"Come on Elli it will be fun, how come you don't want to come it'll be soooooo fun. Who knows maybe you'll meet prince charming!" babbled on Sophie. God why won't she shut UP! Why am I even her friend? Both girls sat crossed legged on the floor.

I sighed."Look I doubt I will find my "prince charming" in a club in down town Gotham. And you do know at the end we will probably end up raped or something?"

"Tt. You're so boooorrrrrring. Either way that's why there's a Batman AND Robin. So you have a one night stand." Sophie shrugged like sex was no big deal in Ellis eyes it was. It was someone actually being close to you to close in her opinion it should be reserved for someone you trusted not a random person. Elli had major trust issues considering how she was raised, and being raped didn't help.

" Live for once in a while and its REALLY expensive and that means BRUCE WAYNE the playboy billionaire might be there you know being a playboy it will be fun pleasssssssssse"

"FINE! I will go. HAPPY!"

"YAY! Ok you should wear that red dress and..." Sophia started to babble again. Elli wanted to face palm for agreeing but whatever too late. As the girls started to get ready for the night out at the club they had no idea someone was watching them…

Ellis Back-story

Why am I even her friend?


It was normal Gotham almost night weather. Drizzling. Cold. With a feeling in the air that meant something big was about to happen or had. Elli was running down some random streets she didn't care where she was going she just wanted to get away. Get away from everything, everyone more specifically her Father if you could call him that. He hit her, starved her, and did other activities to her that no father should do to his daughter. Good thing he got her on birth control and he used condoms. So she was 21 and she lived with her dad. She had no choice she was scared if she tried to leave he would kill her. So she put his heart medicine in his beer to make his death look like an accident. And waited for him to pass out or die witch ever happened first. Grabbed everything she could put in a douphle bag. And broke some things here and there to make it seem like a robbery. And left she was afraid Batman would come so she did all this in the morning and the sun was already fading into night. She decided it would be to shady looking for a girl running carrying a bag. So she started to slow down. She needed shelter before she got sick from the rain. She started to walk and look around her surrounding for the first time and noticed she was in Suicide Slums great just great she found a building that was crumbling. It looked like it had exploded. She sighed and started climbing the rubble. There was still a floor intact at the top. But she had to pass the middle floor first. She made it to the middle floor. She started to shiver. Then she heard a moan. Her eyes went wide in surprise.

"wh-whos th-there." she wanted to kick herself for sounding so weak. She heard a moan again. This time she got up and tried to track the sound. She gasped a man around her age it seemed lying half dead under derby. If it wasn't for his moans no one would have ever found him. She rolled the stones of and took out the first aid kit she took and started with his hand it looked to be bleeding. And bandaged it up. And started cleaning out his others wounds. It wasn't too bad bruises, cuts (none too deep they needed to be stitched or anything). She had had worse. He started to gain conciseness. She heard sirens in the back ground. And did the only thing she could think of and ran. She ran down streets not knowing the man she just saved was following her. She ran into a dead end. The she heard a dark chuckle she turned around to see a man.

"Hey, Girlie a lil passed yo curfews aren't it?" he smiled. He smelled like beer. Before she could do anything. A girl with a short skirt, tube top, curly blonde hair, and high heels came up behind him and smashed a beer bottle on the man. Knocking him out.

She spoke "Hey, the only thing I can't stand is a sick rapists. My names Sophie McGuiness. What's your name?"

"Ellen DeLauro"

"Do you have any where to stay tonight "She was eyeing Ellis douphle bag.


"Cool you should like stay with me" Sophie gave a warm smile that Elli just had to return.

When they got to Sophie's apartment Elli told her about her Dad and what he did and what she did all Sophie said is "He deserved it. Karma you know? And all that stuff. Let's hope Batman and Robin don't find out"

#End of flash back#

Oh yeah that's why I'm her friend she doesn't judge me I don't judge her and we always have each other's backs

.Elli smiled she was happy to at least have one true friend in the world.