his attackers. "So you figured it out, didn't you? And the three of you really think you can take me on?"

He waved a hand over his headband, dispelling the Genjutsu and revealing a musical note. "Fine then. Come at me, Elrics."

Green chakra lit up around Kabuto's hands as Maes drew a sword, Sara's hands lit up the same way, and Rose prepared to form hand seals.

"You're quite good with your weapon." Kabuto commented, dodging Maes' sword and a chakra scalpel at the same time. "Not as good as young Sasuke is, but not bad either."

Maes grunted as he jumped back in order to avoid losing control of his leg. "Yeah, I got the idea from him, but he has two more years of experience with it than I do."

"Ah." Kabuto mused, kicking Sara away from him and turning to face Rose. "That would explain it."

"So can I ask how you knew I wasn't loyal to Konoha?" The teen asked calmly, dodging a hail of shuriken.

Rose scowled. "Uncle Ed figured it out." She snapped. "Turns out one of your nightly meetings with an Oto-nin was silently observed by an ANBU."

Kabuto sighed. "I should have guessed it'd be something like that." He shook his head and swung at Maes. "The Hokage won't be happy if I kill you three."

"You're the one who's dying!" Maes shouted, running forward with a reckless charge.

"Pathetic." Kabuto sneered, knocking the sword out of Maes' hand. He smiled victoriously as he sent the boy flying into a tree and jumped after him.

"Say goodbye to your family." Kabuto chuckled, landing in front of a barely conscious blond. "Then again, they'll be joining you soon."

Maes closed his eyes and waited for the end.

Maes opened his eyes again when something warm and sticky landed on his face. "Huh?"

Above him stood Kabuto with his smile frozen in place and blood trickling from his mouth. The two boys lowered their gaze in unison.

Stuck straight through Kabuto's heart was Maes' sword, held by a heavily breathing and furious Rose.

"Ah, dammit." Kabuto cursed, coughing up blood and going glassy-eyed. "How could... I forget? I had... three... opponents..."

Kabuto fell to the ground and ceased breathing.

"There, all done." Rose announced, after she cut off Kabuto's head and incinerated it with a Katon jutsu. "This way even his reputed advanced regeneration won't help him."

Maes nodded wearily. "Ok, we're done here. Let's just go to the damn tower, I've had enough of this forest."

Sara and Rose nodded and Team 6 sped off towards the tower in the distance.

Edward Elric – Rank: Godaime Hokage. 37 years old. Chakra nature: Earth. Specialty: Alchemy/Kenjutsu.

Alphonse Elric – Rank: Jonin/Clan head. 36 years old. Chakra nature: Water. Specialty: Alkahestry/Taijutsu.

Winry Elric – Rank: Jonin/Medic-nin. 37 years old. Chakra nature: Water/Lightning. Owns an auto-mail workshop, conveniently located in the hospital next to her office. Head of Konoha General Hospital. Specialty: Ninjutsu/Fūinjutsu.

Maes Urey Elric – Rank: Genin. 12 years old. Chakra nature: Earth/Lightning. Specialty: Alchemy/Kenjutsu.

Sara Trisha Elric – Rank: Genin. 11 years old. Chakra nature: Earth/Water. A minor prodigy, she entered the Academy a year early. Specialty: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu.

May Elric – Rank: Chunin. 34 years old. Chakra nature: Fire. Took over Winry's Academy job. Specialty: Alkahestry/Fūinjutsu.

Rose Nina Elric – Rank: Genin. 12 years old. Chakra nature: Fire/Water. Specialty: Ninjutsu/Genjutsu.

The Homunculi and their hosts:

Pride the Arrogant – Neji Hyuuga

Lust the Lascivious – Ino Yamanaka

Greed the Avaricious – Naruto Uzumaki

Envy the Jealous – Kiba Inuzuka

Sloth the Indolent – Shikamaru Nara

Gluttony the Voracious – Chouji Akimichi

Wrath the Furious – Sasuke Uchiha

I hope you enjoyed it so far. Don't worry, everything will be explained as the fanfic progresses. That includes the story of how the Elrics got to the Shinobi world and what they are doing there.

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