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Ellis' point of view

She closed her eyes. NO! Sophie couldn't die no, no, no. She was one of the few people I ever let even close to me. Reaching up at my eyes, to wipe away tears. Tears, I haven't cried in such a long time. I can't control it any longer I start to sob. Thinking of Sophie and all the times she helped me and random strangers. If only I could be as good a person as she is, was, as she was. Not caring who saw me or the situation accruing around me; I cried. Screw the world I'm going to cry.

Jason was coming up behind me while kneeling down he asked "Elli? Is she?"

"Sophie's dead she didn't, she wouldn't let, she...she" Sobbing I couldn't finish my sentence. Jason wrapping his arms around me began to speak,

"Everyone dies, time moves forward. Things happen in life for a reason. For all you know tomorrow she could've died a worse death. If you want I could pull some strings here and there and find a Lazarus pit." Shaking my head no, while trying to wield myself to stop crying to be stronger. Succeeding in only having some tears streaming down. Jason got up and carrying me bridal style he started to head to base. As he was jumping from roof top to roof top the wind stung my recently wet cheeks so I snuggled up to Jason's' neck. Hoping he wouldn't notice we arrived at the base. A ware house with a long elevator down what seemed to me the middle of the Earth where a huge catacomb of abounded nuclear bunkers.

10 minutes later

Rubbing my eyes I asked Jason the one question that I wanted to ask since the chaos started " What happened?" Looking down at me what seemed like worry in his eyes, placing me down on my bed,

"It was a suicide terrerist plot; I killed everyone that was involved. I'm sorry I tried to get there as soon as I heard the first report on the police scanners…" he was droning on about details and plots but I didn't care. The last words of Sophie kept coming to my mind. Did I find my "prince charming" did I love Jason there was a nagging feeling I did, so did I? Or did I just admire him as a person? Does love come from a persons' character, or the things' they do for people and you? Or is that a characteristic that happens? Ugh, all this was starting to hurt my head. I like Jason I admitted, but why? How did it start? When did it start? Feeling guilty because, I stopped thinking of Sophie I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. But, Jason's' words kept coming to mind she could've died a worse death tomorrow, we all die. I could die to night in my sleep. Deciding that life has too much could a, would a, should a, that from now on I would live my life without over thinking things and trying not to plan too much out. I leaned in and kissed Jason. At first he didn't kiss back, a moment of panic came over me what if he didn't feel the same way. Slowly he wrapped his arms around my waist, and he started to kiss gently back. He bit down on my bottom lip, moaning for a brief second gave him enough time to enter his tongue into my mouth. I entwined my fingers in his hair. Lowering his hands so that they rest on my hips, gently lowering me down on the bed he started to bite my neck. This was getting intense; I never let a guy touch me like this before. Jason was starting to un-do my pants buttons. Okay, defiantly time to stop.

"Jason, stop… please" my voice sounds dry. While he got off me he spoke "I'm sorry I shouldn't have. You should rest" grabbing his hand and intertwine my finger while sitting up, I spoke,

"No, its fine. I'm the one who started the kiss. My fault , I'm sorry I didn't mean to, please stay I just don't want to sleep with you. You know because of the whole raped thing. Can you please stay I don't want to be alone, and I …" Jason started to kiss me gently pulling away laying down next to me, the he spoke,

"When you get nervous you start to babble or rant depending. It's really cute. Sure I'll stay. But, you know if I stay I'm going to fall asleep, so I'll end up sleeping with you. Don't worry I wouldn't force you to do anything you won't comfortable with" snuggling up to him while replying,

"Funny, very funny" yawning I curled up and started to think how can two people can fall in love in only two weeks. To be honest the whole I save peoples' lives but I also end them was pretty hot it mixed the bad boy type to the hero type.

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