Chapter 2

I woke late with the sun shining through my southern window. It was a beautiful afternoon. I felt so much better than I had the night before; after all, I had fed quite well. I was ready to start some trouble on the behalf of my 'benefactors.'

I looked around at the room, before closing my eyes. It was refreshing, knowing that I didn't have the normal restrictions. Oh how grand it will be to debut. The excitement welled up within me. I had to speak with the doctor. I was in desperate need of some of violence. I needed to feel that sticky, slimy substance glide between my fingers.

"Darkness," the cold, calm voice came from behind.

A smirk crossed my face. "Doctor- I was just thinking about you. How soon can I show the world what I can do?" I spoke as I turned quickly and playfully. I moved close to him relishing the discomfort in his face.

"I have a feeling your work will be beautiful" I could feel the pride welling within me. "That's why I was sent to see you."

"You bring my first assignment?" I danced gleefully from him.

"Indeed, my lovely." He looked at me smugly. "You are to join The Moon tomorrow night."

"What shall I be doing? I am well versed in social graces, mainly so that I could perform the duties of a proper wife." I smiled. A proper wife in my culture kills as easily as she manages the home.

"You shall be performing at a street festival."

"Surely you jest. I am not a street rat that gains coin through petty tricks."

"Then pretend, after all a Lady keeps her word." His look grew wicked.

I could feel the burning on either side of my spine as I grabbed the collar of his coat. "I thought I showed you what impertinence gets you last night." I snarled as my vision blurred. "I have destroyed greater creatures than you." My teeth were bared.

"You know, you're still awfully weak. Such shows only serve to cause a doll to break."

"But I could kill you before I would…" it was as if his words triggered something. Pain wracked my form, tears of silver and red tracing down my face. I withdrew from him, the burning growing quickly before subsiding. "I can't wait until my Father has his way with you." I hissed through clenched fangs.

I closed my eyes; I needed more nourishment, something more substantial. I took a deep breath, steadying myself as the pain lessened. I knew I could not let this man get into my head like that. "I need something more than what you've given as nourishment. I need discord, I need a proper hunt. "

He smirked. "Then hunt tonight. Tomorrow you will entertain. I'll give you details upon your return."

I scowled at him as my fingers traced his jaw line. "Where might I find an acceptable Rack to dine? And will I have someone to accompany me? I am a stranger in a strange land." I knew enough of the parlance of the time to get around, though I was not lacking enough intelligence to believe that I could go out there on my own. The memories gained through that little taste I had received yesterday were not going to help me navigate the city.

"Of course M'Lady, I wouldn't dream of sending you out alone." Sarcasm dripped like venom from his tongue. It made me crave the day I could break his will. "Cassian will take you. You will enjoy each others company." He chortled and I smirked.

"As much as I have enjoyed yours?" My own voice held enough bittersweet sarcasm to compete with his. "Nevertheless I trust your judgment, not because I actually trust you, but rather that you created this form and am bound to you for it." I sighed before looking away. "I must dress for the hunt. I shall meet you in your lab. Shall we say, perhaps thirty minutes?"

"No, Cassian shall meet you in the foyer in twenty." He smirked again. He loved asserting his own level of control.

"Fine then, the foyer in twenty. That is all." I turned and moved behind the dressing screen. It would be quite difficult to disguise myself as a male with my endowment; however, a street urchin seemed quite the disguise.

I found some tattered dirty rags, which I could guess were chosen for exactly that purpose. They slid on easily, almost lending the appearance of a two pence whore. My refined appearance could easily be ruffled with little work. My lack of proper nutrition already leant credit to this disguise. Just a bit of brown, red, and black in the right spots would make this perfect.

Quickly I went to work perfecting the look. It was just as I had hoped. I smiled in satisfaction as I looked in the mirror. How delightful that the mirror seemed to be the right size. My fingers reached for the brightly polished glass. Exterting my will, I sought the image of the mirror in the foyer. My fingers brushed the glass… and stopped. They stopped at the glass. Never before had I been barred from passage. Surprise overwhelmed me, how could this be? I retrieved the silver pocket watch I had found in the armoire. I had but minutes to get to the foyer. I grabbed a tattered silken purse and ran quickly down the stairs. I hoped that this eve's hunt would be worth the trouble.